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Arriving home, its been 7 days, 7 days away from my kitten. I have almost forgotten what her skin feels like beneath my hands, however I have been lost in day dreams whilst at work about getting a hold of her the whole time I was away. So I text her, I gave her a time scale that I would be home, time for her to prepare herself, get herself ready for me.

I pass the odd car feeling myself becoming impatient, pushing just past the speed limit and then regaining my composure and self control again. There is no point in speeding, she will be there whether you speed or not, however the want, nae the need to feel her warm body, to kiss her, to be inside her. However tonight I am feeling greedy, tonight is for Daddy, kitten will be my toy for my pleasure.

I finally pull into the drive, the house looking as it always does, the living room light on, the cat sat at the window as she always does when I pull in, I swear she is psychic. Ok dont rush, you have all night, get your things together first. I grab all my bits and pieces, my bag of laundry, my cool box with all my Tupperware and drinks bottle. Before I know it I have my hands full, I can only put it down to my subconscious taking over and forcing me to take everything, knowing it will take just one trip meaning I get to her sooner. Every step towards the door is a precarious one, trying not to drop this mountain of belongings. Maybe I would have been quicker making 2 trips but fuck it, its done now. I open the door seeing the furry little face waiting to greet me. This kitten has clearly missed me, however has my kitten missed me as much as I have her?

I place the bag of laundry next to the washing machine and then dump everything else on the table. Why I am being so slow, I need her. I take my boots off and put them to the side, as I scratch the desperate little furry kitten head that’s rubbing against my leg. You know what, why dont I just strip here as my clothes also need washed so that way 2 birds 1 stone. So I strip leaving my clothes in a heap next to the bag of laundry and a further pile of things from my pockets and my belt etc. I dont care what happens to them at this point, but I am forcing myself to take my time, knowing she will have heard me up stair, knowing she will be ready for me, salivating at the thought of me getting my hands on her.

I start to make my way up the stairs, my bladder shouts at me. Oh for fuck sake, why is everything delaying me, why cant I just get up there. No she can wait another couple of minutes, let her sit in her anticipation. I open the bathroom door thinking had I known this I could have had her on her knees waiting, ready to swallow every drop of me, claiming her. Dammit, why did I have to have that thought, now I am hard and its just gonna make peeing 10x more difficult. I place my hand on the wall having to lean as far forward as possible so as to counter act the acute angle of my erection so as not to pee allover the wall. Ok I think thats me, I think I can finally get to the bedroom, are there going to be any other hurdles? MEOW MEOW MEOW. Ok yes I see you but not now.

I step through the bedroom door and there she is on all 4’s awaiting me like a good girl. I stop and absorb the view, the red light casting shadows, emphasising her hourglass figure, her full round hips being something that have always captured my eye. I place my hands on her cheeks, gently caressing them, whilst having a very good view of her exposed asshole and her clearly dripping cunt. How I want to delve right in there just now, but no. I will control myself, I will make this worth it.

I gently spread her cheeks, slowly dipping my tongue into her ass, hearing that short sharp inhalation as she feels the warmth of my tongue on her tight anal sphincter. Gently running my tongue round, feeling every crease in her skin, hearing her breathing gradually increasing, all the time fighting the urge to make her cum multiple times there and then. I will make her cum but not till I am ready, and she will know about it.

I look to my left as I continue to tease her asshole with my tongue to see that kitten has indeed followed my instructions and placed her biggest butt plug on the bed for me. I continue to ease my tongue into her ass, feeling it loosen every so slightly with each push. I can tell by her breathing she is really enjoying this and that if I were to push her buttons right now, Houston would most definitely have lift off, however no lets defuse take off just now. Its too soon. I Disney plus izle remove my tongue abruptly to be met with what can only be described as a disappointed huff of air as she exhales.

“Not yet kitten, Your my toy and you cum when I say ok?” ” Yes Daddy” I can tell by her tone, she is in full sub mode. I lift the butt plug and place it against the pucker of her anus, the cool metal causing her to clench at the initial touch. I hold it there, making sure not to move it until she has relaxed again, but once she has I slowly start to slide it in and let it ease out, using my saliva as lubricant. I made sure whilst licking to let my saliva flow, making sure her butthole was suitably wet for this very plan. With every push of the plug making sure that it slides in just that little bit further until *POP* There it is seated in its rightful place, the jewels glistening in the red light.

I open my mouth and but one word escapes “BACK”. Without as much as a question she lays on her back with her legs spread for me, ready for me. However she isn’t getting daddies cock in her cunt tonight, as tempting as it is when I see just how drenched that slutty little cunt is, I have my plan and I am sticking to it….I start to wonder if I am reminding myself that I have a plan or whether I am trying to convince myself to stick to the plan.

I kneel down, my head falling between her knees as she looks at me with that innocent look of what are you doing daddy? She always looks so innocent when she is subbed out. I place the tip of my tongue against her engorged and soaking clit, tasting her sexual nectar. Feeling her body writhing just at that one, static point of contact. I slowly flick back and forth, side to side, sucking on it and doing the same all the while maintaining a SLOW pace so as to draw it out of her.

I can hear her, whimpering. I know its coming, I know from experience she is about to start begging, she isn’t going to last much longer. Or so she thinks. As if by clockwork “Daddy, please” “please what? Use your words” “PLEASE DADDY” “I said USE… YOUR…WORDS” “Please let me cum” I hear the words as she says them but unknown to her she hasn’t said the right thing yet. I keep teasing her clit, now sliding two fingers into her cunt, gently rubbing and pushing on her g spot, knowing full well that is gonna push her over the edge and she is going to need to cum, knowing she can feel her g spot swelling, making her want to cum more, however adding another dynamic to her needs as she will now be wanting to squirt too. No ifs no buts, she will beg for it like she were begging for water in the desert.


BINGO! So with that I slowly increase the speed and pressure that I am using on her clit and her g spot. I can her hear breathing faster and heavier, I slow down again and hear a whimper, then speed up again, I know that this is it, I am going to make her cum and she is going to buck like a unbroken stallion if I dont control her.

Just as I commit to making her cum, my tongue on her clit and 2 fingers on her g spot I wrap my free arm around her leg from underneath, knowing that this way I can keep her where I want her. She will still give it a good try but she isn’t getting anywhere because she is going to cum for Daddy, the question is what number will I stop at? 3? 5? 12? I gently suck her clit in engorging it with even more blood making it evermore sensitive as I let my tongue go into a blur, flicking licking, circling, All he while pressing and releasing her g spot. Very quickly 1 then 2 then 3. “I cant” she begs. However I know she can, more to the point I know she doesn’t have a choice because I am not stopping till I want too, no matter how much she begs and pleads. I quickly loose count of how many times she has cum, do I stop or dont I is the question. I keep going. Ok one more, one last big orgasm… this. I feel her cunt clench my fingers and her back arch and her breathing stop. I stop there and let her relax back onto the bed, that feeling of relief washing over her as I have finally stopped. I look her in the eyes a smile as I wipe my face which has been soaked whilst I was enjoying my starter. I walk up the side of the bed, placing my hand on her face and kissing her deep, letting her taste herself from my lips and tongue, she reaches up to me trying to pull me as close as possible to her. Almost as though she is trying to make us one with Exxen izle how tight she is trying to pull me in. I pull away telling her I am not done with her yet, *click* subbed out again. A look that can only be described as a look of innocence and disbelief as she realises that I have not finished making her cum yet.

She tries to form words but her subbed out mind that is currently in the aftermath of the previous onslaught of orgasms isn’t working, before she can get any words out she has 3 fingers in her cunt, directly onto her clit. I hope she is hydrated as this is going to be fun. I start to pulse on her g spot, gradually building up speed and pressure, knowing that it takes almost an aggressive amount of pressure to complete this task, I can feel her g spot engorged, and she cums again. This time I can feel her cunt trying to push my fingers out of her, thats it, thats what I want. I keep going, slightly harder, faster. Another orgasm, this time I feel a slight trickle and her body tries to expel me yet again, I look her directly in the eyes as I go to max. I know whats “cumming” and its gonna be good. Her body starts to tense, I can feel this one building and its going to be a big one. I wrap my free hand around her throat and squeeze and I continue the attack on her g spot, my grip tight round her throat. I can see her face turning scarlet, that vein on the side of her start to bulge as she opens her mouth as if to scream but nothing comes out and then it hits me. Literally, she is squirting like a fountain, I feel it hitting my face, my hand thats round her throat, and I can see droplets allover the bed. I keep going making it last as long as possible. As the wave passes I release my grip and stop pulsing on her g spot, however I know she likes when I just leave my fingers there till she has partially recovered.

A min or so later I slowly slide my fingers out, my fingers that has started to look like prunes as I have had them buried in her soaking cunt whilst going down on her and the whole time she was squirting, this pleases me immensely. My kitten is a good girl, she is a very wet girl for me and I cannot ask for more from her, but tonight I will. I lay next to her and pull her in close, her head resting on my chest as I kiss her on the forehead and tell her what a good girl she is. A smile spreads across as her face and I know that I have done what I set out to do. She looks at me “Daddy, I want your cum” at this point I am still rock hard but not one thought has come to mind since I started playing with her about my own pleasure. It hits me that I want to cum. However I had planned for this, I know what is coming next, but I am going to let her recover just a bit more as she is going to need her wits about her. I pull her into my chest again, and kiss her on the head again.

“Daddy, what do you want?” I look at her, she still has the “innocent” look on her face but it is tinged with lust and need. A Lust for my cum and a need to please me. I am such a lucky daddy.

“Well kitten, if you want my cum you are going to have to take it ok?” “Yes Daddy” “Not only that, you are going to use Daddies ass. Fill it like a good little slut ok?” Her eyes widen, I know how much she loves to have me filling her throat as she plays with my ass. “Yes Daddy” she says eagerly.

She pulls the toy box out and reaches for the lube. “How greedy as you being tonight Daddy?”

“Totally, I want it all”

I can see the saliva almost dripping from her mouth at the thought of sucking Daddies cock. She gently licks the tip tasting the single bead of pre cum that is just sat there like a single drop of rain. The taste making her smile as she engulfs the head of my cock, whilst pushing my legs apart so as to kneel between them. The feeling causing rushes of endorphins, making me feel as though I have just taken the best hit of the most premium drug.

I look down at her to see her looking up at me with her mouth full. I hear the noise of the lube bottle being squeezed and the air coming from it as though it is empty, but we both know its not, its just nice and thick. She starts to Jerk my cock whilst she turns the bottle upside down and shakes it, both hands making the same motion, all the while I can feel her grip tightly wrapped around my hard shaft. *squelch* a nice dollop of lube on her fingers, slowly making its way to my ass whilst she slowly teases my cock with her tongue and her other hand. Then the familiar feeling of the cold lube as it touches my hole. As much as I am Gain tv izle a Dom, I am a complete whore for her to play with my ass, and in that moment I feel as though I had just melted. 1 finger quickly followed by a second slight straight into my hungry ass. I am by no means new to anal play, and this moment has been coming for far too long. Its been quite a while since I had something substantial in my ass and tonight I wanted to resolve that with the assistance of my obedient toy. She looks up at me still teasing my cock with 2 fingers in my ass, the look on her face almost of disbelief as to how easy 2 fingers slid in. Another 2 get added in. “There’s a good girl, you suck daddies cock like a good little cum slut whilst finger fucking his ass” I hear a moan as she continues to slowly suck and little my cock.

I can feel myself pushing my hips down, then rising up to feel my cock slide deep into her throat. Feeling filled but at the same time, wanting more. Needing more. She can sense, that I want something and she removes my cock from her mouth “Daddy, what do you want?”


“I already have 4 fingers in”

“MORE, I will take as much as you can give me kitten, now use my ass like a good slut”

I feel the thumb pressing its way into my ass, her hand formed into a cone, as she twists it round and back. The whole time she is slobbering on my cock, slurping, sucking. applying a little more pressure with each twist of her hand. I feel a fullness that up until now has only been achieved by the use of prosthetics however to feel a hand, warm and malleable trying to work its way into my depths made it feel far more intense and far more special. I feel her push, that little bit harder, there is a feeling of pain paired with pleasure, and I have this overwhelming feeling that it isn’t going to fit. I reflex away slightly allowing the stretch to ease before I push back again. I dont say anything and just enjoy the ride, if it happens it happens, if not well then I know what we can work on. She pushes harder “woahhhh” the pressure is removed. I felt a sudden hot muscle pain, but that’s to be expected as I am stretching my sphincter or more to the point my toy is.

She looks at me with a look of concern. “Dont stop”

She changes position from kneeling to sitting between my legs, this kitten means business. Once in position she puts another blob of lube on her hand and returns to reaming out my ass with it whilst she jams my cock back into her throat. I am in heaven. I grab her head and start to face fuck her, knowing how much it gets her going, how much it subs her out and how good it feels. Knowing that it will stop her worrying that she hurt me and god I just love being buried in her throat. I let go and again and she starts to push again, this time I bare down slightly, I had read somewhere that it makes it easier and to be honest it didn’t make as much difference as I had expected however it made a difference. I have this overwhelming urge, this need to feel her hand inside me, to have her fill me. Before I know it I am pushing down with my hips as she is pushing her hand ever closer.

“OMG” its in, she stops moving and I get this intense combination of pleasure and pain, along with what feels like cramp as my body tries to cope with her hand, her whole god damn hand which is inside my body. I just lay there and breath for a minute as my body relaxes. Before I know it she has moved her fingers so as to form a fist which feels so insanely intense, the whole time sucking and jerking with her other hand.

The feeling of being so full, it almost feels like we are one and at the same person for that split second, like we are conjoined by my ass and her hand. As she starts to slowly and gently fuck my ass with her hand I can feel her knuckle on my prostate, each time she hits it I feel as if my cock has gotten harder and my balls tighter. She sense my urgency as starts to such my cock like her life depends on it, like it were her life line with which she would die if she didn’t have it.

I feel this intense feeling rise through me, unlike any orgasm I have ever experienced. It feels like it would during a normal orgasm however continues to build and build. However I not cumming yet. OMG I feel like I am going to pass out, I let out a long intense groan as the most intense orgasm hits me and continues for what feels like forever. She continues to suck me, she wants every drop, she doesn’t want to waste any, however with the most intense orgasm of my life comes the most sensitive post orgasm I have experienced. Any touch from her and I can feel my body convulse, I can feel spasms running through me. I am met with her lips kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth, mine exploring hers, tasting my cum from her. I feel like I could pass out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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