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Ok, this is my first story to be submitted here. I hope you all enjoy it and I appreciate any and all comments. And of course, everyone in the story is over the age of 18.

He walks into the dimly lit room, seeing the bed surrounded by candles and incense burning on the night stands. The door closes softly behind him, as she wraps her arms around him, pulling his shirt up over his head. She then ties a blind fold securely over his eyes. Her hand slide down his firm chest, stopping to pull lightly on his nipples. Caressing his stomach until they reach the waist of his jeans.

Her hands glide lightly over his erection as it strains to get out. her fingers slide up to the button, releasing it, then slowly, she pulls the zipper down. He feels her lips kissing his shoulder and her hard nipples press into his back as her tongue glides over his shoulder blade, up to his neck. She slides her hands into his pants, barely touching his erect cock, as they move to his sides, she pushes his pants down, lifting his feet to get them out of the way. Remaining on her knees, she moves around in front of him, as her fingertips hook bursa escort into the waistband of his boxers, he feels her hot breath on his taunt stomach.

The tip of her tongue quickly penetrates his navel, making him gasp, as his boxers are pulled off his hard body, releasing his smooth hard prick. Her hands glide up his long muscular legs, her lips trailing down his abdomen. She teases the sensitive flesh there wither her mouth, sucking, and nibbling as her hands stroke his inner thighs. His fingers pierce through her hair. She grabs his hands as she stands up, leading him to the bed. Turning his back to it, she pushes him down onto his back pulling his hands up over his head.

He feels the cold of the handcuffs as he hears the metal snick of them closing around his wrists. he feels the bed shift, then smells her erotic scent mixed with the incense as her hair cascades onto his thighs. He feels her warmth as she lowers wet pussy to his face his tongue flicks out, tasting her sweet juices for the first time. His cock is swiftly engulfed by her hot mouth, her teeth covered by her lips, the head rubbing the roof of bursa escort bayan her mouth as her hand wraps around his balls, tugging and squeezing them to the rhythm of her sucking. The head of his cock, penetrates her throat, as his tongue finds her stiff little clit. she starts moaning and rubbing her tongue on the underside of his cock as she grinds her pussy in his face. She sucks hard as her mouth slowly moves up the length of his cock, until it reaches the head.

Tonguing it hard she lets it slip out of her mouth as she sits up, moving off of him. She straddles his hips. her hand wraps around his shaft, stroking it from base to head, as she moves into position, she lodges the head in her tight wet pussy, sliding down the length. He tenses up, feeling how impossibly tight she is, and the incredible slickness of her hot cunt surrounding the first two inches of his cock. the head pushes lightly against a slight barrier. Surprised and incredibly aroused by this, he cant keep his hips from flexing, pushing the head past her cherry.

She gives a little yelp from the pain, as she slides helplessly down his shaft escort bursa until he is fully implanted deep inside of her virgin cunt. She sits still for a moment, adjusting to the feel of his hard prick filling her. She rocks forward, rubbing her clit on his pubs, making her tight pussy contract on his cock. Loving the feel of that she grinds her hips into him harder, lifting slightly and coming back down on him, she starts to move faster, coming down on his pole harder and harder, pushing herself head first into an amazing orgasm.

Her whole body tenses, the she feels contractions all through her seemingly spreading out from the hard prick buried deep in her pussy. Just as her orgasm starts to recede, she feels his still hard cock twitch, her pussy responds by clutching it harder, she feels him swell and twitch again, as a stream of hot cum bursts into her. He groans loudly, not believing what a good fuck this little virgin turned out to be As he squirts more cum inside her pussy.

When she feels him start to soften, she lifts herself off of him. he feels the bed shift as she gets to her feet, senses her moving around the room hearing her as she blows the candles out. She comes over to him, kissing him lightly on the lips.

“Thank you.”

The next thing he hears is the hotel door closing securely behind her as she leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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