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Home Alone and Pizza

My nineteen year old cousin is down visiting me in Georgia from New York. It’s her Christmas break from her online Business Administrative degree from UMass. It is my 20th birthday and my parents help me get my first apartment as a gift.

I pick her up at the airport. It is a chilly and windy mid December afternoon. She is wearing tight blue metallic biker shorts that rip around her ass like Smurfette skin. She is my mom’s sister’s daughter and I stop checking her ass out as she puts luggage in the trunk of my VW Bug.

“What is up Janet?” I said.

“What is up with you Jacob? You still a bartender college dropout?”

“For life. All good things now that you are here. You still drink?”

“Not like I did when we were 16, but yah.”

Janet is the prettiest and smartest of all my cousins. She has pale white northern skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. She can do calculus problems in her head and has a really good face and used to be a stick in the body. She filled out perfect with some new curves around her rear rend and breasts. We drive into my one bedroom apartment parking spot. I am glad no asshole took my spot. My cousin might be startled had I shaving cream whomever car is in my spot lately as I am the new guy. I don’t think humans should ever tolerate another person stealing their one and only parking spot. Fair game on the intruder car is my policy.

“Last time you where here, we where at my parent’s house. They were both at a real estate convention that weekend. You were sixteen and spit soda all over my pizza and I wrestled you to the carpet.” I said.

“Yes, and tuzla eve gelen escort I had rug burns all over my ass for a month you jerk.”

“You spit on my freaking pan pizza from Pizza Hut and I was so starved I had the shakes.”

“You were calling me a princess and pissing me off.”

“For old times, wanna order a pizza?” I said.

“Hell yes.”

I show my cousin my upstairs bedroom and put a few folded Star Wars blankets on the sofa to indicate my place at night. I open a bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet and pour into two plastic cups. I stream the movie Home Alone.

“I remember always watching this when we visited your house for Christmas.”

“I hate this movie,” Janet said. “I hate all the drinking around the holidays. My folks being too hungover to watch us open presents. This movie reminds me of hangovers. Years of watching hungover people in bathrobes apologizing.”

“Me too. What do you want to watch?” I said. “I heard you broke up recently with another asshole car mechanic. Why not a college guy? Not enough bad boy? Too much Nerd?”

“Leave it on for background,” she said. “I like guys with grease all over their ripped up t-shirts. Too much porn watching I guess.

We finish the bottle of wine and the pizza guy bangs on the door.

“I’ll get it,” Janet says. “Here is a tip for your cutey.”

She drops a dollar as she pays the pizza man. She picks it up and her tits dangle under her t-shirt for the cutey that I cannot see. I refuse to look at her popping ass in those metallic blue biker shorts. She is my cousin and enough. I do see a nice wobble tuzla otele gelen escort in her white thighs and return my focus to “Home Alone.”

“Want Pepsi?” Janet said. “Didn’t you get alcohol poisoning from Jack and Coke when you bartender that dive strip club in Atlanta?”

“Please and thank you and you don’t have to be a maid around here you know,” I said. “I did get very sick off Jack and Coke a few years back. I think I was drugged maybe too.”

She hands me a plate of two slices and a fountain of Pepsi splashes all over it. She laughs.

“You know what this shit means?” I said.

She runs and I hook my arm around her waist mid stairwell. I hook my other arm over her breasts and in between her right shoulder and ear. The pizza guy knocks on the door. I can see his red had through the obscure side door window. I ignore it.

“Let me go our else,” Janet said.

Her metallic blue ass is propping up high and level with my head. She pinches my inner thigh hard through my sweatpants and it hurts.

“Damn that shit hurt,” I said.

I smack her ass cheek and watch it wobble.

“You did not just do that,” she said.

The red hat silhouette still stands outside the door. He knocks again.

“You asked for it,” I said.

Her hand in a soft manner finds my dick and nuts.

“I will squeeze, try me,” she said.

I pinch her lower ass. And my erection grows in her hand. Her cold fingers invade into my boxers and my hard cock she tickles.

We have not said a word in a full two minutes. I peel down her tight blue metallic biker shorts and tuzla sınırsız escort the most beautiful smooth white bubble ass pops out and jiggles “hello.” We both talk so low neither of us can hear each other. I take a second assertion of energy and pull her metallic blue biker shorts to her knees buried in the stair case carpet. The pizza guy finds the crystal clear window on the opposite side of the front door. It has a curtain but he presses his forehead against the glass and sees us in the middle of the stair case. His mouth drops.

“I am going to give you until the count of three to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property,” I said.

She yanks down my pants and my cock soars in the cold apartment A/C. Neither of us say anything coherent. We just mumble. I raise myself up and follow my hard cock as I slide it into my cousin’s pussy. We are fucking on the stair well as Home Alone’s rushing airport scene blasts in the background.

“I wish we did this the first time you spit on my pizza,” I said.

“Me too,” Janet said.

“I longed for this but you know, we can’t tell anyone,” I said.

“Right, I longed for this too. Since I was down here last,” she said.

“You feel so good Janet. I am so glad you are here,” I said.

“Your cock in my pussy is so surreal right now, cousin,” she said.

I watch her ass jiggle and listen to the smacking flesh as my cock slides in and out of her. I cup both her breasts that dangled for the pizza guy. It is cold and I feel harder.

“Oh fuck me,” she said.

Each thrust feels scary good.

“This Christmas break is going to rock,” I said.

My cousin moans. I slide out my seven inch cock and unload a gallon of cum all over her shimmying ass cheeks. I palm each to a stillness. My cousin is bare naked in the palm of my hands.

“This is my best birthday too date,” I said.

“Today is your birthday, cousin?” she said. “Happy Birthday!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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