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I have read all of his stories and they make me so hot that I end up wearing him out. Therefore, I had to try one on my own. This story is true and I hope you enjoy it.

Mrs. NTS


The first time I saw him he was wearing a pair of tight Wrangler Jeans that accentuated his ass. He also had on a pair of tan roper boots with a white collarless shirt. All this and a six foot five inch body to die for

I have always been a sucker for a tight assed cowboy.

Wrangler Jeans have also always been WoW jeans. You know they have the W on each back pocket. Get it?

Anyway, he was definitely WoW! No matter where he was, he walked as if he owned the fucking place. He had an air of confidence that was verrrrry sexy.

Between his attitude, tight ass, and the bulge in his jeans, I had to have him!

One problem was that he was married at the time to a wife who did not fit with him and was a shrew. The pickings would be easy or so I thought.

The other sexy thing about him as I was soon to find out was his loyalty.

He owned a business so my first step was to get a job at his company. Being that I was experienced in the field, I thought it would be a cinch.

I showed up for the interview wearing a short black leather skirt and a silky white blouse.

I’m five foot, eleven inches tall and if I do say so myself damn fine. My tits are a 36D, are firm, full, and set high with nipples that are hard most of the time. My legs are long and slightly muscular but not too much. My ass is tight and firm. I have always had my fair share of stares and men.

During the interview, I tried to show just enough leg to be sexy but not slutty. I had my blouse unbuttoned to what I call “one button past decent.”

The interview went well and when we were done, Chaz told me I was hired.

Step one down.

When I got home, I stripped off my clothes and began massaging my pussy. Just being so near such a sexy, confident man made me soooooo horny. I laid on the couch fingering my pussy imagining that it was him doing it. I came with such a force that I was exhausted afterwards.


The next morning I showed up for work and went to his office. He was on the phone and waved me on in. I sat across from his desk as he finished his phone call.

“How are you today Jan” he asked.

He held out his hand to shake mine. I reached for his hand and when we touched, I felt a wonderful tingling sensation in my pussy.

“I’m great and ready to get started.” I answered.

He got up from behind his desk and we headed out the door. Always the consummate gentleman he let me go first. I did my best to sway my ass just enough so that I could be certain he was looking at it.

We went onto the main floor, he introduced me to his wife Casey, and to the other people who worked there.

I could since a twinge of jealousy coming from Casey, as she was a short and plump woman.

One of the staff called to Chaz, “You have a phone call Boss on line one.”

He asked Casey to finish showing me around as he left us to get the call.

Casey was cordial and informative as she taught me my duties. However, there was that underlying feeling of jealousy.


Over the first few weeks of my working there, Casey and I talked a lot. Although her physical attributes did not match mine, she was a very nice person and seemed to come to me with her problems. One day she related to me that she did not think that Chaz loved her anymore. He seemed distant and aloof. He also had not touched her in six or seven months. She was aware that she had put on a lot of weight in the last year or so and did not feel good about herself.

When Casey wasn’t there, Chaz and I talked a lot and he also was not happy with their relationship. He felt that they had nothing in common. He admitted to loving her but he just felt that they had changed as a couple.

I was in the middle, which was a bad or maybe good place to be, as I still got wet at the thought of fucking Chaz.

When I talked to Casey, I always felt bad about lusting for her husband and tried to give her some helpful advice like trying to lose the weight and to be more confident in herself.

When I spoke with Chaz, I was a shameless flirt.

Chaz was always talking about getting away from the day-to-day and just go fishing but Casey hated fishing.


One evening I had been out drinking a few and happened by the job just as Chaz was heading to his truck. I stopped and got out of the car.

I was wearing a floral print mini skirt that showed off my tanned legs. I was in a very soft, shimmering gold blouse that was probably more like two buttons past decent. I loved the blouse because it showed off my tits so nicely.

Chaz was depressed and aggravated because work had not gone well and him and Casey had gotten into an argument.

I asked him, “Come over to my place for a bit and let’s talk about it.”

He said, “I probably better ankara escort get on home.”

I said, “Come over for just a little bit and have a cold beer.”

I did not wait for his answer I just said, “Follow me.”

I lived in the same direction that he needed to go anyway. I got in the car and headed toward home. Chaz was following me in his truck.

When I got to my drive, I turned on the blinker to go in. I checked in the mirror and Chaz was not turning. He went to the other lane and was going on around. I quickly stepped on the gas and jumped in front of him. We drove about a mile toward his house and I motioned for him to pull over. I turned my blinker on and gave it one more try. I turned into a parking spot where people parked by the airport to watch the planes.

He turned in behind me.

I got out of the car and leaned against the hood of the car. He got out and came over to me.

He said, “I appreciate you wanting to help but I really should get home.”

He was standing in front of me as I let my skirt ride up just a bit more until my panties were nearly showing. There was a breeze blowing which was lifting my blouse off my tits and making them even more visible to him.

He said, “I’ll see you Monday.”

He headed for his truck and I jumped in front of him again and stood in the door of the truck. He walked right up to me and then. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to him and we kissed an electrifying kiss.

My God, the man can kiss. I felt twinges vibrating through my whole body and to my pussy. I leaned back onto the seat as he leaned into me and kissed me again. I wanted to crawl up into the seat and have him fuck me right there.

He broke the kiss and a pang of guilt was on his face.

“I better get to the house or Casey will wonder where I have been.” He said.

I then said, “Tell Casey you are going fishing tomorrow. I will go with you. I love to fish.”

This was the truth I do like to fish.

“I don’t know.” He stumbled around.

“Come on, pick me up at nine. I know a great place to crappie fish.” I pleaded.

“Ok, I’ll pick you up at nine.” He finally relented.

I kissed him again and said, “Great, see you at nine.”

I walked as sexily as possible to my car and got in. I pulled out and turned left and he wet right to his home and wife.

I went home and took a hot bath. I laid in the tub thinking about that kiss and had to masturbate thinking of him.


I was up early the next morning and getting ready for Chaz to pick me up. I put on a pair of very short cutoff jeans and a white tank top t-shirt with no bra. I slid on a pair of sandals and looked at myself in the mirror.

The make-up was perfect and I was having a good hair day. My girls were looking pert and my nipples were hard and visible through my shirt. I was ready. Today I was making my move to see what he was hiding in those tight jeans.

Nine came and as usual, he was right on time. I had my fishing pole setting by the door and when he pulled up; I grabbed it and went to his truck. I put my pole in the bed of the truck and climbed in the cab.

He said, “Damn Jan you look great!”

I smiled and said, “Well thank-you Chaz. You look great yourself.”

He was wearing a loose pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt. I had never seen his legs before but they were as fine as the rest of his body.

We drove to the lake and carried on idle chat as we went. When we arrived, we grabbed our equipment and headed to the fishing dock. We were the only ones there and I thought “Perfect.”

We fished and had several beers. I was putting my play into place as I kept bending over letting my short shorts ride up until the bottoms of my ass cheeks were showing. Sometimes I would bend over and let my t-shirt fall open revealing my nice firm tits to him. I could tell none of it was going unnoticed.

We had been there nearly two hours and not even a bite.

I said, “I’m hot. I’m going for a swim.”

I pulled my shorts off to reveal my white g-string panties. I could feel his hot stare on my ass cheeks. I left my t-shirt on and dove into the water. When I came up Chaz was standing at the edge watching me.

I said, “Wow that feels good.”

I then floated onto my back letting the girls stretch tight across my wet t-shirt. My white panties were also I’m sure doing nothing to hide my pussy. As I floated back up right my assumptions must have been right because he had a hard on. His big cock was trying to poke it’s way through his shorts.

I said, “Come on get in the water feels great.”

He replied, “I don’t have a suit.”

I laughed, “That didn’t stop me did it? Swim in your underwear. Nobody’s around.”

He looked around to be sure then pulled his shorts off to reveal his boxers. He dove into the water and came up next to where I was treading water.

I leaned into him and kissed him. He then kissed me back. He began to swim out a ways and I followed him. We had only swum about thirty escort ankara yards when he suddenly stood up.

“Look there must be a sand bar under here.” He exclaimed.

I swam next to him and tried touching but it was still too deep for me. I grabbed a hold of his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“I hope you don’t mind I am getting tired.” I said.

He kissed me deeply and I felt his hard cock poking me in the ass as I sat on him.

I reached under me and grabbed his cock and said, “Apparently it’s ok.”

I stroked it a few times and was not disappointed. The bulge in his jeans was all him.

He reached for the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up to my neck letting my breasts free to float in the water. I held tight to his neck and leaned back letting my nipples protrude from the water. He quickly got the hint and bent forward to suck a nipple into his mouth. He switched and sucked the other one. I moaned.

I lay with my head back letting him suck on my hard nipples. I then let loose of his neck and swam behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest and my legs wrapped around him again. I let my hand slid to his hard cock. I reached through the fly of his boxers and pulled his big cock through. I tried wrapping my hand around it but failed so I grabbed what I could and pulled and stroked it. He moaned.

I then whispered in his ear, “I’m done fishing how about you?”

He just replied with an “Uh huh.”

I then asked, “Do you want to get out of here?”

Another, “Uh huh.”

I let loose of his cock and his neck and began swimming back to the dock. I pulled my t-shirt back down and climbed the ladder. He was right behind me.

He was so close I could feel his breath on my ass as he climbed out. I grabbed my shorts but did not bother putting them on just yet. He grabbed his shorts and slid them on over his wet boxers.

We gathered our equipment and headed to the truck. I felt so naughty walking to the truck in my wet g-string and wet t-shirt. Chaz was right behind me again. I knew he was watching my ass as I walked.

I threw my pole in the truck and climbed into the cab. He did likewise. This time I slid over next to him as he started the truck to leave.

I put my hand on his cock, unzipped his fly, reached in to pull out his cock, and began stroking it.

He said, “Where do you want to go?”

I replied, “It’s an hour drive back to my place.”

He shook his head and said, “I know a place.”

He turned onto the highway and I turned to his raging hard on. I scooted over then dropped my head into his lap.

My god his cock was so big I had to open as wide as I could to get my lips around the head. He was oozing precum from the head so I used my tongue to tease him. I wrapped my hand around the base and stroked it as I attempted to get as much as possible in my mouth.

I had sucked and licked him for about five minutes when he said, “We’re coming into town.”

He had driven to the nearest small town. I sat up as we turned into a small hotel.

He sat there for a moment letting his cock deflate. He then got out and went in to get us a room.

He quickly returned and drove around the corner to a nearby room. He jumped out and ran around to open my door.

I looked down at my g-string and said, “Maybe you better open the door and I will just run in.”

He went to the room door and used the key to open it. I opened the truck door and ran inside.

Once inside he pulled me to him and we kissed a very passionate kiss. He let his hand slid down my body until it covered my panty-clad pussy. He began massaging my pussy through my panties and walked me backwards toward the bed. He laid me onto the bed and then pulled my panties off.

He got on his knees at the foot of the bed and kissed my knees then kissed his way up my thighs. I felt my thighs quivering at each kiss. My pussy felt like it was on fire waiting for his touch. My god I wanted to just grab his head and pull it to my pussy and scream, “Make me cum!”

He finally got to my pussy and kissed it then I felt his tongue like a hot poker licking inside the lips. My clit jumped out and his tongue quickly found it.

When his tongue first flicked across my clit, my whole body jerked like a jolt of electricity had been sent through it. He then placed his thumb on my mons and pulled up making my hard clit poke out even further.

“OOOOOHHHHHH MY GAWD!” I exclaimed as he sucked my clit between his lips. He held my clit between his luscious lips and let his tongue flitter across it. I was writhing and squirming on the bed as he continued to suck and play with my clit.

“OH FUCK!” I screamed and locked my thighs around his head. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him into me.

My whole body was racked with an intense pleasure as I released on his tongue.

I reached down to his head and pulled him up. I had to have his fat cock in my pussy. I had never in my life wanted to be fucked so badly. He crawled up my body kissing ankara escort bayan and licking. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and it responded by puckering up to the point of being painful. As he positioned himself between my legs, I wrapped my legs around his waist and was pulling him into me.

I felt his hot cock head as it touched my pussy lips. I then felt his cock begin to enter me. I kept pulling him to me with my legs but he kept it slow. I wanted him to ram his cock into me and fuck me but he wanted me to feel every inch of his big cock as it slid into me.

His cock head slid into my soaked pussy. My pussy was grasping at him as he slowly inched his cock into me. I could feel every ripple in his cock and he sunk it all the way in. Once there he stopped and let me feel the fullness his cock had created in my pussy.

I began raising my ass off the bed and writhing on his cock.

He leaned to my ear and in a soft growl asked me, “What do you want Baby?”

I nearly screamed, “My gawd just fuck me please!”

He then withdrew and I was anticipating the sweet feel of his cock plunging back into me. But, He completely withdrew. I could almost feel my pussy trying to reach out to his beautiful cock and suck it back inside me.

He then suddenly drove his dick back into me all of a sudden.

“OH FUCK YESSSSS!” I yelled.

He began a steady rhythm of fucking my pussy and I tightened my legs around him. He bent forward and was sucking my nipples as I was raking my nails across his back. He leaned forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He sucked it until it was swollen and puckered in his mouth. His cock was filling me and felt wonderful.

He then pulled out, grabbed my hips, and rolled me over. I laid on the bed face down and raised my ass into the air for him to fuck me some more.

He let his cock slip into me again and resumed fucking me.

I stayed face down on the sheets and realized I was biting the sheet from the intense feeling of being fucked by him.

I then could feel my orgasm building and again moaned, “OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!”

He began pumping fast and hard into me as I let my juices flood his cock. Then he groaned a raspy groan and I could feel his cock swell even more inside me then. Then suddenly his hot cum filled my pussy.

He stopped his motion and just left his cock buried in my pussy. I could feel his heartbeat through his cock as it pulsed inside me.

We both stayed that way breathing heavily and then he pulled out of me. He rolled onto his back and I let my ass fall to the bed.

“Holy shit.” I heard him exclaim.

I smiled knowing that was good. I rolled onto my side and wrapped my hand around his still semi hard cock. I quickly responded to my touch and was hard again.

I straddled his body and grabbed his cock. I guided it toward my cum filled pussy and then sat all the way down on it. The cum in my pussy was running out and I’m sure was coating his balls.

I put my hands on his chest and pinched his nipples between my fingers as I rode up and down on his big, hard cock. I could feel his cock deep inside my vibrating pussy. He then grabbed my tits and pinched my hard nipples between his fingers. He rolled them and pinched to the point of pain but stopped at that point and nothing was left but pure pleasure. He slid one hand down my torso until it came to rest at my pussy. He then let his thumb massage my clit.

I leaned back putting my hands on his strong thighs and enjoyed the feeling of being completely filled and having my clit massaged.

He suddenly sat up and I rode him sitting in his lap while he sucked my nipples. The air was on in the room but both of us were covered in a thin coating of perspiration.

My orgasm was ready to explode again as he sucked my very sensitive nipples.

“OHHHHH YESSSSSS!” I moaned and sat fully on his cock and again coated him with my juices.

I was squeezing his cock with my pussy milking the cum from his body.

He suddenly laid back down and grabbed my hips as he raised his ass off the bed and groaned, “OOOHHH FUCK!”

He spilled his cum inside my slick pussy.

When he had finished I laid down on his chest with his cock still buried inside me. Our hot sweaty bodies lying together, trying to catch our breath.

I raised up and kissed him then rolled off his cock and laid next to him on the bed.

He spoke first, “Wow that was incredible.”

“Yes it was.” I agreed.

I felt the double shot of cum running from my pussy and down the crack of my ass.

I said, “I better clean up.”

He said, “Me too. It is beginning to get dark outside. I better get home.”

We went to the shower together and cleaned off the sweat and cum from each other’s bodies.

We got dressed and before leaving, kissed again.

On the drive back it was very quiet. I was dreading having to say goodbye and send him back to his wife.

We got to my house and the sun had nearly set. I leaned over and we kissed.

He said, “I’ll see you tomorrow at work.”

I replied, “See you then.”

I got out, grabbed my fishing pole, and headed to the house. He waited like the gentleman he is for me to get inside the house. I stood at the door as he drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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