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Rose had been in shock the whole weekend; not getting up till late and then just wandering around the house in a daze unable to answer the phone not wanting to see or talk to anyone. Forcing down some toast she retched on the idea that an android couldn’t eat, for it reminded her too clearly of how she had felt.

He had apologised profusely explaining it was all in her mind and she hadn’t been turned into an android at all. It had been so real!

His project was to use android prosthetic limbs for those lost in an accident. The clever part was using drugs and hypnosis to implant into the mind acceptance of these new limbs. She had awoken in hi slab thinking he replaced her whole body with that of an androids. His program had brain washed her into accepting the idea and it felt so real.

She tried to become angry over what he had done to her but it wasn’t possible. Instead she was confused over the feelings engendered by the experience in that lab. He had taken her but she couldn’t even complain about that for she had offered up her body to him.

At first she pretended it was because she thought it was an androids body she was offering, but they both knew this was nonsense. It took the whole weekend to acknowledge being turned on while acting as an android. She had been treated like a doll and even now the thought of it was arousing. Rose wanted to cast aside all moral restrictions, to be free. Free to do anything however wickedly sexual it might be.

After agonising thoughts she worked out it would be better to let someone be in control telling her what to do, removing all responsibilities for a short time. It would let her loose from a moral chastity belt a strict upbringing had fastened tightly around her mind and body. Something had happened, while she thought she was an android, which enhanced the sex a hundred fold. This last piece of the puzzle eluded her but she would discover what it was, without doubt.

In the office she wondered how stupid she had been to be fooled by that man. It now seemed ludicrous to think of herself as an android so all she wanted to do was forget about it. Just put it behind her and get on with business and the rest of her life. It was never going to happen again.


“I’ve seen your report, Rose. I didn’t think you could be affected by the emotional content of a business. No! In this case that’s good. I agree with you, the project will make money once the system has been approved by the authorities. It’s long term of course, but it’s good to be linked to a worth while cause. You made a good decision there,” Guy complimented her.

“Thank you Guy. You’ve looked at the figures? The company can benefit from an association with such a worth while product but I’ll have to feed it to the press to scoop the good publicity,” Rose said and smiled back at him.

“That’s not what I dropped in to talk about. You’ve been off form this week. On past performance you deserve a break and perhaps its time to take it. I won’t take no for an answer. Just do it!” he smiled.

Why wasn’t she heartened by the smile? It was too damn predatory. Was he making room for someone else? She had plenty of contacts but if out of the way for awhile he could move a protégé in.

“Damn! I do need a break from this cut throat business and this organisations infighting,” she sighed, after the door silently closed behind the boss. She would take it easy and look for a get-away vacation. There was a masked ball at Daphne’s this weekend so that would be a welcome distraction.

Rose took a long lunch shopping for an outfit to wear for the weekend. Pulling absently another from a rack she read the description without thinking about it too much. Her stomach muscles tightened. She felt sick and dizzy. Rather than put it back she determined to overcome the fear. “I’m a strong sensible woman, not some stupid air brained girl,” she whispered.

In the changing room she dare not look in the mirror. It was a tight fit but the costume was on and her breathing had returned to normal. The problem like any other could be conquered with patience and perseverance. Rose stepped out of the changing room and nearly fell.

The heels were so high they left her feet pointing straight down. The dress had a built in corset tightened under the ribs making it difficult to breath. There wasn’t much of a top to it either but that was expected from a Barbie doll outfit. If she fluffed up her hair and dyed it blonde she had the perfect look to go with the outfit.

The mirror didn’t lie. She wasn’t an android but a doll. With a mask at the ball she could get away with it. Rose stood there staring at the image finding it worked as well as the time in the lab as an android. An android, or doll, either seemed to work on her subconscious. This was a start to finding out what had been triggered inside her in that damn laboratory.

Some loud young guys walked in shouting some football slogans. They were teasing one of them about getting bahis firmaları married. They were obviously looking for a theme for a stag night. Rose turned and tottered in the wrong direction, nearly falling.

“Here, careful, you might hurt yourself,” a young man said as he grabbed an arm. Rose recognised them as stockbrokers from the same company just a floor below her office. They didn’t seem to recognise her though, which was a small comfort.

Instead of wobbling back to the dressing room she was being led around the store and couldn’t seem to get her breath to complain.

“Look at his beauty, do you think we could bring her along as part of the fun?” the young man said to his friends. They dropped the bags to gather close about her leaving her feeling dominated; nearly swooning from all the maleness swamping her senses.

She was about to tell the lower class boys to clear off. She wouldn’t call them ruffians because they earned so much but they were certainly not of her calibre. Couldn’t they see she was top floor management? Catching sight of the outfit in a mirror elicited a slight groan.

She was dressed as a Barbie doll and a rather racy one at that. Her breasts were too big for the outfit which clung to her body, and was working its way between the cheeks of her bottom. She dare not look at what was happening between her legs.

“We’ve a conference room booked with plenty of booze and entertainment. Do you think you could take us all on? Just the four of us I mean. A thousand pounds! Just say yes doll,” he enthused.

Somehow she found herself agreeing with a nod, still unable to speak. Their presence was so over whelming or was it something else, that dark side inside her?

They had been drinking before this and the pure energy pulsed from every pore. That’s how they worked in the office making deals and she had heard they played hard too. What they meant she hardly knew but couldn’t refuse as she was dragged along by their enthusiasm.

Something about being called a doll was working on her too. At least he was guiding her in the right direction, back to the dressing room.

“A quick one before the others get stuck in, a doll?” he said.

Again he called her a doll and fear or something else was wrenching at her stomach, her innards seemed to turn to water, leaving her weak. Without his help she slid to the floor, at last free of the punishing shoes. He didn’t seem to be helping rather he was pushing her onto her knees.

She looked up ready to tell him to leave and she would follow later. All that couldn’t be said with a look so a deep breath was needed. The corset pushed against her ribs crushing the intended words. She opened her mouth wide and he slipped in.

His cock was in her mouth! A gurgled cry of anguish was all she managed but there was little breath to shout anything. His cock hit the back of her throat and she choked. He grabbed her hair to use it for leverage and rocked back and forth in her mouth.

She clamped it tight inadvertently gripping his cock in a tighter embrace enhancing his feeling of fucking a tight pussy. The gargling sounds of anger vibrated up his shaft adding to the experience. She could feel he was close to orgasm and started to panic.

She pulled her head back almost freeing her mouth but he pushed forward, still gripping her hair, and again she pulled back. At least his cock was no longer down her throat but she definitely didn’t want him to cum in her mouth. A mighty pull and she was free, his cock bounced in front of her face where she was tempted to bite it.

It spurted great clots of off white sperm. It splashed into her face, mouth and nose then dribbled over the outfit. Rose sat back on her haunches in shock. The nasty cock was right there in front of her. He wiped it across her face and she went for it like a dog after a snake.

She only managed to touch its tip with her lips a couple of times as he wiggled it around in front of her as though it were a game. She gave up trying to bite it as he was enjoying the game too much, thinking she was trying to kiss it.

She slumped back onto her thighs, feeling used and beaten. “Here is half now the rest later. See you in the Smith conference room as soon as you get cleaned up. The guys will be waiting for you. Don’t blow them as good as you did me or I’ll be jealous,” he warned her in mocking tones.

She pulled the outfit off almost ripping it from her body. “Damn!” she whispered over and over. It was now absolutely clear what he meant. He thought she was a whore and this money was payment to entertain his friends. She was expected to attend their drinking session and blow them too. “Damn! Bastards!” she exclaimed.

There was no way she could chance running into them over there even if she sneaked up to the top floor of the office building, it was too risky. They were all too high to be discreet and even if they were sober they would brag to their friends about what had kaçak iddaa happened, what she had done.

She couldn’t take the chance of being recognised by them and being talked about. She could hear the awful whispers buzzing around in her mind. “He had the whore doll blow him. That self important bitch from upstairs plays at being a whore doll.”

She wiped her face with the outfit and screwed it up angrily, throwing it in a heap on the floor. The outfit couldn’t be put back after being splashed with cum so she folded it carefully and paid for it at the counter. Fortunately the young guy was oblivious of the despicable act she had performed.

She hurried back to her car and sped home where she could cry a flood of tears. “Come on Rose you stupid bitch, don’t let them get to you,” she shouted out loud. Her hand went down between her legs for she couldn’t resist one second more.

Screeching to a halt in a side road she leaned back in the seat with thighs spread furiously rubbing the crotch of her panties. Impatiently scratching them to one side she found her swollen nub and plucked at it in haste, desperate to cum.

The terrible ordeal in the cubicle where she was dressed as a lurid pink Barbie doll became an intense fantasy. She was that young mans doll ready to perform anything for him. Unable to resist anything, committed to obeying him like a good little dolly she revelled in the squalid act.

Feeling bad and naughty, but above all engulfed in an intense sexual arousal, she frigged herself with passion. She quickly brought herself off. Slumping forward in the seat she twitched, breathing heavily from a desultory orgasm. It was some small relief but not enough.

A knock on the side window rocked her back to reality. She looked around looking startled, wondering where she was. A man stood gaping at her. He was a decent ordinary looking man. The astonished look on his face reminded her to pull the skirt down and she ran a hand through her hair.

He said something to her but she quickly put the car in gear and sped off not hearing a word of it. He had seen her, watched her masturbating! She should have felt dirty and sordid but was instead exhilarated and floated home with a breeze in her sails.

The outfit was washed clean but thought it could never ever be worn to the party after what had happened. The naughty public orgasm seemed to have opened up a whole world of ideas. Rose had never had such an orgasm. It had been uncontrolled and liberating. It had been refreshing rather than satisfying. Rose determined to see what might happen if she wore it again.


The two men sitting in the bar talking together looked incongruous. Randall was tall, sophisticated and discreetly wealthy, whereas the younger man was short, dishevelled and flamboyant.

John was a little rough looking but carried it off with youthful good looks, enough to be attractive to women liking a rugged charm. Women soon found him superficial once past the flirtatious period of a relationship and dumped him, which suited his purpose perfectly, as he merely wanted to have fun. One woman was different, finding something in him the others hadn’t.

“Bring me the CD and you’ll have the flight ticket and payment in cash,” Randall told him.

“So! What will be on that recording exactly?” John asked.

“It’s just a business meeting, nothing illegal. It’ll give me an edge, that’s all. Just don’t get caught breaking in to the hotel conference room or you’ll give away the advantage,” Randall warned him.

“I know what to do. Everything’s prepared. I’ve borrowed my brother-in-laws van for the job. With the excuse of checking out computers in the conference room it’ll be easy,” John smiled, trying to reassure this lucrative client.

Randall’s story was probably true but he still intended to check the recording in case he could make more from it. The air ticket and money would provide a good vacation but a little more was always welcome.

The mobile phone rang. “Hi. No I can’t I’m in a meeting. Yes it’s a bar but its still business.” John said, frowning at the intrusion.

Randall watched him wave his hands around expressively. “A girlfriend giving you trouble?” he smiled with an arched eyebrow of enquiry.

“Yes and no,” John grimaced. Tipping back the drink he added, “Thanks, I need this. She’s not my girlfriend, not since a few weeks back. She’s so very attractive, it’s a pity,” he said, round a mouthful of whiskey.

Intrigued Randall had to ask. “What’s a pity about being attractive?” Randall enquired.

“She likes to play games, bedroom games. Not my sort of thing at all,” John said, with wink.

Looking at John he could see it might not be. He was a straight to the point sort of fellow who gulped a fine malt whiskey. “What sort of games?” Randall asked, regretting the question already. He didn’t want this oaf revealing a sordid love life.

“I guess we all have something special that turns kaçak bahis us on. Sometimes we don’t meet the right person or happen upon that certain something,” John said, looking uncharacteristically thoughtful.

“I’m intrigued, you can’t stop there! What is it John, you must tell me now,” Randall asked, while signalling to the waiter for another round.

“It all started when I met Rose at a fancy dress party. She was dressed as a Barbie doll. I took one look at her and couldn’t see anyone else. That’s saying something for me,” he chuckled with is whole body flexing in amusement.

“I took her home, nice place. For the entire weekend I treated her like a doll. I mean she wanted me to treat her like a doll. When she persisted with the game it became annoying. She keeps calling me for a special weekend. Apparently she hasn’t found anyone else to play the game with,” John sighed.

“What does she look like?” Randall asked.

“Well, I guess, like a Barbie doll,” John laughed. “Long blond hair, long legs, with large breasts. They’re perched over this skinny waist so it looks as though she’ll fall over with every step she takes. She has a perfect petite figure, like a perfect Barbie doll. The outfit at the party was perfect. The skirt was short and she looked like a blonde bimbo,” John laughed.

“I was mistaken though. She’s some kind of highflyer in an investment company. Now she wants to play at being a dumb blond, being ordered around, told what to do, what to wear,” John told him. “I haven’t got time for all that crap.”

“Sounds as though you need someone to take her off your hands,” Randall smiled. He was intrigued with an overactive imagination working overtime. Often busy with business this sounded like the perfect playmate, ready to play at a weekend when he had some time.

Randall sized John up as being unscrupulous, so perhaps they could make a deal over this too. The young man was sceptical at first but when Randall offered him an introduction fee he perked up, more so after another round of drinks.

“Rose may not be so agreeable, to being foisted onto a stranger,” Randall thought out loud as though exploring a new line of thought at the same sounding John out.

Elaborating on a game plan for a special weekend John enthusiastically agreed. He was happy to make some extra cash while at the same time getting rid of Rose.

On the phone to Rose, John clarified the arrangements to pick her up hoping she hadn’t changed her mind.

Her voice changed to a sweet innocent tone before ringing off. “That’s sweet John. Thank you so such, I’m looking forward to it,” Rose knew he wasn’t into the game so it was all the more considerate of him. She dare not tell anyone else about this obsession, it would be just too embarrassing.

She pulled on a coat and hat to go shopping. As a treat she would buy him some jewellery or a watch and while out she might as well buy a lovely new dress with all the necessary accessories.


John thought she looked ridiculous prancing around in the lacy little outfit and kept telling himself it would soon be over. He had taken her to Randall’s house where all evening she was happily preparing and fetching snacks and drinks.

As long as he spoke to her and treated her like some dumb blonde doll she seemed happy enough. John just hoped this was not all a waste of time. He had half the fee up front, the rest when she agreed to stay the weekend.

The only consolation was taking advantage of the opulent surroundings, especially the malt whisky. Randall was obviously rich and he was regretting not screwing more money out of him.

When the front door slammed it seemed the spell was about to be broken. “Stand still doll,” he told her. Watching carefully for a reaction he noticed the hesitation knowing she was reluctant to share the game with someone else. Apart from the party they had never been out or shared this fetish with anyone.

“Be a good doll and do as you’re told,” he ordered Rose firmly. “This is Randall’s house, a good friend of mine. I want to show off my lovely doll to him before we go,” he said. John spoke reassuringly and firmly hoping she wouldn’t run away from the intrusion of a stranger.

Rose felt fragile verging on stupid. It was clear she couldn’t leave without John as the house was out of town and she had no money on her. He had made sure of that telling her it was his treat.

Rose froze on hearing someone enter the house. Earlier she wondered how John had obtained the keys to such a wonderful country house, even wondering if they were intruders. The fetish had become such an obsession she had quickly dismissed such unpleasant thoughts to immerse herself in the role.

The thought of someone seeing her like this was dreadful. Despite herself a trembling thrill of expectancy ran through her body. Already feeling squishy she became hot at the thought of being shown off before a stranger. Unable to move she waited staring at the lounge door.

The ornate door handle turned so slowly it was an agony waiting to be discovered. As the door slowly swung open she looked down at the antique Persian rug trying to hide a blushing face in long blonde hair.

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