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Once showered and rested we chatted for ages, telling each other about our lives, family lives and sex lives.

Geoff and Mags had three kids and now had four grandchildren too. They came from a seaside town in Yorkshire, England (Scarborough). I told them my hubby was originally from not far away in the North East of England (Newcastle Upon Tyne).

We remained naked for the conversation and whilst that may sound odd, with the heat and the situation it felt really natural and comfortable. Mags loved hearing about some of my fun with my older admirers, but particularly liked hearing about the teens I have been fucking off and on. She liked her cock ‘young and virile’ she said (all legal ages obviously).

Geoff liked his lasses ‘big and stacked’ as he called them. Mags fake tits had been his present to himself he joked. He couldn’t help himself from playing softly with Tracey’s big udders as we lay chatting and she let him feel her up, lick her nipples and generally paw the hell out of her big, delicious tits.

Mags and I started to share a kiss as the action started to heat up again, stopping only to pop our heels back on at the request of Geoff. He liked his sluts to dress, he told us firmly.

“One of Geoff’s kinks,” she laughed. I popped on my wedge style sandal heels, whilst Mags dug out a real pair of slutty ones, stripper style heels, with a see-through plastic top and at least a five-inch heel.

Tracey popped her mules back on too as he started to really work her over. First sucking her nipples stiff then going down on her for ages, enjoying lapping at her wet lips and fuck hole. He snaked his tongue deep into her making her moan. Mags laughed telling us he loved the taste of a wet cunt, especially if the cunt was on a big titted tart.

Mags and I then moved into a sixty-nine position and with our legs outstretched, she climbed on top of me and we started licking each other out, fingering each other’s pussies and arseholes and getting our faces smeared in each other’s juices.

She really worked me over hard, licking my clit, nibbling it and then biting my inner thigh, leaving love bites on my legs. Her tongue felt fucking great lapping around my spread pussy lips and when she darted it up my fucking sopping wet cunt hole it was heaven.

She intermittently worked a finger or two up my cunny, then removed them and I could hear her sucking them clean of my juices telling me I tasted, ‘fucking delicious.’

Geoff was now deep inside Tracey with his tongue as she lay spread wide. “Let me at your big fucking cock,” she said getting increasingly horny.

They then moved into a sixty-nine position alongside us, with Tracey on top. She began working Geoff’s huge cock back to life, licking and spitting on his balls and shaft then slowly flicking her tongue over his cock head and opening up his eye, probing his pee slit.

His wife loved watching him being worked over and was commenting on Tracey being ‘a

cock hungry slut’ as she sucked him off in front of us.

At first Tracey started working on Geoff’s cock head. She licked all around his tip, working her tongue down his full shaft length. He was moaning in delight. Tracey then began to slowly take every inch of his big white cock in her mouth.

She started again by licking around his head, then opening her mouth to take in his bulbous purple head.

She casino şirketleri then slowly began to devour every inch of his long tool. Working her way down his hard length slowly and surely. From our vantage point we could see Tracey’s tongue also working as she began to take his full length in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck yes. You are a very good cocksucker darling,” Geoff said to her softly.

“I can see that”, his wife replied, “the dirty bitch is not only sucking it, she is swallowing it and licking it at the same time.”

Tracey now had two-thirds of his cock in her mouth and saliva was pouring down Geoff’s shaft from my friend’s willing wet open mouth.

She then took the rest of his dick into her mouth and down her throat, pressing her nose and lips right up against his balls.

Then slowly again she lifted her head up to show Mags and I how her spit and saliva covered Geoff’s throbbing cock until at last the full length was now from her throat standing proud. At this point strings of saliva were clinging to her lips still attached to Geoff’s magnificent tool.

I could not help myself. My fanny was on fire. I needed in on this action too. I moved across to continue sucking on Geoff with Tracey for the next few minutes. She was still in the sixty-nine position, her wet fanny being sucked and licked out loudly by a very randy Geoff.

We took it in turns to try to do this in the position that he was lying in, Tracey having more success than I did from her position of lying on top of him.

Mags was watching, gently playing with her pussy as we pleasured her husband.

With his cock absolutely covered in both our spit, he said he wanted it up one of our wet dirty pussies.

Tracey again beat me to it, it seemed that she was desperate to have his full-length fucking into her. With Geoff lying on his back Tracy straddled him, trying her best to keep steady with her slut mule high heels on. She was soon positioning her wet fanny over the tip of Geoff’s manhood.

Mags was now rubbing her clit quite fervently as my friend began to slowly and gently receive a good cocking from her husband’s massive dick.

“Come here and fist fuck me to orgasm you dirty slag.” she said to me. “I want you to bring me off as my husband is deep up your tart friend.”

Tracey looked across at both of us as she now had half of his cock fully up her. “That’s it, fist fuck the dirty slapper while I ride her husband’s cock. Get your fist so deep you’re almost up to your elbow. I’m sure that her well used old cunt can take it.”

Tracey eased herself further down so that now Geoff was buried balls deep up her fanny. She started slowly moving up and down on his length as he was sucking and licking at her massive swinging tits as she did so.Her legs looked great in her slut mules as she tensed them to remain balanced whilst fucking.

I now had four fingers easily inserted up Mags wet wide gaping old cunny. It was very easy for me to insert my thumb and soon my whole hand was embedded right up this 65-year-old woman’s fanny as Tracy bounced up and down on her husband’s cock in front of us.

Mags was creaming up heavily seeing Geoff having fun, whilst all the time Tracey was riding him, she was commenting and directing the action, the language getting filthier and filthier as Tracey sped up so she was bouncing up and down roughly on casino firmaları her husband’s cock.

The sounds of Tracy’s wet pussy filled the room as she slapped up and down taking his full-length balls deep on each stroke.

My fist was now spiraling in and out of Mags fanny, with her legs spread wide. She was laid completely naked save for her slutty high heels, that her husband had insisted she put on.With my other hand I played with my own wet cunt. Legs spread wide, my fuck me heels displayed like a true slutwife.

Geoff looked across to see me ploughing his wife’s fanny really hard and told me to ‘do it harder and faster as the dirty bitch would be squirting soon.’ Adding I looked great in my heels and that he loved a woman to dress like the ‘slut she is.’

Tracey’s speed was building up and I knew she was building close to an orgasm. She was telling him how good his cock was and telling Mags how much she was enjoying fucking him and begging him to suck her tits as she rode him.

With the steady rhythm I had built Mags was soon cumming on my fist. She wasn’t lying when she said that she was a squirter. Watching her husband clearly had her on the verge of eruption point and I was driving my fist in. I was able to remove my sticky hand completely and then punch straight back into this old slapper’s fanny.

“Fuck it hard. Fist my cunt really hard you dirty, dirty Scottish slut,” she begged me. I replied by literally punching my fist in and out her eager pussy as she started spraying her juice all out over my hand and the bed.

“I’m fucking cumming!” she announced. “That’s it darling bury your cock up that big titted Scottish slut’s fanny.” she said, looking at Tracey banging up and down on her hubby.

Tracey started to cum at the same time and sitting with Geoff’s cock fully up her, she rode back and forward in a bucking motion to rub on her clit to bring herself off.

He was smiling knowing that he had brought Tracey off and from watching his wife having a massively intense orgasm with myself.

Once Mags had finished squirting, I withdrew my creamy coated fist and gave it to her to lick and clean and then lay down and lapped at a wide-open gaping pussy to savor and taste her juices.

“That’s it you dirty married Scottish slut. Get your tongue right up me and enjoy my fanny juice.”

Tracy had climbed off Geoff’s cock and was busy licking her own juices from around his length and his juice covered balls that she had climaxed on.

We then swapped places with Tracey coming over to enjoy a sixty-nine with Mags whilst I had my first sample of Geoff’s cock.

He took me standing up with me leaning against the bed to start with. “Spread those gorgeous legs of yours you fucking married slut,” he said to me. He then teased around my lips with his cock head, spreading my legs by kicking my high heels with his feet to spread me wide. He then slapped his big cock against my cunt a few times, playing with it and teasing my already soaking wet fanny.

He fucked me standing up as I leant on the bed to start with and then asked me to move. With his hard cock covered in my juices he directed me over to the balcony windows which were closed.

He had me put my hands on the glass, spread my legs wide again and he entered me from behind as I stood up facing out onto the balcony. With the windows closed he güvenilir casino took delight telling me that anyone looking from any of the adjoining apartment blocks would see a dirty slut getting what she deserved.

We screwed in this position for a few minutes and to be honest I was absolutely loving the thought that someone may have been watching me from one of the hotels opposite us. Geoff was clearly loving the idea as well as he pounded me from behind and slapped my ass.

After a few minutes of fucking me in this position Mags said that she wanted his cock up her ass.

Geoff withdrew his long length from up me as Mags presented her arsehole to him in a doggy style position on the bed. Tracey and I lay beside them in a nice sixty-nine to start with as Geoff’s head started to probe his wife’s ass.

With Geoff buried up to the hilt in his wife’s arse as he fucked her doggy style. Tracey slid underneath Mags and began to lick her pussy as she took a fucking from her husband. This continued for a few minutes then after Geoff was fucking his wife’s arse, Tracey said she wanted his cock back up her.

This time he fucked Tracey doggy style on the bed whilst Mags and I alternated between going in front of Tracey and french kissing her and letting her suck our tits.

Once he had screwed Tracey for a short while it was my turn again to be on the receiving end of his long and superb cock.

“Stick it up my arse as well you dirty fucker,” I told him.

He smiled replying, “With pleasure, I wondered which one of you dirty sluts would be the first to take it up your shitter.”

With him lying flat on the bed I squatted myself over him, this time using my spit to wet my asshole and ease myself down on his cock.

“That’s it you dirty slag take his length right up your arse”. Mags was getting incredibly worked up again.

I slowly eased his cock up my arse, gently at first until his full-length was very deep in my bum hole. Once he had split me open, I then began to slowly move up and down enjoying the sensation of being ass fucked.

Mags and Tracy were lying on the bed playing with each other’s pussies as I bounced up and down on Geoff’s stiff cock. I was struggling to keep my balance in this position with my heels on, so Jeff asked me bend over so he could fuck my ass from behind.

Again, I willingly bent over assuming a doggy style position as the old man positioned himself behind me and slid his length straight up my willing bum.

After a few minutes screwing my tight arsehole he was on the verge of cumming. He told us he wanted to splash Tracey’s tits with his cum as he couldn’t get enough of her, ‘big juicy melons.’

Once he was fully out my arsehole Tracy lay on the bed with her head hanging over the end.

Mags and I took turns in wanking and sucking on her husband until he splattered my friend’s tits with his thick white cum. He shot several good ropes all over her tits, coating both nipples until a good river was running between her cleavage as well.

Once he had finished cumming Mags and I enjoyed kissing Tracey and then both of us sucked her tits and licked all of Geoff’s sticky, salty cum from both her nipples, breasts and in between them.

It had been a fantastic early afternoon.

Again, we all had a shower to freshen up after the action with the promise that we would be having more fun the following day as that would be Tracey and my last night at the resort.

Mags promised that she would do her best to get Jose, the hung older man, to join us for some fun the following night and if possible, some more local cock for us all to enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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