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“I dare you.” He slid a taunting glance at her from the driver’s seat. His hazel eyes were filled with mischief and those sexy lips were curved into a seductive smirk. He knew all her buttons, and he was pushing them now. She shifted in her seat and pretended to consider it.

“Right now? Can you handle it?” She tipped her head towards the moving scenery outside.

His answer was just a confident smile. He reached over and released her seat belt, then his. She laughed; he was too utterly charming and cocky. She swiveled, angling herself so her legs were tucked under her. She leaned over to brush a kiss over his temple, then down his jaw. She indulged herself and scraped her teeth over that long sexy muscle in his neck. He moaned just a little bit. While she nibbled and kissed, she slid her hand over his torso. His chest was hard beneath the soft cloth of his t-shirt. She let out a satisfied little moan herself as she remembered just how delightful the body under the clothing was. Her hand slipped lower, over his belly, down to the fly of his jeans.

His cock was already hard, already pressing against the denim. She slid her palm over him; teasing, dvd full porno sure strokes to make sure he needed her touch. His cock pulsed against the denim. She dipped her fingers under his waistband, enjoying the catch in his breath as well as the warmth of his skin. She flipped open the button of his jeans and slid down the zipper. Eyes on him, she dipped her hand inside again, this time pulling his cock out with her. She traced over the length of him with light finger tips. He was so very hard….. this game was a very very good idea.

“Hands at ten and two, handsome,” she murmured. She stroked over his cock — base to tip and back again. Then she lowered her mouth. As her lips closed over the tip, he growled…. The sound was both hungry and satisfied. She slid her mouth lower. Her tongue stroked as she slowly took him in. She wanted to draw this out, make him pant. His hips lifted of the seat just a bit to try and slip deeper into her mouth. She withdrew. She linked her fingers over his damp shaft and stroked again, keeping her mouth just a whisper away.

His hand slid onto the back of her head, fingers fisted in her hair. She ensest porno parted her lips once more, sucked the tip of him into her mouth. She sucked harder as she accepted more of him into her mouth. The car shimmied just a little and his hand returned to the wheel. She could taste the precum when she stroked her tongue over the tip. She whimpered in pleasure. She licked again, sucked just a little. She reached into his pants again, slipped her fingers over his balls. He liked it when she caressed them, when she licked that sweet spot just behind them. The close quarters of the car wouldn’t allow for it, so she contented herself with teasing strokes and tugs.

“Fuck…..” He moaned. “Suck my cock, baby.” The simple, filthy demand sent lust scrambling through her system. She closed her mouth around him again. She sucked. She sucked hard as she lowered her mouth to take him all the way in. She sucked as she dragged her lips back to the swollen tip of him.

She felt a hand slide over her back, gripping her ass hard before slipping under the hem of her skirt. His fingers played over the wet of her panties. He teased her, pressed the wet fake agents porno fabric against her clit. Then he slipped her panties to the slide — pressed a finger hard inside her. His hand retreated; she could hear him suck it clean. Two fingers pushed inside her, stretching her. She moaned against his cock.

She felt the car pull, felt it slow onto the gravel at the side of the road. She sucked harder. The car stopped. His fingers slipped into her hair, tangling tight and pulling just a bit. He lifted his hips, pressing his cock deeper still. She gagged just a little, but let him take. His thrusts became faster, harder…. She continued to suck, continued to stroke her tongue counter to his thrusts. Her fingers tightened on his balls. He swore again, followed by a moan.

His fingers moved faster inside of her. He pressed her head down lower as he fucked her mouth. She linked her fingers around the base of his cock, tight. He murmured something filthy and low. She whimpered. His muscles contracted and she felt his breath catch in his lungs.

Her mouth was filled with him. Hot, sweet. She stroked his shaft, milked his cock. Raising her eyes to him, she watched his face as she swallowed. She watched the play of pleasure cross his features as she licked him clean.

Then she pulled back, tugged her clothing back into place. She discreetly wiped at the corners of her mouth. Then she smiled. “Your turn. Truth or dare?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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