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“Do you want to rub against my butt?” This had become my favorite phrase.

K was my incredibly hot but straight-laced girlfriend. She was petite and blond, with a tight, athletic body. We had been dating for some time and I had begun to worry that, maybe because of her conservative upbringing, sex was becoming rather mundane.

But then, quite by accident, we discovered the incredible pleasure of rubbing my lubricated cock between the cheeks of her ass. Although K often reminded me that I was not allowed to actually penetrate her, just the sensation of her soft, strong butt surrounding my hard tool—combined with the knowledge that what I was doing with my prim-and-proper girlfriend was tantalizingly close to anal sex—never failed to bring me to a powerful climax.

K was likewise impressed with her newfound skill at bringing me off using her beautiful ass. After I had made her cum using my tongue or my fingers, K would get a mischievous grin and ask that wonderful question: “Do you want to rub against my butt?” I would nod eagerly in response and my dick would begin to throb in anticipation.

Sometimes, K would give me a sexy lap dance, covering my cock with oil and then grinding against me with her bare ass. Looking at me over her shoulder, K would talk dirty about how hard I felt, and how she wanted to make me explode. As I caressed her small pert breasts from behind, my stiff crimson rod surged between the perfect globes of her butt. Soon I would lose control, spurting hot cum all over my stomach and chest. More than once, my excitement was so intense that the sticky goo sprayed onto my own face.

My favorite, however, was when K would “assume the position” on the bed, a pillow beneath her hips and her butt thrust in the air. I loved the sight of her exquisitely proportioned roundness, the faint tan line from her bikini, and in the center, her dark, tender asterisk. I would slide my rigid dick back and forth, over and between her butt cheeks, as she pushed back and squeezed her glutes around me. I still get turned on remembering the hot, slick sensation and the sight of my oiled, pulsing member gliding in K’s tight crack. My orgasm would soon overtake me, thick white jets of bahis firmaları semen erupting from my cock and covering K’s back and butt.

One day, she decided to try a new approach to our play. After working out together, I had followed K into the shower and we were working soapy lather over one another’s bodies. K moaned softly as I gently massaged the delicate folds of her pussy. Taking hold of my hardening dick, she applied a generous coating of shower gel and began sensuously pumping away. I was primed to cum all over her hand when she asked the question.

“Do you want to rub your cock on my butt?”

“Definitely!” I replied, even though I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. I was quite a bit taller than K, so we hadn’t tried this standing up before, much less in the shower.

“Come here,” she purred.

Exiting the shower, she ran a towel over her beautiful, athletic body before walking over to the bathroom sink. My eyes were locked on her gorgeous bottom as she bent over and pulled a small footstool from a cabinet under the sink. Stepping onto the stool, K leaned slightly forward and arched her back, her sumptuous butt elevated to the same level as my own raging groin. In the mirror, I could see the reflection of her freckled, smiling face.

“Come and get it,” she said.

K’s ass looked so perfect, so round. I approached her from behind, my cock erect and my mouth watering. Leaning forward, I placed my hands on K’s waist and began running my tongue over her succulent behind. She giggled as I traced the contours of her rear, tasting the water droplets that had condensed on her skin. Kneeling down, I gradually licked and nibbled my way further between K’s cheeks.

Previously, K had always resisted my attempts to probe the interior of her ass, gently pushing away my eager fingers, mouth or penis. This time was different.

“Oooohh!” K moaned as my exploring tongue reached its forbidden destination. Reaching back, K ran her fingers through my hair and then, grabbing the back of my head, pulled my face closer to the ridged button of her anus. She was as turned on as I was, and it seemed any remaining reservations she had about my activity at her “back door” kaçak iddaa were starting to give way.

Thrilled that I was finally permitted to taste her ass, I began licking in earnest, painting her dark hole with my saliva. K moaned again, louder this time. She started stroking her pussy as I swirled my tongue inside the crevice of her beautiful bottom.

“Oh god, this feels amazing,” K exclaimed. I could hear the moist sounds of K’s fingers fluttering over her clitoris as I worked my mouth up and down the crack of her heavenly butt. I couldn’t believe K was letting me do this, or that she was enjoying it so much. Peering down, I saw my cock straining hungrily. A thin strand of precum leaked from the tip.

“Come on,” K said suddenly. “I want to feel your dick on my butt.”

I took one last lick along the seam of K’s ass and then stood up. My aching rod knew exactly where to go, sliding between the two perfect circles in front of me. I groaned with pleasure. Noticing a small vial of body oil next to the sink, I dripped a generous portion of the lubricant on my rigid member as it eagerly twitched in K’s butt crack. Then, using my hands to push her firm, soft curves together around my shaft, I began driving my cock against her ass.

“There’s my boy!” K announced gleefully. Still urgently strumming her pussy, K leaned further forward, placing her other hand on the steamy mirror to brace herself. Normally so composed and confident, her face now showed nothing but wanton lust, her cheeks flushed and her breath ragged. Thrusting my hips faster, I watched my engorged column surge back and forth in the warm slot of K’s behind.

“My god, you feel so good.” K whispered through gritted teeth. On the threshold of ecstasy, she was frantically fingering herself, her eyes shut tight. It was obvious that she was really enjoying my dick against her butt. I rubbed and slid the sensitive underside of my engorged staff in the snug valley of K’s ass. She pushed back against me, flexing her cheeks around my thick pole.

I pumped faster, and wondered whether—maybe, just maybe—K’s “no penetration” rule might be up for renegotiation. The thought of fucking that glorious hole had been a fantasy kaçak bahis of mine for so long. Momentarily pulling back all the way, I caught sight of K’s tight ring lightly twitching against the head of my cock. I had to ask.

“Baby,” I breathed, “let me put my cock in your ass. Please.”

K’s staccato breathing, which had been getting faster and faster, suddenly stopped. In the mirror, I could see her lips start to form the word “no”. But no sound came out. About to climax, she was having considerable difficulty processing my request.

“Okay,” she finally whispered. “But … just the tip.”


I acted quickly. In one steady motion, I gently drove forward. Pressing my thumb down on the head of my penis, I guided it past her tight seal.

K’s eyes popped open in alarm as I eased inside her asshole—then closed again as her orgasm crested. Her toned body tensed, and I felt the magical sensation of her sphincter starting to spasm around the head of my cock.

Oh my god.

We both howled with pleasure. The involuntary contractions of K’s anus gently gripped and sucked the tip of my dick. Mindful of her instruction, I didn’t attempt to push any farther in. Instead, I feverishly stroked my shaft as K’s butthole kept squeezing and releasing around my crown.

Within seconds, I came like never before. What felt like wave after wave of hot cream gushed up from my testicles and coursed through my penis, filling K’s naughty hole as her pucker continued to pulse and shudder. Our orgasms seemed to last forever. I watched as K writhed in front of me, both of us gasping for breath. K sighed and moaned as I jerked my rigid pipe, coaxing out every ounce of cum.

Slowly returning to earth, our bodies trembled. I don’t think either of us could really believe what had just happened. This was easily the dirtiest thing we had done together. I withdrew from K’s butt, and a milky stream seeped out and down her leg. K seemed unsure of her balance, and I helped her down from the stool. After a moment, she turned to look at me.

“You can’t just…” K was having trouble finding her words. “We should have…This is definitely not…” She had to pause for a minute before she was able to form an entire sentence.

“Next time,” she half-mumbled, “we should discuss this before-hand.”

Giving me a quick kiss, she stumbled back toward the shower.

Next time!?!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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