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Kelly Ann didn’t sleep much that night. She tossed and turned restlessly, images of her experience at Jessica’s house flashing through her head. Part of her was ashamed, but another part was utterly elated. It was like discovering a whole new world; she had never known that that kind of pleasure even existed.

Toward dawn she masturbated furiously and finally managed to drift off for an hour or so. All that day at school she was completely distracted, unable to pay attention either in class or in her social interactions. All she could think about was, would she go back to Jessica’s? “Come back tomorrow with a friend,” Jessica had said. Was this possible? And even if it was, wouldn’t it be terribly wrong?

During cheerleading practice that afternoon, Kelly Ann found herself looking around at the other members of the team, picturing them naked, imagining them engaged in decadent lesbian acts. She got so soaking wet that she was afraid someone would notice, and toned down her dancing so there was less chance of her underpants being exposed. This caused her to get yelled at by the coach, Ms. London, who was not bad-looking herself: mid-30s and a little butch but in a cute way, like Rachel Maddow. Soon Ms. London too was naked in Kelly Ann’s imagination, with one cheerleader licking her pussy and another sitting on her face.

Kelly found herself wondering, well, if I did try to get someone to go to Jessica’s with me, who would it be? Her best friend on the team, Katrina, was an extremely beautiful girl, but Kelly had no idea how to broach the subject with her; and besides, if she ended up having sex with Katrina, how weird would that be? They’d been friends since third grade.

Kelly Ann looked around the room and her eyes settled on Olivia, a tall Asian girl with a spectacular body. Olivia was known to party hard and had a reputation for being adventurous — maybe even a bit promiscuous. Kelly felt a tingle between her legs. Olivia was the one, she was sure of it.

After practice Kelly approached Olivia somewhat nervously. Was she really going to do this? What had gotten into her? She almost walked away and forgot the whole thing. But thinking of the orgasms escort kocaeli she’d had the day before, she felt a desire burning inside her that overrode her misgivings.

“Olivia, are you going out fundraising tonight?” asked Kelly Ann.

“I was thinking about it,” answered Olivia. “Why?”

“Well….” Kelly paused, thinking of how to put this. “Last night I met someone who’s ready to give us a nice amount of money. But she wanted to meet more of the squad. I was wondering if you might come with me.”

“Hmm.” Olivia pursed her glossy lips and pondered momentarily. “Well, if it’s good for the team, sure, I’m in.”

Jessica’s house was walking distance from the school, so Kelly Ann and Olivia strolled together as evening began to fall over the town. Olivia was very chatty, and Kelly tried her best to keep up the conversation, but all she could think of was what was about to happen. She knew she should tell Olivia that there was a different agenda at work here than just raising money for the squad. But she couldn’t quite figure out how to do it, and in fact the idea that Olivia was going to walk unaware into a den of sexual depravity was turning Kelly on tremendously. By the time they reached Jessica’s house Kelly Ann’s heart was pounding in her ears and seemed about to burst out of her chest as Olivia continued to chatter on obliviously.

Jessica answered the door wearing a very chic, low-cut black dress. “Well hello, Kelly Ann,” she purred. “It’s so nice to see you again. Won’t you girls come in?”

As Kelly and Olivia walked past her into the house, Jessica took the opportunity to appreciate Olivia’s big breasts and perfectly rounded ass, which were displayed to great advantage by her uniform. Two cheerleaders knocking on my door to offer themselves to me, Jessica thought, shaking her head. What a world.

“And who is this you brought with you?” Jessica asked Kelly Ann.

Kelly was so nervous she could barely speak. “This is, is, um, Olivia,” she stuttered.

“I’m delighted to meet you, Olivia. You girls have a seat and I’ll bring you something to drink. Lemonade? Iced tea? Arnold Palmers, maybe.”

“That sounds great,” said Olivia, and gölcük escort Kelly nodded her assent.

A minute later Jessica returned with the beverages and the three of them sat and talked for a while. Jessica asked Olivia some questions about herself, like what grade she was in (12th) and how long she’d been a cheerleader (since she was a freshman). Kelly Ann kept looking around for Marie, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Finally Jessica asked Olivia, “So Kelly Ann told you about our meeting yesterday?”


“What did she tell you exactly?”

“Well,” said Olivia, slipping into fundraising mode, “she said that you were very generous and that you wanted to help the squad, and that you wanted to meet more of us.”

“She told you that, did you?” Jessica clucked disapprovingly, but without malice. “Well, I’m not surprised. Will you girls come with me, please? There’s something I’d like to show the both of you.”

Kelly and Olivia followed Jessica down a short hallway. At the end of it was a door which Jessica opened, ushering in the two cheerleaders ahead of her.

It was a bedroom dominated by a king-size bed, and on the bed was Marie, completely naked, her wrists and ankles lashed to the bedposts at each corner. Her legs were spread wide apart and her mouth was gagged with a red rubber ball.

Jessica stepped into the room behind them and closed the door. She spoke calmly and commandingly. “Kelly, I finally had to gag Marie because all day long she couldn’t shut up about how much she loved her first taste of cheerleader pussy. She’s just dying for more. Which one of you girls wants to help her out?”

Kelly Ann and Olivia both froze. Kelly looked over at Olivia to gauge her reaction; there was excitement in her eyes, and she showed no sign of wanting to get away.

Jessica removed Marie’s gag and pinched one of her nipples. “Kelly, I think you’d better go first. Just to shut her up, you know?”

Kelly Ann found herself mechanically obeying. This woman had cast some kind of spell on her, and she was powerless to help herself. Somehow she knew exactly what Jessica wanted her to do, as if the images were being izmit sınırsız escort beamed directly from Jessica’s brain to hers. She stripped off her skirt and panties and climbed onto the bed. Turning around so she faced Olivia, she slowly lowered her crotch down onto Marie’s eager tongue.

Olivia looked on absolutely stunned. She’d always thought that Kelly Ann was something of a prude, but obviously she’d been mistaken. Jessica, meanwhile, had walked around behind Olivia and wrapped her arms around the younger girl’s waist. Together they watched Kelly Ann bounce up and down seductively as she ground her pussy into Marie’s face, and soon Jessica’s hands found their way underneath Olivia’s skirt and into her panties.

Kelly began to moan as her orgasm approached and Olivia was panting sexily as Jessica penetrated her with a finger. The finger then traveled from Olivia’s pussy to her mouth, and she sucked it hungrily as Jessica smiled to herself. She’d pegged this one as a slut from the moment she laid eyes on her.

Gripping Olivia tightly in her arms, Jessica bent the Asian cheerleader forward until her head was between Marie’s legs. Olivia didn’t need to have a picture drawn for her; she obediently began lapping away at Marie’s cunt.

Jessica already was wearing the strap-on under her dress, and a minute later she had pulled off Olivia’s panties and plunged in. Soon the room reeked of wet pussy and Kelly, Marie, and Olivia were all howling like wild animals. Finally all three came almost simultaneously and collapsed into spent heaps. Jessica surveyed her handiwork with great satisfaction: three gorgeous, happy, sweaty girls who would now do whatever she told them.

After giving them a few minutes to catch their breath, Jessica untied Marie and returned to the kitchen to fix herself a real drink, a cold, dry martini. This she enjoyed on a comfortable chair in the living room, with Marie skillfully eating her pussy as she watched Kelly Ann and Olivia 69 on the couch.

The two cheerleaders were a little tentative with each other at first, but they soon warmed up to the task at hand. Jessica enjoyed watching Kelly Ann, who had been a complete novice just the day before, finger-fuck her friend while rhythmically flicking Olivia’s clit with her tongue. Taking a long drag on her martini and pulling Marie’s head in tighter against her crotch, Jessica reflected that life really couldn’t get much better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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