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As I sunk in to my kitchen chair with a second glass of wine to wait I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had got to this point. I was not often nervous but I found my hands were shaking so much that I was worried about spilling the wine before I got it to my lips to take a much needed gulp.

It started, like so many things in the 21st century, with an email. When I sat down at my desk that sunny, June day I had no idea that my love life was going to be resurrected in such a delicious, if unexpected way. Being in my mid 40’s, childless and single meant my life tended to be a routine of work, home and work again. If I was lucky a dinner with friends or family would break the monotony every so often. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, I was celibate through choice not just circumstance. I could have done online dating if I was really bothered about being single. I’d resorted to that a few years previously but I’d become disillusioned with trying to figure out who was real and who wasn’t. Now it was even more of a lottery as everyone else had discovered the online world and everyone was using the dating sites.

Anyway back to the email. The name of an ex-boyfriend who I hadn’t seen or heard from for at least 25 years flashed up on the screen. Pete! The last time we’d spoken, I had been a bubbly twenty something to his more experienced thirty and he’d kissed me goodbye and flown off to work in the US with a promise to come back to me. I’m not sure whether he’d broken my heart when he didn’t return but he’d definitely bruised it quite badly.

I scanned the email and the jokey style of his apology about taking so long to get back to me made me smile immediately. The strength of his personality flowed through the words and conjured up warm images of his charming smile. It would have been impolite not to reply so I’d sent back a jokey, slightly flirty response.

The following days flew by in a haze of pings as ever warmer, moving towards steaming hot, emails sped across the internet. It was a natural progression to our frantic flirting to arrange to meet; maybe even a foregone conclusion from that first ping in my inbox. That was why I was here, sat in my kitchen chair, gulping wine with shaking hands and waiting for the sound of the doorbell to announce the arrival of a man I hadn’t seen for 25 years.

I was so nervous. All women have body issues but meeting up again with someone who had last seen you as a toned, youthful twenty year old was bound to bring you face to face (or more honestly line-free to wrinkle) with the aging process in all its variations. I was carrying my years well (I thought and most days when I looked in the mirror I could manage to believe the mirror agreed with me) but I was a lot curvier than I had been at twenty and though that had given me an impressive thirty-eight DD bust it had also given me a softly padded tummy to match. I had of course shared recent pictures with him over the weeks and he’d been really complimentary so I hoped he was going to be equally as happy when he saw me in the flesh. I had certainly been impressed by his picture, he was equally as handsome as I remembered; even more so somehow as the years had added depth and experience to his features, distinguished grey streaks to his thick, brown hair and kindness to his deep blue eyes. One of Mother Nature’s biggest jokes was in allowing men to age so much better than women.

I knew we were going to sleep together when we met. We had to really; the memories we’d stirred up with our emailing were so strong that anything other escort ataşehir than physical confirmation of them would be a betrayal to who we once were to each other. I just didn’t know how I was going to get from the nervous, shaking woman I was at that moment to the seductive woman I knew he remembered and, I believed, once loved so long ago.

My pondering was interrupted by the mobile beeping out a text message.

‘I’m 10 minutes away xx.’

I swallowed nervously and went upstairs to check that my hair and makeup were still intact. As I brushed my blonde hair, I saw the glare of car lights through the bedroom windows, cutting through the darkness and throwing pools of light on the bed. One of the many joys of living in the countryside was the complete darkness uninterrupted by street lights or neighbours’ houses so any car lights coming down the drive were immediately visible. That must be him; it couldn’t really be anyway else.

The moon threw down a hazy light and I could see the outline of a car pulling around to the front of the cottage and stopping just in front of the window where I was standing. As the bedroom windows were the old sash type that went from floor to ceiling it afforded me a complete view of the garden surrounding the old house. A figure got out from the car and stood looking up. He wouldn’t be able to see me as the bedroom was dark so I felt quite secure in just standing there tapping my fingers on my phone while watching him. I had the maddest impulse to let him see me watching him and before I’d really thought it through, I put my phone down and switched on the lamp by the window. The soft light illuminated the room and revealed me standing there. I could still see him standing in a pool of the reflected lamplight gazing up at me as I gazed down on him. We were both watching each other now.

The urge to shock him a little became overwhelming and my hand moved up to the buttons of my blue silk shirt and I began to slowly undo them. I looked down and watched the full, creamy mounds of my breasts reveal themselves as I pulled the material apart. My breasts strained against the revealing black lace camisole I was wearing. I could feel the hot flush of arousal spilling across my chest, causing my nipples to flare hard and insistent against the lace and send out tingling messages of need. The first gush of moist desire wet my matching black lace panties and a small moan escaped my slightly parted lips. As I flicked a tongue across my red lips and looked at him I could see his hands clench and a smile pass across his handsome face.

My hands moved down to my jeans zip and I wriggled the tight material over my full hips and down past my soft thighs. I bent slightly to better ease my jeans down and was fully aware that it would have given him an even better view of my large breasts as they struggled to escape the confines of my camisole.

My phone beeped and a message flashed on to the screen:

‘Dammit, let me in. I have to have you now!’

I picked up the phone and quickly typed:

‘Key, under mat; come up.’

I saw him read the message and head for the door.

“Well, that’s broken the ice.” I said aloud and giggled.

I ran to the bed and arranged myself, in a way that I hoped looked seductive by laying across the bed with my chin resting on my hands. I thought this would give the best view of my cleavage but hide my tummy.

After my performance at the window though this seemed a very tame view for him when he finally reached the bedroom. kadıköy escort I heard the front door open and a small moan escaped my parted lips. I was so wet and aching that before I quite knew what I was doing, I had turned over on to my back; my head slightly hanging over the edge of the bed and began to stroke my swollen clit through the sodden black lace of my panties.

The slow stroking of my fingers across my clit sent ribbons of pleasure across my body. My hips moved involuntarily in time with my fingers and I began to feel the pressure mounting with every fast, shallow breath escaping from my pouting lips. I knew my face would be wearing the heavy lidded look of pure lusting need that Pete always used to love to see me wear.

I didn’t see the bedroom door open but I heard the sharp intake of breath Pete made as he entered the room and saw the hot mess of me on the bed.

“God, I want you!” Pete exclaimed as he dropped his overnight bag on the floor and moved to the bed.

I abandoned my fingering and flipped over on to my front and pulled myself up on to my knees. My blonde hair tumbled across my face so I flicked it back and took a long appreciative look at my ex-lover. He was gorgeous, smiling and, I was very happy to see, from the bulge in his jeans very pleased to see me.

“Hello, lovely man. I’ve missed you.” I purred and reached out my hands to his belt to pull him towards me.

Pete’s hands softly held my face and lowered his lips to mine for the softest, gentlest kiss. Our lips clung sweetly as the 25 years fell away and it was as if the time apart had never been. My sigh broke the kiss and his hands moved down to my shoulders and began to caress my neck as my fingers worked his belt undone and moved on to his jeans button.

I so wanted to free him and taste the hard, saltiness of him that I couldn’t control the moan of frustration.

“Having problems, sweetheart?” he asked, grinning.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, laughing. “I so want to get these undone!”

“I’ll help you.” He said and had the button open in seconds. He eased his hard cock out of his jeans and held himself firmly as I watched, drawing back his foreskin so the red, throbbing head was exposed. “He’s as pleased to see you as I am.” He groaned.

I bent my head and softly licked across the head, circling the opening and tasting his salty, silky liquor that was oozing temptingly at the tip. His hands buried themselves in my hair and as he pushed his hips towards me, I opened my mouth to receive him. His head slid through my open lips in to the hot wetness within. His moans quickened as I sucked his hardness back in to my throat and sought to swallow as much of his hard cock as I could.

I draw back and let a few inches of him fall out, only to bring my head forward to take him back in again. I kept my tongue moving and caressing him as I tightened and loosened my lips around his shaft to massage him as my head bobbed up and down. My hands had found his hips and locked in to position, I bounced against him. My eager mouth couldn’t seem to get enough of how he tasted and felt and I struggled to control my actions and slow down as I felt the urgency in him raise.

My desire was increasing with every move of my head and taste of his cock. My sopping panties could no longer contain the juices flowing so profusely from my sex and I could feel trickles of jammy juice smearing my thighs with need.

“I can smell you,” he murmured, “So lovely”.

He pulled himself out of my mouth and his maltepe escort bayan hands pulled my head up so I was looking in to his eyes. “I have to taste you. Lie back on the bed”.

I rushed to do his bidding and lay back across the bed with my feet facing towards him. I felt his hands grasp my legs and he pulled me towards him so my feet were dangling off the bed. He knelt, and pushed those hands up my thighs, pulling them apart and leaving tingling trails of pleasure as they moved. My body shivered and moved against his hands to get closer to the intoxicating feel of his touch. I could feel his mouth following the trail his hands had taken and the anticipation of where that mouth was moving to brought groans of need cascading from my panting lips.

“Please.” I begged softly.

His hands pushed my panties aside and he buried his face in to my wetness. His tongue sought out the aching throb of my clit and danced a pattern of tingling electricity across it that had my hips raising off of the bed and my mouth uttering wordless cries of anguished need. Thoughts disappeared from my mind and all that existed was the feel of his mouth on me, his tongue in me and the noise of my wetness as he sucked and licked.

The pressure built in me as I thrashed against him. Fighting ever more strongly to get closer to the feelings that he was creating in my body. His hands pulled my hips towards him so he could get better purchase on my slippery, swollen clit and licked ever faster and harder.

My body arched and I felt the building of my orgasm cascading over in to the blinding, contractions of pleasure that left my body open and pulsating.

“Up on your knees, darling”. He said. Wiping the juices from his face on my thigh, he stood up and watched as I turned over and got on to my knees, displaying my round, plump bottom to him.

“God, that’s gorgeous”. I heard him mumble as he climbed on the bed behind me. He gently tugged my sopping panties down over my hips and they obligingly slid to my knees leaving me completely exposed.

I thought I’d feel his cock enter me but was surprised by two of his fingers, easing their way between my legs and sliding their way through my wetness in to me. As his fingers moved inside me his lips and tongue traced tingling patterns on my bottom.

I began to move against his fingers, building a rhythm with him that I knew would have me gasping and wriggling in orgasm again very quickly. Pete eased a third finger in to me and his fingers took on a new pattern that I’d not experienced before. I stilled, slightly fearful of the feeling of fullness and heaviness that he was creating.

“Relax, sweetheart.” I heard him murmur. “Just trust me.”

I felt my body relax and I opened fully to his fingers. The pleasure that was building now was something completely different to before. Instead of pressure I felt warm tingling that continued to grow in intensity until wet gushing contractions exploded. The liquid squirted out and I fell forward shocked by the intensity of the vibrations that were passing through me, only for his hands to pull me back and on to him as he fiercely entered me.

He rammed his cock in to my still contracting sex as I cried out with pleasure. Each thrust he made was met by my muscles contracting around him, milking him, as we moved in harmony. Building the rhythmic intensity of feeling ever more quickly until both of us were gasping and crying out. Pete jerked forward and I could feel the splashes of his juice coating my insides as he blasted his orgasm with guttural cries in to me.

As we lay in each other’s arms, exhausted, I silently thanked the internet for bringing us back together. Whatever happened between us next I now knew we had a special connection that not even time, age and distance could ever extinguish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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