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I’m going to jump ahead a few weeks. There were a couple of date nights in between, where we fell into a comfortable rhythm. I would blow Russ, I started licking Rayna which I was really nervous about before hand, but once it was happening and she was moaning was just perfect. He’d fuck me while she watched and touched us. He’d fuck her while I did the same. And when I was really lucky, he’d spank and whip me until I was a hair trigger for orgasm after orgasm.

One day something happened that upset Rayna. I have to admit, it surprised me too. It was the morning after a date night and Russ woke me up as usual, fingers in my pussy and his cock out and ready to fuck my throat until he filled me with my breakfast cum. At one point Rayna was at the door, smiling that sexy smile, before she went down for her morning coffee. After I finished Russ off, I went to the bathroom to get ready for my day. Yes, I wasn’t driving home to shower any more. Sometimes we’d spend the whole day together and today was going to be one of those days. Not in bed, but just three friends going out.

Anyway, I got out of the shower and was walking back to *my* room when I had to pass Russ in the hall, Rayna just behind him. I smiled up at him, and he just leaned down and kissed me. Not throw me against the wall and crush his mouth against mine, just kiss me gently with just the hint of the tip of his tongue darting into mine. I was taken aback. I mean, that was romance, not sex. That’s not what we were supposed to be about and I was scared of it. I could fall in love with them easily but that’s not what we were supposed to be doing. Rayna didn’t have her sexy smile. She looked mad.

Over breakfast we talked about it. He apologized, it just seemed natural to kiss me. I told them I was afraid of being treated too nicely. Rayna ended the conversation with the pronouncement that it wasn’t that Russ did anything wrong, but it wasn’t the way she wanted it. We needed ground rules on when we were playing and when we were friends. I said, “I want to be your pet, not your girlfriend,” and Rayna said on one hand she wanted that but on the other hand I was becoming her best friend and she didn’t want to treat me like a pet.

We went to the flea market after breakfast, before it got too hot. I was dying to take Rayna to a dress stall I loved. They were just cheap dresses from Asia, not like they were hand made or anything, but they had a medieval look that I loved and I knew she would. We bought a few each. The stall owner asked if we could share a bag because she was running low and we said sure. That turned out to be a good thing.

We had been strolling around for about an hour, with Russ disappearing regularly to look at the things he was into while Rayna and I looked at antiques and old toys and other nostalgia things and jewelry, a lot of jewelry…but we didn’t buy anything else. It was starting to get hot and so Rayna and I got on line at the fresh lemonade stand (really, maybe the best reason to go to the flea market). We had just gotten a large one to share when Russ showed up smiling.

“I’ve got it,” he said. “I’ve got the solution to our problems.” Really, I had forgotten what problem we had, the morning had been so perfect since breakfast. He led us to a booth selling all kinds of leather bahis firmaları goods. I was very intrigued, but still not sure what problem he meant. I saw some fun looking flails and other “toys” that he could be headed to, but that wasn’t it. He led us to a display of leather chokers.

“Here’s the deal. You wanted to be a pet, let’s do that. I’ll buy you the choker of your choice, but Rayna controls it,” he turned to her, “Honey, if you want to play, you give her the choker. If she’s in the mood, she’ll put it on. When it’s on, she’s ours and we do what we want. But this way I know you’re both game…because, you know I always am.” We had some whispered conversation but I think we all knew that was a great plan. I was getting excited just thinking about it. I tried a few chokers on and finally picked one and Russ paid for it as we slipped out of the tent. I think the guy running the booth was smirking at him, but with all the stuff he sold, he was probably used to this kind of thing. Russ came out with just the choker, no bag, and popped it into our dress bag.

We shopped a little more, but I had dinner plans with a friend and they had plans of some kind too (I don’t have any idea any more what that was), so we made our way to an exit. We had driven separately and parked on opposite sides of the flea market, but since our dresses were in one bag, we decided to go to their car and they’d drive me around to mine and we’d sort our dresses on the way.

We walked through the parking lot, weaving our way through the pickups and minivans, until we got to their car. They were ahead of me, arm in arm, whispering and laughing, while I trailed behind, frankly enjoying the view of both their asses. They stopped at the car and Russ looked around (he’s well over 6′ and has a commanding view) and smiled to Rayna. I got to them and she reached into the bag, pulled out the choker and held it out to me. I had a moment of panic as I realized that Russ hadn’t taken his car keys out and they intended on playing out in the open. I looked around, with not quite the view Russ had, to see that nobody was in the area and with all the trucks and vans, you’d have to practically walk over us to see us. I took the choker, I put it on, and I waited to be told what to do.

While I was putting on my choker, Rayna was rubbing Russ’s cock through his shorts. “Suck my husband’s cock…pet,” she commanded. I wanted to play along like they wanted me, so I rushed to my knees in front of him with as much enthusiasm as I could show. I unbuttoned and unzipped him, he was rock hard. They were probably talking about this the whole time we were walking to the car.

I took Russ into my mouth. Have I described how his cock felt? I loved it. The head was big enough to fill my mouth nicely and stretch my throat, but not so big that it was difficult to take him in (not like my old boyfriend who was a fucking anaconda). He could be rock hard from base to head but still be satiny soft at the same time. I was probably slobbering over the head for too long because soon Rayna moved in closer. She moved against me, so that I was pressed against her leg as I knelt in front of them, she was wearing a short summer dress so it was her flesh against my arm. She put her hand on the back of my head and said, “C’mon bitch, like kaçak iddaa you mean it. Make my husband cum in your slut mouth so I can go home,” and she pushed me further onto his cock. I started to deep throat him as best as I could, I still had that damn gag reflex and could only occasionally get to the base, not like how she swallowed him whole like a sword swallower. I cupped his balls with both my hands and squeezed them like she would, knowing she knew best. He started to make those noises I love and I bet I was dripping a puddle in the dirt below me.

I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded with Russ starting to thrust into me while Rayna steadied me and held my head in place. I moaned around his cock as a signal to keep going. He was fucking me. She was pushing my head up and down his cock, and when I looked up, tears in my eyes, I saw them kissing passionately. A few minutes of this and he started to grunt and his thrust stopped. I squeezed his balls and jerked his cock and spurt after spurt of cum filled my mouth. Not as much as earlier that morning, but enough.

I stayed in my place as Russ zipped up. I wasn’t sure if I removed the choker or if Rayna asked for it back or what.

“Feel good honey?” Rayna asked Russ, her head on his chest, “Ready to go home?”

“Not quite,” he answered, “She’s our pet, not mine.” He looked down at me, “Get under my wife’s dress and eat her pussy,” he said completely matter of factly.

Rayna looked surprised and quickly looked around. As if suddenly she was concerned of who might see. She must have been satisfied, because she turned so she was leaning against the car and spread her legs a little for me. I was up under her dress in a second. I wanted to show as much enthusiasm for her as I did for her husband.

She was more than ready for me. She loved to watch Russ and me together and it turned her on so much that her pussy was dripping wet and open for me. I swear, if I didn’t know better I’d have thought they had been fucking and he just pulled out, she was that wet and that open. I locked my mouth on her sex. Open as wide as I could with my tongue as flat as I could make it, trying to just cover her with my tongue. She let out a hiss when I made contact. That made my pussy throb. I started licking, from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her clit. Over and over again. Bottom to top. Come off her, Back to the bottom and lick back up. Like trying to catch melting ice cream off a cone. Russ had shown me enough times what she liked and I knew she came almost as hard from oral as from penetration. But what she liked most was both.

After a minute or two of the long licks, I focused my mouth on her clit. Oh God, it’s wrong but I miss her clit so much. It stands out longer than mine when she’s really going. Not perversely or anything, but just prominent enough that I can take it in my mouth and suck on it with suction on all sides. And I did. I was under her dress, so she couldn’t pull my hair, but her hand was on my head separated only by her sheer dress. She pulled me against her. This was my moment, I’d been learning her cues. I slipped two fingers into her and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. My intuition was right. She started bucking and moaning. Moaning loud enough that anyone five cars away would kaçak bahis hear. But not for long because Russ smother her moans. Somehow the muffled moans were even sexier. I didn’t know if he was kissing her or holding his hand over her mouth until he started to talk to me while she was still moaning against his hand.

“One hand in her, one in you. You can cum if you can get there before she’s done.” I didn’t need more of an invitation. I had my skirt hiked up and was rubbing my clit furiously. Later Russ told me that it was so lewd that if he hadn’t already cum twice that morning he would have fucked me then and there, and that is the best compliment I could have.

It didn’t take long. I was so over heated by the action that I was cumming in seconds. I was cumming. She was cumming. And Russ was encouraging us how we liked best, “Look at you sluts cumming in public. Fucking bitches in heat,” demeaning us in a way he never would if we weren’t having sex. I loved being talked to that way as long as I knew he didn’t mean it.

I stood up and she straightened her dress and I straightened mine. There was silence for a moment and then it was broken by the chirp-chirp of the car unlocking. We all got into the car. As Russ started it up and the air conditioning started to blow (first that burst of hot air from the system then blessed cool air starting to circulate), I started to remove the choker.

“Don’t,” Russ said, then to Rayna, “I want her to cum again. Do you want to watch her cum?”

She smiled that smile and I melted. She turned a bit in her seat to face me. “Spread those legs and those lips. I want to watch you fuck yourself silly. And if you cum before we get to your car, I’ll think of a treat for next time.”

I didn’t need more encouragement than that. My skirt was around my hips, my legs were spread and I locked eyes with her as I fucked myself with two, then three fingers from one hand while rubbing lazy circles around my clit with the other. She’d switch from staring me in the eyes to watching my fingers work my pussy. Occasionally her tongue would dart over her lips.

“I can’t hear anything, I’m going to stop the car and let you out.” Russ broke the silence. The silence, crap. I started to moan. At first it was all show for him, but the more I did it, the more real it became. Soon I was bucking against my own hands and practically screaming that I was cumming.

Russ stopped his car behind mine and turned to the back seat. “Fingers,” he said. I obediently offered my fingers up to his mouth and sucked them clean.

“Fingers,” Rayna said, shocking me. I offered my other hand and she started to lick the fingers that had played with my clit. “Not enough,” she said releasing my fingers and pulling my other hand away from Russ. She sucked all four of my fingers into her mouth for a second then removed them and started kissing Russ. Her mouth was wide open as they came together and I could see their tongues meet before their lips. Suddenly I was wet again and my fingers went back to work.

They kissed for only a minute before separating. Rayna turned to me and saw me playing with myself. “Oh no, you didn’t have permission for that. We’ll have to do something about that next time. We owe you for that. Leave your collar and you can go.”

As I watched them drive away I could only imagine what my punishment would be. And the more I imagined the hotter I got. I got in my car and started it up. Yes. I made myself cum before I drove home for another shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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