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Well I laid in bed wondering what kind of kinky episode I was going to go threw in the morning my cock was rock hard but I was not going to jack-off that was for sure. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up it was morning and my wife had already got out of bed and fixed breakfast. I went into the kitchen and she was standing at the stove naked as hell cooking some eggs.

I went over and give her a big kiss and patted her on the ass. She said have a seat and I will tell you the plans for today’s sexual episode. I sat down and started eating she sat down at the table across from me. She said it has been a week since you have cum and your balls look nice and tight and full of cum. she said she was going to see if I could suck my own cock today. When we were done eating she took me in the bedroom and told me to sit down in the floor and pull my legs up over my head. My legs was up in the air and she was pushing them down, my cock was just inches away from my face.

She stuck her tongue in my asshole and was licking it back and forth she was holding my legs up with one hand and started jacking my cock off. My cock was getting longer and longer and I could stick my tongue out and lick the pee hole. I tasted pre-cum and was getting real horny. She kept pushing my legs down more and more and I could get the head of my cock in my mouth now. It was a strain but, I loved it, I have always wanted to suck my own kayseri escort cock and now I was doing it.

My wife had stopped licking my ass hole and was now sticking one-inch anal beads in my ass. She had a string of beads and was sticking them in one at a time. She told me not to cum until she says so. She had all the beads in my ass and I felt quite full. All this time I still had my cock in my mouth I was sucking more and more cock in my mouth. My wife grabbed a cock ring and placed it around my ball sack. She said I could cum now if I wanted too. The bitch knew I couldn’t cum with my balls tied up like that, but that is all right I was enjoying sucking my own prick and I was getting a lot of pre-cum too. All of a sudden the bitch untied my balls and the cum shot out of my cock right into my mouth. My wife started pulling the anal beads out of my ass and I thought I would never stop cumming. I think that was the sexiest thing I have ever done to myself. I told my wife this might be the first time I sucked my cock but it wont be the last time.

She agreed and said that’s right you are going to suck it tonight in front of some of my girlfriends. My wife said that the more times I suck it the more cock I can get in my mouth. I swallowed all my cum and my cock got soft and slipped out from between my lips. My wife come over and stuck her tongue in my mouth and I pushed some of my cum into keçiören escort her mouth. She said that it tasted rich and creamy and that she loved me. Well we got up and took a shower and got dressed my wife made a few phone calls and we got in the car and left.

We arrived at her friends house and went inside they was 5 or 6 ladies sitting around talking and my wife introduced me to them all. Then she looked at me and said to get undressed I was standing there buck naked and she was pulling on my cock and telling the ladies that I could suck my own cock. All the ladies started clapping and saying they wanted to see me suck my cock. They were one black woman there and she ask my wife if I could suck her pussy before the show. My wife looked over at me and said suck the black bitches pussy I looked down at the cunt and it scared me, I have never sucked a black pussy. I parted her legs with my hands and started licking the black lips and all of a sudden her pussy opened up and it was a deep pink color I sucked her clit so hard Juice was leaking out the bottom of her cunt. I liked the taste of her pussy, but I wish her pubic hair was shaved it was real course and was cutting my tongue.

I sucked her off tell she cum. And then my wife had me get down in the floor again and put my legs up over my head. She started pushing my legs down and all the other women were standing around ankara kendi evi olan escort me. They were sticking their fingers in my ass and separating my balls and rolling them around between there fingers. I had the end of my cock in my mouth and was sucking hard when I felt a large dildo penetrate my ass.

It made my cock swell up more and I could stick more of my cock in my mouth. I felt a big splash of pre-cum hit my mouth and all at once I started pumping cum in my mouth again. My cock pumped and pumped cum till my balls was empty. My wife let me up and all the women were thanking me for doing that for them. Some of them said they were going home and going to make their husband suck there own cock too. My wife told the ladies not to leave that I wasn’t done performing for them. She then threw me a dildo and told me to fuck my ass with it while I jacked-off for the ladies. I was embarrassed by all the ladies looking at me but I did as I was told and I cum in my hand.

Then one of the ladies jumped up and came over to me she asked my wife if she could taste the cum in my hand. My wife said sure eat all of it if you want. The lady was licking my cum in between my fingers and out of the palm of my hand. When she got done she thanked me and give me a little kiss on the end of my cock. My wife told me to get dressed and we were going home. On the way home my wife thanked me for sucking my cock in front of her friends and said she was going to have a special surprise for me tomorrow.

(any of you men out there can suck your own cock with a little help, have your wife help you and she will enjoy it too)

If you like this story e-mail me I get horny too.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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