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This is a direct sequel to my story “Earning a Reward the Wet Way”. It describes my husband Carter allowing me to indulge in my peeing fetish, knowing that the next weekend I will pay him back with a sexual reward. There’s no peeing in this story, and you don’t have to read that story to read this one, but any reference made to ‘last Sunday’ will make more sense. Thanks for reading! Emily

*Last Sunday:

“If I get up and make dinner and let you sleep will that earn me a special reward next Saturday?” Carter whispered.

I moved my head and put my mouth on his, tasting his cum and my pussy on his lips. I kissed him passionately.

“You earned that the moment you let me grab you in the garage.” I said softly.

I closed my eyes and felt his lips on mine again as sleep began to pull me down.

This Saturday:

I placed my open mouth against his testicles and began to gently tongue his balls, one at a time. I was dragging my tongue up and down each one slowly, savoring his heavy breathing and the sight of his cock pulsing and becoming thicker as his body responded to my wet mouth and hot breath.

I moved my mouth up and kissed the head of his cock, flicking my tongue against his frenulum before climbing up to lie down beside him.

I began to trail my fingers through his chest hair, watching his unstimulated cock stand at half mast, trying to defy gravity.

“Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.” I told him. “We’ve got a long morning ahead of us and I need to spend a few minutes getting ready.”

I slid off the bed and smiled to myself as I watched him trying to control his breathing as his cock pointed to the ceiling and throbbed. I caught his eye and winked at him before leaving the bedroom.

I made sure to close the bedroom door firmly on my way out. He couldn’t leave, but I didn’t want him overhearing his surprise before I was ready to spring it on him.

The reason he couldn’t leave was simple. I had used two sets of handcuffs to shackle his wrists to the pipe that runs horizontal to the shelf on our headboard. To anyone looking it looked like a normal headboard. To anyone investigating they’d realize that someone could be restrained on our bed in just about any position, including having their arms and legs bound to each of the four corners of the king-sized bed.

I went into the living room and picked up my cell phone. I quickly typed \\Come on over! We’re ready!// and then hit ‘SEND’.

Almost immediately the phone buzzed in my hand. //On my way!\\

I felt a flush of warmth spread through me. My plan was working perfectly. I quickly stripped down to my panties and went into the kitchen to wait by the back door.

Last Sunday my husband had indulged me in a spur of the moment bit of pee play that ended with him fucking me so hard I slept for three hours afterwards. I had promised him a reward for his indulgence, and it was about to arrive.

Our 21-year-old neighbor Kaitee was enrolled in community college. She was also our go-to plant waterer, house sitter, mail checker, and fish feeder when we were out of town. She and I had become remarkably close over the years. Her parents had died nearly two decades ago, and she was being raised by her grandmother. She had come to rely on me as a sort of big sister for tips on fashion, dating, make up and things like that.

When she was 19, we had come home early from a weekend getaway and walked in on her masturbating in the living room. She was mortified and left so quickly she had forgotten her overnight bag in the guest room and without giving us a chance to pay her. I called her the next morning while Carter was at work and invited her over to collect her things and get paid. When she was due to arrive I had made a point to let her catch me swimming naked.

That was the needed icebreaker, and after I confessed what a huge part masturbation played in my life, we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about masturbation, sex, orgasms, and pleasure. She was rather inexperienced and had lots of questions, and before long we added another layer to our sisterly relationship. For Christmas that year I even gave her a vibrator, which was her first sex toy.

A few weeks ago, we had been swimming together and chatting, and she asked how I’d learned about sex. She was still technically a virgin, despite having had any number of sex toys inside her. She wanted to gain some experience but wasn’t too sure that males her age would be the best bet to learn with.

I told her that after college my friend and I had shared an apartment, and she’d let me hide in her closet when she brought guys home, and I’d learned lots just by watching real people pleasure each other.

When I returned the favor and let her hide in my closet when I brought a date home I’d discovered a love of exhibitionism to go with my growing love of voyeurism, but those are tales for another time.

She was very curious about what I’d learned by watching, and I gave her some details. She assumed that our conversation bahis firmaları was all ‘in theory’ until I asked her if she’d be interested in watching me suck my husband’s cock.

Carter and I have an open relationship. We have swapped partners with a few other married couples we know, and we’ve had sexual encounters both together and separate with people we’ve gotten to know online. We both love watching others fuck, and we both get a thrill out of being watched.

The idea of letting Kaitee watch me tease, lick, suck, stroke, and tickle his cock until he could no longer contain his spurting release had made me instantly and thoroughly wet.

We’d talked about it nonstop since that afternoon and agreed that starting with her as a spectator would be a good first step. We acknowledged the possibility of wanting more once we were started, and I assured her that she could make up her own mind during the encounter whether she’d like to remain as an ‘audience’ or upgrade to ‘participant’.

I also assured her that Carter not only enjoyed having someone watch, but that he would be especially thrilled to have her watching. It took a few weeks to line up our schedules, and after last Sunday I knew that letting Kaitee watch our sexual play would be the perfect sexual reward for him.

Once Kaitee and I knew that Saturday morning was clear for all three of us we had nothing to do but wait. After two rounds of vigorous sex Monday night, I had told Carter he was ‘on hold’ until the weekend, although I had relented to a quick handjob Tuesday night as we showered.

On the other hand, I’d been masturbating like crazy all week waiting for Saturday morning to arrive. And now I was standing in the kitchen wearing only my panties, aware of how wet with arousal I was.

When I spotted Kaitee coming around the corner of the house towards the back door I pulled it open and stepped back to let her in. She ducked in as if she was afraid someone would spot her and didn’t notice that I was nearly naked until she was inside.

We stood quietly for a moment, looking at each other, each of us breaking into a wide smile as we realized what was about to happen.

“Is everything okay?” I asked her.

“Oh yes. I told my grandmother that you were going out of town for the weekend and I was housesitting. She’s not expecting me until tomorrow night so no matter what time I get home I can just tell her you got back early.”

“Good. Not having to rush is a definite plus.” I said.

“Is Carter home?” she asked quietly.

“Yes. He’s in the bedroom, naked and waiting. He doesn’t know you’re coming this morning, but he’ll be totally okay with you watching.” I answered.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Oh fuck yes. When I told him you wanted to watch sometime he got so horny I had to make him cum three times that night. He’s asked about it at least twice a week since. He’s definitely going to be okay with this.” I replied.

She giggled and set her purse and overnight bag on the kitchen table. I noticed how flushed her cheeks were and knew that she was both nervous and aroused.

“So how do we do this?” she asked, looking at me with her big blue eyes that caused my heart to skip a beat.

“No time like the present if you’re ready. I left him in the bedroom just a few minutes ago when I came out here to text you and get undressed.” I smiled at her, trying to slow my thudding heart.

“And seeing you like that makes me feel like I’m wearing too many clothes.” She said. “Should I change into something else?”

“You’re fine to wear whatever makes you most comfortable. If you want to be totally naked that would be absolutely okay, or if you’d like just wear what you have on.”

She peeled her sweater off and revealed a pink t-shirt underneath that said ‘overdressed’ on it. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. She kicked off her sandals, unbuttoned and stepped out of her khakis to reveal a bright blue pair of skintight boyshorts.

I gave a low whistle and gave her an exaggerated wink.

“You’re going to make it hard to keep my mind on him.” I said.

She grinned and said “I don’t want to be the only one who has to split their attention.”

“Well, are you ready for the show to start?” I asked.

“More than ready. I’ve been wet all week.” she whispered.

I took her hand and led her through the kitchen and into the living room and down the hall. We paused at the closed door to the master bedroom, and I leaned over and gave her an impulsive peck on the lips.

“Here we go.” I whispered, turning the doorknob, and pulling her inside behind me.

Carter’s eyes got big as he went through the stages of realizing that I was naked, not alone, and that he knew the woman with me, and that she was very obviously here for something sexual. As he was processing all this information, I heard Kaitee give a quick gasp.

She obviously hadn’t expected Carter to be cuffed. I’d mentioned restraints with her a few times before, but now she was getting just a kaçak iddaa tiny glimpse into how important control was to me.

“Carter, as part of your reward this morning I’ve invited Kaitee to watch us. And as much as I want you to enjoy this, I’m hoping that this will be enjoyable for her as well. For all three of us actually.” I told him as I climbed onto the bed.

I patted the corner of the mattress and beckoned for Kaitee to join us.

“No sense sitting in the front row when you can see so much more from the stage.” I said.

She sat on the edge of bed, tucking one leg underneath her and keeping the other foot on the floor. She had picked a spot that allowed her to see the entire bed. Her eyes hadn’t left Carter’s body since we’d entered the room. His cock was flaccid, resting on his thigh, although I noticed that it got gotten just a bit fuller since we’d come through the door.

I leaned down and without any hesitation I sucked his entire soft length into my mouth, pulling on his shaft with my lips and using my tongue to swirl around his cockhead. He gave a soft groan as I felt him grow heavier in my mouth.

I looked at Kaitee and saw that she was staring intently at what I was doing. I continued to work his cock with my mouth as I tilted my head to one side and used my hand to pull my hair away from my face so she could see better.

His cock was pulsing now as the sensations my slippery tongue were causing on his cockhead overloaded his senses. He groaned again and I felt his hips slowly thrust to push himself deeper into my mouth. I tightened my lips around his stiff shaft and sucked as hard as I could while pulling my mouth slowly off him. With an audible ‘pop’ his cock came free, almost fully erect and glistening from my saliva.

I looked at Kaitee and saw that she was still transfixed by the sight of his cock, staring at it as if trying to memorize what it looked like. I slid my finger up the underside of his shaft, pausing at his frenulum to caress it.

“Why don’t you get comfortable so you can see better?” I suggested.

She brought her other leg up on the bed and sat watching. I continued the movement of my finger, intending to keep him hard without bringing his orgasm any closer. I used my other hand to drag my fingernails up his inner thigh. When I was within an inch of his balls, I put both hands on his legs and began to gently rub, using my thumbs to massage the inner thighs next to his scrotum.

I could see Carter stealing glances at Kaitee. Not only did having someone there to watch turn him on, but I knew he thought that Kaitee was incredibly beautiful. I know he wanted to just stare at her outright, but he didn’t want to creep her out.

“Kaitee,” I said “is it okay if Carter watches you for a while? I know he loves having someone watch him and part of that fun will be watching you while you watch him.”

“Oh yes,” she answered while smiling at Carter “I’d like to see him looking at me while you make him feel good. I’d find that really sexy.”

With that she went up on her knees and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She dropped it on the floor and hesitated just a second before stretching out on the bed with her feet towards the headboard. I know she didn’t want to be too forward, but I’m sure she realized that if I was willing to put his cock in my mouth two feet from her that she was way more than a guest in our home by now.

She was on her side and propped her head up on her arm. Her nervousness seemed to be fading quickly and I noticed that her nipples were erect at the end of her dark pink areola’s. I also noted with some jealously that her youthful breasts seemed to defy gravity even though they were the same size as mine.

“Feel free to come closer if you want to.” I whispered to her as I returned my focus to the cock in front of me. I bent over and kissed the head of it, flicking my tongue out to lick the hole back and forth several times.

“Wow!” Kaitee said quietly as I pulled my mouth away and we both watched the cock bob back and forth with the pulse of Carter’s heart. I put my left hand under his scrotum and gently lifted it a bit, before opening my mouth and letting a string of saliva drool onto his balls.

I took the index finger of my other hand and began to massage my warm spit onto his ball sack, making sure that each one of his balls got lots of tender attention. His hips began to move up and down slowly and his breathing became much deeper as he savored the attention he was getting. Using each hand to take one of his sensitive nuts between my thumb and fingers I began to rub them in rhythm with the throbbing of his cock.

By now it was so stiff it had to almost hurt. I extended my tongue and flicked it across the head once more, before starting at the base and licking slowly all the way up to the head. I repeated that move, adding my index finger to the topside of his cock. With my tongue at the base dragging up towards the head I started my finger at the tip and slid it down, before reversing both kaçak bahis finger and tongue.

Without seeming to move Kaitee was now several inches closer, watching intently and breathing through her slightly open mouth. Her entire face and torso were flushed, and the temptation to move my mouth to her neck was almost overwhelming. With a quick longing glance at her body I returned my attention to Carter.

I took my right hand and wrapped it around his shaft, feeling my loins tighten at the primal feeling of his heat in my hand. I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and began to swirl my tongue around him.

The feel of his cock in my mouth was having an effect on my body. I could feel myself dripping into my panties. Pushing my mouth down his length I used my tongue to coat as much of him as it could reach with my mouthful of spit.

I kept up a slow but steady rhythm of squeezing the base of his cock with my hand, and pulled my mouth back to the tip, before pushing down again, this time a bit further. Again I withdrew until he was almost out of my mouth before going down again.

And again.

His hips were rising and falling in tempo with my hand squeezing him, and I used my other hand to hold his hot balls. I pushed my mouth down again, and this time I made it all the way to the base, moving my hand and feeling the head of his cock in my throat. I closed my mouth around it as tight as I could and began to suck, flexing my throat around the tip and hearing him moan.

I felt my pussy begin to throb, and I moaned around his cock. I had my eyes closed as I concentrated on enjoying both the physical reaction in Carter’s body, and the arousal that was pulsing through my own. Few things arouse me as much as giving someone sexual pleasure, and it wouldn’t have taken much for me to have an orgasm of my own in that state.

I pulled my mouth off of Carter and took his cock in my hand, pushing it forward slowly until it touched his belly and then letting it go so it sprang back up like it was reaching for the ceiling. When it flung back upright a strand of precum flicked from the head and hit me on the cheek, making a string from my face to his cock. I pushed my tongue out and caught the clear and slick liquid.

I pushed his cock down again and held it in that position. I dipped my head and spent some time tonguing each of his balls. I could feel his cock pushing against my hand the entire time. I let it jump back up, this time catching the head with my tongue for a lick.

I glanced at Kaitee, and felt a spasm of lust shoot through me when I saw that she had one hand balled into a fist clutching the comforter, and the other on her taut stomach, with her fingers on the elastic of her sexy boyshorts. She was breathing heavily and when we made eye contact, she winked at me and seductively licked her lips.

“Are you liking this?” I asked her as I gripped Carter’s cock again.

“Fuck yes. Oh, fuck yes. A lot.” she responded in a voice thick with lust.

“How much?” I asked. “Show us.”

She glanced at Carter whose face was a mixture of need and pleasure. She looked back at me and I could almost see the decision being made in her mind. She was still on her side, and she rolled onto her back and lifted her ass as she shucked her panties over her hips and down her legs.

She sat up and used both hands to hold the panties out towards us. They were soaked all the way through with her cunt cream and I felt a surge of lust rocket through my body. Carter’s cock flexed in my hand and he took a deep shuddering breath.

“I need to borrow those.” I said.

I extended my hand and pushed myself up to my knees. She handed me her panties and I folded them into a small roll and lay down next to Carter. I held them to his face, and he took a deep breath, savoring the scent of her arousal.

I watched his face twitch with desire and smiled the most wicked smile I could summon. Taking her panties down to his cock I used my fingers to milk his shaft from base to tip, like I was trying to get toothpaste out of a tube.

A large clear drop of precum appeared at his cock hole and I carefully milked the drop onto panties. I then used my fingers to rub it into soaked fabric. I stood up on the bed, removed my panties and replaced them with hers.

I sat back down on the bed and put my own wet panties to Carter’s face. He pushed out his tongue and slowly licked the sheer lace. Setting the panties next to him I leaned forward and kissed him. His tongue danced against mine and I moaned against his mouth.

“I love to taste myself on his lips.” I told Kaitee. She leaned towards us and then hesitated. This had started as one thing and was rapidly becoming something else. I knew she didn’t want to cross any lines with us, but I was more concerned with how she’d feel later. As far as Carter and I were concerned we were beyond comfortable taking this experience much further.

“Come here Kaitee,” I whispered, and as she leaned in, I reached out and put my hand on the back of her head. I guided her lips to Carter’s and watched with lust as they kissed passionately. They continued for several minutes, each becoming more aggressive and responsive as their lips and tongues explored one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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