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Our embrace was just like I had pictured it. Holding you in my arms, I pulled you in close to me. It felt as I was being welcomed home after having been gone for far too long. Your hair is so soft. You washed it with my favorite shampoo. I can smell it. I can also smell that perfume you wore on our last date. I love that hint of jasmine in it. You know how hard it was for me to keep my hands off of you then. I know that you intentionally kicked it up a notch, to make sure that didn’t happen again.

I know this because you picked out the perfect outfit to wear. The blue blouse you’re wearing accentuates your eyes in an almost unnatural beauty, as if you somehow backlit them from within your body, giving them a radiance that hypnotizes my gaze. The blouse also seems tailor made. It clings to your body as naturally as your own skin. It drapes over your breasts and pulls in tight across your tight stomach. It is just thin enough that I can see your excitement in the outline of your hardening nipples. No bra tonight! You do know how to tease me.

That skirt! A silky material like your blouse, it holds to your hips so delicately that if I were to choose the right string to draw from it, it would fall helplessly to the ground. I have heard you compare this skirt to what it must feel like to wear a flower petal.

I swear, this ensemble was crafted by Aphrodite herself. You are a living, breathing sculptural goddess. I can’t let you know that though. I have to demonstrate how suave and controlled I truly am.

Upon our embrace, my body tells you what my words do not. You feel my heart pound against your own chest. You sense the warmth of my body. Your keen observation sees that I am freshly shaven and I have put on your favorite aftershave. I was always puzzled by that because no matter how much money I spent on higher labels, this common brand is what sets you off the most.

You can’t help but feel the slight bulge pushing from near my pocket. The thin material of my suit doesn’t restrain much and since you know I only wear underwear when I am exercising, you know there isn’t much between you and what you have wanted. Now though, you take a moment to wonder if I am freshly shaven everywhere.

I pull back from our affectionate hug slightly and look your deep into your glowing eyes. God truly is the master creator. Michaelangelo, Titian, Ruebens, Degas, Renior. They are all amateurs compared to the one who brought about the splendor I see before me. Gently, I lean my head in to kiss you lightly. I am pleased to feel my kiss is met.

The blood in your body has apparently gone to other parts of your body, leaving your lips cold. I feel fortunate to be the one to warm them for you with my own full lips. My hand runs up your back, making your body tingle with excitement. I place my arm over yours, slightly combing my fingers into the soft locks of your hair.

My lips pendik escort part and you feel the tip of my tongue begin to trace your bottom lip. Again, it is met with your own. But there is a little hesitation. It has been so long since either of us has kissed another. But this feels so right. Your mouth opens a little wider, accepting my full affection and kissing me deeply. Soulfully.

Your hands find their way to the front of my collar. The blue sateen shirt I’m wearing is a great match to you. Your fingers are masterful as you unbutton the top couple of buttons without my awareness. Maybe I’m just to focused on the feel of the skin as my hand has left your hair and is now working its way around your neck to your collar bone.

I realize what you have just done and move my kiss to the other side of your neck. The warmth of my breath sends electricity flowing through your body. A surge has ignited in the treasure box I yearn to plunder later. I kiss down your neck as my hands fall over your wonderful breasts to your ribs and then down to your hips.

Your head is tilted back. Your body is pushing to me, aching to be as close to me as it can get. My right hand has moved from your hip around to that gorgeous ass of yours. I have long admired your legs and ass. It perplexes the mind how something can be so strong, yet so soft and sensual. To watch you walk is to watch the notes of Beethoven come off the page and deafen the world with the most wondrous rhythm. Now, I have that symphony in my hand. It is mine to command.

My left hand fell to the hem of your skirt. You feel the tips of my fingers against your thigh, just above your left knee. I slide my hand up ever so slowly. The moments feels like hours. As my hand rises along your leg, my kiss on your neck grows hotter and more intense. My touch stops along the edge of the lacy panties you are wearing. Pink or black, I wonder.

I move around you. I lift your skirt above your waist and pull you back into me. You feel my hardness in all its glory, trying to break through my pants. Your right hand is lifted to hold my head as I suck along the nape of your neck. My hands cling to your body as they climb up your torso to your chest. Cupping your breasts in my palms, we begin to grind together.

Your left hand finds its way to my zipper as my right hand searches it’s way into your blouse to that soft flesh of your bosom. You carefully lower my zipper and free my hard cock. You stroke my throbbing shaft, wrapping your small hand around my thickness. My left hand has retraced it’s path to your now dripping wet pussy. You have soaked your pretty lacy panties.

Unable to contain yourself anymore, you spin around and drop to your knees. You lick along the side of my cock while you continue to pump it with your hand. What an amazing feeling! You take my length in your mouth. I can’t help but be impressed as to how maltepe escort skillfully you swallow my eight inches. I have never in my life encountered someone so talented at sucking my dick.

As I watch and enjoy your selfless pleasure giving, I finish unbuttoning my shirt and throw it to the floor. I hastily unravel my belt and open my pants completely, letting them fall down my toned legs to the floor. My knees begin to tremble. I feel myself beginning to tense up. Wow! I have never had someone who could make me climax so quickly. I can’t let this happen. I have better plans than that.

I place my hand beneath your chin to lift you up. That isn’t what you want. I kiddingly tell you that if you keep that up, I’m going to cum down your throat. That’s all it took for you. You reach behind me and grab hold of my ass, pulling me hard into you, shoving my cock deep down you throat. Oh God! You do it again. And a third time. My eyes roll back and I let out a load moan as my cock explodes in your mouth. I don’t know if I have ever had such an intense orgasm. You eagerly swallow every drop of me. When you finally decide to let me free, a little drop oozes out on your chin to which you respond by wiping it with your finger and sucking it down too.

You rise and confidently ask me how I think you are, but the stupid grin on my face tells me all you wanted to know. You move in and kiss me deeply again. I can taste a little of myself still in you, but it doesn’t phase my desire to kiss you. I kick off my shoes and finish undressing, then lead you to the bed.

I pick you up, cradling you in my strong arms. I kiss you again, and gently lower you onto my soft mattress. It feels like laying on a cloud to you. I pull your blouse off slowly and after I toss it to the side of the bed, I trace my fingers along the underside of your outstretched arms while I come into you and kiss the top of your chest. When my hands have made their way to your beautiful breasts, I begin to caress them lightly. Squeezing gently. Massaging lovingly.

I lower my face to the side of your fleshy orb, licking and sucking. My hand continues to knead the other. My tongue darts and dances around your swollen nipple, but I’m careful not to make contact with it. I tease that breast and torment that nipple. I feel your hunger for me to just attack it and try to swallow it whole. But no,

I know how to play this too.

I slide my body across yours and begin working on your other breast. With one hand, I massage the breast I just left. With the free hand, I slip my fingers into the top of your panties. I rub your clit around and around. You feel as if you have three men adoring your statuesque body, rather than just me.

My lips work their way down your stomach. My hot breath excites the skin that I licked. I conduct your entire body as my orchestra. It is under my will. I slide lower kartal escort on your body. I take in the sweet smell of your sex as I inhale. Your dripping wet love box is tight with antici pation. I peel your panties from your writhing body. Pink! I should have known. My hands, mouth and tongue slowly and deliberately explore there way back up your legs. I suckle your cute toes. I kiss your ankle as I run my hand up the backside of your knee and hamstring, stopping just below your ass. With little nibbles, and kisses, and licks, my head discovers the way to your utopia. Glancing across your glistening labia with my tongue, I move my path back down the other leg. I can’t do to one side and not do to the other.

You loosen your skirt for me by the time I have finished sucking your toes once again. I reach up and pull them off. I know have the epitome of beauty completely nude on my cloud. My angel will feel at home in heaven. I move straight in to your aching treasure. Your clit is easy to find. I suck on it as I drink of your sex. My tongue laps up and down your smooth shaven skin. You grind your pelvis into my face. I tease your nipples as I eat you. I take my right hand back and slip two finger into you. One inch in. Feel the little rough spot and push. You feel you body tensing up while I’m simultaneously devouring your love button and fingering your G-spot. I don’t back off one bit as your entire body convulses with orgasm. Your juices flow freely and I eagerly lap up as much of it as I can.

The look of exhilaration on your face has me more turned on than ever. I kneel between your thighs and ease my once again raging hard cock to your tender folds. I enter you with ease but fill your tight pussy up, just the same. I work you on a steady rhythm. I lean back, pressing the arch of my dick high in you. As I pass in and out with my long, steady strokes I glaze over your G-spot again and again. I can feel your hot love tighten around me. I lift your legs up to my neck and hold them closed with one arm as I continue to thrust deep inside you. With the other hand, I feel along the side of your body, up to your throat. I place my hand on your delicate neck and lightly squeeze. Your hand had traced back down to your clit and you start rapidly rubbing. As soon as my large hands had applied pressure, you climaxed once again. Your scream in delight is loud and rapturous. But I’m not done.

I roll you over onto your stomach. Leaving your legs together, I enter you from behind as I sit straddled over that gorgeous ass of yours. I lean over and begin to pull on your hair. Just a firm hold in your locks. You start bucking back against me. Your body is building a rapid aftershock. Your pussy squeezes on my cock so hard that I can’t move as you erupt in one last orgasm. This sends me over the edge and I explode inside you.

My body collapses beside yours. We are out of breath. Our bodies are numb.”So that is what sex is supposed to be like!” I say. You look over your shoulder and remind me that there is much more to explore and enjoy. Our journey has just begun. We lay, spooned together in a puddle of our love but without care and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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