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Chapter 1

I was feeling a little remorseful as I left Abigail’s office that afternoon. I’m not entirely sure why, or even what was bothering me. I was worried about my job for sure, but it was more than that. As I have said, I was a somewhat na‹ve guy, almost leading a sheltered life to that point. Incredibly, it might have been that I was feeling like I was using Abigail and not the other way around. However, I knew that wasn’t rational. Abigail wanted what happened. Hell, she set it up. Still, when one is raised a certain way, it has an impact on how one looks at the world. I was raised to respect women so it was against my nature to treat them like I had Abigail. However, I have learned that one can play many roles in life. Little did I know at that time that I had the capacity to play them all.

As I headed back to my classroom, I passed Katie leaving the administrative offices. She looked at me but didn’t smile. I couldn’t read her face. Maybe she was angry at what I had done-pulling her into the office like that. Or maybe she was jealous. I said “hi” anyway. She mumbled something in response but I couldn’t really hear her as she hurried off.

I was worried about Katie’s reaction, so at the end of the day I went to her office. Her office was small like mine but much neater. She was just cleaning up her desk as I walked in.

“Hi,” I said, standing nervously in the doorway. I was almost afraid to go into the room.

She looked up like she was expecting me. I saw her face turn red. She looked back down and continued to clean up her desk without responding.

“Katie, uh… about today… I… uh…” I had no idea what I was going to say.

Again, she didn’t answer.

“Hey, can I buy you a drink or something?”

Katie paused and looked at me, her green eyes almost burning into me. Surprisingly she said, “All right.”

“Listen,” I said, still searching for something to say as we walked across campus, “I’m… uh… sorry about today.”

“Let’s wait until we get to the pub. I need a drink really bad.”

It was early on Wednesday afternoon so the pub wasn’t crowded yet. We found a booth in the back and ordered drinks without otherwise speaking. The silence was uncomfortable as we sat trying to avoid each other’s eyes.

Finally, when the drinks came and we had consumed about half, Katie spoke. “I want… wanted to explain… why… you know why I was leaving Dean VanBuren’s house Sunday morning.”

I tried not to show my surprise. Amazingly, she wasn’t angry about what I had done today but rather worried about being caught coming out of Abigail’s house.

“Katie, you don’t have to explain your actions to me.” But I really wanted her to. It had to be a good story.

“I want to. Abigail… Dean VanBuren… has been good to me.”

I had heard that before.

“I couldn’t have ever gotten a job at such a prestigious college without her. I’m only twenty-six and I’m already teaching college. That’s pretty good for a kid that wasn’t anywhere near being a valedictorian.” She took a sip of her drink and I saw her hand trembling.

I waited.

“She had a lot of great candidates to chose from, some with lots of experience, but she chose me.”

I knew how she felt.

“Dean VanBuren is a little different though. I… I… had never been… you know… with a woman… before her.”

She assumed that I knew that she had “been with” her. Her stay over could have been innocent. Yea, right! Remember, I said I was na‹ve.

“So you two are lovers?” I asked stupidly.

She looked startled and then blushed. “Uh… well… I guess, but I’m certainly not the only one.”

“You mean female?”

“Female, male… it doesn’t really matter to Abi… Dean VanBuren.”

“I think we know her well enough to call her Abigail,” I said with a smile.

“I guess so.” For the first time Katie smiled. “I… I am not that… uh you know… experienced sexually.”

I must have looked skeptical because she said, “I’m not. I was… am… a very shy person. When I was in high school and college, I didn’t think that highly of myself. I was just a skinny redhead with braces.”

I looked over at Katie and down at her rather large breasts and raided my eyebrows. “I find that hard to believe. You’re beautiful.”

Katie blushed and whispered, “Thank you. But it’s the truth. I was really skinny. I gained about fifteen pounds after I graduated and I think most of it went to my boobs and butt,” she said and looked down at her more than amble breasts, which sat high under her tight yellow sweater. The nipples began to harden under my stare.

“Those were the right places,” I said and she blushed again.

We ordered another round.

“So, where were you coming from that morning?” she asked.

I was surprised by the question. I hadn’t even thought about her curiosity about where I had been. However, I’m sure she already knew the answer.

“Maria… Abigail’s housekeeper… and I… well, we got to know each other.” I think I blushed.

“She’s very pretty.”

I bursa escort was going to say “And, one hot Latino,” but that would have been insensitive… I think. Instead I said, “She is a very nice woman.” And then added for some unknown reason, “Unfortunately she has a boyfriend that was deported… lost his green card.”

The new round of drinks came and Katie took a big drink. “So what was going on in Abigail’s office?” she asked tentatively.

I knew that question was going to come up. I had decided not to be coy. “Abigail wanted me to tie her over the desk and fuck her ass,” I answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

Katie gasped and her pretty green eyes opened wide. She took another drink and I could see that her hand begun to tremble again.

I leaned over and whispered, “Abigail is a very kinky lady.”

Katie nodded without responding.

I pressed the conversation. “I’ve heard that she is pretty good at eating pussy as well.”

Katie showed her shock at the statement. I’m sure she wondered how I knew. Then the expression on her face changed to one of recognition and she said, “Maria?”

“Um huh! But Maria doesn’t do her.” I saw a surprised look on her face. I figured I might as well ask the obvious question since I had gone this far and said, “Do you do her?” I asked. I saw an almost imperceptible nod. I smiled. “So we have something in common.” I held my glass up for a toast.

Katie smiled and blushed again. Then she lifted her glass and tapped it to mine.

“Well, I guess we had better get going. I need to feed my dog.” It was the first thing that either of us had said that didn’t have to do with sex.

“You have a dog?” Katie asked.

“Yes, a black lab.”

“I love dogs but they won’t let me have one in my apartment complex.”

“I’m in a private home over on Barton Street… allowing dogs was a requirement. Do you want to see him?”

Katie looked at her watch and then said, “Yes, I’d love to. It’s on my way home anyway.”

We left the bar with me carrying her heavy briefcase. “What’s in here, rocks?” I joked as we crossed the campus.

“Sometimes it feels like it. I never know what I’ll need for my classes.”

My apartment was on the second floor of a large house. The entrance was in back, upstairs and there was a large screened in porch that overlooked a big back yard and woods. It was perfect for “Bo” and I. The owners were an older couple that I rarely saw. However, I tried to keep as quite as possible.

We walked up the steps and I opened the screened door. Bo practically knocked me down. “Down boy,” I laughed.

Katie squealed and went down on one knee to greet Bo. He jumped up and knocked her onto her butt.

“Bo! Bo!” I laughed and pulled him off of her. “Bo loves everybody. Some watch dog huh?”

“He’s gorgeous,” Katie said as she continued to pet Bo. He licked her face. Smart dog.

“Here,” I said and opened the screened door behind Katie. Bo bolted out and headed down the steps.

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll take off?”

“No, I have one of those invisible fences. It cost me a week’s pay but it’s worth it.” I turned back to Katie and saw her staring at me.

“Oh, the briefcase,” I said and handed her the case. When our hands touched, I felt a spark. It might have been static electricity because it had began to thunder and dark clouds were rolling in. We stood staring at each other as the lightening flashed in the sky. I took a chance and pulled Katie into my arms. She didn’t resist and suddenly we were kissing.

Katie dropped the briefcase and her arms went around my back and her soft body pressed to my chest. We both moaned as our tongue began to duel. Suddenly, the skies opened up and the rain began to pour down as lightening flashed.

One of my hands slipped between us and I grasped her breast. Katie whimpered but didn’t protest so I moved it under her sweater. She had on a bra so I pushed my fingers underneath and lifted, freeing one soft orb to my hand. I could almost see the soft white flesh and pretty pink nipple as I kneaded it. My penis responded and began to pulse almost painfully in my pants. I pressed it against Katie.

Suddenly, Katie pulled away. She was breathing heavy. “No… I can’t.”

I felt disappointed but said, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” she answered and surprised me by reaching down to grasp my hard penis through my pants. “I’m just not ready for that.”

I didn’t know if she meant that we didn’t know each other well enough or she was a virgin. She couldn’t be a virgin, so I figured she needed time. I moaned and thrust my hips at her squeezing hand. As I watched, she reached for my zipper and pulled it down. Another moan escaped my lips as she deftly pulled my hard penis from the confines of my pants.

“Nice,” I heard her whisper as she began to move her hand up and down.

I looked out in the pouring rain and saw Bo running and jumping like the crazy dog that he was. I turned back to Katie and pulled her lips to mine again. She melted into my arms and her body trembled. bursa escort bayan Her hand continued to move on my shaft.

“Katie,” I gasped as her strokes grew faster.

“It’s okay,” she whispered and squeezed her hand tighter and pumped her fist harder.

“Oh Jesus,” I moaned. My legs began to tremble and I felt my balls tighten.

“Go ahead, that’s it,” Katie whispered as I neared my peak.

Just as bolt of lightening streaked across the sky, I bellowed and thrust my hips at Katie’s pumping hand. “Ohhhh!!! I moaned and like some horny teenager, my penis began to shoot cum across the porch. It flew across the deck and hit the screen, splattering through to the outside.

From someone in the back of my brain I head Katie giggle. Her hand kept pumping me as the streaks of my cum matched the flashes of lightening in the sky. Finally, Katie squeezed the last drop from my wilting penis.

“I have to get going,” she said as she let my penis drop from her hand.

I tried to hide my embarrassment and said, “Are you sure you can’t stay. I can throw some steaks on the grill.”

“No, I really have to go but I’ll take a rain-check,” she said with a smile and a glance at the still pouring sky’s.

“Well, let me get you an umbrella.”


I put my penis discreetly back in my pants as I opened the door and found a large umbrella. “Here,” I said handing her the umbrella.

“Thanks, I’ll give it back tomorrow.”

“No hurry, I have others.”

Katie went up on her toes and gave me a quick kiss and then quickly turned and hurried down the steps into the storm.

I called Bo inside and watched as Katie disappeared around the side of the house. “It’s been one hell of a day boy,” I said to my very wet dog. His only reaction was to shake himself, splattering water all over me. I laughed and said, “I guess I deserved that.” Before I went into the house, I glanced over and saw the rain washing my sperm from the screen. I shook my head and went inside.

Chapter 2

I didn’t see Katie or Abigail for the rest of the week. I did make a call to a friend who said he would check into Maria’s boyfriend’s green card. As I was packing up to leave the classroom, I saw that one of my students, Molly, was still sitting at her desk in the front of the room. Molly was a pretty girl with almost white blond hair and pale blue eyes. She was an average student who liked to wear loud clothes to get attention. Not to mention that she always sat in the front row wearing very short skirts.

“What’s wrong Molly?”

“Mr. Adams, I’m lost.”

I started to be sarcastic and ask if she needed a map but I said, “It’s only the end of the second week.”

“I know but I’m not good in this philosophy stuff. All these Greek names and such. I’m afraid I’m not going to pass and my Dad will kill me.”

“I think you are overreacting Molly.” I saw her cross her legs, showing me that she wasn’t wearing nylons because I could see just the hint of her panties under her smooth thigh. I felt a little tingle.

“Maybe I am, but I don’t want to get behind. Can you help me?” She batted her pretty eyes at me and turned a little to the side, revealing even more of her thighs. She saw my eyes.

I took a deep breath and sighed. I wasn’t sure how to handle this. Was it appropriate for me to spend time with one student? I was reluctant to ask Abigail. She already warned me about fraternizing with students. “I don’t know Molly. You should probably wait and see how things go.”

“Pleaseeee!” she whined with a pretty pout on her face. “If you could just go to the library with me and show me how to do the research I would be very grateful.”

I’m a sucker, but I figured the library was safe enough. “All right.”

“Oh thank you. When can we do it?”

I figured I would make it hard on her. “How about tonight at eleven p.m.?”

I figured that since it was Friday night she would be partying and wouldn’t want to do it. I was wrong.

“Great. There will be less people there to disturb us.”

I didn’t like the sound of that and I was about to say that I had changed my mind when suddenly my cell phone rang.

“See you at 11,” Molly said as she rushed out of the room.

“But…” Before I could say anything more, she was gone. “Hello,” I said in an irritated tone.

“Do you always answer your telephone like that?”

It was Abigail. “No. I’m sorry.”

“Having a bad day?”

“No, not really. Just a student problem.”

“That’s not unusual,” she laughed. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner Saturday night?”

I didn’t have any plans but I didn’t have any money either since I hadn’t gotten paid yet. “Uh… I… don’t know,” I said reluctantly.

She understood my hesitance and said, “Don’t worry, it’s on me.”

I felt my face turn red with embarrassment. I suddenly had a vision of being a “kept” man. Still, it was a free meal from the boss. “All right. Where do you want to go?”

“There’s a five star restaurant at a new hotel in town and I’ve been escort bursa wanting to try it. I’ll pick you up at seven?”

At least I wouldn’t have to pay for a taxi to take us to the city. “Okay. See you then.”

“See you.”

It was almost eleven p.m. when I walked into the library. I didn’t expect Molly to show up. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. When I looked around I spotted her sitting at a table in the back. She waved to me and I walked past the counter, saying hello to the two female students that were handling the desk chores.

“Hi Mr. Adams,”

“Hi Sondra,” I said to one of the pretty co-eds. She was in my afternoon class.

“It’s pretty late for you to be in the library isn’t?”

“Yea, a special assignment,” I laughed. “Not many people here on Friday night huh?”

“Only the losers,” Sondra said, and then added quickly, “Excluding you Mr. Adams.” A bright smile crossed her face.

I’m not sure I was an exception. “Yea, right!” I laughed and made my way over to the table where Molly was sitting. She had a bunch of books placed on the chairs and the table. The one empty chair was next to her. As I sat down I glanced at her and saw that she was wearing a tiny micro-mini skirt and a v-neck top. My eyes naturally traveled to the exposed cleavage. Molly had a substantial chest. I know it sounds like I’m a “boob” man, but I’m really not. Not that I mind large breasts but I have never really had a preference. However, it seemed like all of the girls I met at school (including one older woman) had substantial chests. It must have been something in the water.

“All right, where do you want to start?” I asked looking at the stacks of books.

“That’s my problem; I don’t know where to start,” she said with a pretty pout.

“Well, I think you have almost every book in the library on philosophy. Let’s pick out a couple first.” I searched through the books and couldn’t find any that I wanted. “Let’s go and look for a couple.” I went to the philosophy section with Molly following behind. I want one called “Philosopher’s in Time,” by Roger Joyce.

I was searching for the name when I saw Molly squat. I looked down and almost gasped. As she squatted, her leg’s naturally opened. I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties. It was obvious that she was a blond. Her pubic hair was almost white like the hair on her head. There was enough light that I could even see the inner lips of her vagina. When my eyes met hers I saw that she was watching me look between her legs. “Uh… uh… let’s start with this one,” I stuttered, quickly pulling a book from the shelf. It wasn’t the one that I had been looking for but I wanted to get out of the deserted isle.

When I returned to the table, I could feel sweat beading on my brow. I sat down and opened the book. Molly leaned close, her breast grazing my arm. I nervously cleared my throat and began to go though some of the material.

Molly acted like she was listening but I think it was farce. As the evening wore on, I felt more and more pressure on my arm until her breast was practically flattened against my forearm. It was impossible for me to deny that she was coming on to me. However, just as I began to say something to discourage her, Molly boldly reached over and grabbed my thigh. I jumped, looked at her and then toward the counter. I saw that the two girls busy on their cell phones. “Molly,” I said, trying to sound authoritative. Then, I reached down and grabbed her hand, taking it off my thigh. I felt my penis twitch.

“Sorry,” she said with her eyes twinkling mischievously. She began to twirl a blond curl in her finger. Then, she acted like she was listening again. A few minutes later, out of the blue, Molly turned to me and pushed her arms together on the sides of her breasts, forcing a substantial amount of flesh above her top and said, “Do you think my breasts are too big?”

I naturally looked. “Molly…” I said like a reprimand.

She could see that I was flustered and she reached over and grasped my thigh again, this time, inches from my crotch.

I sat frozen in my chair as her hand began to move. For whatever reason, fear or excitement, I was paralyzed as her fingers slowly moved the several inches until suddenly she was grasping my hard penis. I sucked in my breath and my eyes opened wide.

“I believe you are thinking about something other than philosophy,” Molly whispered and squeezed my pulsing penis. “However, I could be wrong.” She moved her hand on the bulge in my pants as if to see if it was real. “Let me see it.”

“Molly, this is nuts,” I gasped as she reached for my zipper.

“No, these are nuts,” she giggled as she cupped by squirming testicles through my pants. With a rapid movement of her fingers she pulled my zipper down. She had obviously done this before.

This is nuts! my mind screamed. Still I did nothing to stop her as she reached inside. “Oh God,” I moaned.

“Mmmmm,” Molly responded as her fingers circled my shaft. Then she abruptly pulled her hand out of my pants and said in a louder tone than necessary, “I think I saw the book we were looking for on a shelf in the back.” With that the young girl grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the chair. My zipper was still down, as she led me through the tall rows of books again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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