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This is a work of fiction. None of the characters are real. Laurel is a figment of my imagination. The main character, Fluffy, allows himself to be treated like he is because, he likes it!! Enjoy!


I stood by the front door, a little chilly in my outfit which consisted of pink ruffle panties, a frilly white apron and ballet slippers. Aside from my chastity cage and some red lipstick, I wore nothing else. My wife, Laurel, had called about 45 minutes ago to tell me that she was on her way home and that she was bringing a dinner guest. When she told me she was bringing a guest, I knew exactly what to do.

Laurel has been cuckolding me from the very beginning of our relationship. I am about fifteen years older than her, I’m short, bald and paunchy with a very small penis. She, on the other hand, is youthful, in great shape, beautiful and sexy as hell. We get along very well as a couple. We like the same movies and music. We share the same political views and spend many hours in stimulating conversation. In almost every aspect of our marriage we are equals. We love spending time together.

Only our sex life is unusual. She loves big, muscular, hung men. They are the only men she will have sex with. In our ten-year relationship, I have had intercourse with her twice, on our third date and five years ago when I was put in chastity. I do, however, get to be involved in her sex life. When she brings a man home, I am their butler, cook, maid, fluffer, cum cleaner and anything else they want me to be. Being intimately involved in her sex-life is very exciting for me and I look forward to these experiences.

When she called me, I was relaxing after work. But, after the call, I had a lot to do. First I took off my clothes and put on the little outfit I described earlier. I straightened up the house and sprayed some air freshener around. I went to the kitchen and prepared some hors d’oeuvres. I put some champagne on ice, adjusted the lights and put on music. I turned on the oven and started some potatoes baking. I took out some thick prime ribeye steaks and put my own mixture of seasonings on them. Just as I was washing my hands, I heard the cars pull up outside. He had followed her to our home. I ran and stood by the door.

I hear their voices outside and soon the door opened. Laurel entered first followed by a very tall and imposing gentleman. Each time I see Laurel I am mesmerized by her beauty. Tonight was no exception. She was stunning. She turned her back for me to take her coat which I did.

“Fluffy, this is Mr. Charles McCullough. I know you’ll be a good boy and see to his every need,” Laurel said. Turning to the gentleman she went on, “Charles, Fluffy is here purely to take care of our needs and wants. He will literally do anything you ask of him. Aside from preparing our dinner and drinks, he will be our slave to use as we wish. Honestly, he will do anything. He’ll wipe your ass for you if that’s what you want. He’ll go outside in his panties and wash your car. If you want him to do anything to you under the table while we’re eating just tell him what you want. So, don’t be shy. He gets cranky if he doesn’t get to do any humiliating tasks. Take advantage!”

“Mr. McCullough,” I said, “Please allow me to take your coat. There is champagne on ice, but please let me know if you would prefer another beverage. And please allow me to say, if there is anything I can do to make your evening with my wife more enjoyable, do not hesitate to ask. It is my job.” I curtsied and left them.

I opened the champagne and poured them each a glass. I put out some smoked salmon and some prosciutto with melon, as well as some fresh berries. When they had been served, I turned my attention to the kitchen again. I got together the ingredients for a genuine Caesar salad, trimmed some asparagus and separated some eggs for hollandaise. Laurel and Charles were together on the sofa. They were talking about travel. It seemed they both loved Jamaica. Laurel had gone there with her boyfriend on our honeymoon and had been fucked several times a day by hugely hung black men. There was a great deal of laughter and flirting coming from the couch.

I refilled their glasses and set the table. Soon I noticed that they were no longer talking and looked over to see them kissing passionately. Charles was feeling her breasts through her clothes. She was feeling his cock through his pants.

“Shall I prepare the room?” I quietly asked Laurel.

She smiled and nodded between kisses.

I went to Laurel’s bedroom. I turned on some low lighting and lit some candles. I turned down the bed and put on music. I brought a pitcher of cool water and two glasses and put them next to the bed. I laid out an assortment of extra-large condoms, and put out a few different lubes that Laurel liked.

I went back in the living room and told them that the room was ready whenever they might want it. Laurel got up from the couch and he followed her lead. kilis escort I walked behind them carrying their champagne glasses and the ice bucket with the half-empty bottle. In the room, they embraced and kissed deeply.

“Sir, would you like to use the restroom now to avoid being interrupted later?” I asked.

“Sure, Fluffy, where is it?” he replied.

“Please follow me sir,” I said

He followed as I walked to the bathroom. I knelt on my knees next to the toilet and he approached. He stood in front of the toilet and reached for his fly.

“Please, allow me, Mr. McCullough,” I said, finding his zipper.

I unzipped him and reached inside. I extracted a beautiful big penis that I knew Laurel would love. I held it and aimed it at the toilet water. I felt it swell a bit just before the first spurt of urine came. A mighty stream followed. When it ended, I gave it a shake and kissed away the last little drops from the tip. I then found a warm wipe and cleaned it.

“Would you like me to freshen up your scrotum and your ass, Mr. McCullough?”

“You know, Fluffy, I have to say, nobody has ever asked me that question. By all means, go ahead,” he said incredulously.

I unfastened his belt and pants and lowered them. I cleaned his balls and the crack of his ass with my tongue followed by a warm baby wipe. After that, I pulled his underwear and trousers back up, zipped him and buckled his belt. I gave him a toothbrush with toothpaste on it and waited while he used it and then handed him a glass of water.

“Mr. McCullough, if I may say so sir, your penis is magnificent,” I told him. “Have you had the pleasure of fucking my wife yet? Or, will this be the first time? If she hasn’t already seen your penis, I can assure you she will be delighted.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Fluffy. This will, in fact, be the first time,” he replied.

“Well, far be it from me to give advice to a real man like you, but, my wife likes it rough. She will be very happy if you pull her hair and choke her as you fuck her,” I said.

I followed him back into Laurel’s bedroom. Laurel was in the bathroom freshening up. I asked her date if I could undress him. He nodded and I dropped again to my knees. I untied his shoes and slipped them off. I reached under his pant legs to the tops of his socks and pulled them off as well. I stood and pulled the tail of his shirt out of his pants and began to unbutton the buttons. I unbuttoned the cuff buttons and slipped the shirt off and put it on a hanger on the side of the closet where my own clothes once hung. Returning to my knees, I once again opened his pants and this time lowered them all the way and waited as he stepped out of them. He had nothing on but boxers which I pulled off him quickly.

On my knees in front of him I looked up into his eyes and asked, “Mr. McCullough, would you allow me to use my mouth to bring your penis to full erection?”

When he nodded, I brought my lips to his partially erect shaft and began to kiss my way to the head. I opened my mouth wide and took him in. Soon it was growing in my mouth. When it stopped getting bigger, my jaws were stretched and his cock was hard as steel. I began to bob my head up and down and just as I was getting into a nice rhythm, I heard Laurel’s voice.

“Don’t get carried away, Fluffy. You’re just supposed to get it hard, not suck him off,” she scolded.

Laurel looked like a Goddess. Her auburn hair was down and framed her face perfectly. Her green eyes looked eager for the carnal pleasure she was about to receive. Her lips appeared swollen and ready to kiss his lips, his chest and his cock. She wore panties and a short silk robe.

Turning to him she said, “Honestly, he’s such a cum slut, if I don’t stop him, he’ll have all my male friends coming before I even get to suck them myself!”

“You’re going to get your share of cum soon enough. For now, leave us alone and get dinner ready.”

“Of course, dear,” I replied and left the room.

I busied myself in the kitchen and got everything to the point where it only needed its finishing touches. I checked the table again and opened a bottle wine to breath. As I went about this I could hear Laurel’s moans getting louder and louder, leading up to the unmistakable crescendo of her first orgasm. I smiled as I heard this and hoped that everything was perfect for her.

Having nothing else to prepare at the moment, I sat in the living room and listened to the sound of their lovemaking. My little cock tried to grow hard in its cage. I thought back to the day, five years ago when my cage was put on for the first time. Laurel had allowed me to fuck her that day. I was doing the laundry and she said she would call me when she was ready. I remember thinking that getting to fuck her that day was a fair reward for spending the rest of my life in chastity. I was folding her bras and panties when she called me and told me she was ready. I remember kıbrıs escort seeing her on her back waiting for me. She had her jeans and panties off of one leg, although her top and bra remained on. As I looked at her gorgeous thighs and exquisite pussy I felt overwhelmed with love for her. I remember she was texting somebody and whoever it was kept sending her funny videos to watch. I was waiting for her to be done, but she wanted me to start and so she took my hand and placed it on her breast over her sweater.

She smiled at me and said, “Go ahead, Baby Boy. I know how badly you want this. I’m all yours. Take me.”

I’ll never forget the feeling of entering her warm vagina and becoming one with her. At first, I didn’t want to move. It felt so amazing and I wanted it to last. She smiled at me and began to move her hips to tell me she wanted me to start thrusting. Even though she was texting, I felt that for well over a minute, we had become one. I looked at her face and saw a big smile growing there just as I began to come. Her smile grew bigger and bigger as I shot my load in her. She began to laugh then.

Through her laughter she managed to say, “This video is hysterical! I have to share this with Julie!”

I realized that she had been looking at her phone all the while. But, I didn’t care. We had made beautiful love together.

“All done honey?” she asked. “Did you like that? Could you clean your little load out of me and then go get your cage and lock yourself up? It’s on the kitchen counter. Oh my God! Look at the time. I have to get going!”

I quickly licked my cum out of her and got the cage from the kitchen. I put the chastity device on and showed her. She smiled and held out her hand for the keys which I promptly handed over. She gave me a little peck on the cheek and told me she’d be home late. I watched her leave. As she left the house the garbage truck arrived to empty our container. With a smile, she tossed the keys into our garbage can, just a moment before the truck picked it up and emptied it. Each day when I look down at my caged penis, I think of the amazing minute and a half I spent inside the most sexy and exciting woman in the world. A life in chastity is not a lot to pay for something as wonderful as that!

As I had that pleasant day-dream I heard Laurel come two more times. I knew that soon I would be needed in the bedroom. It wasn’t long before I heard my wife call me. I went quickly to the bedroom. The bed was in shambles. The bedding was all twisted and kicked off. Both the water glasses were on their sides. My wife and her lover lay panting on the bed. Laurel had her head on his chest. Charles’ softening penis was draped over his thigh. I went to him and took him in my mouth, sucking away the last drops of semen and Laurel’s vaginal secretions. I wiped him with a warm wet-wipe and wrapped the covers around him.

I then turned my attention to Laurel. I positioned my mouth at the opening of her pussy and began to suck and lick out as much of his cum as I could possibly get. After that I wiped my saliva off her and wrapped her in a warm blanket, turned on some spa music and let them rest. After about 20 minutes, I told them dinner was ready. I went and got one of the men’s bathrobes that I keep in the house and held it for Mr. McCullough to put on. I knelt in front of him and put slippers on his feet. I held their chairs for them and poured the wine. I brought my cart to the table and made the Caesar salad. I served them and put a basket of bread I had baked earlier that day on the table then went to the kitchen.

When they were half-way done with their salads, I put the steaks on. The baked potatoes were done and staying warm in the oven. I had already squeezed lemons and measured out the butter for the Hollandaise. I checked on them again and found that they had finished their salads. I picked up the salad plates and cleaned away the crumbs on the table. Back in the kitchen I checked the steaks which were nearly done and began to whip up the Hollandaise. I dropped the asparagus in boiling water, grabbed the steaks and plated them, grabbed the baked potatoes and plated them too, then pulled out the asparagus plated it and sauced it. Finally, some butter and fresh thyme on the steaks. I served them and filled their water and wine glasses. I thought I had gotten the steaks to a perfect medium rare as they had each requested, but there is always some apprehension until they have cut into them. When they finally did they seemed pleased. I asked if there was anything else I could do for them and they said no.

I went into the kitchen and tidied up a bit then sat and picked at some of the leftover salad. I would truly rather be doing something for them than sitting alone in the kitchen. After a few minutes, I went to the table to check on them. I waited for a break in the conversation and when there was one, I asked if there was anything I could do for them.

“Why don’t you kırıkkale escort give our guest a foot rub, Fluffy?” Laurel asked.

I responded by quickly running to the bathroom closet to get some peppermint foot cream and then crawling under the table. I slid one of the slippers off and began to massage his big foot. I caressed and rubbed each toe and every part of his foot, before suckling each toe. I sucked his big toe like it was a cock. I repeated the entire process with the other foot. When I was finished, I began to massage his calves. I got on my knees right between his legs and began to massage a calf with each hand. My mouth was directly in front of his penis, so I took it in my mouth. I didn’t do this to give him oral sex or to fluff him for Laurel. I did it simply to keep his penis warm and comfortable.

I always feel a little anxiety over this. For one thing, I feel a strong urge to come out from under the table to see if they need anything and see if their wine and water glasses are full. But, if I were to do that I would have to take the penis out of my mouth and it would get cold. I did not have a warm towel with me!

In about fifteen minutes, though, I knew I had to attend to them, so I took his member out of my mouth and dried it with the terrycloth of the robe and did my best to wrap it. I came out from under the table and looked at the situation. Clearly they were finished eating. I poured them each a bit more wine before looking at Mr. McCullough and saying almost tearfully, “Sir, I am so sorry. I should have had a warm towel with me. I certainly didn’t want your penis to get cold. I did the best I could, but I could have done much better.”

“Don’t worry about it Fluffy. Not a big deal. Both of you have been taking excellent care of my dick tonight,” he said with a chuckle.

“Thank you for your understanding Mr. McCullough,” I said with a small curtsy.

I brought their wine glasses into the living room. I asked if they needed to use the restroom and they both did. Laurel was going first. I scampered to the bathroom and made sure everything was in order. I checked that the seat was clean and dry and that the end of the toilet paper was nicely folded. Then I knelt next to the toilet and waited. Laurel came in and stood in front of the toilet. I pulled her panties down and she sat. I heard her pee and when she was done, I patted her dry with tissue. I showed her a pair of fresh panties I had selected and she nodded before stepping into them and allowing me to pull them up. She went to the mirror and I was ready with her hair brush. I handed her mascara and then lipstick. She used these and left them on the counter for me to put away. As she left the bathroom, she touched my cheek and said, “You’re doing such a fantastic job, Honey. You know, you are just the perfect guy for me. Can you imagine if I had married a real man? I mean a real manly man? I’d have to sneak around behind his back to get the variety of lovers I need. I’d have to do all this cooking and cleaning that you love to do, but I hate to do. It’s so nice to have you to take care of everything for me so I can focus on enjoying myself without worrying about whether I have clean panties or if there are enough condoms in the house or to have to think about cooking dinner while some hot stud is pounding me. I just wouldn’t be good at it. You are the best, Pauline!”

She called me Pauline when she didn’t call me Fluffy. My real name is Paul. When I heard her kind words I got very misty. It was so sweet of her to say that!

“My god Laurel, it makes me so happy to make life easier and more pleasure-filled for you. And you know, if I ever do feel like the daily work of caring for you and your men is a little tedious, I just think back to the day my peepee was locked up. I can still remember almost every second of our lovemaking. I remember, so well, the feeling of first entering you and then fucking you so hard. I remember I fucked you so hard that it was difficult for you to text your friends during it without some serious typos! That fuck was the best minute and a half of my life! I have to tell you that sometimes I dream of having sex with you again. I know that’ll never happen, but it’s such a nice dream!” I said looking at her through teary eyes.

“You never really know what the future might bring. Anything can happen little man,” she said with a smile.

She turned to leave the bathroom and gave my little balls a pat. She said she would send her date in. In a moment he was there. I beckoned him over to the toilet and when he was standing in front of it, I opened his robe and aimed his penis at the water. There were a couple of tentative starts followed by a firehose flow. I shook and licked when he was done and retied the robe. He left and I remained in the bathroom to tidy up a bit.

I went back into the living room. I saw them on the couch. He was sitting up with his back on the armrest while she was in front of him, between his legs, resting her back on his chest. He stroked her hair with one hand, while the other hand rested on her breast. I went to the bedroom and straightened up and put fresh sheets on the bed. Then, I went to the kitchen and got started with the dishes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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