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Simon’s first gay experience certainly shocked the hell out of him, but God was it good! Interestingly enough, Brenda and Farrah’s work shifts were rescheduled just after that, and they didn’t socialize at all. This meant no Miguel. Maybe that was better though.

Certainly there would of been too much “gay” tension between Simon and Miguel. Any socializing would have felt somewhat uncomfortable to say the least.

Simon didn’t feel comfortable telling Brenda about his first gay encounter with this Latin stud. How could he? It would of most definitely upset her. Especially with it being her best friend’s boyfriend!

Brenda appeared to be Vanilla, or at least appear that way to other people, as far as the gay business went.

Simon had even met her parents. They were fine vanilla Jewish folk if there ever were, and Brenda was their good girl.

She had to, and needed to please them. Sure they thought Simon was beyond weird, but at least they believed Brenda, when she insisted they had a stable relationship.

If he appeared aimless, Brenda just explained to her parents that he was just finding himself. That’s all

Indeed she had experimented sexually herself, but that was briefly and in the past. She no longer even wanted to talk about it now.

As much as Simon tried to deny it, his world had changed after his first gay episode with Miguel.

His initial paranoia was well, just paranoia, but it was very much aided by the marijuana he’d tried smoking.

He’d never gotten high before. It was another first for him at the age of twenty seven. A little late in some peoples eyes, but still.

As Simon had gotten away that night to get in a taxi, Miguel had given him a fair sized bag of the drug, and a pipe. Simon just threw it in his shoulder bag and had forgotten about it.

Had he remembered it the first few days after the Miguel incident, he would of flushed it down the toilet disgusted with himself. Disgusted at how he’d so betrayed his girlfriend. Things happen I guess.

Ever the work hard freak, Brenda, had now enrolled in some day time courses. Anything to help her career. She was busy, busy, busy. The fact she also worked at least 5 nights a week meant that Simon was now alone by him self all the time at her Long Beach apartment. That was a lot of time to be bored.

He’d usually wake up about 2 pm, like a lazy slut, and then get out of bed, and maybe have some cereal, or maybe not. He’d then pour himself some wine, and invariably his thoughts turned to sex. Predominantly about his escapade with Miguel. He’d maybe grab One of Brenda’s Dildos and probe his eager asshole, while simultaneously fingering and massaging his throbbing cock and balls.

Manically jacking himself off, he’d reach impossible heights of arousal when it would flash through his mind, the dirty things he’d done that night. He’d fucked around on his girlfriend! He’d Had sex with her best friends bi lover! Sucked cock for the first time!

Just to think this same woman he betrayed, also fucked him regularly with her thick fat strap on! It made him feel so much like the little submissive slut he was! Just to think he was virgin cherry until he met her!

“I’ve gotta start wearing a collar, ” he’d exclaim as his thick hot spunk exploded into his hands and spilled down onto whatever furniture Simon had parked his ass onto.

He’d whimper in delight as he finished his masturbation, and then lie back for a minute in great satiated pleasure, then pour himself another glass of wine.

Not long after one afternoon masturbation session, out of the blue, he suddenly remembered the Marijuana in his shoulder bag. His cock went rock hard when it occurred to him, that trying it again, might make him as horny as fuck. Just as he’d felt the first time he’d smoked it.

“Maybe I will, ” he giggled to himself as he dumped some of the weed and the pipe onto the Coffee table.

“I wonder what Karen would think? ” he thought to himself, of his one time, very pushy, yet very wild friend who had bugged him, even taunted him for being such a square. The same karen who had gotten to know Brenda so well.

Simon had gotten used to seeing Karen’s wild sexual abandonment though. Brenda had just been part of her routine.

Simon feebly lit the pipe and tried hard to hold the harsh smoke into his pink lungs, as the thick, sweet smell filled the living room. Brenda’s living room.

Simon coughed bahis firmaları out most of the smoke, until finally his head began lightly, pleasurably spinning. His touch got much more sensitive. He was much more aware, and he felt incredibly calm and had a feeling of such well being.

His sexual excitement was also much stronger and increasing. His cock was getting much harder.

Fortunately, remembering to fan out the room before he left, he left the apartment and got on a bus and went to one of the long Beach Dance clubs.

Feeling sexually charged, he strutted into The sub club, a very hip gay dance club that had several rooms, decorated with anything from dungeon to pink fairy decor. Simon was too into himself at the time to go out of his way to introduce himself to anybody though. He just wanted to party.

Feeling high beyond belief, he danced uninhibitedly to the very loud, hard driving drum and bass techno. The music played a grinding, incessant,dark, repetitive sexual beat that was interspersed with vocal samples. A female uttering “Fuck Me! ” here and there.

A horny male hoarsely whispering “I wanna suck cock!” in impassioned heat. Simon danced and was having the time of his life.

His wake up late, drink wine, smoke pot and masturbate routine continued. Sometimes he’d stroll around the shopping mall in Long Beach, feeling sexy in his tight club wear top, skin tight ripped super low rise jeans and bare feet. He was always barefoot. Let them think he was a freak. He was beginning to care less and less anyway. In fact, it turned him on.

This routine continued for a week until one day, to his shock and great surprise he saw he was nearly out of pot.

“God! What am I gonna do? ” he said to himself in somewhat of a panic.

His cock got rock hard again when it crossed his mind to call Miguel,but more sober thoughts prevailed.

He then decided he would go to West Hollywood to the clubs he used to so squeamishly hang around. Maybe he’d avoid seeing Karen,or the hard drug dealing Kolver, or anybody else who would show ridicule at his new druggie self. He had to get some pot, and money was no problem. He had Brenda’s credit card.

High on his last pot, and a few glasses of Wine, Simon entered the somewhat seedy, dark, sexually ambiguous Specters dance club on West Hollywood boulevard. He was filled with apprehension about who he might run into. Getting a small bottle of wine from the bar, he slowly sipped it and stood around with various freaks as demonic dark dance music pounded out of the speakers.

He watched the people dance until the inevitable happened. A skinny, multi pierced dark haired goth guy walked up to him.

“You wanna buy some E? Some coke? ” he said not too loud, but just loud enough to be heard over the music.

“Do you have any pot? ” asked Simon.

Simon gave the Goth fifty dollars, and proceeded to sit at a back table where he smoked a few pipe fulls of his new supply. He was getting used to it now, and didn’t cough so much anymore. Holding the smoke in had become so much easier lately. Simon was soon feeling really good. He finished his wine and got turned on watching the sexy dancers. He soon thought he’d join them.

Making his way slowly to the dance floor, eager to dance like a slut, he heard a familiar voice call out to him from close by.

The voice had a lisp. It was from someone he’d known for a long time. The White haired woman man Claude.

He Looked like an aging poof in fag wear. Shiny, fluorescent green shirt, and out of style, yellow satin bell bottoms. He wore multitudes of cheap rings and jewelry, and chain smoked his long white cigarettes so fine.

“Wow! When did you start showing your ass crack to everybody Simon? ” Claude said in what Simon wasn’t sure was derision, or just being turned on. Simon was never sure about Claude any way. Far from it.

” I don’t know. I just think they’re cool jeans, ” uttered Simon without any thought.

” I haven’t seen you in awhile. I have heard rumors about you though. Some woman is mothering you or something? I can’t see you with a woman. Surely you must realize now, that a cock is what you need baby! You’ve started to dress the part! ” Claude said, chuckling and exhaling a thick stream of smoke into the air.

“I’ve been okay. How is Karen? ” Simon asked nervously.

“She’s in jail. I’m sure she’ll do just fine. ” Claude said, coughing, then dragging again, kaçak iddaa hard on his cigarette.

Suddenly Claude began looking sexually charged. His face turned wicked. His focus narrowed, and he eyed Simon seductively, slowly up and down, smiling as he began fondling his own crotch area.

“What are you doing tonight anyway? ” Claude asked him in a clipped lisp, almost loosing his breath.

This was just too much for Simon. Claude was making him paranoid.

“Oh! I have to go. ” Simon quickly announced.

He quickly made his way through the small crowd in the club, found the exit and began walking east along Hollywood boulevard, feeling somewhat anxious. He now realized Marijuana could make you feel that way sometimes.

Not long after, at a part of the boulevard he didn’t know well, he found a small outdoor cafe, where he sat down at a table and ordered a glass of wine. The warm June sky was darkened, and Simon’s brief anxiety and paranoia had subsided. He now felt relaxed. He’d watch the people walk by, and imagined what it was like having sex with them.

He was getting hot. He was getting a nice buzz.

Soon, he made eye contact with a guy/girl sitting at the table next to him. A slightly heavy set mulatto creature with dyed cropped blonde hair whose fingernails were painted red.

She/he wore a sleeveless sky blue tank top, sky blue spandex tights, and black plastic imitation riding boots. It certainly looked kinky enough for Simon.

To his own surprise, Simon blurted a hello to this ambiguous night creature. Simon shivered inside as he now had company at his table. He saw it was a guy after all.

“I’m Salla. What’s your name? ” he offered in a sexy, yet husky, though high fem boy voice.

“I’m Simon, and I’m getting loaded. Are you? ” is all Simon could say, not caring that he sounded like an airhead.

“Wow! You are so cute! You must be a bottom! You’re gay right? ” Salla inquired enthusiastically.

“I’m bisexual. I’ve only had gay sex once. I sucked cock. It was divine, ” Simon blurted out next, as his cock got even harder, realizing he was discussing these so very intimate things with a complete stranger!

“Why only once? ” Salla asked concerned, now taking Simon’s hand in his own across the table, a very cunning fore play that enticed Simon even more.

” I don’t know. I’m a newbie. It was only two weeks ago I had sex with him. It was my first time, and it was hot! ” Simon said.

“So, you wanna see what it’s like getting fucked? ” Salla asked in a lowered, more serious voice.

“Maybe, yeh, ” Simon replied slowly smiling. His eyes filled with the look of sexual wanting and decadent wickedness.

A few minutes later. Salla pulled out a thick cigar, looked at it, lit it, and sucked on it for a moment, eying Simon. He smoked it the way a woman should. With the right feminine touch for this butch gay boy.

Finally he decidedly blew out a thick plume of smoke. Definitely with a signal to the uninitiated, that this was a male butch boss they were dealing with.

“So you wanna go to my place babe? We can get high together. ” Salla then asked directly.

“Yeh, okay, ” Simon replied, now in great anticipation.

They left the cafe together, and walked slowly. Sometimes Salla would pat Simon’s ass cheek or crotch area.

Simon would feel a sudden sexual charge, and lightly moan in pleasure. Though he felt some apprehension about going to a strangers place, the sheer excitement of acting like a cheap whore had him feverish, and almost wet with his own pre cum.

“So you like to go barefoot? ” came the inevitable question.

“Yeh I do. ” Simon replied, looking into Salla’s eyes.

“That’s sexy. I can’t wait to get you into some high heels and a dress. ” Sallas said.

Salla was taller than Simon and much heavier. As they entered his ground floor apartment, Simon was even more enthralled by the slut aura of the place.

Large Indian cushions filled the carpeted floor amongst many small tables, but it was the framed large photos on every wall of explicit gay sex that turned Simon on.

Also, everywhere in the apartment there were large and small ivory and stone statues of gay men going at it. It was a palace for, and a tribute to gay sex.

Salla had turned on some slow groove music, and Simon sat on one of the cushions cross legged and took a glass of wine that was offered .

They talked sexy, kaçak bahis dirty, small talk. Soon after, Salla got up and put on a light strobe light, and darkened the room.

“Take off your clothes babe! ” He told Simon.

Simon stripped down. Salla stripped down. Salla then sat on a large chair cushion. His cock looked monstrous in size.

“Start sucking bitch! ” he said, as Simon got on his knees before him.

With a yelp, Simon got his mouth on the cock and began sucking in a fury! Salla had his hands on the back of Simon’s head, and squeezed it tightly up against his crotch.

“Keep sucking bitch! Suck my fucking balls as well whore! ” Salla demanded like an angry pimp.

Simon delighted in being so submissive. The thrill of having this fem butch boy order him sexually was intoxicating!

Salla began breathing heavy, and rocking back and forth in the ecstasy. Simon moaned and groaned in between slurps of this thick, fat, cock and balls.

His own cock was rock hard, and every so often he’d slap it up against his belly, and waves of pure sexual Nirvana would follow.

“To be going with another guy already! ” the delicious thought crossed Simon’s mind. It was so good to feel like a slut!

“Come on you little Prissy fag! Get on your knees! Show me that ass baby! ” Salla demanded, and pushed Simon to the carpeted floor.

“Oh please fuck me! ” Simon squealed in unbridled joy, now on all fours, he raised and shook his ass towards Salla’s face.

With Salla now in behind him, breathing heavily on his back and neck, Simon felt the first few insertions of cock enter his anus. It felt unbelievably hot! Simon was burning!

“Oh! That’s it! Fuck me. ” he couldn’t help but exclaim in fevered impatience.

The fucking soon picked up in tempo. Salla pumped his cock into Simon’s ass more and more frantically.

The sound of skin slapping and the constant moans, could just be heard above the sexy, beat driven music playing.

“Cocksucker! ” Salla shouted at him, and battered Simon’s ass relentlessly. Simon played with his stiff wet cock as they slid about on the carpet. Occasionaly, Salla was able to get a hand on Simon’s cock which drove them both wild!

At one point, they both slipped, and Simon’s head wound up on the floor facing Salla’s thick prick. Salla rammed it in and out of Simon’s mouth dozen’s of times in a few seconds.

“Rim my asshole bitch! ” Salla then declared in a threatening, vibrant, yet hot tone, as he grabbed Simon by the hair, and swiveled around, enabling Simon to lick Salla’s sweet little asshole.

Simon licked incessantly, as his mind and erroneous zones went crazy when he realized, he was performing this dirty, most forbidden sexual act.

“Oh! You’re the best ass fuck! ” Salla then breathlessly declared, as he then pushed Simon back into the receptive position.

“Do it baby! ” Simon pleaded as Salla began pumping him hard and harder again.

They fucked like animals. They rocked back and forth violently. Finally Simon felt the thick, hot cum begin to shoot into him.

“Oh baby! Baby! ” he squealed, feeling as though Salla had taken him fully and now owned him.

He smacked his own cock with his hand, and his own blistering cum began to stream out

As Salla leaned over him, and shook his last seed into him, Simon was delirious with pleasure. He loved the feel of his raw wet asshole, and as he played with himself, and got his last cum out of himself, he realized he loved the feeling of being so used. It was so hot! It was so fucking sexually gratifying!

After the sex , and after they’d regained their energy, they had some more wine. Simon lit up his pot pipe, and told Sallas he was new to it. There was something about being the newbie, who had just discovered the wild life, that had began turning Simon’s crank, and it was now becoming so true.

“I don’t let my sluts shower after sex. I like them to smell like sluts all the time! I want you to go home like that babe.” announced Sallas.

“Okay, ” replied Simon weakly.

Sallas lit another Cigar and offered Simon one. He declined, though he was beginning to think they looked sexy, but he hated the smell of them. Besides, he was too fem for them, he’d never smoked.

When Simon left Sallas’s place, he was beginning to get the paranoid feeling back again. Why had he gone to bed with yet another guy? What about Brenda?

He really was acting like a slut now.

When he got back to Long Beach, it was late. Brenda briefly wakened from her sleep and asked where he’d been.

“Just out,” is all Simon could say, as he got in bed and went to sleep as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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