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Ashley Tate sat at the computer, the screen flashing back at her, waiting. The white page seemed to be screaming at her to at least put a starting sentence on it, anything but that blinding glare with the cursor continuing to blink back at her.

Ashley’s story was inside her head, as clear as crystal, yet as her fingers skimmed over the keyboard for what seemed the thousandth time that morning, nothing was working its way out. It was as if her fingers absolutely refused to listen to what her brain was telling them.

“This is getting harder and harder…” She sighed wearily, removing a hand from the keyboard and picking up her coffee cup. She grimaced as the now cold liquid filled her mouth and she had the urge to spit it back out into the cup, but swallowed.

“All right, Ashley, get your shit together, you’ve got two days to get this out.” Her conscience growled at her.

“I can’t think!” She whined aloud.

“Since when? You’re always thinking, we never shut down, even when we’re sleeping!” The voice continued.

“I think that’s the problem, I’ve already thought so much that there’s nothing left to think.” Ashley returned, the idea of holding a one-on-one with herself slightly amusing and just a tad bit disturbing since it was occurring more and more frequently lately.

“Okay. Sit back, close your eyes…” The little voice now stated in an almost soothing voice and Ashley leaned back in her seat, her fingers back upon the keyboard, her eyes closing gently.

“Picture your character in your mind.” The conscience told her and an image automatically popped into her head causing her to smile softly.

“Yummy.” She whispered.

“Wow, girl, he’s drop-dead gorgeous!” The voice giggled inside her head.

“Uh-huh.” Ashley returned.

“Now, what would you like to do with that, what would you like to do with him?” The voice asked quietly.

In her mind, Ashley had pictured that male character, all six feet, two inches of a muscle packed frame, not an ounce of fat or flab anywhere on him. As her eyes worked from the very tips of his almost jet-black hair to a face that looked as though an artist had created it with so much love and adoration, her blood began to heat up.

Deep, dark smoldering eyes stared back at her, so deep that there did not seem to be a reflection of herself in their color and Ashley shuddered. That face connected to strong, corded neck and shoulders that seemed like Atlas’, holding up the world and then to a chest that Ashley knew if she wrapped her arms around, her fingertips would pendik escort not touch at his back.

As her mind’s fingers shifted lower, she outlined each and every sculptured ab muscle, tight, quivering slightly as her fingertips feathered over his deeply tanned skin. From there down to tapered hips and the tightest, roundest rear-end she had ever seen or felt upon a man before. And then her hands moved back around to his front, tracing lightly over the highly sensitive skin where long, firm legs connected to those luxurious thighs.

Ashley heard herself suck in a breath as she took hold of his soft yet massive cock, stroking his incredible length, her own body shuddering in desire, her hormones starting a fire that began to race through her system. Her mind still working, Ashley lowered herself to her knees, aiming that delicious looking rod toward her lips. And then she heard a moan, not sure if it was her own or her his soft mutter of pleasure as her lips closed over the tip, her tongue tracing around the pure male scent of his flesh, dipping slightly into the small opening at the head.

Her hand still around the now growing shaft, Ashley could feel it shudder slightly as her tongue now wrapped around him, her cheeks caving as she began to suck and then blow in alternating sequence. Larger and harder his dick grew as she began moving her head back and forth, driving his luscious length to the back of her throat and then back out again, her tongue dipping inside the narrowing opening, sucking and then repeating.

Her hands circled those hips, grabbing handfuls of his tight rear, pulling him forward as her mouth continued to assault his rod and it continued to grow by leaps and bounds now. Above her she could hear his soft groans of pleasure and soon her tongue discovered the delectable pre-cum that started to escape from his tip.

One hand shifted from his buttocks, dipping between the backs of his legs, taking hold of the hardening sacs as gently began to massage them with her fingers. The once soft love muscle was now nearly a steel rod inside her mouth, yet she could feel it pulsating with life as blood continued to engorge him, swelling even larger. The skin was smooth now, tightening at an incredible speed as she increased the pressure of her sucking action after driving the bulbous head back deeply into her throat, knowing she had several more inches to take in before she could reach his hilt.

As her mind continued to play out her lust, she portrayed him now upon his back, his incredible body pressed deeply into maltepe escort bright, red, satin sheets. The dark hair in vivid contrast, his powerful arms stretched out at his sides. Her hormones kicked into overdrive, her own secret juices began to flow heavily from her flaming core. At last she released his engorged muscle, lifting it gently, burying her face into the musky aroma of his sacs, her tongue snaking out to feel the tightness there. Ashley grinned almost wickedly knowing he was just on the verge of spewing forth his white, hot lava for her yet her own blazing need pushed her onward.

Shifting positions once more, Ashley straddled his hips, taking hold of that colossal hard-on and aiming it toward her pulsing female lips. She glanced up into those smoldering pools of his eyes, seeing his heavy lust for her and she smiled softly as she lowered herself downward. Ashley nearly melted in enjoyment as she moved his globular head back and forth between her drenched lips, coating him with her juice, knowing that as big as he was it was going to hurt immensely when she took him inside.

Ashley placed his tip back to her entrance and sucked in a deep breath as she lowered herself again, feeling herself stretching incredibly wide as she tried to take him inside. Tears of pain instantly sprang into her eyes as the bulbous head passed through, causing her to suck in lungfuls of air.

And then suddenly she was on her back, her glorious Adonis looking down into her own eyes and he lunged downward, his massive spear driving inside her tightness. Ashley’s breath caught in her throat, her eyes rounding in complete shock beneath him. She was so tight around him that she could actually feel the blood pumping beneath his skin. It was almost as if his dick was a large dildo humming inside her flame as he started to move, each pulse of his heart echoing within that monster now slowly pushing into her.

“Ummmm…” She groaned beneath him as he pulled back, that bulging head almost popping out and then drove back inside, giving her that incredible length a few precious inch at a time.

Ashley’s legs parted even wider, giving his lower body more room to move, urging him to go even deeper and he did, filling her beyond her wildest imagination as he continued to pump. She felt a tightness welling up inside her, her engorged cunt lips raking against his heating flesh as he drove into her time and time again, each downward stroke building her coming orgasm higher and higher.

Ashley screamed loudly at the incredible rocket that exploded kartal escort inside her after a few more thrusts from those powerful hips. Even while her body shuddered beneath him he continued to move, not giving her time to enjoy the climax she was experiencing. And very shortly after, she completely understood why.

Within a matter of moments she felt the tension building again. The rapidly approaching pinnacle of a second climax rising from deep inside her, continuing to build an inferno that threatened to consume her.

A scream tore from her throat unlike any she had ever heard before as her second orgasm thundered up from her overly full pussy. This one more intense, almost painful as she convulsed in its grip, her breaths now coming in pants, and she began to feel almost dizzy. Wave after wave of torturous delight slammed into her as he now held still, his full length grinding up into her. Ashley felt the heavy cream of her pleasure erupting around him and her muscles working as though eating his large, thick rod alive.

Her lips were stretched incredibly wide, the crisp hair of his pubic area raking over her clit as he began moving once more. Driving in and shifting slightly upward with each powerful stroke, determined to drive her over the edge of insanity once more.

Ashley began to thrash beneath him now, her upper body rolling from side to side, her hips pinned beneath his weight as he filled her over and over again in luscious fullness. With one final raging plunge and Ashley felt him tense, his cock bending slightly as he crashed into the back of her throbbing interior. His release was so powerful as it hammered into the back of her that Ashley tumbled into the massive tidal wave with him, her hips arching up, feeling the hot lava of his spending passion filling her, mixing with her own cream of delight.

Ashley was stunned speechless, her chest heaving as she fought to get air into her screaming lungs. Her heart thudded painfully against her ribs as small tremors of pleasure continued to flow up through her. Never before had she been so thoroughly and deeply gratified as she was at this moment. And when she shifted her hips, silently wanting him to move again, her eyes shot open when she felt suddenly alone.

No longer was the computer screen flashing blankly at her, waiting for her to start her story. Ashley’s eyes rounded in complete disbelief. While she had been daydreaming about her lead character, her fingers had flown over the keyboard, typing out everything she had just experienced in her incredibly life-like yet imagined sexual encounter with him.

“Now that, girl, is one hell of an imagination.” The voice inside her head laughed in wondered humor and Ashley had to agree completely despite that fact that she had just given the compliment to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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