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“Fuck me. Look at that ass. Jesus.”

That had been Vince’s first thought as he got his first good look at Amy’s ass. Now, his hands spreading her as she bent over the arm of the couch, her little brown pucker winking in anticipation, he spoke out loud.

“Fuck me. Look at that ass.”

Amy did not responded. She was getting face fucked and trying not to gag. Chad’s hands clutched at Amy’s head. When Vince spoke Chad leaned forward for a better look, never slowing the rhythm of his hips.

As much as Vince enjoyed the sight of Chad’s shiny cock stretching Amy’s mouth he had other needs. He locked eyes with Chad, wanting to see the look in Amy’s fiance’s eyes as he ate her ass. Vince scooted back on the couch, lowered his head and darted his tongue between her legs, dipping into the bottom of her sex. He hooked his tongue and drug her own wetness up her ass crack. She moaned around her fiance’s dick.

Chad’s eyes were fixed on Amy’s ass, fixed on Vince’s tongue. Vince flicked and massaged her rosebud. He glanced at Chad, needing to be sure the boy was watching. He told himself to quit thinking of Chad as “the boy”. The man was in his mid-twenties and Vince had no desire to feel old enough to think of a twenty-something as a “boy”.

Man or boy, his eyes were glued to Amy’s ass. He stopped pumping into her mouth. Vince stiffened his tongue and pushed. His eyes never left Chad’s face, at least not until his face was pressed so deeply into Amy’s ass he could no longer see a thing.

Her ass checks flexed against his face, drawing him in. He heard her panting, “oh fuck” over and over.

Chad was silent.

Vince reached between Amy’s legs, his thumb sliding into her pussy while his fingers began to stroke and tug at her clit.

Part of his mind was lost in wonder at how the past twenty-four hours had unfolded.

He’d been sitting by the pool Sunday afternoon when they had trudged past on their way to their rooms. Vince noted they were in building 4, nothing beachfront in 4, so young but not rich. Planes from the mainland started plopping down mid-afternoon but with the time change and being jammed in a plane for several hours most of the newbies arrived beat.

Not these two. They had returned to the pool in under an hour, all bouncy and sweaty and tussled and clearly both extremely well fucked.

He decided then he probably hated them.

He seen the girl earlier this morning. He had not slept well. It was raining which fucked up his morning routine. Pretty much every morning he swam a mile along the shore, climbed out, dug his running shoes out of the small dry bag on his back and ran back along the fitness course. He always stopped at each station and did two sets of twelve reps at each station, except the crunch station. It was just an angled board with braces for your ankles. He did four sets of crunches. No matter how carefully he watched his weight he could never convince himself he wasn’t getting a gut.

He hadn’t want to run in the ran. He logged on and his mood crashed from mildly disgruntled to full on shitty. He had shorted an Asian shipping outfit. He was sure they were over extended with a cash flow problem that could not be sustained. Apparently someone with a lot of cash did not agree. They were buy out rumors and the stock had shoot up, taking a chunk of his money along for the ride. It wasn’t the money. He never risked more than he could afford but he hated to lose.

He had gone out on his balcony, hoping the sound of the rain drumming on the roof and the muted roar of the surf would ease away his irritation. He didn’t bother dressing. The balcony was mostly hidden by palms on the sides. The front offered little cover but this early there was rarely anyone at the pool. With the rain the place should be deserted. Not that he carried all that much. He got off a little on the idea of being naked in public. He didn’t push it. He didn’t need the hassle. If someone seemed to look put out he simply went inside.

This morning the misting rain had been chilly. He sip his coffee, listening to the water. The chill had started his balls crawling their way toward his belly. He had been absent-mindedly pulling at them when he heard the giggle. He wasn’t easy to startle so he had continued to gaze out toward the beach for a moment before turning to look down.

The girl who would become Hot Ass in a few hours waggled her fingers at him as a irritatingly large grin spread across her face. Goddamn it. He managed to toast her with his coffee mug before turning to go nonchalantly, or so he hope it seemed, back inside.

Of course she had been sitting at the bar with her boyfriend when he went down to pick up his lunch order. He almost left, still irritated at the thought she had been laughing at him but he was hungry. She might look eighteen but she was sipping a beer. Vince couldn’t help noticing it was this week’s micro brew fad. He wondered if she was part of the new bush is back backlash against smooth snatch or not. Not if she followed her boyfriend’s lead. His chest and pits were shaved. Vince tried not to be irritated but he didn’t get it. casino şirketleri Sure, if the shit was curling all out of the neck of your shirt fine but your armpits? Fuck.

As soon as Vince noticed hair on his back he’d done his research and got that shit lasered off, but not his chest.

Sure the kid had a nice body but he wasn’t ripped by any means. Vince had bigger biceps. Or he was pretty sure he did.

Now the girl, she was hot. Just Vince’s type. Nice boobs, the way they rode her chest under her bikini he could tell they were real. He couldn’t really see her ass at the bar. He’d come down for a pickup order. These two had been sitting on the other side of the bar.

In keeping with his day so far, she had looked up and caught him staring. She tipped her beer at him and gave him that giant grin. Perfect white teeth of course. Her boyfriend turned to see who she had gestured to. The future Hot Ass, leaned into him and whispered. Vince heard that giggle again. The boy did not smile, or frown, just gazed at Vince.

Vince had begun to feel pissed off and returned the kid’s stare while he waited for his order. He signed. Chatted up Sage, the bartender, just to establish that he, not they, was the regular here and then left, shooting for insouciant this time rather than simple nonchalance, and wondering why he was letting her get under his skin.

The rain had continued most of the day. It would stop long enough to lure the mothers, rarely the fathers, of bored children to the pool and then open up again. A parade of identical mothers sat, miserable, under a dripping palm leaf umbrella while kids who couldn’t give a shit about the rain, splashed each other in the pool.

Vince ate his lunch on the balcony, sitting far enough back to avoid most of the rain the wind blew in. Fish taco were really too light for a stout but he needed to clear his mind of the sight of the pale shit the girl had been drinking.

“How is pilsner like making love in a canoe?” He asked himself. “Fucking close to water.”

He was draining his glass when he saw the two of them dash from under the bar canopy and sprint toward the walkway leading to their building.

He had the insane urge to scream, “no running in the pool area” then wondered why he was turning into an old woman all of a sudden.

He strode back inside, tossed the remains of his lunch and popped open his laptop, intending to do a little work but instead founding himself surfing for porn. He stroked his dick a few times but never found anything worth really beating off over. That pissed him off a little more.

He ended up reading for awhile before falling asleep on the couch. When he woke the rain had stopped and he needed to piss. On the one hand he was a little relieved that he was old enough that he did not always wake up rock hard, which made it awkward to pee. On the other hand it fucking sucked that he was old enough he only woke up half hard.

He pulled on some trunks, pour a stout into a pool approved plastic glass, and headed for the hot tub. Maybe a soak, a few circuits of the pool, another soak, a burger, maybe some porn or maybe just go back to bed. He decided to play it by ear.

He turned the aerator timer to 20 minutes, the max, and skipped the steps. The tub was empty so he stepped onto the bench and into the tub. No one had been it and the aerator hadn’t been on all day. It was almost too hot, just the way Vince liked it.

He slid low, just his head out of the water, letting his body float up and closed his eyes. He had started to relax when he heard a female gasp, “hot”. He had peeked under closed lids and stifled a groan. A creature of habitual good manners, he had roused himself to say hi. Mr. Shaved chest had said hi, his girl friend contented herself with another finger waggle wave and perhaps a smile.

That had been a few minutes ago. The aerator shut off. Vince started to rise, intending to use it as his excuse to call it a night but Shaved Chest’s young lady had popped up, exclaiming, “I got it” and climb out of the tub giving Vince his first real look at her ass and becoming forever “Hot Ass” in his thoughts.

Her bottoms covered less than half her ass. Vince could see where the firm mound of her ass swept down to met her legs. She stood at the top of the tub stairs and pull the bottoms out of the crack of her ass. She did this so slowly Vince was sure it was deliberate. For a moment he had near total view of her ass and the clefted tuft of her pussy visible between her legs. The view did not disappoint. Vince thought she glanced over her shoulder at him. He thought she was smiling but he couldn’t be sure. Was she fucking with him? He looked at Mr. Strut, who was in turn looking at him. The kid’s face was impassive. He didn’t look angry which is what Vince expected from a man whose girlfriend’s ass he had been so obviously ogling. Vince crappy mood had not entirely dissipated, part of him want Mr. Strut to make a scene. The kid said nothing and Vince twisted, reaching behind him to retrieve his beer.

When he twisted back to sit down Hot Ass was descending the stairs.

“Geez casino firmaları it’s freezing out there,” she chirped, pantomiming a shiver. The hard nips pressing against her bikini top gave credence to her claim.

“Did she really just say ‘geez’?” Vince wondered. She stepped past her boyfriend and sat down between Vince and Mr. Strut. She was pressed up against Mr. Strut, who moved his arm draping it across Hot Ass’s thigh, marking his territory. Hot Ass looked openly at Vince and he returned her gaze, feeling for all the world like he’d enter a game of “Blink First” with one of his nephews. She didn’t blink but she did speak first.

“I’m Amy”, she reported in a clear voice, scooting toward him and holding out her hand. She nodded her head over her shoulder, “that’s Chad, my fiance.”

Vince took her hand and gave one quick shake. At first he did not think Chad was going to move, then the boy leaned around Amy holding out his hand. Vince took the hand, the grip was firm.

“I’m Vince, nice to meet you both.”

“You staying up there? Right?” Amy asked pointing to Vince’s balcony.

“I do,” he replied.

“I thought it was you”, Amy responded, smiling now. “I didn’t think this was a nude resort.” Amy responded with what Vince could only describe as a chortle. He caught Chad’s sidelong glance at his girlfriend.

“It’s not. It usually pretty quiet. I sit out that to relax after my swim most morning. I usually just plop into one of the chairs. This morning it was too chilly so I went in. I didn’t realize anyone was in the hot tub.”

“No biggie.” Amy said. “Nice to know this place isn’t as uptight as it seems. We first got her I was sort of bummed. I asked Chad, ‘when’s bingo night?’ It’s his folks’ place and it is Hawaii and I didn’t want to be a total bitch but geez.”

Vince shook his head. “No, this place is pretty straight laced. They cut me a little slack because I spend a lot of time here. The catch you skinny dipping in the pool or even the ocean and they will toss you out. There are a couple of beaches that are mostly clothing optional but not on this side of island, and definitely not at the resort.”

Chad spoke for the first time.

“You live here? I didn’t think you could.”

“Sort of and you can’t, not year round anyway. I spend most of the winter here though.”

“Oh”, Amy purred, “hangin’ with the Rich and Famous.”

Vince was rich but that was none of their business. “Not really”, was all he said.

“You work here?” Chad wondered.

“Retired, sort of.”

“No way!” Amy gushed. “You look great for 65.”

Vince chuckled what other option did he have?

“I’m 42”. He was 46. “I had a tech start up one of the big boys liked well enough to pay me for it. I keep busy but I’m lucky enough to do it on my own schedule.

“Right on.” Chad seemed interested for the first time.

Amy scooted closer. “Hey can I try your beer?” Her foot touched his, probably by accident he thought.

“Sure.” He held the beer out to her. She regarded it for a moment. “What is it?”

“A stout, a type of dark beer, very beery is the best I can describe it.”

Amy shrugged and took a sip. made a face and took a longer pull. “Hhmm, try it babe”, she said and handed it to Chad, without asking Vince first. He let it go, curious now to see what she was up to. Chad took a drink and Amy took the cup back but did not hold it out to Vince. She stood, straddled Chad’s legs and lower her mouth to his. She pulled back and Vince watched as their tongues danced.

“Can I have another sip?” Amy asked without looking at him.

“Sure.” Vince replied, using his poker voice. Vince was an excellent poker player. He consider poker his true calling.

Amy took a drink, swallowed and lowered her mouth to Chad’s. Vince could see the boy’s hands kneading Amy’s ass. His cock began to stir. He had plenty of beer and he was enjoying the show. He knew she was fucking with him. What she didn’t know was he didn’t care. He watched as they kissed, increasingly aroused he struggled to keep his hands away from his dick.

Amy broke the kiss.

“You want your beer back?”

“Thanks. Did you like it?” Vince asked as he reached for the plastic cup.

“I can’t reach. Don’t make me get up okay? It’s cold and I’m nice and comfy.” She wiggle her ass in Chad’s lap as she spoke. She used the voice of petulant child, jutting lower lip included. Vince killed the rolling of his eyes before it even started.

“No problem.” Vince started to scoot along the bench, then though fuck it, two could play this game and stood up and walked to the couple. His cock grew harder under Amy’s eyes. Vince noticed Chad’s eyes on him as well. He walked right up to them. He cock tented trunks only a few inches from Amy’s face before he sat down.

“You never said if you liked it.”

Amy slipped off of Chad’s lap. Vince noticed his weren’t the only tented trunks in the tub. Amy stood between them.

“It was okay but I know how to make it taste better.”

Vince stared at her. “Like this,” she whispered. She took a swallow leaned forward güvenilir casino and put her lips on Vince’s.

Her tongue parted his lips. He was not expecting beer to follow. Most of her mouthful of beer ran down his chin and neck.

“Ah, what a waste.” Amy sighed. Her hands pushed down on Vince’s shoulders and he sat back down on the tiled bench. She stepped between his legs and knelt. Vince looked at Chad but Chad’s eyes were fixed on Amy.

Amy giggled and leaned forward and began to lick his chest. He fought to maintain a stony face as her tongue began to flick his nipple. He stole a glance at Chad but Chad’s eyes followed Amy’s tongue as it swirled around Vince’s nipple. Chad hand was atop his erection, squeezing it through his trunks as he watched his finance lick beer off Vince’s chest. She worked her way up his chest and across his chin.

“Let’s try that again.” She purred in his ear as she sat astraddle his knees. She pushed herself against his erection as she took a swallow of beer. He opened his mouth and it filled with beer and her tongue. He felt Chad move closer, felt his leg touch his. Chad began to rub Amy’s back then lowered his hand to massage her ass, the back of his fingers brushing against the top of Vince’s thigh as he did so.

Amy broke the kiss and turn to her finance giving Vince a close up view of their dancing tongues. Amy bit Chad’s lower lip and tongue gently. His hand found the back of her head and pulled her closer, embracing her mouth with his own.

All this time she ground her crotch against Vince’s hard on.

In Vince’s experience chance favored the bold. He leaned forward, hooked the bikini top to the side with one finger and took her nipple between his lips. He flicked it with his tongue while tugging at it with his lips and was treated to a soft moan. The water sloshed as Chad shifted his position. He sat beside Vince, thigh to thigh. He felt Chad’s hair brush his face as he began to suck and pull at Amy’s other breast.

They heard the voices at the same time. Vince scooted over and Amy swung around to sit between the two men as she tugged her top into place. Vince put some room between himself and the couple and had just enough time to put his hands over his erection before the voices rounded the hedge. Two couples, several years older than Vince joined them. They clustered on the far side of the tub. Vince was mentally kicking himself for being so reckless when Amy chimed in with introductions, Canadians of course. Canada had been blessed with bankers that were bankers not craps shooters. While Americans watched their paper wealth disappear, the Canadians, with their recently laughable 3-5% returns had the last laugh. Being Canada they were polite enough not to say “nah nah told you so”. A few comments were exchanged regarding the shitty weather. Vince’s dick had subside enough by that time he thought he could make an almost dignified exit.

“Hey don’t forget your beer.” Amy chirped as he walked by. Vince could see Chad’s erection was unfazed by the interruption, and tried not to hate the kid for it.

“You finish it. I got plenty. See ya.” Vince mumbled and splashed out of the tub. He toweled off, tossed the towel in the hamper and headed toward the stairs. Back in his room he open another stout, turn off all the lights and quietly as possible eased open the balcony door. He sat back in the shadows. He could see the two couples but could only caught an occasional glimpse of Amy’s head as she moved. Chilled he eased back into his room, tossed his trunks in the ridiculously large Jacuzzi tub and climbed into the shower, setting the water as hot as he could stand it and washing the chlorine off his body. He half-heartedly stroked his half-heartedly hard cock but he couldn’t focus. Pissed, he slammed the water off and stepped out of the shower. He shrugged back into the heavy robe, drying only his hair.

He open his third stout, telling himself that was a bad idea with only a banana, an egg, piece of toast and a fish taco in his stomach all day. He told himself to fuck off and drained half the bottle in one gulp. The balcony door was still open. The bathroom light was on, some of its light escaping into the living room. “Fuck it” he whispered to himself as he ignored the light and stepped out onto the balcony, “they must have gone in by now anyway.”

Amy sat on the deck on the opposite side of the hot tub. He really couldn’t see her very well; Chad was in the way but the way her head was bobbing and the way Chad’s fingers were twisted in her hair, he was pretty sure she was sucking her fiancé’s dick.


The rain had departed with the setting sun, paradoxically the night air was less chilled than the morning’s had been.

Vince sat his beer down on the table without taking his eyes of the couple in the hot tub and untied the sash of his robe, letting it fall open. His left hand circled the base of his cock and sack and began a well practiced rhythmic squeeze. His cock had begun to lengthen and twitch at the sight of Amy’s bobbing head. His squeezing, encircling left hand forced his balls forward. His right hand began an equally well practice stroke, as his cock stiffened the strokes grew more forceful. The heel of his hand banged into the balls his left hand forced upward and forward. Each smack of his hand ratcheted up the dull ache in his lower belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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