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By the time Betty Ann Collins arrived around 10:00, things had gotten well and truly out of hand. She saw her niece, Sally — until recently the shyest and most innocent of girls — kneeling behind Marie, alternately spanking Marie’s ass and lapping at her pussy. Someone was squirming underneath Sally, her head trapped between the girl’s thighs; judging from the pubic hair, it was most likely Jane. J.J., having secured a strap-on, was plowing into Kelly Ann from behind as Kelly licked Jessica.

On the couch, Janice lay on her back with one blonde sitting on her face and another riding the phallus extending from between her legs. It took Betty a moment to figure out which one was Kat and which one was Samantha. Mother and daughter were politely facing opposite directions, maintaining some sort of plausible deniability.

Shaking her head, feeling a little ashamed but already irresistibly drawn, Betty Ann stripped off her clothes and waded into the action.

* * *

Sunday morning Sally Ann and J.J. both left with their families to return home. As Kelly gave her cousin a long, loving goodbye hug, she wondered how Sally’s life was going to be changed by what had happened that weekend; she hoped it would be for the better.

Kat and J.J likewise shared a very warm embrace. “Thanks, cuz,” said J.J. “It was a blast.” Kat felt like she had gained her cousin’s respect; even J.J., worldly as she was, had never experienced anything quite like the scene at Jessica’s.

In the afternoon, Kelly and Kat got together and went to have their nails done. kaçak iddaa Leaving the salon just as they arrived was Ms. Valentine, their English teacher. They only exchanged a few words, as Ms. V. said she was late to meet her boyfriend, but both Kat and Kelly later remarked how different the teacher looked from the way they usually saw her. Her brown hair was down instead of up, and she was wearing a low-cut dress that showed off her lovely legs, in contrast to the conservative clothes she usually wore in school. With nothing much else to do, they immediately began to conspire.

* * *

Monday it was back to school. After five days off cheerleading practice was particularly ragged that day; Jackie London made everyone stay late and there was much grumbling in the ranks. Afterwards everyone dressed and left quickly except Lexi and Adriana.

It was not unusual for Lexi to hang around after practice; she was in no hurry to get home to her empty house, and it was a known fact among the cheerleaders that if you were looking for someone to play with after school, Lexi was your best bet. Today Lexi was unusually horny, having spent the whole long weekend with her dad. She loved him and all, but she was very ready for some girl time.

Ana, meanwhile, had been cooped up all weekend with her extended family, sleeping three to a room with no privacy. When Lexi invited Ana back to her house, Ana readily accepted. Once inside they went straight to Lexi’s room, where they started kissing and pawing at each other. Soon clothes started coming off and both girls kaçak bahis were breathing hard and getting wet.

Ana stretched out on the bed and Lexi started working her way down the black girl’s body, noticing that Ana’s nipples were standing up remarkably tall, like two little trees reaching for the sky. After savoring them both she moved on, running a trail of saliva down Ana’s belly. Ana’s pubic hair hadn’t been trimmed for awhile and Lexi kissed down through the stubble before parting her legs and licking up and down her thighs.

When Lexi’s tongue touched Ana’s pussy Ana groaned and gripped the headboard with both hands. Eyes closed, blissed out from the sexual contact after days of going without, and still a little groggy from jet lag, Ana was slow to react when Lexi seized one of her wrists and tied it to the bedpost. She blinked her eyes a few times, not quite focusing, as Lexi lashed the other wrist to the other post with a belt.

After tying Ana’s ankles as well, Lexi stood back and surveyed her handiwork. When she’d tied up Jackie London a few days earlier, it had been completely an impulse, something that had popped into her head when she woke up in the morning; she had been surprised what a thrill she’d gotten out of it. Turned out she liked being in charge, maybe as much as being dominated. She wasn’t sure; further experimentation was necessary.

Climbing up onto the bed, Lexi straddled Ana and pushed her pussy into Ana’s face. Ana started to lap away obediently, surprised but not unhappy to be treated this way by Lexi, formerly illegal bahis the most timid of the cheerleaders. After a couple of minutes Lexi flipped around so they could 69. Ana came first, then Lexi, than Ana again, and then Lexi, after which she rolled off and took a minute to catch her breath.

Feeling relaxed and satisfied, Lexi freed Ana from her bonds. But Ana was far from finished; the second she was untied, she was on Lexi quick as a cat. Ana was bigger and stronger and was able to easily subdue Lexi and tie her wrists (not that Lexi struggled all that hard). Deciding to up the ante a little, Ana bent Lexi’s legs back over her head and tied them to the bedposts as well, leaving her in a very awkward and exposed position.

Ana took a moment to enjoy the sight of the splayed-open blonde, then left the room and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. After rummaging around for a minute — glancing back several times at the front door, suddenly paranoid that Lexi’s dad would return home unexpectedly — Ana found just what she was looking for: a nice, firm squash about eight inches long and three inches around.

Back in Lexi’s room, Ana closed and locked the door behind her, grinning wolfishly at her helpless, spread-eagled victim. After pushing the vegetable into Lexi’s mouth to give her a sense of its size, Ana spread Lexi’s pussy lips and eased the tip in. Lexi let out one of the uninhibited screams for which she was becoming famous, and Ana quickly penetrated her the rest of the way. There was no sense in holding back now; Ana gave Lexi a good, hard fucking and Lexi howled like an animal. If Lexi’s dad came home now, he would probably think his daughter was being murdered; but they would have to cross that bridge if and when they came to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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