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Dom grinned, slouched in a taxi. His head was spinning and it didn’t sound like the driver was speaking English, but someone’s hand was in his and he had vague memories of grabbing an ass at the club with no negative consequences. Flashes of accidental bumps swirled in the still-ringing bass notes underneath his brain, and a flirtatious hat theft. The cab stopped and he poured out.

“Hey buddy, you gotta settle up.” The cab driver was glaring at them. Had he always been able to speak English?

Nodding slowly, he offered the man his card. The driver regarded it. “This is your driver’s license, pal. Happy birthday, by the way. Lucky 21.” Dom cussed, embarrassed, as the girls dissolved into laughter. Melanie handed him her card, and the guy scowled. “Alright, great, you’re both 21, I’m very impressed. You’ve had your fun. Are one of you guys gonna pay me?”

Dom, ignoring the fact that it wasn’t his birthday–he’d turned that magical multiple of 7 several weeks earlier–fished out his card and, waving off his friends, paid the fare. The cab pulled away, and he watched it, wondering if this would be one of those strangely memorable moments that stuck with him years later.

Liza and Melanie stumbled after him, laughing and pushing each other. Liza was slender and dark skinned. She’d gotten dolled up to out, and she’d clearly had more fun than she’d intended, swaying as she spoke. Melanie was tall and solid, and whereas Liza had dolled up, Melanie had huddled into a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. She looked back at him and then turned to hustle after a retreating Liza. He grinned dumbly, the warm feeling of tequila still tickling his brain.

In the alley that separated the gates to the dorm from the main road, Dom passed Melanie in the dark, and she grabbed his ass. He grinned but pretended not to notice, watching Liza’s silhouette rattle the locked gates irritably. She swore unsteadily, and came stalking back, leading the charge to the back gates. They let her pass, then followed, hands touching but not held. Liza swore more and they moved to her elbows to hold her up as they rounded the fence and slipped in through the ajar rear gate. Nobody questioned the point of gates that were locked or unlocked at this point, but it was a hassle. Liza ahead of them Dom took the opportunity to pay back Melanie, running his hand up her spine.

They came to the lit foyer, where a few more friends were casually waiting for them, having beaten them back with a less ethical and more enthusiastic cab driver. Dom sensed his luck was running out and slowed to let Melanie get ahead. Slightly disappointed, he watched as she disappeared down the hallway and into the room she shared with Liza. There was a slamming door.

“Liza? Hey, are you using casino şirketleri the bathroom? Alright. Hey, I’m going to use the bathroom upstairs, okay?” Melanie padded back down the hall in her flip-flops, and looked apologetically at Dom. “Can I use your bathroom?”

Dom looked at her for a moment, briefly not following and trying to guess her motivations. She winked. “Oh yeah, of course. No, it’s not a problem.” She hopped up the stairs, and he followed her. On the landing he grazed the small of her back again.

His “room” was actually a mini-suite that he shared with a sullen roommate. Cautiously he opened the door and waved Melanie in, pointing out the bathroom and slinking to his bedroom. Tequila tapped on the edges of his brain. “Isn’t that sweater uncomfortable, Dom?” one invisible cactus monster inquired. He struggled out of the sweater and tossed it into his chair.

Melanie knocked, and he motioned her inside, his hands subconsciously popping the first button on his collar. “Fun night, huh?” he asked. She nodded as she came in, looking nonchalantly around the room.

“Yeah. The music was loud and fast and…” she was looking in his eyes, her face inches from his. He could feel her breathing and then, suddenly, his lips met hers. Her arms enfolded his neck, and his hands, unbidden, grabbed her hips and pushed his hand backward into the rear pockets of her jeans. They pulled apart slowly, staring for a moment, each desperately seeking the other’s approval. There was the slightest twitch of a grin, and Melanie leaned into a second kiss, pushing Dom towards his bed while kicking the door shut gently with her heel.

The strange kinking sound of springs met Dom as he laid out on the bed, Melanie on top of him, straddling him as she ran her hands down his chest. One of the snap-buttons on his shirt popped open. Melanie leaned back slightly, and tugged. The buttons popped one at a time, from the bottom up, revealing Dom’s smooth stomach and chest. He wasn’t exactly a super model, but as she ran her hand along the skin she felt abs bunch up under her touch.

His hands ran inexpertly to the hemline of her sweatshirt, then tugged it, breaking their firestorm of tongue to tug it over her head and toss it aside. Maybe it was the angle, but the ordinary form-hugging white t-shirt she was wearing underneath looked as though it had been hand-sewed by angels. Melanie leaned back, pressing her pelvis against his as she wriggled out of the t-shirt and hurled it off the end of the bed. Downy white skin glistened in the moonlight streaming through the window. Dom’s eyes sluiced saucer-size down to a strip of embroidered magenta material. She grinned. “Is it Oktoberfest or are you just glad to be here?”

She leaned forward, pressing casino firmaları him to the bed with her lips and slipping off of him, laying on her side and moving her hand down his chest. He swallowed as she reached his jeans, and with an agonizing slowness popped the button. Her hand inched under the waist, the zipper creeping downward to accommodate her quest. His hand twitched and he tried to gin up the strength to lift himself up and make for her bra; some part of his brain protesting that she should be naked first. Her hand hit cotton fabric stretched taut over flesh, and his brain abdicated.

She coaxed his jeans off, and looked at him appreciatively. “Wow, you’re… wow.” Struggling to regain his masculine composure, he grinned sheepishly. Threading her legs through his, Melanie put her hand on his chest again and slipped it down his chest, drifting over the cloth onto his cock. It hardened under her touch until it was longer than her hand. Carefully, she hooked her fingers in the band and started to pull. It caught on the head and traveled intertwined for a moment, until finally the thick shaft tugged free and slapped gently against his stomach.

Her smile widened for a moment as she tugged his boxers to his knees. Then, she tossed her head, tucking her hair behind her ears. Dom adjusted himself, laying further back in the bed and raising his hips a little. She gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft, and opened her mouth. Dom gasped as she kissed the head. Then, she slid her lips down the side of his member, slowly pumping her hand. She reached her thumb and went back up, taking the whole thing in her mouth. Carefully, she picked off the side of the bed and kneeled on the floor, working inch after inch into her throat. Dom groaned as her tongue caressed him, and put his hands on her head, trying to get her to stop as slowly she pulled away. Finally, just his head was in her mouth, and she eagerly jerked her head forward, enveloping his dick in her warm, soft mouth. She worked into a rhythm as he struggled to lift his hips to keep himself in her mouth as long as possible.

Finally Dom pulled away, leaning further back with each press so she had to lean a little closer to get its full length, then pulling away. For a second a bead of saliva connected hungry lips to swollen cock, and then he pulled Melanie onto the bed, kissing her neck and earlobes while he undid her bra. The clasps slipped apart with ease and Melanie snatched it off her chest and hurled it aside as Dom worked his way past her collar bone, and gently licked a hard, pink aureola. She sighed as his right hand loosened her belt and slithered inside her panties.

Hot with desire, he wasn’t leveraging the gentle teasing she’d treated him to. Instead, his fingers güvenilir casino crossed her mound and gently slipped in her wet opening. As his fingers rebounded and curled inside her, she arched her back slightly, then lowered it again, forcing him to go in and out of her. He dragged his teeth softly on her nipple and she began frantically to strip off her jeans around his thrusting fingers. They hit the floor and he swung his legs over her, his hand still in her lap. She wiggled her bottom desperately as his fingers made an agonizingly slow circuit of her heaving opening, and when he took it away she felt a warm hardness in the dark, inches from her. She pressed forward, trying to get it inside of her, but he deftly pulled himself up.

“Such a greedy girl! What do you say?” He asked from above her teasingly. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist.

“Mine now.” she answered calmly as she pressed her legs into his back, forcing him forward. Too surprised to struggle he slipped inside her, inch after inch. She felt his balls slap against her thigh and a vibrating fullness enveloped her.

He laughed again, kissing her neck, but his hips wouldn’t move. She slid her hips back, trying to feel the inches divest themselves from her soaking pussy, but he kept with her. She couldn’t get him far enough apart to really pound his full length inside of her. He radiated an air of smugness, then whispered something inaudibly.

Suddenly, he was outside of her. His whole length; she could feel his head brush her pussy lips. Before she could gasp it came crashing back, and for a moment she saw the stars shine through the ceiling. “Ffffffuck! Yes!”

Ponderously he dragged himself out of her again. This time she was ready, though, and as he came rushing into her she thrust, and felt a rush of slippery friction on her clit. “Fuck me! Oh god. Fuck my pussy.” She groaned as the pounding became more rapid. “Take it.” He whispered, the need in his voice raking her

“Guh… give it to me!” She moaned huskily. She leaned forward and nipped his neck, then bit as she felt his weight shift and the angle change slightly. A hand moved above her and then she snatched it. “No! Just the cock.” Encouraged by her edge he increased his already impossible pace. She wrapped her legs tighter as the edges of the world became fuzzy and white.

Finally. everything stopped except the sound of a heartbeat and a far-away buzz. Melanie felt a gush of girl-cum splash against her thighs, and as her eyes refocused she realized there was a hand over her mouth, and that she’d been screaming. She felt her ass moving desperately, pounding a thick cock until, with a spasm, a boiling heat filled her pussy. Dom groaned but didn’t stop his paint-mixer pace. Melanie arched her back as cum and pussy juice spurted, then trickled out of her.

Dom collapsed to his elbows, inches away from her face, huffing. Melanie could feel his heart beating. “So, you were saying… about the music?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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