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I have been working as an IT manager in a business office for nearly 5 years. I regularly to favors for some the employees when they have computer issues, so its not uncommon for me to take someone’s PC home and fix it and return it the next day. One Friday afternoon an employee named Holly jumped me in the hall.

Holly was a good looking lady, in her mid 40’s. Always dressed to a T and very dedicated. She was about 5’8″ maybe 140 lbs, give or take….great body with nice breasts and her legs always looked good in a skirt…long or short.

“Steve, Could you help me out. I laptop won’t turn on and I’m way behind on my stuff and it needs to be done before Monday.”

“Sure thing” I said to Holly. “Why don’t you drop it on my desk and I will take a quick peek at it.”

“Thanks SO MUCH” She Exclaimed….

Later that afternoon I came into my office and there was the laptop on the desk. After a brief overview, It seemed as though the OS had a corrupted file.

I called Holly on the phone and explained to her that I would have to reload the software on the PC and this could take several hours to finish.

Not only that, but if she had any documents, music or pics on the laptop, i would have to get in and save them first, which may prolong the time.

“Oh no, I have several things on there that are very important to me.. What am I going to do?” She said.

“Holly, I’ll make you a deal” I said to her.

“Anything, you name it!” She replied.

“I will take your computer home tonight, save your files and fix the OS, but since tomorrow is Saturday, you will have to come and get it from me” I said

“Absolutely” she screamed, “Thank You, Thank You”

“What folders do you want me to save?” I asked.

“I think everything is in My Documents…..All my work stuff is in there and I have a few personal items in there as well……Oh! And don’t forget to save my pictures, make sure you get all of them” She replied.

“Ok” I said.

“Double check to make sure they are there when you save them…” She said back in a different voice.

“I will text you later and let you know how it’s going” I replied” Don’t worry”

This was definitely not uncommon, so I thought nothing of it. Pictures are one of the main things people ask me to save.

That night I took the laptop home and popped the hard drive out and copied Holly’s’ files to a disk and reloaded the OS. Once the laptop was up and running i started to copy her files back into the appropriate folders. I text Holly as the files were copying and said all is well. I received a text right back from Holly….”Did you double check my pictures?” I replied with a quick ” No, but I will” I thought, she is really worried about those pics, she must have some important family photos or something.

After the disk was done copying, just as I promised, I went to check on her pictures. Everything seemed to be normal except one thing Holly forgot to mention…..All her pictures were of her dressed up in various different skimpy sexy outfits and lingerie. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if she didn’t want me to see these pics, she probably wouldn’t have mentioned them to me….especially multiple times.

Most of them looked like amateur photos but some where fairly good. As I browsed around…(since Holly told me to double check)….I did find a few nude pictures of her…and WOW, her body was better than I had ever expected. She had a beautiful, sexy, curvy figure that was absolutely amazing. Her breasts casino şirketleri were perfectly balanced and surprisingly firm for a woman of her age. Her pussy was trimmed and clean, with just a little strip down the center, almost pointing to the treasure below. There was not one thing about her that I could find wrong.

Before I knew it, I found myself with my hand around my rock hard cock, slowly stroking it up and down as I gazed at her body. The nude pictures were great but I almost liked the lingerie pictures better…they seem to leave something to the imagination and let me tell you, my imagination was running wild. It didn’t take long before I released my load and my cock went limp.

I finished up with her computer and got in bed. Images of her perfect body kept going through my head as I dozed off. I woke up about 3 A.M. in a slight haze and my cock was throbbing hard. I went straight for the laptop and proceeded to jerk off to Holly’s’ images again. I could not get enough of them. After blowing my second load on her, I jumped in bed again.

The next morning I woke up and made a little breakfast and opened the front door to let in a little sun. I text Holly that her computer was done and she could come and get it anytime.

She text me back about 10 minutes later “Did you save everything” “Even the pictures?”

I replied with a simple “Yes” Not knowing if i should say anything or not. But she has to know.

“Did you like them? She replied

I was shocked and at a loss for words…..what would i say, should I even have looked?

Again, I replied with a simple “Yes”

“Good, I hope you were not offended” She said back.

I thought, what the hell, she knows I looked, I might as well as pay her a compliment for what she did for me. “Oh, No No, Not at all, pleasantly surprised and Impressed you might say.” I replied.

“I will be over at 11 to get the laptop, Maybe I could take you to lunch for fixing it?” She text back

I could not reply fast enough, “Sure, that would be great, C U Soon” I said.

As I sat in my chair I could not help but think, I wouldn’t have guessed her to be that kind of a person in a million years….just then a light went off in my head. Still have the laptop, why not get off one more time?

I powered up the computer and sat it on the counter, my cock already hard with anticipation. My cock was throbbing so hard from the excitement i was feeling, it almost hurt. As I pounded my cock I could not help but think about how nice it would feel to be inside Holly and how she would fuck my cock until I came all over her perfect breasts. Picturing her with stockings running up her perfect legs, all the way to her firm, round ass. I must have been working hard, as I came out of my daydream I was in a sweat. It was beading down my face and between my legs. I looked up at the clock….10 A.M. I have time for a nice long shower before Holly shows up.

I went into the bathroom and started the water. As I jumped in the feeling of the hot water was just what my body needed to relax from the thrill of the day. I soaked it all up and then sat down on the seat to let the water pour over me. After a few minutes I stood up. “Time to shave” I said to myself. I am definitely a man’s man, but I have always believed in a little manscaping to keep my body looking good. I don’t “Shave” but I have always trimmed up. After trimming around the areas and shaving my balls clean, I rinsed off and jumped out of the shower. As I wiped the mirror off, I realized casino firmaları it was 10:40 and Holly would be here in 20 minutes. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out to the laundry room to grab my clothes. As I walked back, I heard a knock on the screen door. I looked over and it was Holly. “Oh Shit, I thought to myself, Holly is knocking on my door and here I stand in front of her in my towel”

I gathered my thoughts and calmly answered the door as if all was well.

“Holly, you’re early” I said.

“Yeah, Sorry, I thought it would take longer to get here than it did” She replied

“Come In and have a seat while I get dressed” I said.

I walked back to my room I stopped dead in my tracks. Oh, Shit. I forgot to shut off Holly’s’ laptop when I went to take a shower.

I turned around and sure enough, there was Holly, looking at her laptop still with the pictures pulled up. I calmly turned and said “Does everything look ok?”

“Maybe I should be asking you that question” She replied

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights…”Oh yes, amazing” I replied

“I am glad you enjoyed yourself” she said.

More than you know, I thought to myself as I looked her up and down, comparing her pictures to the real thing. I had never seen her outside the office so the outfit she was wearing was somewhat revealing. Short white shorts, barely making it past her crotch, and a tight tank top shirt that curve so nicely around her perfect breasts.

I could feel my cock growing beneath my towel and if i didn’t think of something quick she would notice the bulge any second. Just then, my towel came unwrapped and slid down my legs and hit the floor. Leaving me standing in front of a women 20 years my senior with a throbbing hard on. All I could think was, “At least I shaved today” You would think one would instantly bend over and pick up the towel but I was just standing there staring at Holly. I saw her eyes slowly start going down, from my eyes to my cock. As she moved her eyes down, she smirked and looked back up.

“Had I known about this, I would have had you check out my photos a whole lot sooner.” She said.

“Know about what? ” I replied.

She walked over to me and softly said ” A nice, young, hard, clean, COCK! ” ” Mind If I take a closer look” She whispered.

“Not at all” I mumbled

She squatted down and began to rub her hand up and down the shaft of my cock and then over my clean shaven balls. It felt so good; I probably could have came right then and there. She leaned in and started kissing my balls. Licking them and then running her tongue up and down my cock.

“It’s a nice cock, about average” she said to me. I guess that is a compliment I thought to myself. I’m definitely not the biggest guy on the block but I have never considered my cock small either. I would say it’s about 6 inches but as hard as it was it felt like 12. I have never had any complaints anyway.

“Have you ever been with an experienced woman” She asked.

“No, I don’t believe I have been with anyone quite like you” I replied.

“Just relax and do what I tell you, and you will be just fine” She said then let out a little giggle.

I did just that. She began to suck my swollen cock. Up and down she went, and then she would caress my balls and rub my cock around her face. I was in pure shock, just watching her. I was probably moaning like a little baby when she said……”Don’t you dare cum yet….I’m not done”

Just then güvenilir casino she slipped her finger under my balls and started to rub my butt. Wow, I had never felt that before but it was very arousing.

I definitely did not want to talk back to her but I politely said “I’m not so sure I can hold out much longer…I have never had my cock sucked quite like this before”

About 30 seconds later I felt what the feeling, and knew I was about to explode. “Here it comes” I shouted to her

She didn’t even look at me, just kept fucking me with her mouth. Just then I blew my load in her mouth. It felt like a ton but from all the beating I had been giving my cock the last 24 hours, there couldn’t have been too much built up. She let out a load moan as I was Cumming. She pulled my cock from her mouth and licked it up and down, making sure not to leave any cum behind. I just sat there in amazement. I have had a few blowjobs in my days but nothing like that.

“Wow…”I said to her” That was amazing.”

She stood up looked me in the eye and said “I know, now that I have inspected the goods, let me pay you for your hard work on my computer”

As she stood in front of me she reached around her tank top and pulled it over her head, revealing a thin lace bra that let her beautiful dark areolas show through. Her body was so curvy and tan…it was stunning. She turned around and slowing put her hands on her tight little shorts. I could feel my half limp cock start to rise again. She slowly started to slide her shorts down over her perfect round ass. She was wearing a matching lace thong that ran so nicely through her tan ass cheeks. As she turned around, I could make out a nicely trimmed pussy peaking through lace. Out of pure instinct or pure excitement, I sat up and slowly pulled her panties down to the floor. Her pussy was perfect in every way. I reached my hand out to touch it and she stopped me and pushed me back into the chair. She then rubbed her hand over her pussy and just dipped one finger between those perfect lips once or twice. She then leaned over me and put her finger on my lips and whispered ” Do you like what you taste? “

By this time my cock was throbbing so hard it hurt. She moved closer and straddled me on the chair, rubbing her pussy lips up and down the shaft of my cock. Her pussy was so wet, it was practically running down her tan thighs. With no warning at all, she pulled up and stuffed my cock into her tight pussy and let out a huge moan. So load my neighbors might have heard it. She took all 6 inches of it and my balls hit her pussy lips. She started grinding up and down and left and right, never letting my cock come out of her dripping wet pussy. At this point in my life, I had only slept with about 4 girls and let me tell you, none of them felt like this. I don’t know if it was pure experience or something special about her pussy but she sure knew how to drive a man crazy.

“I need to cum on your cock” She said to me

“Yes, I want you to cum on my cock, I need to feel you cum” I replied

She began fucking me, almost uncontrollably. She went faster then grinded her hips against my body. She let out a huge moan and then pulled my cock out of her pussy. My cock, balls and thighs were soaked with her pussy juice. Her pussy lips almost shined with wetness. It was beautiful. As she sat on my lap, I could feel her body quivering. We both just sat there for what seemed like forever. She looked up and me and said “I could get use to this” “Me too” I replied.

After cleaning up in the shower, together, of course, we did eventually make it to lunch and to this day we still meet for casual sex when we both have the urge. By the way, she gave me a copy of the pictures and I use them regularly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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