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Next day, in the afternoon, Tim knocked the door and Romi opened it with a big smile on her face. She offered him a seat and sat in front of him. She was wearing pink lingerie and was looking damn sexy.

He was little shy but gathered courage and said, “Mam today I don’t have anything for sale. I have just come to meet you.”

Romi was surprised but kept on smiling. As Romi was very friendly to him and liked him. She offered him a cup of coffee which Tim denied.

Then he stood up and sat next to her held her hand and said,” Mam you look so beautiful, I admire your beauty.”

Romi was surprised but kept on smiling. She always liked such complements. He then kissed her hand and then her face. Romi was shocked.

She said, “What are you doing Tim? I am a married woman.” Although she was protesting she was not angry. There was politeness in her voice. She really liked Tim’s touch.

While she was talking Tim started caressing her hair. He then grabbed her and started smooching.

Her silence was encouraging Tim and Romi resisted and said, “No Tim you can’t do this to me, I like you but this doesn’t mean you can do such things.” Tim was hot by then and was unstoppable.

He managed to lay Romi on the sofa and was all over her. Romi did not know what to do. She was resisting but her resistance was too weak to stop Tim’s manly power. She started to beg Tim to leave her but all in vain.

Tim was working all over her. He said, “come on Mam you are liking it.”

He then took off his shirt and Romi was amazed to see his body. This further weakened her resistance. This was the turning point. It was turning her on. Tim placed her hand on his dick inside his underwear. She started rubbing it involuntarily while she was resisting. She tried everything from begging to pleading but all in vain.

Tim downed her lingerie up to her bra and started squeezing her boobs. Her nipples started getting hard indicating her arousal. Tim then started smooching her lips. Her resistance came to an end.

For the last time she said in a weak voice…”No Tim”. She started moaning as Tim licked on.

He grabbed her with her hair and made her sit on knees and said, “suck my dick.”

He took off his underwear and Romi was amazed to see his 8 inch long hard dick. Before she could say a word, he cupped her head and inserted his dick in her mouth. Romi tried to avoid it but Tim was out of control then and forced her to do so. Once it was in her mouth she realized there was no point in resisting.

“Come on Mam, I know you are loving it.” Tim said and she really loved it. She held his dick and sucked for around 15 minutes after which he came over her face. Both were silent for some time.

Romi was so embarrassed to see herself in such condition in front of Tim. She enjoyed what had happened and was relieved that it was all over. But it wasn’t. While she was dressing again she saw Tim starring at her and his dick was erecting.

“Oh my god!” she said.

He stood up and walked towards her. Before she could wear her bra again, Tim took it off.

Romi pleaded, “No Tim we had enough, please leave me.”

“Come on Mam I know you loved it, you are such a sexy woman.” He started undressing Romi.

Romi was frightened and started resisting again. She begged Tim to spare her. By then Tim had taken off her lingerie and she was in her panty. Tim embraced her and started kissing her. She couldn’t believe she was having a strong young stud in her arms.

She could feel his rock solid body, his kisses were passionate. He pulled Romi’s panty and started fingering her pussy that really turned her on and her resistance started trembling again. Tim was aware of it and took no time in taking her to the bedroom.

He laid her on the bed and was over her smooching her. She had one hand around his neck and another around his back.

In a soft voice Tim said, “I want to fuck you Mam.” Romi was in no position to resist him then. It was too late. She knew that he was too hot then and she really liked his body. She just kept quiet and closed her eyes.

She did not know what to do. She was in the bed with a young man laying on her who wanted to fuck her.

She just said,” No Tim!” with her eyes closed. Tim sensed consent in her voice.

He said, “Be cool Mam, you will enjoy it.” He took off her panty.

Romi was bare naked in front of him. She was so embarrassed she couldn’t look into his eyes. He spread apart her legs and started licking her pussy.

She didn’t say a word and her eyes were still closed. It was turning her on.

She started moaning in joy…”Oh Tim! NO!” She had started enjoying.

Tim then got up; his dick was fully erect and hard. Romi was starring at the dick. She had seen such rock solid dick before this. Tim went nearer and put her hand on the dick.

She started rubbing it; she could see his nice pink dick head. Romi was well aware what she was doing.

Tim spread her legs apart and slides his pink dick inside. casino şirketleri Romi was quietly watching him doing so. She once screamed in joy. Tim started pumping slowly. She was really enjoying it.

She grabbed his body with both her hands and embraced him. It seemed that this was what she always wanted, a young stud with solid body and an equally solid dick.

She was enjoying his body all over her while he was fucking her hard.

After some 15 minutes Romi started moaning… Oh Tim… Yes… Tim! Tim knew that she was nearing orgasm. He increased the speed and Romi was screaming.

Finally she experienced a long orgasm and so did Tim. His fantasies had been realized. Romi was still hugging his body both of them came back to their senses. Tim quickly dressed up and so did Romi. Both enjoyed their sex play.

Tim left without saying a word. Romi was looking at him speechless. In the evening after the phone call of Robin Romi got a call from Tim requesting her to attend a party with him. Romi had always wanted her to show off more. In the absence of Robin Romi agreed to go with Tim and explore her life.

Tim had to go to the party for his work and he told Romi that she really needed to wear a hot dress. The party was at a hotel about 4 hours from the lace of Romi so they had drove down that day and checked into the hotel. When it was time to leave Romi walked out and looked so good that Tim almost did not want to go to the party any more.

They arrived at the party a little late and they were met at the door to the ballroom of the hotel by one of the guys from work who just kept talking to Romi and brushed Tim off.

Tim gave her a kiss and said “I am going to the bar and get us some drinks”. Romi stayed there with that man, Steve.

From the bar Tim watched as they got a table and were just chatting Romi looked so good while she kept laughing at whatever Steve kept saying to her.

Tim took their drinks back to the table and Romi said “I wanted a Coke”.

Tim just smiled and said “it’s a party just have a couple of mixed drinks”.

Then Romi said “no, that’s ok I will get a Coke in a while”.

As part of his job Tim had to talk to some potential clients and got up to mingle Romi just stayed at the table. After about 20 minutes Tim looked back at the table to see Romi was talking to a couple of guys and sipping a drink.

Tim wondered that what she was doing, Tim walked back over to the table to check on her and saw she was ok and talking to guys from one of their other offices. Romi and Tim talked for a minute. She knew that she would be without him most of the party because of his talking to clients and told Tim to go on she was fine.

Tim left her and went back to making his rounds. Tim kept glancing over at her and she seemed to be getting more relaxed as the night went on. Tim even saw her get up and dance a couple of times.

Tim stopped back by to check on her and she was feeling no pain and talking away, did not even notice that he was there. Romi was too busy talking to the guys setting with her. She was laughing and seemed to really be enjoying herself.

The party was really crowded and Tim noticed Romi was not at the table. As he walked around looking for her and saw her dancing with a guy he had not seen before. He was holding her very close and his hand kept moving to her ass.

Romi did not even try to move it but looked up at him and they started kissing. When the dance was over they went back to the table. Tim was actually a little jealous, but turned on.

He walked over to the table and introduced himself. The guy was a client whom he had not met. They talked a few Minutes and Romi got up to go to the restroom.

He started talking about how she was letting him do whatever he wanted to her on the dance floor and he was sure it was going to be a good night.

Tim let him know that Romi was his girlfriend and he turned red as could be.Tim explained to him how it was ok and not to worry he did not mind.

Tim wanted to watch her flirt and play around but did not think she would do as much as she already had. While talking Tim thought that he got the point across to him that he was ok with whatever she would let him do as long as he got to watch but did not think anything would happen.

When Romi returned Tim asked her to dance. Once on the floor they talked about everything that she had been doing. She told Tim that how she had a buzz after the drink and just let things go too far.

After a long conversation she knew that Tim was not mad and that he had really liked the Idea and was getting turned on thinking about it.

Then Tim said it “Do you think you might want to ask Gary (the name of the client) to go back up to the room?” Romi just looked at him like you can’t be serious.

All Tim could say was ” I think you really enjoyed playing with him so far and you can have another drink and just flirt and when he leaves you will be turned on for me.”

Romi said “if that is what casino firmaları you really want but just some flirting.”

They returned to the table and Romi sat down beside Gary and Tim on the other side of him.

Tim said “you know this is calming down in here do you think you would want to come up to our room for a last round?”

Gary looked at Romi and said “sure why not.” And to their surprise the guy Gary was talking to said “hey can I join.” Gary said Tim this is Steve he works with me is that ok?”

Tim thought great no fun then but Romi said “Sure why not the more the merrier.” The four of them headed to the room.

Once they went in Tim went to over to a small table and set down a bottle of vodka and rum he brought from downstairs and started to make some drinks. Romi kicked of her heels and plopped down on the end of the bed. Tim gave everyone a rum and Coke including Romi and they just kind of looked at each other not knowing what to say.

Romi whose drink Tim had mixed very strong turned her cup up and started to cough saying “oh my God I can’t believe I just drank that Yuk.”

They all started laughing thank goodness that had broken the ice and it was not long till thye were all laughing and talking again.

Tim gave everyone another drink and Romi looked at her young boyfriend funny and just turned it up again.

She looked up at Tim and said “are you trying to get me drunk?”

Tim just laughed and they all went back to talking.

It was not long till Gary had got up to use the bathroom and when he came back he sat by Romi. He would put his hand on her leg and rub while he was talking to her. Soon the conversation started to turn to sex.

To Tim’s surprise Romi was actually joining in and answering questions about does size matter and that kind of stuff.

Then to his surprise Romi looked at Gary and said “Well what about shaving do you like pussy shaved smooth or some hair on top or trimmed all over?”

Gary not expecting it came back with “I like hair just above it and smooth below.”

Romi looked at Tim and said “Wow he likes how I do it Tim tells me to shave it all off.”

Gary looked at her and said “I would love to see that.”

Romi came back with “I think Tim would like for you to see it to.”

Then Steve chimed in with “Please there is no harm in seeing? Would you just give us a peek?”

Romi said “maybe in a minute” and got up to go pee.

As she walked out of the room Gary and Steve just looked at Tim.

He told them “Whatever she will let you do but do not expect much I am telling you.”

About that time Romi walked in and said “What do you mean do not expect much? What are you guys talking about?” Romi sat back down on the bed her legs hanging off the end. She laid all the way back reached her arms above her head and pulled a pillow under her head.

She closed her eyes and said” You can look but do not touch” and kept her eyes closed.

She was then lying beside Gary and Steve got up and sat on the other side of her legs. Gary looked at Tim and he got up and walked over and grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted the hem slowly sliding it up her thighs.

Just as it reached the top of her thigh she said again “No touching” and her pubic hair came into view.

They were all just looking at her not believing she had taken her panties off.

Gary asked “would you mind spreading your legs just a little so we can see it all” Without missing a beat Romi spread her legs and they could see her then very wet inner lips glistening with her juices.

Gary sighed and said “Yes that is just how I like it.”

Tim said “Why don’t you take you dress off so they can see all of your great body including those great tits.”

To his surprise Romi stood up pulled the dress over her head took off her bra and then just lay back down.

Gary slowly reached a hand out and touched her tit Romi jumped a little but then moaned and kept her eyes closed. He started to rub more and more stopping to play with her very erect nipples. She kept her eyes closed and started to squirm a little.

Steve then being a little bolder started to rub her leg higher and higher till he was coming close to reaching her now puffy lips. Gary then leaned his head over and started to suck her right nipple and play with her left with his hand as he got on all fours beside her.

Romi started to moan louder and Steve moved his hand all the way up till he was messaging her pussy on the outside. As Steve would reach her Clit she would squirm under his touch.

Then Tim noticed that she extended her right hand and start rubbing Gary’s cock on the outside of his pants.

Tim could not believe what was happening. Was his girlfriend was really going to fuck these 2 guys in front of him? Gary reached down and undid his pants and started to pull them down.

Romi laid back and spread her legs as Steve now inched his face between them.

As his tongue started to lick her pussy Romi güvenilir casino let out a very loud moan and said “Is this what you wanted to see baby?”

Tim said nothing and just watched as she grabbed her nipples and started to give them a little tug.

Then Gary was fully undressed and crawled on the bed beside Romi’s head. He laid his good size cock if Tim was guessing he would say 7 ½ inches long and very thick on her cheek. Romi wrapped her hand around it and guided it to her mouth.

She stuck her tongue out and started to lick the head and then as she moaned again from the licking Steve was doing tried to get it in her mouth.

She was trying her best to get the whole mushroom shaped head in her mouth but it was so thick she was having trouble. She started moving her mouth up and down the side of it as Steve now had 2 fingers in her finger fucking her as he licked at her clit.

Steve pulled back away to start undressing and as he did Romi pulled Gary’s cock toward the bottom of the bed as if wanting him to take Steve’s place.

As Gary moved into position Romi opened her eyes and looked at Tim and said “Are you sure this is what you want to see? You want me to be their slut?”

By that time Gary was no positioning himself on top of Romi and lifting her knees up to get in line with her soaked pussy.

Tim just pulled his dick out and started to stroke it watching what was about to take place. Romi reached down and guided the head to her opening. As Gary started to push forward with his hips Tim could see her lips resisting the large head.

They slowly started to part as Gary pushed harder as Romi moaned loudly “Oh God that is big.”

That gave Gary all the motivation he needed has he pushed harder as the head disappeared inside her. Gary groaned out as he sunk more if his cock in her until you could just see his balls lying against her.

He then pulled out until just the head was inside and pushed back in again. As he started to get a rhythm going Steve got on his knees beside her head and put his dick to her mouth. Romi opened her mouth as she moaned and Steve shoved the head in.

Then the wildest scene started which Tim had ever witnessed. Two guys were using his sexy girlfriend like their personal slut. Romi would moan every time that Gary pushed in deep and suck as hard has she could on Steve’s cock.

Gary started to pick up speed And Romi stopped sucking Steve as she started to scream “Yes fuck me , Oh God fuck me hard!!”

Then Gary pulled his dick out which the head made a pop sound as it came out. He turned her over and got her on her hands and knees and shoved back in hard and pulled her head up by her long brown hair.

Her tits were swinging violently as he took her hard from behind. Steve took the chance and got in front of her and shoved his cock in her open mouth and started to push it as far as it would go.

As Gary would push from behind it would force more of Steve’s dick down her throat. It was not long till his balls were on her chin. She was actually deep throat him but Tim did not know if it was by choice.

Steve grabbed the back of her head and moaned as he dropped his seed deep down her throat. Romi gagged at first but then it started to flow from around his dick down her chin.

Steve lay in front of her and she laid her head on him moaning while Gary continued to assault her from behind.

It was not long till Romi was screaming “yes oh God yes.” She just kept saying “yes” over and over again and her body was shaking with the hardest orgasm Tim was seeing her have.

Gary was slamming her so hard she would move forward till just her tits were on Steve and push back to meet Gary’s next thrust.

Then Gary grabbed her hips and buried himself to his balls in her moaning loudly Tim could tell he was unloading in her. She just stayed there with her head on Steve panting to catch her breath till Gary finally started to pull out. As he withdrew his then shrinking cock Romi just kept her ass in the air.

Gary got off the bed walked to the side closest to her head lifted her by her head and guided it to his cum soaked cock and forced her to lick it clean and to Tim’s surprise she did without even blinking. After a few minutes Steve and Gary got dressed said their goodbyes and kissed Romi as they left.

Romi had just stayed on the bed not even trying to cover up she laid on her back with Gary’s cum still leaking from her wide open lips.

She looked at Tim and asked “is that what you had wanted to see all this time?”

Tim crawled up next to her and said “Well I guess but, but I am not sure I was ready for all that at once.”

She just laughed and said “If you are going to go, go big.”

Tim laughed as he moved in and started to kiss her. Tim could taste the mixture of both of them on her lips and tongue as they kissed.

She knew that Tim was still hard and pulled him on top of her.

His dick slid straight in with no resistance and as they made love she looked at Tim and said “I guess you were right, there is a difference between making love and being fucked.”

Tim looked at her with his dick inside her with Gary’s juices providing all the lubrication he could need and said “What do you mean?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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