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1. In Through The Out Door

I believe his name was Ramon.

I cant be sure. I don’t recall ever hearing it actually…remember seeing a nameplate…but for some reason I think he was Ramon.

No matter, names weren’t required for what we were doing.

He’d come with lunch…wheeled it right into the room and after seeing me sprawled over the messy bed,

my nakedness only partially concealed with a sheet…I’d easily convinced him to stay for dessert.

The room’s occupant…in who’s name it had been rented anyway…was out. He’d slipped from between the sheets some hours ago to meet some people…talk at a conference luncheon or suck somebody else’s cock. Probably all of those things…I wasn’t quite sure.

I’d taken up unofficial residence that first night and we’d been mixing work with pleasure ever since.

Right up until Ramon.

Leaned back…up against the headrest…his smooth, olive skinned body was highlighted by the white sheets. He looked delicious…and I was already hungry.

Putting a knee up on the foot of the bed, I began to crawl to him like a cat. Slowly…silently making my way to him. I take my first taste as my tongue lightly grazes his leg. I would let my tongue lead me…it knew where to go…what to do.

Slowly it trailed up him…over a muscular thigh…to his crotch. My lips gently…barely…touch his thickening cock while bridging over to his flat belly…I skate up to his chest and suckle a small tit…drawing hardness from the dark nipple and the first moans from his mouth…before ascending to his open and inviting mouth…we kiss. Slow…wet…deep…taking our time. Drawing his tongue out, I massage it with my own…stroke it as I’ll soon do elsewhere…as our needs build.

“Hi, Baby…” I whisper after pulling back slightly. A quick smile…another quick lick of his lips…and I’m gone…spun around…ready for my descent.

By now his cock is a sight sure to wet the mouth of any self respecting cocksucker. Ramon wasn’t a big man…probably just below average…but he packed a hell of an above average cock.

Thick and swollen, it was throbbing hard and pointing at my face with menacing delight. A pearl of precum clung precariously to the head…the tip of my quick tongue saved it from falling. Licking the length the thick shaft…I follow it back to his balls and with my hand bring them to my mouth.

“Mmmmm..” I murmur while kissing and licking his hairless sac. It undulates in my palm…against my wet lips as I lick it feverishly.

“Lick me Bitch…” were his first…well chosen words. A good course of action, I decide and continue to do just that. Extending my tongue, I slide it as deeply down his crack as my position will allow.

I feel his hands on my hips…guiding me…up and over until I’m straddling his chest. I inch back slightly…until we can please each other comfortably and facing forward again, I grasp his cock and

start the first meal of the day. Wrapped around the swollen head of his cock…my lips feel his heat as I begin cork screwing him down and in.

Sucking him down like a sword…the smooth thickness of his cock fills my mouth until its touches the back of my throat…ahhhh, how I do enjoy a mouthful of cock. Pulling off slowly, my contracted lips extract a sweet reward of precum…a cock’s way of insuring it gets sucked again…and again…it teases you with the promise of more. In my case…no such convincing was necessary.

A tube of lubricant flies from the top of the nightstand and lands on the sheets near my head. Taking my cue, I begin fixing him up. Soon his cock is a glistening, dark brown picture of manhood at its very best.

He guiding me again…gently rolling me onto my back and I wait patiently as his hand finishes what his mouth had begun…deftly applying lube to my ass. I while away the time by playfully rolling his balls in the palm of my hand.

“You gonna fuck me Baby…? I whisper to him. In a second, I have my answer. Spinning me towards him, he raises my legs up until they rest on his shoulders.

“That’s right Bitch…” he says with a grunt while quickly pulling close. “I’m going to fuck up good…”

I grasp my knees and pull back …exposing myself fully…and soon feel him sliding his hardon

up where it belongs.

“Ahhhh…” the sound is pushed from my mouth. Squirming closer…I feel the power of his small frame as he begins pumping…holding me in place with strong hands…and working his tool on me.

“That’s right… it to me…” My eyes skyward, I momentarily regret the lack of a mirror on the ceiling that would let me see as well as feel his powerful cock fill my ass. Quickly passing it off as one of life’s little disappointments, I close my eyes and enjoy the ride.

But…I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

Here I am…just about to detail how Ramon’s was making me moan and I’ve not explained in any way how I wound up being in such a bahis firmaları pleasing position. Not explained how I became the cocksucker I am today…

2. The Doorway

“Burning the candle at both ends again, eh Robert…?”

Apparently I’d left the door to my office ajar and Edward’s had taken advantage.

“Hasn’t that beautiful wife of yours trained you to get home on time?” he continued with a smile.

My concentration abruptly broken, I jerked slightly when looking towards him.

“Well…yes Sir, you know me…always wanting to stay top of things…but too slow to get them done quickly” A self effacing grin pushed the words back his way.

“Don’t take too long now…” he came back. “Don’t want to keep her waiting and the work will still be here tomorrow…Good Night now”

That said, he left gone as quickly as he’d appeared. His head retracted from the door jam…the door closed completely and quietly…the sound of his footsteps tracked him down the hall.

Once again, silence returned to my world.

“Phew…that was close…” I thought and felt. No sounds crossed my lips, but I could hear the blood

pumping quickly through my temples.

“What am I doing leaving the door open…?” I puzzled angrily. The cause for my concern

presented itself when my attention returned to the computer monitor…and the vision of two naked, aroused men captured me again. I was being bad again…and enjoying it.

Instantly, that warm submissive tide wells from within and flows over me. I become transfixed by the images…the thick, stiff cock…arching upward strongly…declaring it dominance over the young man kneeling before it…into whose mouth it partially disappears.

Reaching for my mouse, I give the images life with a noisy “click” … the young man’s head begins

turning slowly from side to side, his mouth full of swollen dickhead…his tongue darts out, smoothing over the thick shaft as he slowly swallows more and more of it…camera focusing in…a hand reaches up, fills itself with balls pushing the entire package up…another hand rests gently on the cock sucker’s head…guiding his pleasing sucking…

Then the image stops.

The cock is again frozen in place between the man’s lips. “Where it probably always belongs” I think as I’m returned to my own reality.

The center of this small universe is that beautiful cock…it dominates my attention and although not fully conscious of it at the time, it’s a universe I was in route to.

“I’ve got to get home…” I mutter and with a few more “clicks” the computer is shut down.

Standing gingerly, my pants full of swollen manhood , I take advantage and squeeze and rub my hardon…getting it into proper “walking position”. Finish collecting my things and head out towards the elevator…officially homeward bound.

3. Passage

The hour long train ride home is its usual boring self. Noisy and cluttered, the car is filled with other equally tired and disinterested travelers to whom the ride is nothing more than a means to a destination.

Something to be endured…not experienced or remembered. Sleep was the narcotic of choice this day

and pressing myself into the large, soft backrest my eyes close…and soon my mind opens.

“Going to join the future.” I hear Edwards, my boss saying some months back. “We’ve opened our own website and we’ll be taking orders over the net…tracking and tracing…all sorts of things are going to open up…the future is now…”

I didn’t understand all the computer jargon, but these seemed like laudable goals so I’d happily jumped on board…next stop the future.

Funny how only a few weeks later, the future arrived.

Working alone after hours, I’d done an internet search on one of our Mid-West suppliers. I needed to check this or that about something or other, but the search netted more than anticipated. One of the websites rounded up was Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual… and I’d pondered it for a moment. The “something or other” that needed checking changed and in another short moment the website was opened…and I had a whole new world to ponder.

Displayed graphically…more so than I’d ever seen before, was the widest variety of hard cock, tight ass and all together hot looking naked men I’d ever seen. Being the happy-hetro that I thought I was, I’d not seen much of any of it. Page after page…website after website of long, thick dick and round, smooth ass popped up for my viewing pleasure and based on what the almost immediate hardons I’d get, it was a pleasure I didn’t seem to mind. The images seemed to chase me…not wanting me to leave…flashing glimpses of new worlds as I closed others. For a period I didn’t leave…and after awhile, I couldn’t.

It was around that time that I started getting home a bit later than usual.

“The train wasn’t on time, Honey…”

“Couldn’t find a damn taxi anywhere, Babe…”

“I was jerking off kaçak iddaa in my office…”


Well, yes in fact I was.

My reputation for being a hard worker was growing as it became common place for my end of day to include a little quite time with the boys. Once deemed safe, my office door would close and my computer doorway to gay sex would open.

I’d never been with another man in real life. Actually, hadn’t ever seen a hardon other than my less than “statuesque” one in real life, but these voyeur-like ventures were increasingly exciting and I was becoming more curious. Though never attracted to men sexually, my feelings towards “cock” were surprisingly quite different.

I was willingly being seduced by these visits to a kinkier, taboo side of sex…men pleasing other men.

Lips pressed to stiff cock…tongues hungrily swirling over enlarged, swollen and sensitive dickhead…then eagerly sucking down the reward of their efforts.

My fly began opening at such thoughts and images.

Cautiously at first and always behind a locked door, I’d succumb to my fantasies and jerk off while reading some hot story…or emailing some stranger, telling him I’d shaved my balls for the first time…or simply staring at some hot hard body…his cut cock completely commanding my attention.

More and more I could see my lips wrapped around a such a beautiful cock…worshipping it.

More and more I wanted to do such things…I wanted to be on his knees.

My head filled with visions…my hand full of cock…I’d swivel my chair towards the closed office door…imagining…wishing…someone would come through and catch me in my vulnerable condition…realize my need…release me.

A full length mirror hung inside a coat closet by my desk and I’d watch myself jerking off…imagining it was some other man in an adjacent room performing for me…a pleasure I’d willingly return…until muted moans would accompany my cum as it drained into the wastebasket.

That thought shot me back to reality…

Suddenly I was back on the train headed home, my crotch full of angry, hard cock. A “tent” in my pants was very visible and clearing my throat, I glanced around self-consciously and noticed a good looking middle-aged man across the aisle was staring at me.

“You all right…?” he asked slowly, not a note of concern in his voice. His glance dropped down to my crotch and back.

“Yes…thanks…” I replied sitting up straighter and gathering my wits. “Must’ve dozed off…for a moment”.

Slowly we returned to our separate worlds.

A quick check of my watch told me the train was still about a twenty minutes from my getting off point,

but I was in dire of getting off right now! Exiting my seat, I exchanged looks again with the interested traveler before parading my concealed hardon down the bouncy aisle to the men’s room.

Inside…the door closed behind me and I’m alone in chamber of noise…but not for long.

My pants and briefs quickly drop to the floor and grasping a hand-rail from above the toilet for support, my other hand wraps around my hardon and begins easing its suffering. Stiff and strong, my cock demands release…my eyes close and I disappear in fantasy…

An Image of one of the naked studs has popped from my computer and followed me. He steps behind me in the tight quarters and I feel his strong hands slide down my waist and massage my ass firmly…

“Mmmmmm…” I moan quietly. My cock seeming to stand stiffer in appreciation…

“Stroke it Baby…stroke it for me” I feel his whispers on the back of my neck…he licks me…

I’m totally lost to submissive fantasy…

“See what you’ve done to me…?”. I push my crotch upward, holding myself out for him…

“That’s it Baby…give it up for me…give it all up to me…”

So hard…I’m so hot and close now…

I’m up on my toes…my crotch raised and pushed forward…my ass clenched tight…

“Cum for me Baby…I know your secret…give it to me…”

I was at that point of no return…was just about to spray the world with cum…when I really did feel someone touching me! The interested traveler had followed me and squeezing in through the unfastened door, has knelt behind me.

Spinning…I’m spinning…he’s spinning me…and in another moment my hand is pushed aside and my inflamed cock is swallowed whole!

“Ahhhhhh…” I gasp aloud…totally surprised…totally ready…I couldn’t resist him if I’d wanted. I surrendered willingly.

I pushed back up onto my toes…both hands now grasped the overhead support…as he held my waist firmly and devoured me!

“Ohhhh…Baby…” I’m gasping. “Take….” My legs weaken…I drop a bit…a second later…I’m back up and release to him!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” I cried out as by body shook and a huge spasm of cum was powered out of me. He lifted me off my feet and held me in mid-air while sucking the very existence out kaçak bahis of me! Load after blissful load he stole…his lips squeezed me…his tongue whipped me…my cock delivered the goods.

He stood when I couldn’t feed him anymore and I realized how big he was. With palms placed against the stainless steel wall, he pinned me and pressed his mouth to mine. In just a few seconds I was willingly slurping down my own cum…wrapping it around my tongue…tasting its creamy bitterness…and going back for more.

Pressing up, I explored the deepest crevices of his mouth for it…captured and swallowed it. My hand found the back of his head…and gently pushed his face to me. I’m amazed and overcome with how easily I can do this…how I want this.

He rubbed his hand on my shrinking cock and wet crotch and raised it to my face where I began licking it slowly…deliberately. I’m now fully accepting and eager to travel down this new road. No more pretense…no longer strictly fantasy…I openly accepted these needs and licked his hand thoroughly.

“You’re hungry aren’t you…?” He whispered while guiding my hand…pressing it against his crotch.

I was about to affirm his comment by sliding down the wall when we were interrupted by loud bangs on the door.

“Gotta go!” someone yelled from the other side.

The spell was broken but we kissed again…slowly and deeply…before we broke and prepared to exit.

The man in need of relief stepped aside to make room for my large stranger/friend who exited first. An expression of surprise gripped his face when he noted my presence behind him. Although he said nothing, he entered the room cautiously once we cleared the doorway. I returned his stare with a thin grin. Did he realize what we’ve done? Probably. Could I have cared less? Not possible.

About forty-five minutes later my wife greeted me at the front door to our home and threw her arms around my neck. I wondered if she realized that she’d begun her first affair…welcoming this new man…this stranger to her home. That stranger fucked her eyes out later that night.

4. You Take Milk With That?

Life returned to it’s semi-normalcy. Life altering moments don’t come around often but the daily chores of life never go away. Although I had a different sense of myself, those changes were completely within. No “coming out” party was held for me. On the outside, I was the same and nobody noticed a thing.

Well almost nobody…

“Got a moment…? Edwards said as he stood in my office doorway. He was a big, rugged man and “block” was a fair assessment of what he did to doorways he decided not to pass through.

“Sure, what’s up?” I replied, looking up from me desk.

“Well…I realize it’s late, but the day just got away from me. I was wondering if you had time still that I could give you your job performance?”

It was about 5:20 and the office had emptied considerably. Although I’d been anticipating going online and checking for emails from internet pals…my disappointment was entirely concealed by a positive “Sure, no problem” reply.

“Good…then why don’t you come down to my office when your done?” he said with an affirmative nod before turning and exiting.

Our concepts of “when I’m done” probably differed, but he was the boss and all I was at his office in another 10-15 minutes. The “pals” had to wait.

He was standing behind his desk with a phone to his ear and a hand gesture, motioned me to the couch and chair arrangement that adjoined his desk. Nice digs…roomy and comfortable. A good place to conduct business…put the customer at ease…then make your pitch.

I took up one end of the couch and waited.

His call complete, he sauntered towards the office door…

“Don’t think I’ve been off that thing for more than 10 minutes all day. Getting ready for the Regional Conference three weeks from now is going to kill me! By the way, I expect you to go with me this time, so

clear your schedule.


Closing the door, he quietly returned to his desk and began rummaging through papers.

Going to the Conference…that was a “first” I’d not heard about before. Thinking we were probably the only ones still left in the office anyway, I glanced at the door absently before replying.

“I’ll look forward to it…and will be ready for you…”

We didn’t work closely on a daily basis…too many separate fires to put out…but I’d always appreciated his talent with people. An official manner that was strong but personal…never offending or confrontational. He was able to bring out the best from his employees and secure the confidence of his customers.

“Good…I’m sure you will” he concluded positively seating himself on the couch opposite me. In

another few moments the official review was underway and we began discussing how well things were going. I did a good job and the department was running smoothly. He obviously knew it and his words expressed his confidence.

It was when the review was concluding…when it took a different tact…that my heart began to race.

“So…how do you like the new software system?” he said conversationally.

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