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You know, when you are tied spread-eagled to a bed, and wearing a blind-fold, there is surprisingly little you can do when your nose decides to itch. Or at least, this is what I have just discovered. It’s certainly one of the more interesting positions to wake up in, I can assure you of that. Just a little naggingly uncomfortable.

Right at the moment, it’s dark. Of course, the blindfold I am wearing could be responsible for that. But it still feels dark, and since I am lying on top of the bed absolutely starkers, I am not only feeling just a tad exposed, but the goose-bumps running up my sides are from the chill, not from excitement.

It’s hard to be excited when you have no idea what is going on. I suspect my lover has decided to play with me. From the effectiveness of the ties and blindfold, along with the fact that she managed to get them on me without really waking me up, I also suspect she has planned this little event for some time. I just wish she would do something! I’m getting cold! And that is not doing wonders for generating an erection.

I wonder if she even knows I am awake?


Nothing. Not a sound. Now my nose is itching and I am shivering. I just hope this is worth it! Hang on a minute – that’s the sound of the front door opening. She left me like this and then went out?!? Oh boy, this is definitely calling for a revenge match.

I can hear her moving around in the lounge… and now she’s talking with someone. God, what a time to make a phone call! I’m telling you, when I get my hands on her, she is going to have a very sore bottom! Ah well, maybe if I whistle nonchalantly it will remind her that I’m kinda stuck in here? Ah, I can hear her giggling… guess it worked.

Okay, now I can hear her coming toward the bedroom. Silence again. I can only imagine she is standing there admiring her handiwork. One live male tied conveniently to the bed.

“Like what you see?”

Silence. Hmm… she is in the mood to play games then casino şirketleri (as if I hadn’t already worked that out). Now I can hear her moving again… some weight on the bed, and whoa! Now things are getting interesting… there’s a mouth moving its way down my chest, down my side, down my leg (missed the fun bit… damn), to my foot. Aaargh! My whole body is jerking now as she tickles my foot with her tongue… she is going to regret every moment of this, I can tell you!

Okay, now her tongue is on the way back, and my erection is on the way up to greet it. A bit of a gentle nuzzle and a kiss or two, then she’s off again, on her way to my chest and my nipples. Stopping at the belly button for a bit of fun first though. And now she has one my nipples in her mouth, and I am breathing through clenched teeth. Good thing she has me tied securely, because if I could get my hands on her at the moment, she would know all about it.

Now we are kissing… I love kissing. Her mouth tastes sweet, and warm… in fact, tastes like she has been drinking wine. Bit puzzling really… she doesn’t drink wine. Well, at least now I know why she went out. Whoops, she’s off again, this time down the other side of me – a bit of movement on the bed as she moves around to reach, but I can feel her body brushing against mine as she reaches over me. Hmm… I don’t think she is wearing much… I can feel my penis jerk with excitement.

Oh no, not the foot again! Time ceases to be meaningful for a while.

Okay, more encouraging now. She’s back on her way up… everywhere she has kissed me I can feel a chill from the drying dampness, and I feel like my whole body is quivering. Now this is encouraging – she’s stopping to lick my penis, and her mouth is warm… heaven! I’m not so much quivering as bucking now. All too soon the heaven ceases though.

There’s a bit more gyration going on above me, and I can feel her body sliding over mine. Now she’s sliding her breasts over my legs, and up my body, which means… casino firmaları oh yum. There’s a pussy just sitting tantalisingly out of reach from my tongue, but if I raise my head a little (she didn’t tie that down thank goodness) I can just reach her. And this time I feel her body jump, and a groan. And now she’s pushed her pussy right up against my mouth… well, I guess when it’s time to eat, what can one do except chow down?

I’m sliding my tongue up the inside of her lips, then down again to push it as deep inside her as I can. Her mouth may have tasted odd, but her pussy tastes oh-so-familiar, and I love it. Reaching up with my tongue, I suck her clitoris into my mouth, and now she really starts groaning. Somehow I think she must have been a bit excited by all of this, because she is responding very quickly, and I can feel the mixture of my saliva and her wetness sliding down my cheeks. Oh, and her pubic hair is great for rubbing my nose against too.

She’s calling out now with passion, and I’m enjoying myself, and I think the cock that must be jumping around at full erection in front of her catches her attention, because I feel her move around and changing the weight on the bed, then the heavenly sensation of that warm mouth sinking down over my cock begins again. She’s sucking harder this time, although she’s pretty well controlled… not even stopping when I suck particularly hard on her (well, I have to take what small revenge I can now, right?).

I can feel her hair rushing over my belly, my mouth inside her mouth, except when she takes it out to lick and bite at it, and I can feel her moving around from my ministrations. She’s gasping now, and I begin to flick my tongue over her clitoris quickly, up and down, up and down… and then suddenly I can’t hear a thing! Her legs are clenching against my head, and her body is jerking hard.

The mouth on my cock has disappeared… I suppose I should be grateful, otherwise I may have ended up with a serious bite delivered as güvenilir casino she orgasmed. But now I can feel her hot wet pussy sliding down onto my cock, and god but that feels fantastic.

Hang on just a minute! If her pussy is still sitting on my face (and I can assure you that it certainly tastes like her pussy), then whose pussy is sliding down my dick?!? My whole body is jerking as I try to get out of my bonds.


Well, there’s not much you can say that’s meaningful when someone is still siting on your face, and is obviously expecting second helpings! At least I can hear now, and what I hear is two women enjoying themselves – at my expense no less! And is sounds like there could be a bit of kissing going on up there. But all I can feel is the pussy on my cock, sliding up and down, and the pussy on my mouth. Well, time to try and get my own back… work on that clit again!

After another period of no sound except the blood in my ears, and finding it difficult to breathe (bit frightened of drowning, truth be told), the weight is lifted from my face. And my penis, more’s the pity! There’s a lot of movement happening, but I can only wait patiently to discover what’s next.

Wait a minute, I feel some legs being thrown across my waist, my cock sliding into a tight pussy again, and along with it my lovers groan. Well, I know where she is now. And from a different angle, another pussy slides its way up to my nose, then back down to my mouth. Not only is this an unfamiliar taste (but sweet, all the same), but this one has no pubic hair! Now, who do I know who shaves her pussy?

This is all becoming to much for me… my hips are moving faster, and truth be told I’m pretty much just concentrating on breathing rather than pleasuring the unknown pussy in front of my face. All too soon my body is rigid, and all I can feel is the rushing, pounding… and I’m screaming as I come hard!

There are some parting kisses (and I’m not getting all of them)… and now I am alone again. Warm from my exertions, but I suspect I will soon be cold again. And you know the worst bit? After I head the front door close behind my lover and her friend… my bloody nose starts to itch again! Bugger!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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