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After breaking up with Ana, my girlfriend of eight years, I spent a lot of time reflecting on what I wanted to do with my life. Having met each other at 19 years of age I missed out on a lot of the usual university “experimenting”, and for the most part had lived a pretty textbook life. I had a decent job, a nice car, and spent most of the weekends with her (either in our apartment, or at one of her relative’s places). With her recently moved out though, I was now the sole occupant of a nearly brand-new two-bedroom apartment, and had more time than I knew what to do with.

While I’ve always considered myself a “straight” man, I was always curious about what it would be like to be with another man. Not in the sense of having a relationship, but in the sense of exploring the male anatomy. In fact, most of the times when I would be alone watching porn it was a 50/50 mix of male or female content. I was literally just curious about what it was like to be the woman. How would it feel to cup his balls in my hand? Would they be heavy? Would the skin be smooth? Would the shaft be spongey or hard? And now being on my own, it felt like the right time to at least explore these curiosities.

However, instead of just jumping into it and going on Grindr or down to a gay bar, I decided it was probably best to experiment with some toys first. After a decent amount of searching I started finding a number of reviews advertising a new “ultra-realistic” squirting dildo called the “HotSkin Deluxe”. At 7″ insertable length and a maximum width of 2″ it seemed like it would be a good training toy, and the “squirting” effect (which I assumed was just a pouch you squeeze to shoot some fake cum out of) would at least make it entertaining. I contemplated for a couple days, but come Friday night I was in such a state of pent up sexual frustration that I ended up dropping more than $100 on it.

For the rest of the week I completely forgot about it. Instead spending most of the days dealing with work issues, or attempting to go to the gym. Then, sure enough when I came home on Friday evening I was greeted by a fairly large brown box outside my door. It was completely unmarked other than with a shipping label containing my address and after seeing where it came from my heart actually started to race a bit. I quickly took it into the apartment, and set it down on the coffee table before kicking off my shoes and throwing my jacket on the counter. I turned on a few lights, closed the blinds, and went to find a pair of scissors to open the box with. A sense of nervous curiosity came over me as I cut the brown packing tape on the right side and dumped the contents out.


I have to admit, my first reaction actually was a bit of shock as I realized just how realistic looking this thing was. The outer layer of “skin” felt soft, almost like there was a bit of a powder on it, but without actually leaving anything on my hands. I flipped it around a couple of times, looking at the intricate detail on the balls and around the head. It wasn’t actually as hard as I was hoping it would be, actually it felt and looked almost completely flaccid. How exactly was this going to be like pleasuring a real penis if it wasn’t even hard? Contained within the box was an information pamphlet which I took a quick look at, and sure enough it had a picture of what was obviously a very erect dildo. I flipped the page.

“SETUP AND CONFIGURATION” it said at the top of the page.

All I wanted was a normal “realistic” dildo, but this was clearly way more advanced than I thought it was.

“STEP 1: Switch on base”

I looked on the base, and sure enough between the suction cup and the balls was a little ON-OFF switch. I flicked it on and a little blue light next to it turned on.

“STEP 2: Fill with HotSkin HotLoad”

Using the series of pictures as a reference I unscrewed a small cap under the suction portion of the dildo and poured in about a quarter of the (rather large) bottle of fake cum; being careful not to fill it past the indicated line. I then screwed back on the cap and wiped off a bit of extra which I had spilled.

I must admit, I was a little confused as to how this very-much room-temperature paste-like white goo was going to be anything like cum, but continued on.

“STEP 3: Download the HotSkin App and connect via Bluetooth”

Oh shit. This fucking almanbahis giriş thing comes with an app? Why? So, they can track how lonely and depraved I am?

I downloaded the app, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it didn’t want access to any personal information or sensors on my phone. I went through the basic procedure of connecting to the dildo and letting it do a software upgrade (why that was necessary I have no idea).

“STEP 4: Follow steps in the App”

“Ohh great, MORE steps.” I thought to myself. At this point I was wondering why a dildo needed four fucking steps, to well…fuck. Let alone why my dildo was so flaccid compared to the pictures. After the software update completed, I was presented a screen explaining how the “experience” would be configured.


‘HotSkin Deluxe’ provides a custom experience based on your needs and abilities.

Answer the following questions to configure your partner!


There was also a small text at the bottom saying “Advanced Users”, but I decided to leave that for another time.

I clicked “Next” to continue on.

* “Who are you going to be pleasuring today?”

* [Hans] [Alex] [Robert] [Piotr] …

Not exactly sure why it mattered. Hans sounded pretty manly so I went with that.

* “How much time do you have?”

* [A couple minutes] [10 minutes] [As long as it takes]

Not having anything else to do that night I selected “As long as it takes”.

* “How will you be pleasuring Hans this evening?”

* [Just a helping hand] [Sucking] [Fucking] [In every way possible…]

Not wanting to take things too quickly (and also not having any experience putting things up my ass) I selected “Sucking”. Besides, who buys a dildo to just give it a hand job?

* “How old is Hans?”

This one had a sliding scale from 18 to 85, and I actually took a second to decide. I had never really thought about how old the person on the other end would be, just that there was a penis which I would be pleasuring. Being 28 at the time I decided to choose something a bit older. Though, again, it wasn’t very clear why this mattered.

“32” I set it to, before hitting “Next”.

* “Lastly, will Hans be making any noise today?”

* [Shhh…] [Yep!] [Ohh yeah!!]

Not wanting the neighbours to hear anything, but also curious as to how this was going to work, I selected “Yep!”, and was greeted with a final message.


Hans is getting ready to be serviced…

You may use the suction cup to mount him on your

preferred surface and when he is READY TO RECEIVE

you can get down to business!


Not wanting to get the sticky “cum” on my work clothes I took “Hans” into the bathroom, quickly stripped down to my underwear and stepped into the shower. I mounted him on the same wall as the faucet at around the same level as my crotch (after all the goal was to see what this was really like). I checked the app again.

It still said he was getting ready. I checked his shaft and balls. He was still flaccid, but I did notice that they were starting to feel a bit warmer.

A couple seconds later my phone received a notification: Hans is READY TO RECEIVE!

At this point I was really confused. Why was it still so flaccid? Maybe that’s just the way it is?

While still standing in the shower I started to stroke the shaft with one hand. It really did feel like human skin, although at that point I still had no idea if it is what a human penis *actually* felt like. The fake skin did seem to actually slide a bit on the shaft as I stroked him. That’s when I started to notice it. He was getting bigger in my hand. I started stroking him a bit more, making sure to slide the palm of my hand on the underside of the shaft as I began to explore further. I was able to retract the foreskin even more as he became more erect.

At this point he was maybe 30% towards what I would consider a proper size erection, whereas my own cock was practically bursting its way out of my briefs. I used my left hand to free my own cock from it’s confines while at the same time continuing to stroke Hans with my right hand. Standing closer I put my cock next to Hans and stroked both together. With Hans almanbahis güvenilirmi now at around 50% erect we were about the same size as I rubbed the underside of my cock over the top of him. My precum started to coat the tip of his evermore exposed head. Honestly, at this point thought I was going to cum, and then-


My phone sent me a notification: Don’t you think it’s time to taste Hans?

“How on earth???” I thought to myself. I guess it was right though, at this point Hans seemed maxed out at 50% hardness, so it probably didn’t make sense for me to get myself off without at least trying to “return the favour”.

Without hesitation I dropped to my knees. The cold, hard, shower floor felt somewhat uncomfortable as my weight balanced on my knee caps. However, the one thing that I really liked about this is that it made me feel completely “open” and exposed. I could feel my butt cheeks slightly separated, and I just felt ready to cram Hans down my throat and service him in every way. It was really a new feeling for me, but at the same time it just felt right. It’s not that I no longer felt I wasn’t supposed to have sex with women, but rather that at this very moment I was at the mercy of this magical dildo. I just decided it was time to do to Hans, what I would want done to me.

I started by lifting up his shaft with my right hand and licking his balls. Due to the realistic nature of them I was even able to suck one lightly into my mouth. I’m not usually a huge fan of this, but some people like it, so I figured I would see if it worked for Hans. Almost immediately I felt Hans “jump” a little bit in my hand and become a little harder. I guess so. I continued on to the other testicle, making sure to show them both even attention before going to lick from the base of the balls all the way up to the tip.

“Ohhhh hmmmmm…”

Almost as if coming from above me I heard a sound of pleasure emitted from Hans.

“I guess that’s how the whole sound thing works.” I thought to myself before quickly going to lick the underside of the shaft again. This time making sure to use as much spit as possible, and really taking the time to feel all the tiny details.

My hard work seemed to be paying off though! Hans was now standing almost completely straight out at attention. He felt much harder now, I was barely able to fully wrap my hand around his shaft! I again started licking from the base of his shaft, but this time when I got to the tip, I wrapped my tongue around the head and was once again rewarded by a sound of pleasure. At this point I really wanted to get this thing into my mouth. So, I started by taking in the head, but very quickly realized that I was going to have to really open my mouth wide if I was going to avoid scraping my teeth. It was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, and as I started taking more and more in, I really started to notice just how “full” my mouth felt.

Wondering how deep I could get this thing in I went for my first attempt at deep throating and almost immediately choked as the head hit the back of my throat. My gag reflex was way stronger than I had expected and I had to take a second to recover. At the same time, I noticed that I had a lot more saliva in my mouth than before and spat some of it on the head before continuing sucking and stroking. I tried deep throating a couple more times, each time I choked, but at the same time each time my own cock would pulse back to life. Well, maybe “back to life” isn’t the correct term. I was as hard as I could get already, with a solid line of pre-cum dripping down the side of my shaft onto the cold shower floor.

With the upward curve in his now very rigid shaft it was hard to guide it down my throat. So, I instead focused on getting a good rhythm and stroking the shaft. I don’t know how long I was doing this for, but as I kept going, I kept feeling more and more frequent pulses of pressure in the dildo each time I took the head in. I was also treated to an ever-increasing chorus of groans mixed with the slurping sounds that I was creating. I guess that meant I was doing a good job, so I just kept sucking, and sucking. I don’t know how long exactly I was doing this for, probably at least ten minutes, but I started to notice my jaw getting tired and my knees were really starting to hurt on the hard shower floor. almanbahis yeni giriş This was definitely a lot more work than I thought it would be!

Still, I wanted to see how realistic this “cum” would be so I picked up the pace, making sure to slobber as much as possible on the head of Hans as I stroked the base with my right hand. He was completely covered in my saliva, which seemed to work really well with whatever material it was made out of. After another couple minutes of this I started to notice that the balls were pulling up a bit and when I felt them with my right hand, they definitely felt a little “tighter”. Knowing that I was probably going to get my reward soon I kept doing exactly what I was doing, and finally…


Hans grunted loudly immediately followed by a pulse of pressure in the shaft, and then I felt a strong shot of warm salty “cum” load hit the back of my throat. While it definitely didn’t taste like real cum (I have tried my own a few times), it was at least palatable. Not really feeling like swallowing it I pulled my mouth off of Hans and continued jerking him onto my chin until he stopped leaking “cum”. He maybe shot about six or seven pulses in total. After about 30 seconds I noticed that he started to get softer so I stroked it a few more times before turning the focus to my own cock, badly in need of some attention. I held the head of Hans in my mouth as I stroked my cock using the combination of his “cum” and my own saliva as a lubricant.

Within a matter of twenty seconds I felt my own impending orgasm, and just as I was about to cum, I took the now almost completely flaccid shaft of Hans into my mouth. The thought of what this might look like threw me over the edge and my body spasmed as I shot about four or five of my own warm shots of cum onto the drain of the shower.

There was cum absolutely everywhere, on my stomach, on the shower floor, and all over my face. It was waayyy messier than I thought it would be. I stood up, pulled the shower curtain closed, and washed myself and Hans off; making sure to give plenty of attention cleaning under both of our foreskins.

After finishing showering, I made sure to turn off Hans with the switch on the back, and rinsed out the “cum” storage container, as per the instructions. Feeling extremely satisfied with my purchase I picked up my phone with the intent of giving a 5-star review right away, and was greeted with a screen in the HotSkin app:


Wow! Not bad for a rookie! Hans definitely enjoyed that one!

He rated it 3.2 out of 5 stars.

Total sucking time: 11 minutes and 31 seconds.

[Click here for more details!]


Not only did the app know when Hans had finished, but it appeared to have logged metrics on the entire event. This was honestly amazing, although I must admit a 3.2 out of 5 stars was definitely a little surprising. What did I have to do to get a perfect five I wondered?

I clicked through the various screens, and was greeted with everything from a plot showing how good Hans felt throughout his blowjob, how hard he was, to how well lubricated he was. There was even a screen showing a 3D model of Hans where the skin colour was different based on how often a certain area had been given attention. It was clear right from the beginning that I significantly neglected his testicles and the lower half of the shaft.

I clicked on a screen titled “Sucking Tips”, and was presented with a couple quick pointers, crafted specifically based on my performance. This wasn’t just a hyper realistic dildo, this actually was able to assess how well I had done, and give me some pointers:

* “Try not to pull out when Hans cums.”

Interesting, it was a show for me, but I guess it would feel better for him if I didn’t…

* “Pay more attention to the balls while sucking.”

Guilty as charged. It’s definitely hard to remember to do this while you’ve got a mouth full of cock!

* “Work on going deeper and longer.”

This one I already knew, and was definitely going to need to work on.

* “Try working on identifying the erogenous zones of your partner. They vary from person to person.”

This one to me was probably the most interesting. It seemed that having selected Hans there were different areas or techniques specific to him, which I should focus on. I guess I was going to have to try out each of the different partners to better develop my cock-sucking skills! I was eager to go again, but my knees and jaw had different ideas, so I decided to leave further “experiences” for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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