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All characters in the following story are 18 years old or older.
Special thanks to editor Pete_L

I was naked and stretched out on his bed, watching him sleep. I know, what a cliché, watching him sleep, how romantic, blah blah blah. The truth is that he was mad at me for something stupid before he fell asleep and what I was really watching was his cock while he slept. The blanket had fallen off and exposed his nakedness in full. I was in awe of his body. He was so strong, so perfect, so beautiful, even his penis, even while soft like it was now while he slept. People always say that a man’s genitals are not nice to look at. I disagree completely, especially if I like the man they are attached to.

A man’s penis is so central to everything that makes him a man. He does half of his thinking right there! Women always complain that men think with their “other head ” when they go to strip clubs, or watch porn, or flirt with another pretty girl. In so many ways, though, I love it. This sexual drive is a part of what it is to be a man. It was all right there, I thought, as I looked at his manhood lying exposed to me. His cock was the driving force. To look at it, to touch it, to lick it was like breathing in his maleness. Even now my fingers were itching to reach out and fondle his balls, but he slept so peacefully, and after being mad at me, I wasn’t sure if he would appreciate being woken up.

I searched his sleeping face for a clue. Would you mind, handsome, sweet man, if I touched you? I want to touch you. I want to taste you. I want to feel your cock grow hard in my mouth. I carefully moved my body closer to his and stretched out so that my face was right next to his hips and my legs dangled off the bed. Then tentatively, I reached out with my fingers and lightly tickled his balls. He sighed gently in his bursa escort sleep, but didn’t wake up, so I let the tips of my fingers spread out and caress his balls. I looked at his cock. It was still soft. My mouth was actually watering with anticipation. I liked knowing that he was asleep for now and that I had this, him, all to myself.

I wanted his cock in my mouth, soft, like it was now, but he was normally so quick to have an erection that I was afraid if I touched him with my hand it would be too late, so I lifted myself onto my hands and knees and leaned over him. Very gently, softly, careful not to touch him anywhere else, I lifted his penis into my mouth with my lips. He filled it. I sucked gently and swirled my tongue around and around his cock reveling in the taste and feel of his warm skin. Then he sighed, a sleepy sigh, and pushed his hips forward slightly. That’s when the magic happened. I moaned with pleasure as I sucked and licked it feeling it grow harder in my mouth. I started moving my lips slowly up and down to coax his cock awake even more. That’s right baby, give it to me.

I almost didn’t want him to be awake, but I knew he was now. He was quiet though, which was good I think. He wasn’t mad that I woke him up.

After I felt that he was hard enough, I let my lips slide off him and wrapped my hand around his cock. I pressed it against my cheek. It was warm and wet on my face. Reaching out with my tongue to lick his balls, I moaned again with pleasure as my tongue caressed these very important parts of his maleness. He was so still, so relaxed, so patient. I could take my time, and relish it. Moving my mouth down and taking his cock from my cheek, I wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft and stroked it very slightly, while gently taking his balls into my mouth one at a time, swirling my wet tongue bursa escort bayan around them. I felt my pussy swell with arousal as I instinctively opened my legs a little wider. I moved my mouth from his balls and pressed my very wet tongue flat against the base of his cock and slid it up to the swollen head then back down again.

I moved my fingers to his balls now and tickled them slightly with the tips of my fingers, while my tongue flicked the tip of his cock. I could feel him looking at me, watching me, so I looked up. Seeing him watching me with that half grin on his face, filled me with happiness and longing. I wanted to give him pleasure. I wanted to give him some moments of bliss. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth. My pussy ached to be touched, to be filled, but I had work still to do and so finally, now that his cock was wet from my tongue I put my lips around the head and pressed my tongue flat against the underside of his cock then slid all the way down with my mouth tight around him so that his entire shaft was in my mouth and he was pressing against the back of my throat. I squeezed my mouth around him to create some suction then slid my mouth back up again. I did this several times slowly, until I heard his breathing deepen.

My pussy was wet now, and my fingers were itching to reach down and stroke my clit. But I focused on his cock in my mouth and moved faster and faster, up and down, saliva dripped from my mouth onto my fingers that were still gently touching his balls. Every now and then I looked up at him, with my mouth full of his cock, to see him watching; he wasn’t grinning now but was clearly enjoying having his cock tightly surrounded by my wet tongue and lips. His hips thrust upwards slightly and he reached down to grab onto my hair. I could feel his balls tighten and knew he was close. My escort bursa pussy was aching and wet, my clit was swollen with arousal. I wanted to focus on him, to keep going, for this to be for him only, but it was so hard, I needed to touch myself. I was so turned on. I needed release. I needed to slide my fingers over my clit, just for a minute.

So, I slid my mouth off his cock, he groaned quietly with frustration and pulled my hair, willing my mouth to come back to him. I laid my head on the bed and turned on my side. I reached over to him, with my hands on his ass and pulled him onto his side facing me, guiding his cock back into my mouth. It was still wet from my saliva and slid in easily. He sighed with pleasure to be back. That’s right baby, I’m still here for you. I squeezed his ass and encouraged him to move inside my mouth. I moaned as finally I reached down to touch myself. My fingers slid over my clit, fast and sweet, while he thrust into my mouth.

His hands were on my head again, holding my hair in his fingers while he fucked my mouth. He was moving quickly. My moans of pleasure sounded muffled with my mouth and throat filled with his cock. Cum for me, cum in my mouth please. I could feel my pussy tighten and my body shake as an orgasm easily worked its way over me in exquisite waves of pleasure. As I came, my throat relaxed even more and I pushed my mouth further down onto his cock, he pulled harder, almost painfully, on my hair as he thrust deeply into my mouth, against my throat. I could feel his cock expand even more and then the sweet, sweet sensation of his throbbing, pulsing cock as the first stream of cum shot into my mouth and down my throat. With each thrust, I swallowed every last drop and then when he was done, I squeezed my mouth gently around him, reluctant to let go. I slid my lips up and over, licking up any cum I might have missed. I stayed where I was, my hand resting on his hip and looked up at him. He looked happy, sleepy and content. He wasn’t mad anymore. I satisfied his “other head” and for now that seemed to be enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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