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I was a young woman on a sofa with the weight of a guy named Buck on top of me. My cousin Megan was on the carpet near us, kissing her American boyfriend Wayne.

I didn’t know she had a boyfriend. I didn’t know my aunt and uncle were away for New Year (the calendar one, not the Chinese one) when I came up from Singapore for the weekend. None of those three in the room knew I was a virgin. I was trying hard to be cool and keep up, but it wasn’t easy. Megan was already twenty-one, and her boyfriend Wayne was twenty-six. His friend Buck was visiting on holiday from America, and I guessed he was about the same age. I had only just turned eighteen, and had never faced the situation I was in.

Megan, the most beautiful girl I knew, the person I most adored since I was a kid, was sucking on that boy’s erection like a lamb on a bottle of milk. He was pulling off her clothes and she was shamelessly helping him.

Buck was on me, between my legs. The erection in his jeans was dry-humping my mound as he kissed me, all the time staring at my cousin’s body as it came into view. That Wayne guy had to forcefully pull Megan’s head from his penis to be able to take off her shorts and top. Then her bra. Oh my, I hadn’t seen Megan undressed for years. Her breasts were flawless, and she wasn’t embarrassed at all to let us see. As soon as she could, her mouth latched back onto Wayne’s erection. He gave up trying to get her pants off, laying down and letting his gorgeous girlfriend tug and suck him.

On me, Buck was staring at Megan. I didn’t think he had seen her undressed before. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to tell him to stop ogling my near-naked cousin having sex, but felt happy he was distracted from kissing me. Until he wasn’t. I tried so hard not to look like a nervous kid as he pulled my t-shirt up and off. It took every ounce of fight to not cover up when he skillfully unhooked and threw away my bra.

“Wow, these are great tits,” he said, leaning down close and squeezing. “Not bad for a kid. What are you, like fifteen or sixteen? Seriously decent tits for your age.”

“No! I’m eighteen.”

“Really? Bullshit. Megan said you were her younger cousin.”

“I am! She’s twenty-one.”

“Shit, really? You girls don’t look it. You’re both so little. Do you know Naoko Watanabe?”

I shook my head.

“In a Japanese film called Nude. Looks like you. You’re not from Japan right?”

“Singapore,” I said shaking my head.

“Well, your tits are a little bigger anyway.”

I groaned as Buck sucked on my breast and nipple. This was dangerous. Down on the carpet Wayne’s shorts and underwear were completely off, and he was pulling off his t-shirt. It was only two in the afternoon, time was not on my side.

Buck kissed my neck and breasts and lips. His tongue went into my mouth. He took his shirt off to rub his bare chest against mine. My pelvis ached from the pressure he pushed against it. He hickeyed my neck, then my breasts. My groans he mistook for pleasure.

For a time Buck paused to watch Megan’s pants come off. He was surprised as me that she was entirely hairless. Both of them naked, Wayne pushed up her from behind. Megan was face down on the carpet. Wayne slid easily up inside, there was no resistance at all. Megan gasped, and I thought she said ‘deeper’.

“Have you got any condoms?” Buck asked Wayne, watching his friend fuck my cousin.

“Don’t need them, mate. This one’s medicined up. On the pill. Can cum in her cunt as much as you want.”

“Don’t suppose you have any?” he asked me. I shook my head. “And you’re not on the pill?”

Again I shook my head.

“We’ll, let’s go and get some. I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

I shuddered. I didn’t want to get pregnant either. I’d have been happy with abstinence as the solution.

“Come on, up, let’s go to the shop.”

Buck pulled me up to stand with him next to those two having sex on the floor.

“Not going out wearing that, though,” he grinned, taking my bra from the floor. “You got a thick coat here?”

I nodded sheepishly.

“Go get it, then.”

Buck sat back down watching Wayne pull Megan up to her hands and knees, pounding her from behind.

“She goes alright,” Buck said to Wayne.

“She’s superb,” Wayne agreed. “Not an inch of fat on her. Can go for hours if you can keep it up.”

I went down the hall topless to my room to get my coat in a daze. I’d brought two. One was black leather stylish, the other a fur-lined judo-style tie-up. I took the warm fur-lined one. I stopped in the hall and opened the coat wide to look at the mirror. The hickeys on my breasts were shocking, I would need to put my t-shirt back on if we went to a shop. Oh, we were going to buy condoms. To use on me. How could I tell them I’d never had a guy in me before? I’d only taken my boyfriend in the mouth, and that was only once. I said I’d try, but I didn’t like it, his penis smelled and tasted musty.

“Okay, let’s go,” Buck interrupted my thoughts, coming into the hall to take my hand.

“I need my t-shirt,” I complained. bahis şirketleri “It ties up too low. You can see my breasts.”

“No you can’t,” he lied.

It was only a couple of minutes out of the apartment complex and though the streets to a 7-Eleven. I held the coat together with one hand, my nape was cold. The shop inside was big, but the condoms were right by the counter. I guessed they were a target for thieves; I would have preferred to steal them, too. Not to save money, but embarrassment. Standing at the counter next to a line of people at two-forty in the afternoon, cleavage mostly on show, it was the height of shame. Thank goodness I was three hours flight from home. I heard a guy point at my cleavage and whisper “hickey” to his girlfriend. I ignored it, pretending as best I could that I was invisible.

“I love that coat,” Buck said. “Can see your nipples plainly when you lean down.”

I wanted to growl, I told him that before we left. Instead I smiled, pretending I was flattered.

“Which ones do you want?” Buck asked, giving me different styles to hold. Customers and the male clerk were watching and listening, but Buck wasn’t paying attention.

“Thin. Ribbed. Slimy gel things. Coloured. Strawberry. You’re not going to need a condom for sucking cock, right? You’ll do that bareback, so don’t need flavoured ones.”

I blushed red from head to toe as I heard more whispering behind us.

“We’re only going to use them on your cunt, I’m guessing? You don’t fuck up the ass, do you?”

“No!” I said quickly. I didn’t fuck up the ‘cunt’ either.

“Right, so don’t need the extra slimy ones. Your cunt will be wet enough. Ribbed or smooth?”


“Ribbed or smooth?”

“Smooth,” I guessed.

“Okay. Three or twelve? How long you here for?”

“Three more nights,” I said shakily.

“Okay. Let’s get twelve. Can come back for more if we need, but should be enough.”

Buck stood behind me as we joined the queue, his hand around front and into my jacket, gripping my bare breast. It made the other side slip open and my breast fell in view of the eyes of the clerk and people in line. Too scared to acknowledge it, I pretended I didn’t know. At least Buck didn’t make me pay. As we got back to apartment lobby, Buck pressed the button and took me into a clinch against the wall as we waited. His tongue rolled around in my mouth and his hand went inside the back of my jeans.

“It’s going to be fun using all these on you,” he smiled, waving the packet. I shuddered. I could only hope I didn’t disappoint him. I had been trying so hard to act cool and grown up, but I worried I would crumble at the crucial moment. At least he had condoms, I wouldn’t have to worry about coming home with a baby in me. And luckily my boyfriend had broken my hymen, the first time he fingered me there was blood – so as long as I could hold myself together, I was hoping I could bluff my way through.

Inside the lift, Buck said, “Take your coat off.”

I looked up at the camera, hoping no one would be paying attention. I posed as Buck took photos of me topless in the lift, and some selfies of him sucking my nipples into his mouth. He sent some to his friends with the message ‘Look what I pulled’.

One guy on the mailing list called while we were in the lobby on my cousin’s floor. Buck put it on speaker.

“Where’s her gash, man? Show us some Asian pussy.”

“Later. I’ll send some shots later, don’t worry!” he said, smiling at me. I smiled back, all grown-up like. Buck took my coat, making me walk from the lift to the apartment topless. I did it as shamelessly as I could, praying no neighbor would come out and tell my aunt they saw me.

Inside and then down to the living room, Megan was sat on Wayne’s lap on the floor, slowly humping. She looked like she was enjoying it.

“That girl knows how to fuck,” Buck said to Wayne.

“She’s had a few in her time, for sure,” Wayne agreed, grunting. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never known Megan to ever have any boyfriend, let alone lots of them. She was always so beautiful, the hottest girl in her school, and had been pushing back on boys asking her out for years. I guess she must have stopped pushing back, instead I watched her pushing down, trying to get every bit of Wayne inside her body.

Buck held me from behind, gripping my breasts and watching those two go at it. I tried not to flinch as he squeezed my hickeys.

“Take off your pants,” he told me quietly to my ear.

“What will you do to me?” I stupidly asked, regretting having said it as soon as it came out.

Buck laughed. “I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck your brains out, baby. Take off your pants.”

Buck kept hold of my breasts from behind as I timidly undid my button and zip.

“Come on,” he hurried me. “All of it together.”

I kicked off my shoes and socks and pulled my jeans and panties down together. I held myself from flinching as Buck’s hand drifted down to my bare ass. He held my hips as I kicked and shuffled my clothes off my ankles.

Bare naked.

Even bahis firmaları with my boyfriend, I never got completely undressed. I’d never taken my panties off. I let him put his hands in, but that’s all. I let him do it the night before I travelled, the fourth time he’d fingered me, but we never took it further.

When I stood straight, Buck held my breast in his left hand and put his right hand between my legs. His finger went straight up and in me.

“You’re dripping wet,” he accused me. I didn’t mean to be. “Go get the condoms? I think I left them on the bench by the door.”

I walked naked to the front of the apartment to fetch the instrument of my downfall. It was cruel to make a person go fetch the rope for their own hanging. I briefly contemplated the futility of escape, before carrying my executioner’s tools back to him.

When I walked into the living room, I gasped. Buck was buck-naked, sat on the sofa. His erection ran nearly to his chest. It was as thick as my arm. Even Megan was eyeing it as Wayne grunted in and out of her.

“That won’t fit,” I instinctively said out loud. I almost, very nearly admitted I’d not had sex before. I stopped myself – just. I didn’t want to look like a baby, not with a Megan there doing what she was doing.

“Don’t be defeatist. You’d be surprised what you can take if you try. I’ve had smaller girls than you,” Buck said.

“Who?” Wayne chimed in.

“We’ll, maybe not smaller…but we’ll get there. Come on over, bring a condom.”

Wayne was doing it to Megan but staring at my pussy. I turned away blushing. Buck pulled me to his lap, one leg either side facing him. He held my ass and pushed my pelvis to his cock, then sucked fiercely on my breasts again. He tried to get all of my breast in his mouth, but couldn’t get it to fit.

Buck moved his hands from my ass, fingering me from behind. He grinned at the slopping noises he drew from me, and the instinctive flick of my hips when he pulled out to play with my clitoris.

He held his own cock and lifted my hips, guiding his tip to my hole.

“The condoms,” I panicked.

“After,” he grunted. “When I want to cum.”

I squealed as that huge foreign body tried in vain to push into my body.

“Holy shit, buddy, this one’s tight,” he yelled out to Wayne.

“This one’s not,” Wayne grinned.

“Oh, you don’t like it?” Megan asked, threatening to get off.

“Stay!” Wayne begged.

Buck kept unsuccessfully trying to breach me. It hurt, but I tried not to show. Buck flipped us to put me on the bottom. I was being pushed down into the sofa as he tried so hard to get in me.

“Perhaps a condom…,” I tried saying, worried he might lose bits of semen if he got in unprotected.

“Wait…I can feel it…breaking open!”

Buck was pulling back and pushing hard, over and over. I felt like he’d have more chance of getting into my naval than my vagina – until suddenly it gave way. I don’t know how or why, but my defense crumbled. That massive bare erection plunged full depth inside me. I saw stars. I couldn’t have been more surprised if I had been shot by an arrow. I didn’t scream, I gasped. In fear mostly. What had just happened? I dare not move in case I was broken.

‘Wow, didn’t expect that to happen. Not the whole thing. Not just like that,” Buck conceded. He held himself deep, the base of his pelvis smashed against my pussy. “Most girls can’t take all of it, not first try.”

“Is it bleeding?” I shook.

Buck laughed. “No! It’s your cunt, not your ass. It’s made for this.”

I hoped that was true. I never really imagined or fantasized about the first time a guy would be inside my body, humping. I didn’t have any expectation, my thoughts about proper sex were to avoid it as long as possible. But here it was happening to me. Just like that. For all my life I had been a virgin, and on the strangest day of my life, I never would be again. Oh, did this mean I would finally let my boyfriend put his cock in me, too? He’ll wonder why I suddenly opened my legs to him.

Buck was looking me in the eye, watching me grimace on each stroke inside. He looked happy with his score, I was relieved he liked my body. If he hadn’t been able to get in me, it would have been even more embarrassing than if he could…if that makes sense?

“How’s your fuck baby, you like it?” Buck grunted.

“It’s so big, I worry you’re breaking me.”

“You’ll be fine.”

“Don’t get me pregnant,” I begged, but Buck ignored the comment. He pulled us up and around so he was sitting up against the sofa with me on his lap, pierced. I shrieked at the movement and contorting of my insides. Buck gave me a moment to compose myself before gripping my ass and slowly pulling me up and down his hard shaft again.

“Come this way a bit, so I can see it go in her,” Wayne asked from the floor. Buck shuffled us left so his buddy could see my vagina swallowing Buck’s penis.

“Your cousin’s hot,” Wayne told Megan as she slowed and sat still, cock deep in her. I felt them both watching me being fucked.

“Not for kaçak bahis siteleri you,” Megan warned. “You’re for me, and only me.”

“Sure, baby. I would never dream of it,” he grinned at her, reaching up to squeeze her breasts. Megan moaned her appreciation. “You love your tits being played with.”

“Of course,” Megan said leaning down. “Kiss them.”

Buck started sucking mine, too as he pulled me up and down. He liked giving me hickeys, my breasts were a mess of bruises.

It was weird to have a man inside me. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought when I first saw his erection. Perhaps being fingered by my boyfriend had helped prepare my vagina.

Buck looked happy. I tried to understand why people liked fucking so much. Why was Buck so excited? And Megan, and Wayne. Was it because we were naked? That was interesting, I guess. We’re not very often undressed with other people, which was a bit thrilling. Being touched in hidden places, being kissed in hidden places, that was kind of nice. But my vagina wasn’t feeling very nice to be penetrated by a tree branch, it was awkward and uncomfortable. It didn’t hurt, it felt numb. Did his dick really feel good to him, doing that? Or did we do it because that’s what we’re meant to do? Lying next to each other, naked and touching and kissing seemed like a more enjoyable thing to do. Forcing a cock into your body seemed unnecessary. But Buck looked happy.

“Am I okay? Do you like it?” I asked.

“Could fuck you all day long, honey,” he said instantly “I love your body. Any guy would.”

“Really?” I asked, flattered. You never really know, right? You hope guys like your body and style, and it’s nice to have affirmation.

Megan’s phone rang. With Wayne’s cock still in her, she picked it up to see the name of the caller.

“Jill,” she said. Jill was her older sister, my biggest cousin.

“Go on,” Wayne nodded.

Megan chatted quietly while slowly lifting and dropping her hips on Wayne’s erection. She hung up, then slowly pulled her vagina up off Wayne.

“Gotta go. I won’t be long. Need to talk with her, now.”

Jill had married and moved out of home a year before. What happened? Wayne seemed to know what she was talking about, not making a fuss. He walked around naked, helping Megan find her keys and purse. Megan put on a warm dress and coat with literally nothing under.

“You’re not wearing pants?” I asked, shocked.

“I’ll be an hour, two at most. When I come back, you better be ready to fuck me again.”

“Yes ma’am,” Wayne smiled, still erect.

Just like that, Megan breezed out the door. And just like that, Wayne came over and started kissing my mouth as Buck held my hips and rolled his cock around inside of me.

“You sure you’re allowed to do that?” Buck teased him.

“I won’t tell Megan if you won’t,” he said cheekily. Buck lay me on my back again, allowing Wayne to suck my breasts and kiss my mouth and neck.

“Give me a turn,” Wayne demanded, holding my breast and squeezing.

“Okay, let me finish.”

Buck lifted my hips and held them up so he could fuck me harder. Wayne held my breast and put his tongue in my mouth. It was overwhelming to have the both of them on me like that.

“Oh, cumming!” Buck yelled out. He held his hips hard to my pelvis, forcing his penis as far inside as it could go. He yelled out his ejaculation. I could sense a squirt of movement deep in me. Buck shook and shuddered. I’d not seen a man ejaculate before, it was scary.

“Sorry about that,” he puffed after coming down from his high. “I was going to pull out, but it felt too good to stop.”

Slowly Buck pulled back and out of me, it felt like a huge post had been removed. Gooey muck poured out of me onto the sofa. I kept my legs spread wide, too scared to close them or touch any of it. Buck got off the sofa to get tissues but then only used them on himself.

“My turn,” Wayne said. He came and lay on me, between my legs. His erection slid easily in; I had been opened and greased by Buck. So, all of a sudden it started again.

Wayne kissed me like I was his girlfriend. He touched me gently and intimately as he fucked me. Buck sat back and watched, then took his phone to film it.

“Hey, don’t get my face in it, Megan will kill me!” Wayne told him.

“She knows your body as well as your face.”

“Well then don’t do it at all! I’ll film you fucking her if you want that.”

Back stopped taking the video. “Okay, come on then, swap back.”

“I only just started! Give me a chance to have a proper ride!” Wayne refused. He picked us up, pulled out and turned me around, standing facing the sofa. “Bend over honey.”

Oh, in my vagina from behind. Was that filthy…or nice? For a moment, I felt a tingle. It was dirty sex, like animals, not facing each other – but instinctively my hips flicked. Oh, did I like it in me that way? But then Wayne gripped my hips and went nuts, like he was in a challenge to see how many times he could go in and out in a minute. Then when the minute was up, he’d try and beat his record. My breasts hurt from snapping back and forth. I tried holding them still, but could only use one hand, I was holding myself up with the other. Buck noticed and came to ‘help’, moving me to face him and holding my breasts as I leaned on him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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