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Double Penetration

I could see that she had opened the door as instructed as I walked confidently up the path. No point in looking around nervously, suspiciously attracting unwanted attention. No, if anyone saw me they would figure I had a clear and invited intent to visit, which, indeed I had.

I should find her sitting on the chair in the kitchen, looking outwards through the patio doors, wearing a dressing gown and underwear. Hair tied up. No perfume, no deodorant. I wanted to experience her natural smell. I asked her to be ready by twelve, wait for my arrival shortly afterwards. There was to be no greeting, no turning towards me. She would sense my presence approach with silent deliberation.

I entered her house, turning in the direction of the kitchen. She was sitting there, waiting, compliant with my requests. I moved towards her, taking the silk scarf from my coat pocket, passing it over her head, blindfolding her.

“Don’t move,” I breathed in her ear. “I’m in control today, only do as I say, when I say.”

I moved back to remove my coat and boots. I wanted the silence to remain. I spread out the lunch things I had prepared on the kitchen table. Not much, just nibbles and bites. Different flavours and textures, little things I knew she would like. When I had suggested lunch, this was not what she expected.

I moved back towards her. I stood for a moment in silence. She would be sensing me close by, puzzled at what I may be doing. Waiting for something, but not knowing what. I asked her to stand. I slipped off her dressing gown letting it fall to the floor. I stood again in silence, taking her in, admiring her shapes and curves. Her neck, exposed. I walked around, the sight of breasts having the same impact on me as they always did since our first meeting.

I stood behind the chair, leaning forward and unclipping her bra. She shook herself free. I could see her reflection in the glass doors, her breasts now exposed for me. ‘God I love those’, I thought inwardly. The creamy paleness, the softness. The light colour of her nipples.

I instructed her to sit. I reached around to guide her arms behind the chair, lightly tying her wrists together with another scarf I had brought for the purpose. I would leave these behind as a present – a small gift to say how good she had been in following my orders. My intention was to hold her hands just tightly enough that she couldn’t take control back. If I was near her, I didn’t want her to reach out to touch me. If I moved away, I didn’t want her to touch herself. I knelt down close to her, pressing into her neck, whispering.


She went to reply, I cut her off.

“No, no talking.”

She nodded silently.

“For me?” I asked.

She nodded.

I kissed her neck, her head turning to the side, tilting in response. A small gasp and I could see her chest press outwards. She looked vulnerable, but a vulnerability that I could sense she was enjoying. My mouth hovered close to her. She would feel my hot breath against her neck, aware of my closeness.

“Then you shall eat.”

I looked across at my selection. ‘Something sweet to start with’, I mused. All things tasty, I wanted her to enjoy, not be repulsed, so no real surprises. I could tease, but I didn’t know her well enough yet. This was just s little game, getting to know her better. What she liked. Her reactions. A true learning experience for me, perhaps also for her. A little fun. It was also to be about her. I only wanted the satisfaction of her pleasure in my attention. I wanted to leave with her longing for more, and to return again for the pleasure for me next time.

So for this encounter, although I was in charge, my focus was on bursa escort her. My own needs could wait, but then again, perhaps they were being satisfied from the moment I suggested ‘lunch’.

I chose a strawberry, always a good start. Good quality, she deserved the best. I held it close to her lips, letting the scent drift into her nose. She smiled, recognising what is was, relaxing now she realised that it was something she would not recoil from. I pressed it against her lips. She didn’t move. I hesitated realising now that she was truly being obedient, waiting for my instruction.

“Bite” I said.

She opened her mouth slightly, moved forward and bit through the fruit. The juice ran across her teeth, she sucked in. I pressed the strawberry back against her lips, she bit again taking the remainder in, her lips turning red. I placed my own lips to them, tasting the flavour myself. Sweet. She smiled again; she was enjoying this game.

I chose something savoury. A piece is sushi. Even though I didn’t know her too well, I had checked for any allergies. I wouldn’t want her hyperventilating and turning red on me, well not in response to food anyway. I touched her lips, signalling for them to open. She bit forward, a little shocked at the saltiness at first, but then a realisation of what it was. She nodded her head in appreciation, pursing her lips.

I continued in this way, alternating sweet with savoury, some bites greeted with a nod of approval, some getting a shake of her head. But this lunch was just a prelude. A prelude to my touch. I wanted to explore her. I wanted to make her feel good. I knew that she often went solo, attempting to satisfy her intense craving for the intimacy which her husband could no longer provide, well not in the manner in which she wanted. This was my opportunity to take her to the levels that she desired, to satisfy her need to be touched by someone unfamiliar.

Although we had now met on a few occasions, the excitement of someone new was not diminishing. If anything, the feelings were getting stronger. How far would we go together? How long would we continue to meet in these brief encounters to absolve us from our mutual frustrations?

I knelt behind her, my head bent forward nesting into her neck again.

“Satisfied, Alison?” I asked.

She shook her head. She realised food was over. ‘What next?’ I stroked across her hair, removing the clips, and pulling it gently through the blindfold letting it fall over her shoulders. I brushed my nose through it, taking in its smell. Hair is a giveaway. It holds all of a body’s scents and chemical indicators. I breathed in deeply, absorbing her. My hands caressed across her neck, my finger moving gently, feeling the softness. She pressed her head up and back, I looked down at her breasts, her nipples stiffening. I moved my hands down over them, their warmth taking me a little by surprise. A few little moans, “shhh!” I moved directly behind her, arms around, each hand cupping a breast. She pressed herself out. This felt so good. The breasts I longer for, in my hands. I had waiting so long since our last meeting but thought about her, them, everyday. I gently caressed, breathing gently on the side of her face, become stronger as my own arousal increased.

She pushed herself forward on the chair, held back by her wrists tied behind. Her body was signalling what it wanted, her hips moving, her pelvis pushing upwards. I passed a hand down, over her stomach, lowering towards her knickers. I hesitated over her pubic area. I thought I’d tease some more, taking time, feeling around but something was telling me to be more forceful. I slipped my hand into her knickers instead, finding the opening bursa escort bayan to her pussy immediately and slipping a finger in. Her hips collapse downwards, her thighs clenching together. An immediate uncontrollable response.

I hadn’t expected that but from her wetness I could tell that she had been waiting patiently, concealing from me the true state of her arousal. I pushed another finger in, curling upwards, searching for the small spongy area inside. She tightened more. I could feel her orgasm building quickly. It had taken longer in our earlier meetings but this time she appeared to be helpless. I felt her contract, pushing down on me. I worked inside her. This really wasn’t taking long.

Her legs straightened. I knew that her moment had come, the warm deep sensation spreading outwards, upwards through her stomach, across her breasts, downward through her thighs, across the back of her knees. She buckled, bound by her arms around the back of the chair. I touched her breasts. She threw herself back, a scream of pleasure as another wave hit. Wow, I thought, she really really wanted this.

I let her relax down, her breathing hard. She puffed outwards a few times, bringing herself back into a controlled state. Her faced flushed, her breasts reddened by blood flow. I stood, walked around in front of her to watch her recover.

Now, I had in my mind that that was all I intended to do in this encounter. Make her cum once, then silently leave, unbound of course – a bit too much explaining when hubby returns. I hadn’t anticipated that it would be so quick. But now when I looked down at her, I became acutely aware of my own arousal. I looked down at her knickers now wet through at the front. I could smell her sweat rising from her body, warmed from her exertions. The sweet smell of sex. The chemical reactions buzzing through my brain. I thought I was strong enough to resist her, follow my plan and leave. Leave her wanting more, ensuring that I could return. However, I felt powerless. I couldn’t resist; she was drawing me in.

I knew what I wanted. What I always wanted – her breasts – to cum on her breasts again, just like our first meeting. My breathing was quickening just as hers was receding. ‘Fuck it’, I thought, ‘I’m only a normal bloke. I don’t need to think I am some mysterious domineering stud from an erotic story’. I undid my belt, letting my trousers drop and pulled of my boxers.

She became aware of something going on. She straightened up, smiling, pushing her boobs forward. Oh she was getting to know me quite well, even with the blindfold. I moved close, holding my stiffened cock in my hand and began to rub against her breasts. Passing across her nipples, I used my fingers to take some lubricating saliva from her mouth, spreading it across her boobs. I rubbed my cock against them, the slipperiness sending electrifying sensations down into my loins. I stroked slowly but strongly, pulling my foreskin back ensuring maximum pleasure and contact. It wouldn’t take me long to cum either. I had longed for her more than I realised.

I felt the tingling rise in the back of my legs. I hesitated then moved back a bit. I pulled hard, the warmth spreading upwards quickly. I felt my legs buckle slightly, my hips pressed toward, my muscles in my thighs tightening readying for the release. She sensed this, pushing her breasts upwards as far as she could, shoulders wide. She knew what was about to happen, and she loved being there for me. My muscles spasmed, cum shooting across her. Another contraction aimed between her breasts. She could feel the warmth of my come across her. Five or six strong, a few more as I weakened.

I opened my eyes that had momentarily closed escort bursa in my ecstasy. My cum was thick and creamy. More so than normally I thought. My body had dug down deeply, emptying all my reserves. It dropped down over her stomach, running down onto her knickers, seeping into her own wetness. I placed my hands on her and began to rub, spreading the creamy liquid across. The heat from her immediately began to dry it out, thickening it from a slippery fluid to sticky. Waves of my smell rose up. The smell of fresh cum, full of pheromones. A real turn on itself. I continued to spread over her, passing my hand down into her knickers again, rubbing my cum into her.

She pushed her hips forward. Another signal. This time that she had recovered from her first orgasm but now wanted more. I looked down at her knickers, pulling them off. I threw them to the side. ‘They’re going home with me ‘ I thought. I parted her legs a bit, exposing her trimmed pubic hair and the opening of her pussy. Okay, I was obsessed with her tits but I also couldn’t resist her pussy. The taste of it. The way her pubes brushed against my nose. Her smell. Her clit exposed by my fingers stretching her open.

I placed my hands under her bottom and raised her up, lowering my mouth to her. I pulled her upwards, my tongue beginning to explore. She moaned in delight, her hips tilting from side to side. I worked harder. We began to build a rhythm together. I continued for a few moments before bringing one hand around to stretch her skin tight to expose her clit for my tongue. I moved upwards, gentle flicks against the small protrusion. I brought my other had around to caress her breasts, still sticky with my cum. She pushed her pelvis upwards now that I was no longer supporting under her, her legs straining at the effort of wanting to make sure I could access her easily. Her thighs pushed outwards, my head nestling in between.

I sensed a change in her movements. Her stomach hardened. Her muscles tensed. I moved my tongue back down, pressing as deeply as I could into her, taking in her sweetness. She was getting closer. Her hips now moving upwards and downwards, supported on the chair. A few involuntary noises, signalling the rising tension. My head buried deep. I felt her stomach muscles contract first, her pelvis move down suddenly. Her thighs tightened against me. She pushed down against my mouth. A quick release then a contraction in again. I was trapped in, held by her thighs. I pushed my tongue in, she pushed against me. If she had free hand she would now be pushing me away with her body, whilst pulling me back in close. A war of contrition of sorts.

Her orgasm flowed. The tingly waves shooting up to her mind. Flashes across her blindfolded eyes. The buzzing in her ears. Wave after wave. I pulled off her, my efforts exhausting me, my heart beating out of my chest. I placed my head on her legs, my hands holding her hips, the perfect recovery position.

We sat still for at least five minutes, enjoying the togetherness and silence. I was done. All our meetings were emotionally electrifying but draining.

My recovery, normally quite quick, was failing to materialise. Well I had cum a lot, succumbing to those wonderful breasts once more. I stood and removed her blindfold. She smiled. She was done too. Our frustrations now vanquished for the timebeing. I undid her ties, passing her dressing gown. I re-dressed myself. I had remained longer than I had expected, I really had to go before others returned home. We kissed and embraced. She walked me to the door. I turned one last time.

“Two months?” I asked.

“No, six weeks this time, I can’t wait that long.”

I turned to go, she held me back.

“You appear to have forgotten something!” she said.

She reached out for my hand and pressed her knickers into it.

“I know you want them. I sensed that as you took them off. And a gift in return for the scarves.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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