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My girlfriend likes to do things to show her dominance. Once she decided that I should be completely submissive to get that I needed a training regimen to go through she came up with a list of assignments for me to complete.

First. She asked 15 of her friends on Facebook messenger what color thong or g string I should wear as a swimsuit to the lake. After she did her survey she sent me to a local department store to pick out new panties that I would wear to the lake. I returned from the department store with an assortment of styles and colors.

Surprisingly she was not happy. She said I had to do some serious landscaping to pull off wearing a hot pink thong in public. So she has me get in the car and we ride to town. I ask where we are going and she says you’re getting a manzillian. I question her and she says a man version of a Brazilian. I am getting all the hair below my head waxed. We pull into a salon where we have mutual friends working karşıyaka escort there. We walk in and she announces to them all that I need to be waxed. The salon girls get a good little laugh and my girlfriend says she serious that from now on I’m only wearing women’s panties and have to look my best in them. A girl that was in my high school classes offers to do the wax and takes me into the back. My girlfriend sits and watches watched her work while taking photos on her phone. When the waxing is over she invited all the stylists to come look which they all do at my completely smooth body which she reached me a pair of panties a hot pink thong to put on. I out then I’m in front of the 5 women watching and feel humiliated and sexy and slutty at the same time.

Now we head out to the lake and go to our usual spot that is fairly secluded. She makes me walk from our car to the water in only my thong while she is in her string kartal escort bikini and carries a bag of lotion and towels. The walk through the woods is uneventful until the very end of the trail we can see the water from the lake we see a group of college age guys drinking beer and fishing.

I try and back out and beg to her not to make me walk in front of them. So she says relax she’s going to go talk to them. She walks over and not 30 seconds later she strips naked and asks if they will put lotion on her. She has 3 sets of hands running suntan lotion on her. I am so turned on by seeing her stripped naked surrounded by 3 men rubbing lotion on her.

She begins rubbing their cock through their shorts and she drops to her knees. She says before I start sucking just letting you know my boyfriend is here. See him through the trees. He’s in a pink thong and he’s a sissy little faggot. Show me how kastamonu escort real men should fuck me.

They pull out their cocks and she takes turns sucking on all 3. I walk over just in time to see her get on all fours and take the first cock bareback into her pussy with one in her mouth and the 3rd in her hand. The guys look at me and laugh as they fuck my girlfriend taking turns with her on the bank of the lake while I’m sitting here watching trying to cover up my erection in my hot pink thong. She eventually does a dp taking all 3 at once. She offers my mouth and add for them to use but none take the offer. They fuck her until the first guy cums in her. She has me get under her and eat his cum from her pussy while she has a cock pounding her ass and one in her mouth. The guy in her mouth blows his load and she pulls me too her and gives me a deep sloppy kiss pushing his cum into my mouth. The guy pounding her ass hole finally pulls out and strokes his cock cumming into her face which I lick up every drop. I feel so humiliated watching her just got gang fucked by 3 strangers are, not to mention that I’m hairless and in a pink thong but I want more. I know my place I want to please her at all costs, even if that means becoming her submissive male cock slut…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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