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Having just retired from a career in teaching, and being a single guy in his sixties, the world was my oyster. I was assessing my options. Should I move house, should I travel, should I write? Maybe do all three, I could do anything pretty much. There was nothing further from my mind than teaching, until that phone call.

Brenda was a recent colleague in the English department. The phone call went something like this.

“Hi Paul, it’s Brenda, how’s your retirement going? All that free time, you lucky man!”

“It takes some getting used to,” I replied, “how’s things at school?”

“Oh the usual aggro, we all miss you. I’ve got a favour to ask, if you don’t mind, just say if you don’t want to do it.”

“Sounds intriguing?”

“Well it’s a neighbour of mine, she has a daughter who needs some extra coaching for her GCSE in science, she’s a single mum, and just wants to give her daughter some extra help. She’s a lawyer, so she’s not hard up. Do you fancy doing some private tuition?”

The idea had come out of the blue, but on the spur of the moment I said, “Yes, ok, I’ll help out, just give her my number, and she can give me a ring.”

When Brenda had thanked me, and rung off, I wondered if I’d done the right thing, however, the following evening Megan phoned.

“Is that Paul, I’m Megan Davies, Brenda’s neighbour?”

Her voice had a sexy Welsh lilt to it.

“Oh hello Mrs Davies, I was expecting you to phone, Brenda said you were looking for some help with your daughter’s GCSE science.”

“Please, call me Megan, Paul. Yes, Tess could use a bit of extra tuition, just to gain a bit of confidence with her science. Is it something you could help with?”

The Welsh accent was all it took for me to say, “Certainly Megan, should I come round, and meet you both, you’re not that far away?”

And so I fixed to drop by later, after I’d eaten.

At 8pm I rang the doorbell, and my jaw must have dropped. Megan Davies opened the door in her work attire. If I had been a criminal client of hers, I would have been in a permanent state of arousal.

Megan was still in her daytime clothes. She was a woman in her early thirties, wearing a black, tight, pencil skirt, and a close fitting white blouse, unbuttoned to a semi decent level, and I imagined stockings beneath, and perhaps she had worn high heels in court. She looked fantastic.

“Come in Paul, thank you for coming, I do appreciate it. Tess is in the lounge, go through.”

I made my way into the lounge which was furnished with a leather sofa, and chairs, and surprisingly, lots of sketches, and paintings on the wall, some of which were artistic nudes, and obviously were by an amateur artist.

Tess was very much her mother’s daughter, the same blue eyes, the blonde hair, and a teenager’s freshness and energy.

“Would you like a drink, a coffee maybe?” Megan enquired.

“Thank you, yes please, a black coffee, and no sugar.”

While Megan was making the coffee, Tess and myself talked briefly about her perceived weaknesses in her GCSE science. By the time my coffee arrived I had a rough idea of what was needed.

“From overhearing your conversation, do you think you can improve things for Tess? I’m not sure what the going rate is for private tuition, but that won’t be a problem. Perhaps a couple of sessions a week?”

All three of us decided that I’d visit on a Monday, and a Thursday evening for a couple of hours, and then Tess excused herself to go upstairs to her room, leaving myself, and her mum to chat.

Sitting opposite Megan I was able to appreciate her attractiveness. I tried not to stare at her legs, particularly when she crossed, and uncrossed them. Was she doing that deliberately?

“I noticed you looking at my sketches and paintings Paul? It’s something I do to relax from the stresses of work. Ever since I split from my husband, I’m able to go back to my favourite hobby.”

“I’m very impressed,” I said honestly, “you seem to focus on figure work? If that’s the correct term?”

“Yes, I’ve always thought the human body to be challenging, but so unique from person to person.”

I shifted, slightly embarrassed, and Megan noticed.

Smiling, she seemed to enjoy my nervousness.

“You’ll have to consider sitting for me.”

Her smile broadened, as I coughed, and almost squeaked, “I haven’t got the body for that sort of thing at my age.”

I could feel my face flush when Megan looked directly at me, and in that velvety Welsh accent said, “Oh I don’t know, It could be a body that I’d enjoy…sketching.”

She had paused, just for a millisecond before that last word. Her courtroom timing was perfect, because I ended up knocking my coffee mug over.

In the scramble to mop up the small amount of spilt coffee on the table, she began to apologise.

“Oh Paul, I’m so wicked, I couldn’t help teasing you, It’s so rare for me to have male company, other than work, and I’m a terrible flirt, but I was serious about the offer, think about it.”

Flustered, I mumbled something about discussing it when I came for Tess’s casino şirketleri first session, and then standing up, I made my excuses to go, saying that I would be back the next day at 7.30pm, which happened to be Thursday.

“Ok Paul, I’ll look forward to it, and I’ll make sure Tess is ready.”

That evening, and the next day, my thoughts were exaggerated, and rather wild, even inappropriate. However, I arrived punctually, and this time Megan was in relaxed mode wearing jeans and a t-shirt, which actually accentuated her very sexy ass, which happened to be a predilection of mine.

“Hi Paul, come on in, can I get you something to drink, a glass of wine perhaps?”

“No, I’d better not, that would be very unprofessional,” I said smiling, “just a glass of water, thanks.”

Megan laughed, ” Ok, well I hope you’ll stop for one after.”

Tess was in the conservatory, and we spent the best part of half an hour getting to know what the problem areas were with her studies. She was an intelligent girl, perhaps too quick to judge her teachers, and maybe too influenced by her peers. And of course there was an older ‘boy’ who was in the background that seemingly was kept away from mum.

We’d been working for over an hour, when I decided that a suitable point had been reached to end it there until the next session. I left her a little task to complete for the next time, and we both came to the conclusion that it had been useful for her.

Having gone up to her room, I joined Megan in the lounge for the glass of wine she had offered.

Sitting opposite her, I had a chance to admire the way she looked, the way she moved, and certainly her intellect.

She was also very open with me, describing the breakup with her husband, and the difficulties of being a single mum. Surprisingly, she alluded to a couple of disastrous affairs, or perhaps flings that she had had in the past year. She had decided to use a dating app, and get back into a relationship.

She dismissed them as ill conceived, but there was something more to her admissions that I felt were hidden behind what she said.

I, in turn, owned up to a sordid affair I’d had with the daughter of a neighbour, which hadn’t ended well. That intrigued her, and in her ‘legal’ mode, she proceeded to forensically question me to get the details.

It was a hugely amusing half an hour, where she couldn’t control her laughter at the awkward situations I had found myself in.

“I would never have thought a respectable teacher like you would have seduced a younger woman like that,” adding, “but I’m not totally surprised.”

There was an element in what she said that was left hanging.

“Well, it started out as a bit if fun, but I almost got burned by it. I guess I was flattered by a younger woman.”

“We all learn from experience, I think, after my dabbling with online dating, I’m probably safer with older men like your neighbour’s daughter!”

I felt myself going red, and hoped Megan didn’t notice. She got up to fill my glass, but I had to decline as I was driving. Her ass was drawing my eyes towards her as she sat back down, and she continued, “So do you still see your neighbour’s daughter?”

“Oh god no, after being caught out we have given each other a wide berth. I’ve had a few close escapes in my life, but this one was silly, I guess.”

Megan face seemed to perk up as she asked, ” Go on, tell me you’re worst mistake, or a situation that was very awkward.”

“You are awful,” I said, “you really want to know?”

“Yes, yes, if you tell me, I’ll tell you mine.”

By now, Megan was positively agog with curiosity.

“Alright, there was a situation at school, where the parent of a pupil, a young mum, came to see me in my office for an interview about her daughter. To cut a long story short, she ended up locking the office door and, to use a common term, gave me a blow job.”

I blushed heavily as I said the words ‘blow job,’ and Megan had to stifle a shriek, as she giggled uncontrollably.

“Oh my god…how unprofessional Paul, but how exciting.” Her smile broadened, “that’s amazing.”

“Ok, now your turn,” I replied, with eyebrows raised, noticing that Megan’s expression was changing. ” Go on,” I insisted, “you promised!”

“Ohhhhh…you will think I’m such a bitch.”

I was slightly taken aback by Megan’s use of the word ‘bitch.’

“No I won’t, we all have these skeletons…”

Lowering her voice, and leaning forward slightly, “Hmmmm, well on my wedding day, at the reception, I fucked my husband’s brother”

“Bloody hell.” I couldn’t help swearing.

“Yes I know, it sounds terrible, but I’d always fancied him, he was much older, and we found ourselves upstairs in this huge manor house where the reception was, and we’d both been drinking, and he kissed me, and pulled me into this room, and had me bent over in my wedding dress. Oh god, how awful it sounds, unfaithful within a couple of hours, and I guess it was the writing on the wall for our marriage, which only lasted three years.”

“Wow,” was all I said. casino firmaları But then added, “I guess we’ve both had our colourful moments.

I think we both realised that we’d probably said too much, and both of us looked at each other a little sheepishly.

“Well I must go Megan, I really have enjoyed your company, and needless to say, I will treat everything we’ve said with total discretion.”

Standing up, Megan replied, ” Of course, Paul, you’re an absolute sweetie, it’s been fun,” and reaching up she kissed me, firstly on the cheek, as you do, but then fleetingly on the lips.

With a flash of her eyes, she winked, and took my hand, and led me to the front door, calling up to Tess, “Paul’s going, he’ll be back on Monday,” and turning to me said, ” about 8 o’clock again?”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it,” I replied.

“And so will I,” and briefly, she squeezed my hand, and I left.

Needless to say, my imagination went into overdrive over the weekend. I did receive a text from Megan on the Friday, apologising for not discussing payment. I replied politely that our first session was just an initial consultation, and that we could discuss the arrangement

next time.

When Tuesday arrived I received a text asking if I could move the session to a bit earlier, as Tess had been invited to a cinema visit with a friend. The new time was 5.30pm and so I arrived promptly, even before Megan had got in from work.

Tess took me into the conservatory, and we got straight down to the first stage of our plan. We were interrupted briefly by Megan arriving home, she brought us both a cold drink, and a sandwich before disappearing again.

By the time Tess and I had worked for an hour and a half, we accomplished quite a lot, and with a plan for Thursday’s session she went to get ready to go out.

Megan appeared from the kitchen, and it was apparent that she’d had a shower. Her hair was damp, and tied in a knot, and she was dressed in a fluffy white towelling robe.

“I’m so sorry about changing the time at short notice Paul.”

Just then, the doorbell rang, and in a whirl, Tess came downstairs, shouting goodbye, and went out to get the lift from her friend’s mum.

“Oh don’t worry Megan, I’m quite flexible, I have very few commitments.”

“Ok, so wine? you haven’t got to rush off?”

“Yes, but just one glass, I’ve still got to drive home.”

Megan poured us two glasses, and I sat down in one of the leather armchairs, while she sat casually sat on an upright chair at the dining table.

“You intrigued me the other night, Paul.”

“Why’s that,” I asked, slightly puzzled.

“Well, you’ve obviously led an interesting life, where you’ve had a few scrapes along the way. I have a hobby of writing stories, and wondered if you’d give me a few ideas for storylines.”

Even more puzzled, I must have looked perplexed.

“I did start to write children’s stories, but found it a bit tame, and then I read some raunchy adult books, and decided I could do just as well, if not better.”

“You’re certainly full of surprises Megan, a woman of hidden surprises!”

“Stop it, I’m just me, but I’ve found that I get a kick out of writing, and a sense of satisfaction from it, and it’s totally different to the day job, and now that Tess is older, I can do anything I like, well, within reason.”

“How many have you written?” I asked, by now I was genuinely interested.

“About a dozen I guess, would you like to read one?”

“Yes please, are they published?”

“Noooooo…I wouldn’t dare, no one has read them apart from me. They’re hidden on my laptop.”

“Go on then, show me, just pick one you think I might like.”

Megan got up, and fetched her laptop from the kitchen. After a few moments getting into it she passed it to me, and I placed it on the arm of my armchair.

“This one’s called, ‘Judy’s Night in Leeds,’ it’s about…well I’ll let you read it.”

I began the story, which was about a young lawyer, attending a court case, and having to stay for two nights, in a hotel.

As the story develops she meets a man, and his friend in the bar, and becomes quite drunk.

Megan sat at the table, and I felt her eyes on me the whole time I was reading.

The story involved the young woman being invited to their room, and being persuaded to go to bed with both of them. There follows several hours of lust and adventure, with a sexual awakening involving multiple orgasms, and the type of sex that was new to her.

As I got into the story, I relished the way Megan had described the woman cumming, and cumming again. I must have breathed heavily as she watched me closely. I was sitting in the armchair, the laptop open on the arm.

In the comparative quiet, I suddenly felt that feeling of becoming erect, the sensation of my cock pushing upwards against my trousers. I started to shift in my chair, and I was positive Megan was noticing the bulge in my crotch.

By the time I’d finished reading her story, I looked up, very flushed, and croaked, “Wow, that’s good, so good.”

Megan güvenilir casino was grinning as she walked over to collect the laptop.

“Looks like it’s had an effect, I’m glad you liked it.”

I shifted in the armchair and I couldn’t help my hand reaching to adjust my crotch, trying to make my cock lie flat.

“How embarrassing, it certainly got me going Megan.”

Megan returned to her seat at the table, and tapped on a few more keys.

“Here’s one I think is closer to home, it’s about an older man, if that’s not being too rude!”

The laptop was passed back to me, and this time Megan sat beside me on the arm of the chair.

This one was about a young female lawyer who visits an older client at home to deliver some papers. The front door is open, and she enters unannounced, only to see him watching porn on his computer, and masturbating.

The ensuing encounter again aroused me, but in addition there was the presence of Megan sitting close to me, reading over my shoulder, and smelling divine. Her bare leg dangling from the armchair, and occasionally touching my thigh, made me think this was all a deliberate tease.

When I came to the end of the story, I exhaled.

“Phew, that was another hot one Megan, well done, you have a talent, you must write much more.”

Standing up and taking the laptop from me, I again caught the scent of her body. My trousers were compressing my straining cock within, and I was damned sure that Megan could see that.

At that moment her phone ‘pinged,’ and a text from Tess said that she’d be home in half an hour.

“I’d better get off then,” I said, as I stood up, and then realised my erection was evident.

Megan looked very deliberately at my crotch, and muttered in her Welsh lilt, “I think you’d better attend to that later.”

Red faced I replied, “Oh god, you do embarrass me.”

“Tell you what, I’ll email you another story later on.”

As she said that, she was standing with her legs slightly astride, standing tall, and slowly untied her towelling belt, and re-tied it, almost allowing it to open, before smiling, and following me to the front door.

This time she thanked me again, and putting her fingers against her lips, transferred them to mine.

“Enjoy the story, Paul, and I’ll see you on Monday again.”

Driving home I wondered where all this was going? Was Megan just amusing herself? Just teasing an older man? Should I just take the bull by the horns, and make a deliberate ‘pass’ at her? My cock was still hard from the whole episode.

I got home and poured myself a whisky, and got changed into my pyjama shorts, and lay on my bed with my laptop. I was excited to see if she would send another story. Her writing was highly arousing, and now she knew what effect it had on me.

I was on my second glass before an email arrived from Megan. There was no attachment, just a brief question.

‘Do you mind if the story I send is much ‘darker?’

I replied, ‘Of course not, it’s only between us two.’

A couple of minutes later it arrived. And boy, was it darker!

Again it was our young, female lawyer, this time involved with a client that ran a nightclub, a bit of a shady character, who was a bit of an alpha male, strong, muscular, tattooed, dominant, who seduces the lawyer, but then subjects her to some pretty heavy sexual bdsm practices.

She is tied, gagged, subjected to forced orgasms with vibrators, before being fucked by him and an accomplice. When it’s over she is released and told to return the next day to continue the ordeal. She, then realises that she has enjoyed it, and decides to return.

As I was reading, my cock rose up again, and it was inevitable that I gripped it, and began to play with it. An amount of precum was soon seeping onto the head of it, just as my phone ‘pinged.’

‘I hope you aren’t upset by the story, it was a bit of an experiment by me.’

I left my playing, and texted back, ‘Of course not, bdsm can be very arousing between consenting adults.’

Ping! ‘Oh thank goodness, I bet you’re playing now, I’ll leave you to it.’

I replied, ‘Yes I am, I need to after this evening.’

There was no reply, and I returned to my pleasure, slowly stroking myself, and trying to hold back, before exploding over my chest, and stomach. The amount of semen was more than I’d produced in ages.

Cleaning up, I lay back wondering again about Megan. When I finally drifted off to sleep, I’d gone through a dozen scenarios of me seducing her, and her seducing me.

There were no more emails or texts from Megan until Sunday evening. A confirmatory email about Monday’s session with Tess, but it was accompanied by Part Two of the bdsm story, and a brief note saying, ‘Hope you don’t mind me sending Part Two. I actually wrote it this afternoon. It’s a bit extreme I’m afraid.’

And it was!

Megan had written about the young lawyer’s return to her client/alpha male and his partner.

Her treatment was even more extreme involving nipple clamps, strokes from a riding crop, being gagged again, before being subjected to both orthodox fucking, and anal intercourse. The theme of two men continued, and I wondered if this was a ‘real’ fantasy of Megan’s. Indeed, I wondered about the whole motivation for writing this subject matter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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