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When I was back in my old life in the city, in the States, I would stay at work until late, almost dreading coming home. Now, in this new, slower-paced life with you, home is truly a haven, and I’m happy to stay within its walls. I’m home a lot now, working only part time. But on this day, I’ve been out running a few errands, and wasn’t home to greet you when you finished at your job. When I come in, windblown and happy, you’re sitting at your computer — still in the living room after all these months — shooting virtual fighter planes over Avignon, or wherever, and I smile. How nice to have a husband whose worst vice is imagining himself a WWII flying ace. I’m already unbuttoning my sweater as I enter the room, having shucked my jacket and shoes at the door. You turn your chair to face me. The war will have to wait.

I straddle your lap, wrapping my arms around your neck and kissing you as though I haven’t seen you in months. Even after finally living together for over a year …seeing you after even the canlı bahis şirketleri shortest absence triggers this response. I hate to be apart from you… You return my kisses hungrily, and I start fingering the buttons on your work shirt. As I get to the lower buttons, you stand up, sliding me back onto my feet. My arms still around your neck, our tongues dancing as we kiss, we start a clumsy dance towards the bedroom. I can feel your cock straining to escape your pants and I can’t wait to aid and abet its escape. There is nothing graceful about our entrance as we shut the bedroom door and stumble onto the bed. Entwined, we try to undress ourselves and each other, but it’s not easy when we won’t stop kissing.

Eventually we manage to get naked and you break from my embrace to focus on my breasts, sucking each nipple until its hard and then slowly, slowly, trailing down my soft belly with kisses until you finally, finally reach my wet and ready pussy. You attack my clit with your tongue, while first one, then canlı kaçak iddaa two, then… three… fingers massage my G spot. You know I’m hopelessly easy and it takes you about a minute and a half before I’m whimpering, moaning, begging. Our eyes meet and you nod, and my orgasm explodes in your mouth. Your fingers wriggle relentlessly inside me as I buck and writhe under you. With a cheeky grin you slide your fingers out and put them in your mouth like a kid eating cake batter. I lunge up from my prone position and kiss you again, tasting myself. It’s my turn now, and I kiss you and lick you as I make my trip down your body, to your twitching, eager cock. I know I shouldn’t be so impatient …but after a perfunctory kiss to the tip, I take your cock deeply in my mouth in once sudden motion, and you shudder.

With one hand. I play with the little bit of your shaft, massaging the foreskin as my tongue assaults the rest of you. My other hand gently cups your balls, tickling them slightly as I feel their soft canlı kaçak bahis warmth. You know you’re getting close …you haven’t had a chance to put on a cock ring or anything …but today, they aren’t necessary. Again, our eyes meet. It’s time to make a decision. A silent agreement is made, and I slowly …oh, so slowly, withdraw. Another wordless exchange passes between us. A cocked head, a tiny nod, and I lie back onto the bed. You take my ankles and rest them on your shoulders as you enter me. There’s no need to take your time. You enter me swiftly, thrusting your sword into its fitted sheath. You feel the muscles inside me squeezing your cock as tightly as my arms are holding onto your body. I can do nothing in this position but cry your name, over and over, as I approach my second climax.

You fuck me as hard as you ever have, and in only a few heartbeats, we come, as always, together. You stay inside me, enjoying the feeling of my velvety pussy walls milking your spent cock. Rolling over onto your side, you prop yourself up on one elbow and look at me wonderingly, a smile on your lips.

“What brought that on?” you ask me. I reach out and brush the hair back out of your eyes.

“I missed you,” I say, simply. “I just missed you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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