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Double Penetration

Sunday morning Steve & Todd had breakfast around 10 and after a quick round of each sucking the other off Todd left for work.

All day Steve couldn’t get Todd’s big cock fucking his ass off his mind, as he imagined that 7 plus inch cock ramming inside him. Around 7:30 his phone rang snapping him out of his erotic daydream, if was Todd who just got home from work.

“Hey Steve what’s up,” Todd asked.

“Well me thinking about you. How was work?” Steve answered.

“It was very hard, all I could think of was you. Are you up for company tonight?” Todd said.

“I could be up for that. Do you want to stay?” Steve asked.

“I have to be at work for 1 tomorrow afternoon, but can go straight from your house. So yes if you want.” Todd said.

“Oh yes I want very much,” Steve answered.

Todd was at Steve’s door just before 8, as the door closed behind him the two embraced Steve driving his tongue inside Todd’s mouth as they kissed.

Todd reaching for Steve cock found it rock hard inside his pants and said, “Oh my you must be horny.”

“All I’ve been thinking about all day is you fucking me, but I have an idea. The store in New Haven is open until 10 I think, want to go see if that guy is there again?” Steve asked.

After a second or two Todd answered, “Yeah I think if he’s there I’d like to watch you get a blow job and hope you want to watch me get one too. Then after we get back I can fuck your hot little ass again.”

“Let’s get going then,” Steve said.

After finally getting to the store the two walked in looking around the gay magazines for a bit. Not seeing the man there they got $10 worth of quarters and went to the booths finding both gay booths were open. After deciding they chose the booth showing a gang bang movie showing seven gays in a bathhouse.

Putting $5 in they started the movie, just as it began, a mans voice was heard outside the curtains.

“So did you boys come back for free blowjobs?” the man said.

Before the two could speak the curtains parted and in popped a head, it was the man form yesterday that offered to service them both.

“So do you boys want some action?” he said.

Before Steve could speak Todd said, “Come in we can party.”

Closing the curtain behind him, he said his name was Jerry as he knelt on the floor facing them both. As the movie played his hands stroked both men’s cock through their pants. Slowly he unzipped Steve’s first and after sliding them along with his underwear to his ankles exposing his 6″ hard cock. Moving to Todd he did the same with a huge smile on his face as Todd’s big cock sprang out.

After admiring both cocks, Jerry slowly started sucking Steve’s cock then just before he was ready to explode he moved to Todd cock. Both Todd & Steve couldn’t take their eyes off the action that was kaçak iddaa happening to them.

As Jerry was sucking Todd’s cock, Todd reached for Steve’s face and the two men kissed their tongues feverishly flicking at the other’s as the action grew hotter and hotter.

Suddenly Todd pulled away moaning softly, “I’m gonna cum, fuck here it comes.”

Steve watched as Todd’s hips began bucking against Jerry’s face when as he started shooting his hot cum down the mans throat. After Todd finished the man licked his lips and moved to Steve’s throbbing cock.

As Todd watched the movie stopped and he put the remaining $5 in the slot and the movie restarted.

Steve leaned back against the wooden bench as Jerry was sucking his cock moving his mouth rapidly up & down his shaft. Looking over at Todd the two began kissing again as they slowly rolled their tongues against each others.

After a couple of minutes Steve whispered, “I’m gonna cum, eat my cum Jerry.”

Jerry began going even faster until Steve’s cock began spurting cum swallowing each stream as it fired out.

When Steve’s cum stopped, Jerry licked it clean then looking up at the two asked, “so can I interest you boys in some more action?”

“Just what do you have in mind?” Todd asked.

Looking at his watch the Jerry said, “well it’s a little after 9 now, they close at 10 and if you want we can go back to my place. I live about 15 minutes from here and since I live by myself there won’t be anyone to disturb us. I was thinking maybe you boys might want to get high and have a threesome.”

Todd looked at Steve and said, “I would like to how about you?”

Pausing for a moment Steve said, “ok I’m in, let’s go.”

After leaving the store they followed Jerry to his home in North Haven. As they drove into his driveway they saw a large raised ranch style home with a two car garage in a very nice neighborhood. As they followed Jerry into the house they went to his living room sitting down on his couch as Jerry poured them all some wine.

“You have a nice house,” Todd said.

“Thank you,” Jerry said as he handed them each a glass. After sitting down he reached his bong sitting on the coffee table. After opening a bag of pot he loaded the bowl & lit it up. Handing it to Steve who took a big hit and then passed it to Todd who did the same.

After drinking a couple of glasses of wine and smoking several bowls of pot the three men were pretty wasted when Jerry asked, “so would you two like to take it to my bedroom?”

The two men nodded yes and Jerry led them to his bedroom, upon entering they sat on the bed as Jerry began kissing each boy’s neck, then unbuttoning their shirts he moved his mouth to their stomachs.

Steve & Todd both moaned in anticipation as Jerry slid their shirts off and then stood them up taking kaçak bahis the rest of their clothes off. After they were both naked Jerry stood up taking his own clothes off. When his underwear slid down they were both awed at the sight of Jerry’s cock as it stood straight out at a massive 8″ long with a huge mushroom head that made Todd’s 7″ cock look small and Steve’s 6″ look tiny.

As he saw the 2 staring Jerry said, “you both look like you admire my cock, want a taste?”

Todd without answering moved his mouth to Jerry’s cock licking the tip before lowering his mouth taking the entire shaft inside until reaching his throat. After taking a deep breath he pushed his head deeper slowly taking the rest down his throat.

Jerry looking over at Steve and said, “come here boy give daddy a kiss.”

As Steve’s face moved closer to Jerry he took it in his hands pulling him to his lips, the two kissed as Todd suck the older man’s cock.

Pulling from their kiss Jerry asked Steve, “did you two get to fuck yet since I heard you talking yesterday?”

“Yes, yes we did,” Steve answered.

Releasing Steve, Jerry held Todd’s and laid down on the bed as Todd’s lips remained sucking his cock. Positioning Todd with his ass in the air and grabbed a tube of lube of his side table, Jerry said, “show me what you did to him.”

Steve hovering above Todd’s ass, taking the lube from Jerry he rubbed some on his cock, pushing his tip towards Todd’s dark hole he pushed hard his entire length being forced into Todd’s tight ass. It took a few strokes but the two finally synched up Todd’s mouth pushing down onto Jerry’s cock as Steve’s cock pushed into his ass as both boys moving up at the same time. After several minutes Todd could feel Jerry’s cock begin to swell, a few seconds later he could feel the same from Steve’s cock as it filled his ass. Suddenly Jerry began shooting his 1st stream of cum into his mouth, as Jerry’s 2nd stream shot Steve’s cock began spewing it’s 1st stream into his ass. After both men finished filling Todd’s two orifices the three men collapsed, Jerry’s cock still inside Todd’s mouth and Steve’s cock inside his ass.

“Wow that was wonderful,” Steve said as his cock began to shrink finally sliding out of Todd.

As Jerry pulled his cock from his mouth Todd said, “Oh shit that was fucking hot.”

Looking at Todd Jerry said, “Now you lay down,” then saying to Steve, “your friend needs his cock sucked.”

As if obeying orders Todd laid down on the bed spreading his legs for his best friend. Steve then lowered his head until his lips reached his friends semi-hard cock taking it inside holding it there as it grew harder, then once hard began bobbing his head up and down.

As Jerry watched he reach between Steve’s legs and began stroking his cock. Steve’s body pushed back against illegal bahis Jerry’s hand as his ass waved in the air. As Jerry continued stroking Steve’s cock he reached for the open lube and slathered it onto his cock.

Steve felt Jerry release his cock and was disappointed that his new friend stopped. It wasn’t long before he felt Jerry push his huge mushroom head against his tiny ass. Steve worried it would hurt being that it was so big, but he was so excited about having Todd’s cock in his mouth as another man’s cock about to force it’s way inside was too much to take as he pushed his ass back hard against Jerry’s cock.

“Looks like that little ass wants my cock to rip it open,” Jerry said.

Todd moved his head so he could view the action between Steve & Jerry and said, “oh god fuck him good, Steve suck my cock while he fucks you.”

Jerry with one big thrust pushed his cock’s head inside Steve’s ass, as his ass spread wider than he could imagine intense pain filled Steve’s body as he felt like a sword was cutting his ass wide open. So much pain caused him to bite down onto Todd’s cock stopping just short of drawing blood.

“Ow shit don’t bite it off,” Todd hollered.

The grip from Steve’s mouth backed off Todd’s cock as the pain released from his ass. Jerry now sensing Steve’s relaxed ass pushed another 2″ inside, Steve was filled with another sensation of intense pain. After another few seconds Steve relaxed again, once again Jerry rammed his cock further into his ass another 3″. After relaxing one more time Steve anticipated another round of pain, Jerry didn’t disappoint as he rammed the remaining few inches inside causing more intense pain.

After relaxing Steve went back to town on Todd’s cock as Jerry started pumping his cock in & out of his ass. Steve had pain each time Jerry’s huge cock pushed inside him but found the intensity to wane as time passed until finally all he could feel was an immeasurable pleasure.

5 minutes in Steve could feel Jerry’s cock swelling & twitching inside his ass and knew his new friend was about to fill him with his warm cum. Just before Jerry’s cock was about to release Todd’s cock began shooting hot salty cum into Steve’s mouth. Then suddenly Jerry’s cum started filling his ass. Steve swallowed Todd’s load while tightening his ass around Jerry cock as he finished his load inside his ass.

As Jerry dismounted Steve he said, “ok boys it’s time for me to go to bed and you to get going. If both or either of you ever come back to the store and want some action here’s my number call me,” as he wrote his number and handed it to Todd.

The two dressed and left for the drive home, as they drove Todd said, “that was fucking incredible, did you enjoy it too?”

“Well I have a really sore ass but yes I did, maybe if we ever meet up with him again he can fuck you and you’ll see what I mean,” Steve answered.

As they arrived home, both men physically wiped out, they undressed laying down in bed falling asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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