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It was 2 am that same night hubby was asleep in the room beside ,e. My curiosity to the truckers lounge was getting the best of me . Not to say I was still very, horny from my pool fun/. I grabbed his long coat nothing on under neither it and walked to the door opening it quietly. If he woke up I would say , I’m hungry and going to get a snack … Well after all I was hungry but not for food.

My walk to the door was a go asI i walked down the hallway letting my coat fall open to any that might walk in late at night. Or eve up the stairs . I walked out the back door to the truck stop. But did close it as I crossed the parking lot. There where a lot of trucks out that night and I was alone .

So I made my way to the truckers lounge walked in and looked a round in silence. Maybe some of then had seen my show at the window earlier and would say something. I looked around , there was a large room with a big sort of coffee table in the center with A big screen TV, two couch’s and a few other chairs setting around Booths to the left with door for private phone calls I guess. A game room and the truck stop main room with food and supplies and all you casino şirketleri know what I mean.

I walked back to the game room and spied a motorcycle game you could ride. I added my quarters and straddled the bike my pussy was still wet from before and walking around with nothing on under the coat had me hot to . There where about two truckers in the game room and a bout eight in the TV room as I turned the game on, to my joy it vibrated like crazy. i made sure my pussy lips spread against it and my clit got vibrated as I rode it and yesI let my coat slide open to reveal myself to the two truckers that I was nude under the coat .They smiled and moved over to watch me enjoy the ride and even one took pictures of me as I moaned for then and cam just knowing i was being watched.

When the ride was over I got up and smiled then asking if there was a shower around I heard they had then there. The one said ” Yea back there just add your quarters and that’s it.” I thanks then and walked to the showers. When I walked away I saw large pool of cum on the seat of the motorcycle and so did they. I was hornier then I had even been in my life. I had had so many casino firmaları watching me tonight and these two close up , so I decided I would be the true slut .. I truly was meant to be.

I walked to the shower and closed the door took off m y coat and wrapped a towel around me, leaving a chair in the door to leave it open as i walked out the v room where the eight guys where. Yes eight where watching TV pulse the two that watched me on the gamestood there.

I stood in front of all of them and dropped the towel fully nude in front of ten total strangers and who ever else would walk in. I then slowly moved to the table pulled all the books from it and laid on my back spread eagle for them to see me playing with my pussy in one hand fingering my clit and pinching my nipples with the other as they stared at me and I said.

“I’m hot horny and a slut… its free tonight. Fuck me, play with me, eat me. I don’t care what you do or who does me, But I need it and I need it bad.”

One man walked over to me and put his fingers in my cunt and smiled feeling i was wet and said. ” Lets go boys … she soaked and ready.” . I hear a cheer then had güvenilir casino five cocks over my face stroking and cumming at different times. I had hand and fingers inside every hole i owned and i was fucked and done good. I lost count after the five . I was in love i was soaked and sore but I was happy.

My hair was cover in cum my tits my pussy every thing covered in creamy hot cum. I have no idea how many where there. I saw new faces old faces and didn’t care I was getting fucked ad sucked pinched and fingers and I sucked so many cocks that night my jaws locked once.

I felt one man slide his cock up my ass as he said .” I enjoyed the show at the window slut but this show is much more fun for all .” Then I felt a cock in my cunt at the same time he was in my ass. I cam so hard knowing i was watch by so many and felt. They watched before but now I had a large audience for sure…

I got up a nd went to the room grabbing my coat . I could hardily walk as I managed to walked back to my hotel room .Dried cum in my hair, all over my body ,it stuck and cracked on my tit’s my belly my face all over… I made it back to my room and again stood in front of the window covered in cum from god knows hoiw many and again playing with my tits. I watched a few of my new friends walking back to their trucks then I went to the shower and cleaned up and go in bed boy what a night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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