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How could I not look? She was 18, just recently blossomed into a striking young woman, long, lithe legs, proud, perky breasts, full red lips, sparkling eyes, a complexion to rival rose blossoms, an ass that would make a cadaver cum.

She lived directly across the street from me, with her mom. She graduated that June, and that summer she began working somewhere downtown, just a few hours a day, so she’d return after lunch, leaving her home alone in the afternoons. I work at home, have a second story window that overlooks the street and tried like hell not to perv too much on her, though a glimpse of those gracefully curved legs in tight jeans striding down the sidewalk was enough to send me desperately clicking through porn sites searching for “innocent” and “adorable.”

Okay, just another older masturbatory male obsessing over inaccessible young blood, what else is new, right? We keep the porn business in business.

Indeed, I spent too many hours stroking my way through countless vids of cute young things pounding their rose petal pussies with fingers, dildos, ohmibods, and whatever else they could slide inside themselves. Internet porn is one of the joys and wonders of modern life. A reason to get up in the mornings, quite literally.

So, when late one morning in early July, I clicked up a vid of a very cute and stunningly built young thing convulsing her way through multiple orgasms stimulated by a deeply embedded ohmibod, I gave my perv self full rein. Oh my word, she was wet. And her breasts were the kind of perfection sculptors dream about, so full and firm and pale they seemed sculpted of alabaster. The vid was a webcam piece that focused on the young lady’s gorgeous body showing just a glimpse of her face every once in awhile. But, when her face came into view there was no mistaking it. It was Sophia.

Oh my, oh my, oh my fucking god, recognizing my neighbor on the porn screen sent jolts of electricity through my body, especially to my suddenly stone stiff erection. Sophia. That’s what she did in the afternoons! Legs spread lewdly, breasts defying gravity, gaping pussy, wet fingers roaming over her clit while a glass dildo joins the ohmibod inside her gushing cunt and her entire body is wracked by orgasmic tremors. I came so powerfully it felt like I could shoot pure bullets of semen across the street to splat and splash over my young neighbor’s sweaty and convulsive flesh.

I pretty much stayed hard that entire week. And oh my goodness, when I caught sight of her leaving the house in the mornings, or returning in the afternoons…it put the world in a brand new, extremely perverted light. The way her breasts sloped away from her shoulders, the rise of her neck to her throat, the curve of her thighs up to her ass, the cleft of her crotch inside those tight jeans.

That Saturday she joined her mother doing yard work, wearing only short shorts and a tank top and I felt like my cock would grow long enough to fuck her from my house.

I searched every fucking porn site I could find for more vids and finally found her at a cam girl site. There were seven vids. Each was so hot, so sexually explicit, so wild, such amazing and unfettered lust on display, that the images therein lodged themselves inside my brain and played all day and through the long, hot nights. I couldn’t look at their house without my mouth watering and my balls tingling.

This was bad. If the definition of addiction is that your bad habit interferes with your life, then I was hopelessly lost in my obsession. I couldn’t come enough. My dick ruled my bursa escort life. How would I ever regain any semblance of dignity, of control, of balance in my life? How could I ever be cool again, as hot and bothered as I was all the time?

I had to do something. So I began writing porn stories about a young exhibitionist woman who tortures her older voyeuristic neighbor. Of course, the woman was modeled after Sophia in just about every way I could imagine her to be. In fact, I named her Sophie. I guess I was trying to fuck her in my fantasies, to fuck her out of my system. I wrote a series of stories – how she left her window open at night for me to see into as she fondled herself to multiple orgasms. Or, she lay out in the backyard in topless bikinis. Or wore revealing and skimpy clothes bending over the flower bed, absent mindedly twerking her ass in my direction. How she sat out front mouthing and tonguing a large popsicle which dripped down the front of her shirt, or stopped one day to bend over and smell the flowers, or how she wiggled her cunt up against her bike seat. Of course, in the stories, it all leads to wild uninhibited sex. Yer basic porn story, right? The internet is littered with’em.

The third week of August, a Wednesday, as hot as it’s been all summer, I passed by my upstairs window and I noticed Sophia sitting in a chair in her garage. She was just sitting there in the back, reading from her iPad. Lose gym shorts and a tank top, dark glasses and red, red lipstick with a large sunhat one, she had her legs spread wide open. I’m staring, trying not to be completely lame, trying not to pull my dick out, trying to maintain some focus on work. But then she does something that takes my breath away. Sophia goes over to the garage fridge, takes out a large, dildo shaped popsicle and begins mouthing it. She’s not just eating it. She’s giving it fellatio, rocking her head back and forth on it. Then, oh my god, she starts rubbing the tip of it on her cleavage.

It was at that moment that I realize with a heart stopping start that where she is sitting in her garage? Can only be seen from my window.

Is it possible? Am I completely lost in my obsession? Am I imagining this? But when Sophia opens her legs and places the length of the popsicle against her shorts crotch then closes her legs around it and sort of shudders, my heart drops down into my cock. She splays her legs open again and I can see the wet stain on her shorts. Pulling the elastic of her waistband out, she seems to be looking down inside. Then, oh my sweetness, she puts the popsicle inside her shorts and sort of rubs it up and down.

I’m gone. I’m multi orgasmic. I’m naked and thrusting my cock into the air, fucking the planet itself. When she finally stands up and walks away, I am a new man, everything has changed, the colors of the day are brighter, the quality of the light is more intense, the world is suddenly a new and far more exciting place to live.

That night I logged onto her cam girl site and the planet started to spin so fast I was dizzy. Sophia featured a vid of her masturbating with a large popsicle. She slid the full length of it inside her wet red pussy then stuck it as far down her throat as it would go. She dripped sticky sweet juice over her breasts and tweaked her nipples. When she came, so soft and gently, on her fingers while staring at the camera, and then slowly licked them clean, I forgot to breathe for several minutes.

I gasped, then stood up to clean the cum off my own fingers. Passing a window, I looked across the street at her bursa escort bayan house. I don’t know which room it was upstairs there, but a thin sheer was pulled across the window and, backlit by a dim lamp, I could see Sophia, nude, her curvaceous and perfect body, doing a slow, sensual, and really quite beautiful dance.

This continued for the next two days. Each day she sat in her garage and each day her ministrations became more sexual, to where, on Friday, she was sliding a cucumber into her cunt as I gaped and gawped in helpless voyeuristic lust. That night she featured vegetables in her web cam vid and she danced at the window again.

The weekend came, her mother was home, and nothing happened. But that Monday I pulled all my curtains closed and concentrated on the work that I was falling behind on.

I got a lot done until about three o’clock when there was a knock on my door. When I opened it nobody was there. Looking down I saw a basket. I picked it up and carried it inside. Underneath a small towel I found a cucumber. And a note.

“Tonight. 10:00. My side door.”

I ate the cucumber on a sandwich, and rather than try to maintain any kind of focus for the rest of the day I took myself to the beach and spent the late afternoon body surfing, then had dinner at a beachside burger joint.

Her side door was accessible down a back alley, so I wouldn’t be seen going down there. The door was open. I slid in silently, finding myself in the back of her darkened garage. I was extremely uncomfortable because there was obviously a small gathering of some sort in the backyard. Her mother had some lady friends over and they were laughing it up on the patio.

I saw her, Sophia, suddenly, and I lost the ability to breath for a moment. She was standing in the shadows, leaning back against a wall, just watching me. She wore the same pink shorts she’d worn in her videos and a tank top. The vision of her body standing so quiet and so near threatened to take my legs out from under me. Without saying a word she turned and walked into a door in the back of the garage. I followed.

It was dark in there but I discovered it to be a storage area, a room that gave access to the slope of the hill beneath their house. In one corner, against a wall I saw Sophia sitting on a mattress that had been lain down. It was sort of a nest, a kid’s hideaway kind of place, a fort under the house she’d probably had for some years.

On the wall next to her were several small vents covered with mesh screen that looked out into the backyard. The voices of her mother and friends seemed to come from just a few yards away. As I came closer, Sophia put a finger up to her lips. As I sat down next to her she leaned in close to me and whispered.

“Shhh. This is what I want: total secrecy,” she said, her voice tickling my ear, “never, ever say anything, never. I read your stories. I think you might be as horny as I am. Might. I, I just want to…fuck.” And she put a hand on my cock, which immediately sprung up as though it was on a steel spring.

She slumped down on the mattress, pulled down my shorts and put her mouth around my full erection.

And so we fucked, there in the secret hideaway, just yards from the ladies getting drunk in the backyard, in the heat of the night, silently and slowly, she wet and willing and writhing all over that mattress, me endlessly hard and sweating and thrusting into her from every direction we could think of. We ended with her prone, face in a pillow, ass up while I was a pile driver slamming my steel rod escort bursa cock into her sodden, well fucked cunt until I finally emptied the molten, churning contents of my balls into her gaping vagina.

It was a hot summer.

One particular afternoon stands out.

I’d been good all day, got a lot of work done when I got a text inviting me over to look at something in her garage, or some such pretext. When I got there Sophia asked me to hold the ladder while she pulled something down from a high shelf. In shorts and t shirt, she sashayed up the ladder and managed to wave her ass in my face. The smell wafting from her crotch was about as close to heaven as I will ever get. She told me later she’d been masturbating since she got home from work.

It was a sleeping bag she dragged down, which I carried upstairs to her bedroom. She had her video camera set up and was preparing to engage in some hot cam girl shooting. She had her glass dildo, the ohmibod and some lotions at the ready, some towels and a couple of large pillows on her bed.

She spread the sleeping bag over the bed, then, to my surprise, she took out a large kitchen knife and cut a slit in the center of it. Sophia very carefully described what she had in mind.

Following her directions, I laid down on the bed under the bag and let my cock poke up through the slit. She sat down between my outstretched legs. I couldn’t see anything but I sure could feel her mouth sucking my balls, fellating my cock. Next I felt warm gooey liquid being poured over my dick. A moment later Sophia was sitting on my erection, squeezing it inside her anus. When finally she bottomed out my cock was balls deep inside her ass.

There was a pause as she did something beyond my sight, but within a few moments I began to feel a vibration inside her.

She was conducting a cam girl session, having inserted the ohmibod and was dildoing her pussy for the camera, all while wiggling her ass up and down and around on my cock.

The sensation was out of this world, as intense as anything I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t see much of anything under the sleeping bag. The only part of me that was receiving any stimulus was my penis and it was being clutched by Sophia’s anus, while at the same time, I could feel the gentle shimmy and quiver of the vibrator inside her, and then occasionally my balls were being drenched with her cum juice. I had been, of course, instructed to be quiet and not move much, and it took some will power to comply.

After twenty minutes or so into her session, or whatever, as she was finishing up and driving herself to a grand orgasmic finale, she leaned back, pulled her legs up around her shoulders and revealed for the camera my cock buried inside her anus. I guess I obliged her audience too by coming at that moment. She pulled me out and zoomed in on the gape of her butthole oozing gobs of creamy semen down the crack of her ass.

We watched the results on the laptop screen with my cock moving in and out of her very spongy, soggy cunt and we ended up with her riding me to another orgasm, grinding her clit into me and licking my face at the same time.

No, I have to admit. Sophia was way more horny than me, Mr. Porn Dog, something I never thought possible.

The last night I saw her was the Friday before she left for college. She walked across the street, as cool as can be, no attempt at hiding or secrecy, knocked on my door and we had dinner together. We laughed and talked like old friends, then she fucked me silly on my couch, nothing kinky, just plain old making love. It was a date. And somehow, the normalness of it, the openness and affection of that night, helped me find closure, helped me get through the next few months.

And of course, I could always click up her latest cam girl vids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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