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She stood looking into the eyes she’d dreamed about for the last seven years. She thought back to the first time she’d seen those sparkling blue eyes smiling at her. Her fourteenth birthday, registering for her first year of high school those eyes had belonged to her new homeroom teacher. And now, on her twenty-first she’d caught herself in those eyes again. “Hello Mr. Answell,” she finally said, smiling softly at the man who had been a teacher, a friend and a fantasy over the years.

It’d been three years since he’d seen her last. A soft, lingering hug goodbye at her graduation and she’d left for college still a kid in his eyes. He saw her differently now, had barely recognized the late bloomer until she smiled at him. “My God, Maria! How are you?” Wondering if he’d been caught watching her body from across the room, he stood and hugged her.

She’d caught the look before coming up to him and hugged him back a little tighter than was called for, her body thrilling at his touch. “I’m doing pretty well actually, how are you?”

He began to reply that he’d been well, but she cut him short; “Sorry, I’ve got to meet some people; I just stopped in for a drink as I was leaving. But… do you think we could catch up some time this week?” She explained that she was in town visiting old friends and her family. “I don’t have any daytime plans for the rest of the week though.”

“Oh well, school starts back tomorrow but there are auditions for the first play after, if you wanted to drop by while I organize everything from my first day.” She laughed, remembering the countless papers she’d had to fill out every year for him.

“Sure thing, I’ll stop by around 5 once the auditions are over. See you then.” With that she walked out of the small coffee shop tossing a little extra swing into her ample hips in case he was looking as he mused that she really had grown up quite well. *

The next day, walking up those familiar old steps, she thought back to her years at the school. He’d been there every year. He was her homeroom teacher through her awkward freshman and sophomore year, drama during the start of her popularity with the guys stretching the end of sophomore year to her graduation. Senior year he’d taught two of her classes and she’d become one of his trusted students in the drama tech department, often working right under him to get everything organized in time.

Oh the days she’d thought about really “working” under him. Even at fourteen, having never even kissed a boy she’d wanted him. Now, she’d had her share of awkward fumbling times even with guys much older than her. Even through all of that she’d thought of him when her mind wandered, imagining how much better he’d be. Through the years of her education she’d caught herself more than once staring at the obvious bulge in his pants wondering how much was the pants and how much was him. Almost daily she’d had the conversations with her friends. Each of them had different guesses but all of the girls agreed on one thing, they’d all like to find out.

He wasn’t the “hot” coach but he was perfect to her. Those amazing blue eyes were only the first part of what attracted her to him. He was just a few inches taller than her, probably 6’2 at most, tall but not remarkably so. Above his eyes was light brown hair, softly spiked that matched the goatee that had once been a beard years ago. Maria couldn’t even count the times she’d wondered what it would feel like against her if she were to kiss him. Getting close to his door she stopped going through her memories of him and checked her reflection one last time before knocking.

The first thing most people noticed was her height since not many women were so close to 6 feet. She claimed 5’11 but was really closer to six feet even. Dark brown hair halfway down her back and large, expressive eyes were second to be noticed. Dressed today in a denim miniskirt, white flip-flops and a white three quarter sleeve shirt unbuttoned for just a little cleavage she knew she was showing off her real assets: legs so long they needed special pants and an ass to rival any rap video rump-shaker.

With a deep breath she stepped up and knocked pendik escort on the partially opening door, stepping in when he called. It didn’t seem like anything had changed in the room. Maria was instantly transported back to the hours she’d spent here, as the rest of the school slowly emptied, working on all different things. His desk was in the same place at the back corner, student desks in rows before him.

Standing here now, in the deserted school, before him she let thoughts drift across the back of her mind as they exchanged pleasantries. She asked about his life, other teachers, drama, and the school in general. It seemed time in the room had stopped and after all of his questions about her life it was starting to get late. Eventually the conversation moved to parties in college and he laughed about her stories of the less than savory characters that tried to pick her up from different frats on campus.

“It’s just that most guys my age don’t really want more than one thing and no one really lives up to my ideal guy.” She halted here wishing she hadn’t said the last part. Studiously avoiding his eyes she smiled softly at her memories and looked around the room hoping he’d avoid the obvious question. He didn’t.

“And who is this perfect mystery man?” He asked, worried she was selling herself too short again, hoping she understood that with her looks and brain she could have any guy she wanted and they’d be lucky to have her.

She blushed pink, looking every inch that girl she’d been so many years ago when she was actually supposed to be in this class room. “Well, you.” After a few moments of silence she finally steeled herself she looked up into his eyes, scared what she’d find there. Scared he’d look at her like she was still that kid and make some light joke about him being too old for her. Scared he’d do anything but what she wanted most. Scared he’d do anything but take her in his arms and kiss her.

Looking up into his eyes she softly bit her bottom lip, watching his gaze travel down her face, locking onto the perfect white teeth which, upon noticing his look, were replaced by her tongue wetting her pink lips in nervous anticipation.

Seeing the vulnerability in her eyes and the sensuality in her lips he let himself lean forward, kissing her gently. Hesitantly he slipped one hand behind her neck and teased her lips softly, licking them then pulling back as she tried to pull him in. Taking this as a yes to all she was offering, Maria put her arms around his neck and began some lip teasing of her own. Though it felt like long hours to her reality was probably only a few seconds.

Finally, he broke the kiss and looked at her, breathing hard “We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“No, we really shouldn’t do this” she knew that, but having finally won him she wasn’t going to back down now. She kept her hands right where they were, wrapped around his shoulders and stroking into his hair as she went slightly up on her toes to kiss his neck. Hearing his gasp and not feeling him pull away she moved up further, leaving a slick trail to his earlobe which she grabbed between her teeth, tugging softly knowing the feeling would shoot straight through his body.

With that he finally jerked, shivering just enough to pull himself from her teeth. Lips still practically touching his ear she breathed into it “we both need this.” Her entire body pressed against him and she smiled into his neck as she felt him start to harden against her stomach. Slowly she slipped her hand down his body, trailing to the now massive hard-on his khakis were barely containing.

“No, this really isn’t right. I can’t, I’m sorry.” He tried to step back, moving away from her. Unwilling to lose her dream before it finished, she grabbed his belt and pulled him back. The power of her desire seemed to shoot through her arm and as she pulled him back both stumbled in her direction, pushing her to his desk with him pinning her against it.

Not giving him a chance to change his mind again she put both hands back behind his head and pulled him in for a kiss that seemed to say everything. Pressing her lips hard against his she whimpered maltepe escort into his mouth as her body started to grind against his. Never one to be gentle and driven even rougher from her need she nibbled softly on his bottom lip as she sent one hand to his belt, undoing it before he realized her hand had moved and slipping into his pants before he could stop her.

Her cool hand grabbed him just as he came back to reality but feeling her stroke up its length, fingers trailing gently up his shaft he was no longer capable of saying no. Feeling him give in, she kissed him again as she slipped up onto his desk, showing more of her tanned thigh, skirt riding up as she spread her legs and pulled him between them, hand never leaving his hard cock. He moaned now, softly but she heard and let go of his head completely as her second hand went to get his pants down around his ankles and moved to fondle his balls.

Head now free to move, he took his time kissing away from her lips, moving from her ear which he nibbled lightly onto her neck which he spent his time sucking as she pushed against his mouth. Guessing she meant more, he began to scrape his teeth across the soft, smooth skin of her long neck smiling when this brought a sharp intake of breath and an extra hard tug on his cock. Working his way down her neck he hit her collar bone still biting and slipped his hands into the back of her shirt, unhooking her white satin bra and rubbing his hands up her back. Again he was rewarded with her moans and moved back to the front, cupping her breasts.

Pulling her shirt up, he let himself slip from her fingers so he could bend down to lavish similar treatment on her nipples. Pinching the first nipple while his teeth worked the other he switched between them as she leaned back on her arms against the desk, trying desperately to breathe more quietly. He moved to kneel below her, kissing down her stomach then pulling her skirt up around her waist as his lips moved just above her knees and began to suck up her inner thighs. One hand holding the leg he was lavishing attention on he sent the second rubbing against the white satin of her thong amazed at the wet spot that had already grown there.

Feeling the pressure he was putting on her lips she tried to grind down on his fingers, hoping to force a harder touch. He stopped as soon as she started though and stood back up, one hand on each thigh as they moved up and hooked into the sides of her thong. Kissing him again, hard, she half stood letting him slide it off her. He moved to set them on the desk beside her but she giggled and tucked them into a drawer behind her, wanting him to have a little memoir of their moment. He smiled at her idea as his hands slid back up to her thighs, this time inner, and slipped up toward her now naked pussy.

Her hands found him again, hotter and harder than before and began to stroke at a feverish pace hoping he’d feel as ready as she was. As a drop of his precum began to show at the head she slid one thumb up and swirled it across the head. Feeling this he finally stopped his teasing travels around her lips and slid one finger slowly inside her wet and ready hole. Her body bucked on its own, pressing against his hand as he added another finger and she jerked even harder at his bright red cock.

“Please baby, I can’t take being teased forever. You have to let me feel him inside me” she begged him, staring into those eyes, darker now than she’d ever remembered.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He was almost scared to ask, nervous she might say no. Nervous she might have been turned off by his readiness and more than a little worried he’d be too big for the tight pussy that was currently gripping his fingers.

Was she ready? Was he serious? She’d wanted this longer than she’d wanted anything. “Please Mr. Answell, I’m ready.” She finally gasped, knowing she was getting close to an amazing orgasm and wanting to experience it with his cock buried in her.

“Mmm, I like you calling me that.” He moaned slipping his fingers from her and taking his cock from her hands, positioning it against her pussy, teasing up and down against kartal escort her lips then nudging her clit. “Tell me how much you want it Maria.”

“Please Mr. Answell, I don’t just want it, I need to feel you in me. Please.” She moaned the last over and over trying her hardest to push him into her.

Barely able to catch his breath, he finally pushed himself into her but gasped and had to stop, feeling the tight wet walls of her pussy instantly quivering around him. She’d come in the instant he entered her. Bodies pressed tight together he just held her as he felt her shuddering finally slow and he kissed her again, softer this time letting her come down off her high before he began pumping again. Now when he started she moved with him, amazed that he was hitting so deep in her. Biting down onto his shoulder to keep herself from screaming out she thought back. All of those years of debating the bulge with her friends she finally had her answer; he was huge. Not freakishly long but his girth amazed her, filling her in ways she hadn’t known were possible.

Still amazed by his size she could only nod agreement when he asked her to turn around. She complied, turning with her back facing him and pulled her skirt completely out of the way as she moved to bend over the desk she’d seen him sit behind all those years. He lined himself up and slid in completely in one stroke, slowly following it with more. Placing a hand on each of her hips he pulled her back against him in a steady rhythm.

She looked up at him, eyes half-lidded and smiled. “Don’t worry Mr. Answell, I won’t break.”

With that he pulled back and began slamming into her even faster.

Her senses were filled with his thrusts, one after another one bringing a grunt from each of them as well as another strong pull on her hips. The scent of their sex was filling the air and all she could think was how amazing he felt ramming against her as his fingers dug into her hips. She’d have marks for sure from this desk and his hands. Smiling at the thought of physical souvenirs she pushed against him once more, feeling herself growing warmer with the coming of her second orgasm.

She tensed slightly as she felt him slowing. This couldn’t happen “please, harder” she begged him.

“I’m getting close Maria; I want this to last for you.” At least he was thinking of her first.

Nonsense she thought, almost saying it out loud. “Please Mr. Answell, just fuck me harder. I want to feel you cum in me. Please.”

Hearing the words come from her innocently curving lips he couldn’t find a reason to argue with them. Pressing her completely against the desk he began to rapidly slam into her pussy, reveling in the feeling of her juices slipping down his cock and covering his balls as they hit against her. Now he too was getting close and telling her so he felt her start to work her pussy on him, clenching the muscles to hold him in just a bit each time he tried to pull out.

Finally the moment they’d both been waiting for as he took the last few long, hard thrusts and buried himself to the hilt in her wet pussy. Almost instantly he began pumping is hot cum into her and felt her pussy begin to clamp around him again. He groaned as he emptied himself into her and she bit her lip to keep from screaming out, boiling from the inside from the heat he was releasing inside her.

They lay together for a moment catching their breath before Maria finally turned around and kissed him softly before tugging down her skirt and repositioning her skirt. The room was filled with the smell of their sex and she laughed thinking of the students coming in the next morning. He smiled too as he pulled his clothes back on and walked her to the door.

“That was amazing Mr. Answell, thank you” there was so much more to say but she couldn’t find the words to say it.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Maria, do you think you’ll be in town again soon? I could let you know when there’s another play coming up so you could visit the other teachers as well.”

“I’d like that, as long as your room will be empty afterwards…”

He said it would be and she kissed him one last time then walked down the hallway on knees still wobbly feeling his juices begin to drip onto her thighs. Stepping out of the front door she took a deep breath and giggled to herself thinking of the look on his face when he saw her thong in the drawer the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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