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One of the many perks of graduating college without any debt and inheriting a house from a family friend who had no kids, is that I have been able to spend my pay foolishly as my mother puts it.

Last summer I bought a used speedboat and have spent a lot of time over the last 2 summers just relaxing on the river with friends and family; that provides the opportunity for this story/event to take place.

I had been talking to Kat one day over the summer and she was complaining about how her and her sons hadn’t been able to get over to their beach condo due to rentals and how she was bored.

I had mentioned my boat before and I said to her, “Why don’t you and the boys and I go out on my boat tomorrow for the afternoon? It’ll be good to catch up with Brandon (oldest son) and see Grant (youngest son) before the school year starts.”

Kat responded back, “Well Grant has to work, but Brandon would probably be game, I’ll get back to you.”

A few hours later, my phone dinged and showed a message from Kat that said, ” We are good for tomorrow, but Brandon want’s to know if Ashley (his girlfriend) can come too?”

Since I had both Brandon and Ashley in class as high school seniors and now they were juniors in college, I told her, “That’s fine with me. We can just leave from my house around 10:30, just come on over around then.”

The next morning I got everything on my end ready and right on time, Kate, Brandon and Ashley walked into my garage where I was just finishing up hooking the boat up.

Brandon and Ashely drove sperate because Ashley had to be at her summer job at 3:00. We hopped in the truck and drove the 15 minutes to the boat ramp. Being the middle of the week, the ramp was empty and Kat remarked, “I hope the river is this empty, I wouldn’t mind tubing or skiing.”

While Kat and Ashley talked and sun screened, I enlisted Brandon to help me get the boat in the water. Having two people made things go faster than usual and within 10 minutes we were ready to go.

Brandon and I hopped in the boat and shed our shirts and then helped Kat and Ashley on. As I began to back the boat away from the dock, Brandon and Ashley settled onto the bow and Kat sat down in the seat beside me and off we went.

As we got out onto the river we all started to catch up (Brandon has no clue that I’ve been fucking his mom pretty frequently) and the ladies decided to get some sunbathing in.

Ashley stripped down to a highlighter pink bikini that showed off her curves very well, Brandon is a lucky dude. Kat chose a more modest green two piece with a longer top and shorts for bottoms, but one that still showed off that she was in great shape for someone half her age.

We güvenilir bahis cruised around for a little bit, before Brandon and Ashley commented that they would like to tube, so we through the tube off the back and they both climbed on.

I had Kat watch to let me know if they ever fell off and we took off. Kat eased beside me and I said, “Brandon must be worried she’s gonna fall off because he is on top of her.”

Kat giggled and said, “No, he probably has a hard on and its shoved up against her ass right now. I heard them having sex in the hot tub the other night.”

I laughed and said, “Well if they only knew that I fucked you there first.” We both just laughed and kept moving up the river.

After about 10 minutes or so Kat goes, “Why don’t you cool them off a little bit?”

I laughed and sped up and started making tight turns and after another 30 seconds they both flew off the tube. As we pulled back beside of them they were both laughing.

I looked down at my watch and told Ashley that it was 130 and asked what time she had to be back at the car.

She responded that she needed to be back by 215, so I asked Kat, “Do you want to ski as we head back or you just gonna hang out?”

She responded “Sure!” We got the tube and the ski’s swapped out, Kat got a life vest and got all hooked up and down the river we went.

As we got insight of the dock and ramp I signaled to Kat and began to slow down, allowing her to not fall.

After Brandon helped her into the boat, we pulled into the dock so they could get off. When I didn’t make a move to turn the boat off or find my keys, Kat goes, “Are you not heading in?”

I responded, “Nah, I’m going to spend some more time out here, too nice of a day to be inside. Going to get rid of the tube and skis though”

Kat thought for a moment and goes, “If you don’t mind the company, I’ll join you?”

I responded, “Yeah, that’s fine, I can take you home after while.” Kat jumped off the boat and ran up to tell Brandon and Ashley what was going on while I moved the tube and skis to my truck. When Kat came back to the boat she hopped on board and told me to get going.

As we got back out on the water Kat goes, “now that they’re gone, I can really tan.”

As she finished saying that, she pulled her top off leaving her topless. Being that it was broad day light, I was kind of taken aback.

I asked her “You sure you really wanna be exposed like that?”

She smiled and responded, “Doesn’t bother me as long as you go down river, away from all the bridges; do you mind?”

I responded, ” Not at all.” We just cruised down the river in silence for about 30 minutes or so.

Periodically, I would güvenilir bahis siteleri glance over and admire Kat laying back on the seat topless, her perky breasts and nipples looking perfect. One of the many wildlife refuge islands came into sight and I asked Kat if she minded us anchoring up for a little while and just enjoying the day.

She said she didn’t so we pulled close to the shore in a little carve out and I dropped the anchor and killed the engine.

I reached over to where Kat was sitting and grabbed a Coke out of the cooler and got her a bottle of water. As I handed her the water, a small amount dripped onto her stomach, causing her to squeal and sit up to smack me.

She exclaimed “well now my stomach is cold!”

As she reached for a towel to wipe her stomach off, I stopped her and said “I can warm it up if you’d like?”

She responded, “How are you going to do that?”

As she finished her statement, I bent down and began to kiss and suck where each droplet of water landed, causing her to shiver a bit more and let out a sigh.

I kept kissing up her torso until I got to her tits and sucked a nipple into my mouth, gently sucking on it. Kat took a deep breath and goes, “No water landed there!”

I let go of her nipple and asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no.

I began to focus on her nipples causing her to moan and breath heavier. I began to slide my hand down to her swimsuit bottoms and as I slide my hand under them, Kat says between moans, “About fucking time!”

I let go of her nipple and slid my hand the rest of the way into her bottoms and slipped two fingers in her. As usual Kat was wet and began to moan as I fingered at a steady pace. Before long, her moans became louder and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she came and soaking my hand with her juices.

As I slowed down, Kat caught her breath and looked at me and says, “Take your shorts off, I need your cock inside of me!”

I looked up and down the river to make sure no one was coming and seeing no one, I took my shorts off as Kat took off her soaked bottoms and bent over the seat of the boat. I lined up behind her and shoved my hard cock into her wet pussy; as I got all the way in, we both sighed as we got used to the feeling.

I began to slide out of her slowly and almost completely before shoving it back in all the way. Each time I did, Kat released a grunt as I bottomed out. I began to pick up my speed causing Kat to moan louder and louder until her pussy clamped around my cock and she began to orgasm again. I rode Kat’s orgasm with her and kept up my steady pace as her orgasm finished.

I gave her a second to catch her breath iddaa siteleri and then asked, “How would you like it next?”

She thought for a second and then said, “Lets do some thing different. I’m going to lay back and finger myself and you’re going to fuck my mouth and throat me until you cum.”

Hearing Kat talk so crudely/dirty is rare but such a huge turn on so I readily agreed. She quickly laid back on her seat and motioned me towards her mouth. As I slipped my cock into her mouth, she slipped a finger into her pussy.

I began to slowly but steadily fuck her mouth and throat causing her to gag a bit.

At the same time as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy, she was moaning and the combination of the two meant I wasn’t going to last long.

After only about 30 seconds or so I felt my cum working through my cock and had enough time to moan, I’m cumming” as I began to shoot my load into Kat’s mouth.

Luckily for Kat my cock wasn’t all the way in her mouth when I began to cum, but she still wasn’t able to swallow it all quick enough and a little slipped out of her mouth as my orgasm subsided. As my orgasm finished kat began to finger herself faster and within another 15-20 seconds she was cumming herself, with my cock still her mouth.

As her orgasm subsided, she let my cock slip out of her mouth and between breaths goes, “Wow that was hot, thank you.”

She then took my cock back into her mouth and made sure the only thing left was her spit.

We both kind of looked at each other and grinned, and began to get dressed. No sooner than Kat had slipped her top back on did we hear a boat coming around the end of the island.

As I got my boat fired up and pulled anchor, a Division of Natural Resources boat pulled along side of us and asked if everything was okay.

We both answered yes and that we were just relaxing and heading back to the ramp.

The officers wished us well and headed down river as Kat goes, “Damn, that is the second time we were almost caught.”

We headed back to the ramp, loaded the boat up and I took Kat home. As we pulled into the driveway she goes, “Thanks for a good time, I’m glad you’re willing to try anything.”

I smiled and said, “for you, I’d try a lot of stuff except you and another guy.”

She laughed and said, “I did that once in college and really didn’t like two cocks at once.”

Once again I was in shock because there was so much more to this woman than I ever thought.

I then said, “Well since we start back to work soon, I’ve thought about how much fun it’d be to fuck you on your desk one day after the students have left.”

Kat faked a gasp and then said while getting out of my truck, “That could be fun, maybe I’ll stop wearing panties under my skirt to work too…”.

She waved as she went into the garage and I once again had to say to myself, “Damn, I one lucky mother fucker. (literally and figuratively.)”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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