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Big Tits

Taboo Temptations

September 13th, 2021 — Cruzita Gutiérrez


I lifted my head to see the Hispanic girl coming out of the cloth curtain that cut off the waiting room from the back hallway. She wore a lilac, silk robe about her petite figure. She wore her dark-brown hair short, framing her face. She couldn’t be more than eighteen, and wore a bright smile on her face.

“That’s me,” I said in Spanish. “You’re my masseuse.”

“Yes, I am,” she answered back in the same language. Then she switched to English to say, “She’s all checked in, Lee?”

“Yep,” the receptionist said. She appeared to be kneeling on her chair, leaning over and wiggling her hips like a little girl. She was young, too, her face elfin and cheeks rosy. Her computer had a faint, humming sound coming from it. “She’s ready to go. Give her a good time, Juana.”

“Always.” Juana turned to me and switched back to Spanish to say, “Come on back, pretty lady.”

She held back the curtain for me as I stood. My friend, Olivia Wright, had recommended this massage parlor. She said the Lady Touch Massage Parlor had done wonders for her and her eighteen-year-old daughter. It was the best stress relief in town.

I was desperate for it.

“So, first time, huh?” Juana said, this naughty gleam in her eyes.

“First time,” I agreed.

“Getting a massage, or just coming to my establishment?”

“Both.” I swallowed. “Your establishment.”

“This was all my idea. My sister and I, along with a few friends, put it together.” She opened a door to a room and motioned me to enter. “Come on, pretty lady, I’ll take care of you. Mmm, you’re going to love having your massage cherry broken.”

Her eyes flicked over my form and this strange sensation rippled through my body. It was like she was staring at me the way a man did a woman. I blushed at the thought. Was she a lesbian? I didn’t have a lot of experience with lesbians. Or maybe I was just reading too much into an innocent glance.

Olivia had recommended the place.

The room was lit by scented candles. They burned happily along the counters on both sides of the room, dancing warm light everywhere. The soothing scent of cinnamon filled my nose. I shuddered at that scent. In the center of the room lay a massage bed, a sturdy structure with a padded bed that held an oval cutout at one end that looked perfect for a bed. On one counter lay a back massager, plugged into an outlet.

“Well, pretty woman, let’s get you naked,” said Juana. Her hands boldly darted to the suit jacket I wore over my blouse and pencil skirt.

“Naked?” I gasped as she drew off my charcoal blazer.

Juana gave me this strange look. “Did you think you’d be clothed?” She hung my blazer from a coat rack to the right of the door. “How am I supposed to massage you, pretty lady, if your clothes are in the way?”

“I guess so, but…” I looked around as she came back to me and untucked my blouse from my skirt. Her fingers worked the buttons. “Shouldn’t I strip myself.”

“Oh, it’s just the pampering we offer here,” she said, her fingers undoing button after button. A tension squeezed about my heart. This nervous squirm writhed through my stomach. “Relax, pretty woman, we’re both ladies. It’s no different from the locker room.” She paused. “Unless you think I’m going to molest you.”

“Molest?” I gave a nervous laugh. “No, no. My friend said this place is amazing.”

Juana winked at me as she finished unbuttoning my blouse. She opened it, revealing my round breasts held in a bra. I was still in great shape despite being in my forties. My figure slender. My work had a small gym next door, and I used it on my breaks.

“You look like you’re a woman in need of pampering,” she said. “Your job?”

“Yeah,” I said, “but…” I stared down at my wedding ring glinting on my left hand. I twisted it.

“Ah, hubby driving you wild?”

“Not for much longer.” I drew in a deep breath. It hurt. “Divorce should be final in a few months. California makes you go through a waiting process before they’ll finalize it. You know, a last chance to see if you can reconcile.”

“But you don’t want to?”

“He doesn’t like the hours I work. I’m never home, he claims. So he started fucking the girl next door. She’s barely older than our daughter. Eighteen, so she’s barely legal.” Anger flared through me. “And it’s hard on Laurita. She doesn’t want it to happen, and I can’t tell her that her father is a peckerhead piece of shit, now can I?”

“Then you need this,” Juana said with absolute sincerity. She slid her fingers along the waistband of my pencil skirt and found where it zipped up on the side. It fit my body. “Only thing better than one of our massages is getting fucked hard by a hottie on a one night stand.”

“I have no idea how to do that,” I muttered. “I married my high school sweetheart.”

“Sorry it didn’t work out,” she said. “But I’ll make you forget all about him.” She knelt down before escort izmir me and tugged off my skirt. I shuddered at her kneeling there. It was such a… submissive act. She stared up at me with this bright gleam in her dark eyes. Her hands worked my skirt down my thighs, her fingers brushing my skin. We had nearly the same shade of brown.

I stepped out of my skirt and trembled. There was something different about this girl. The way she acted. She was young, but she moved around me with such confidence. She had a strange, commanding presence. Like she was used to getting her way. Not spoiled. It was something else.

My skirt folded, she returned to me and stood a few inches in front of me. She smiled as she reached behind me. I shivered at how intimate it suddenly became. Her fingers followed my bra’s band around to the clasp. Her small breasts were only inches from touching mine as she unhooked it. She fumbled for a moment, her weight shifted.

By accident, our breasts, separated by our clothing, pushed together. My nipples burst with a tingling sensation that rippled across my skin. An electric current that ended up at my pussy. My cheeks warmed at the awakened heat.

“There we are, pretty lady,” she said and leaned back, pulling away my bra straps. She slipped the cups off my breasts, exposing my round tits. They weren’t as firm as they used to be. But they still had their shape, my nipples thick and dark brown.

And hard.

My cheeks warmed with embarrassment. I hoped she didn’t notice. Or, at least, didn’t comment.

She added my bra to the pile. I shivered and went to go the bed, fighting the urge to cover my breasts. A locker room. Just like at the gym. Stripping naked wasn’t a big deal there. We were all women.

Only the locker room wasn’t lit by scented candles and I was stripping myself here.

“Hold up, pretty lady,” she said, grabbing my wrist. “You still have your panties and shoes on. You need to be naked.”

“My panties, too?” I gasped as she slipped to her knees before me again. That submissive-seeming act, but she stared up at me with authority. This was her massage parlor. Like a judge in a courtroom, she ruled here.

“And shoes,” she purred, grabbing my right foot and lifting it. I shuddered at how intimate it was for her to slowly pull off my three-inch pumps, her hand caressing my foot in the process. I shivered, the heat growing between my thighs.

“Cute feet,” she said as she drew off the other shoe, her finger following down my sole, stroking the bottom of my foot. This strange tingle raced through me. I shivered, my breasts rising and falling with my breathing.

What was this place? If Olivia hadn’t told me this was the stress relief I needed…

“And now the panties,” she said, her hands sliding up my thighs, just a light graze. Her touch electrified my skin. I swallowed. It was her job to touch me. I just had to relax. Nothing strange or unusual about a masseuse touching her client.

She slid her hands over my cream-hued panties, touching the satin. “These are so cute, pretty lady.”

“Thanks,” I said. Juana hooked them and then tugged them down.


She worked off the cloth while my cheeks burned. Kneeling, her head was at the same level as my pussy. She exposed my black bush. The panties slid over my plump butt-cheeks. Then they were down my thighs. The way she stared at me, I had this strange idea that she wanted to feast on me.

The nervous writhe in my stomach increased. I wanted to flee. I wasn’t into women. I didn’t want her to do that to me. I squeezed my eyes shut. Of course, she wouldn’t do that. This place couldn’t do that. My friend didn’t send me to some strange bordello masquerading as a massage parlor.

A woman’s only massage parlor.

“There you are,” she said as she tugged my panties down my thighs. Her knuckles caressed my skin, generating heat that rippled through me. My pussy drank it in. I hoped she didn’t notice anything. Over the cinnamon, I caught a faint, familiar scent.

Cheeks flaming, I stepped out of my panties. She rose and carefully folded them before adding them to the pile of clothing. I moved to the bed even as I considered fleeing from here. I sat down on it, squirming. I was too nervous. This wasn’t relaxing me. It was just stressing me out. I was on my lunch break. I didn’t want to waste it.

“Lay down on your belly,” she said, picking up the back massager. Its white end was as thick as a soda bottle and ended in a round column. Like a wand. She turned it on and it buzzed, the end fuzzing along the edges. “Put your head in the cutout. It’s to support you and let you feel comfortable.”

“Okay,” I said and obeyed.

As I moved into position, she also grabbed a dark-amber bottle. She brought it over to the bed and hummed, almost drowned out by the vibrator. I stretched out on my back, glad to hide my breasts. I shifted into position and placed my head in the cutout.

“You’re going to love this, pretty escort izmir lady,” purred Juana. Her voice had a sensual cadence to it.

I gasped as she drizzled the oil across my back. She spread it in a long, sinuous line. I shuddered at her touch. Then her hand spread it across my skin, her fingers kneading and working. They felt… relaxing. Skilled. Her touch held purpose.

A professional.

My nervousness slowly faded. I breathed in the relaxing cinnamon. She moved her hand down my lower back closer and closer to my plump ass. She paused and then drizzled the liquid across my butt-cheeks. Her hand slid over my rump, fingers digging into my flesh. I let out a little groan. That felt nice. Not in a sexual way, but just to have my muscles massaged.

“Mmm, there you are,” she purred and then pressed the back massager right between my shoulder blades.

I gasped at the humming vibration massaging my skin. My fingers flexed. My toes curled. A soft sigh escaped my lips. It felt incredible on my skin. It wasn’t just vibrating, it was warm. A soothing heat that mixed with the buzzing touch.

I closed my eyes and relaxed into the massage. Juana worked it in slow circles, spreading out across my oiled back. It caressed my muscles. Teased them. She moved it over my shoulder blades. She pushed my hair back to work it against my neck. Her free hand kept stroking my lower back, hardly noticeable as she worked the amazing toy.

I groaned.


Enjoyed it.

She moved the massager around my back, knowing just where to pause and really let it work into my flesh, pressing into knots of tension. They relaxed away. It was incredible. I could just let her do this all day. The buzzing heat drew all my attention. I was vaguely aware of her hand massaging my rump.

Didn’t care about it one bit.

The buzzing moved lower and lower. She slid it over my spine. I gasped when she found this knot halfway down. My back arched, pressing my breasts into the table. She dug the wand massager there, working on it.

Her fingers dipped into my crack. I didn’t care. I just loved that massager. I whimpered.

“Mmm, pretty lady, right there, huh?” Juana asked. “All that stress from your dickhead husband. What a little bitch for cheating on such a beauty.”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“And you’ve been working all those long hours. They’ve been taking their toll on you. Draining your spirit. I can tell. Just let me massage it all away, pretty lady.”

“You’re doing so good,” I moaned, the vibrating warmth moving lower and lower. I gasped when she reached my tail bone. “Oh, that’s good.”

“Yes, yes, you have a lot of tension there. I got you, pretty lady.”

Her hand slid down my rump through my crack. Her finger brushed my taint and almost my pussy before she was stroking her oiled hand down my thigh. I didn’t mind. I just moaned, lost to the delight of the back massager working away my tension. My toes curled, feet twitching.

Her hand slid up and down my thigh, spreading the oil with her massaging touch. She dug into my muscles, a small delight compared to the relaxing buzz off the massager. It moved over my rump now, following wherever hand had touched.

She worked it in slow circles on my right butt-cheek, pressing it into my plump flesh. I whimpered and moaned. I could almost fall asleep enjoying this. Her hand massaged my legs, moving from thigh to thigh as she worked the massager.

She slid it over my butt-crack. The rounded, buzzing tip pressed between my asscheeks for a moment. My asshole puckered, but the humming tool didn’t touch it. Then she was massaging along the other side of my rump.

“Oh, yes,” I sighed, her hand digging fingers into my inner thigh. “That’s good.”

My legs parted to let her work while that hot massager soothed everything away. I was in heaven. It worked lower across my butt-cheek, following the dipping curve. Then it slipped between my thighs.

It pressed against my pussy.

I gasped at the buzzing heat rubbing at my vulva through my bush. Sparks burst from my clit. The vibrator moved onto my inner thigh. The contact with my pussy was a brief touch. Accidental. I shuddered, my labia aching, wanting it to return.

My cheeks burned at that impulse. I forced it down, but the tingling remained in my pussy. I couldn’t stop thinking about how great that felt as she worked the back massager up and down my inner thigh. When she slid up it, coming closer to my twat, I half-hoped she would touch me again.

What was wrong with me? I couldn’t want that. She couldn’t do that. It was an accident.

I struggled to focus on the massager and not that horny itch forming inside of me. How long had it been since I’d gotten laid? Nearly a year? Just masturbating while my husband slept on the couch, banished there because we were going through our separation.

I had no time to date. Or even to find a stranger. Too much work. Too much stress. Laurita needed me to be a mom through it all.

But here…

“Okay, pretty lady, roll over,” Juana said. She pulled the wand massager from my thigh. Almost to my pussy.

I groaned and did. I rolled over, my body tingling. My breasts swayed, nipples hard. My pussy had that wet itch. I settled on my back. She produced a round pillow that slid beneath my neck and cradled my head in cotton softness.

She smiled at me, her robe clinging to her petite body. She squeezed out the golden liquid on my belly and between my breasts. Her hand spread it over me, making my golden-brown skin gleam in the dancing candlelight. I shuddered as her touch slid up upward and between my breasts. She coated my upper chest and clavicle in it, fingers massaging my pectoral muscles around the edges of my tits.

She gave me a smile as her oiled hand trailed down my stomach towards my hips. For a moment, I had this weird urge for her to follow the V of my pelvis towards my pussy. The heat rippled through me.

She wouldn’t do that. The idea of a lesbian bordello, a happy-ending massage parlor for women and not men, had latched onto my brain. But it was a ridiculous idea. Women didn’t pay for sex. Men did.

I closed my eyes as her hand stroked my thigh, massaging my quadriceps muscle. The back massager became a belly massager. I gasped as it hummed around my stomach. A ticklish delight rippled through me as she lightly worked it into my abdomen. Not as much pressure as my back.

I let out a sigh and decided to ignore my naughty pussy. Just concentrate on that buzzing delight moving in slow circles around my stomach. Juana knew her skill. The young masseuse slid the buzzing toy higher and higher up my body to the base of my ribs. Right beneath my breasts.

“So breaking up with hubby, and no time for dating,” said Juana. “You poor thing. That doesn’t sound like the best situation.”

“I’m sure it’ll get better once the divorce is finalized and I can move on,” I answered.

“A pretty lady like you needs to be pampered,” she said, the massager moving around the outside edge of my right breast, the buzzing lightly grazing my boob.

I let out a sigh of agreement as the massager reached my upper chest, working across my pectoral muscles and just edging around my tits. That felt so good. My breasts jiggled from the buzzing. The wand brushed against my mounds.

That felt really good.

I sighed as the buzzing climbed up my right breast. It spiraled up it, digging into my flesh. I shifted on the table, this smile spreading on my lips. Tingles raced through my body as the humming warmth spiraled to the pinnacle of my breast.

Pressed on my nipple.

My eyes shot open. I gasped as the humming massaged right there at the aching pinnacle of my breast. My pussy drank in the buzzing sensation. I gasped, my cunt clenching. This wicked heat swept through my body. I gasped and shuddered.

She shouldn’t be doing this.

“Mmm, just relax, pretty lady,” Juana said as she massaged my nipple. Her tongue flicked across her lips, wetting them. They were pink and glossy. Her cheeks were dark and flushed. I shuddered as her brown eyes reflected dancing candlelight. “Just enjoy.”

I should be telling her to stop, but it felt so good. My body was so relaxed. I just wanted to lie here and let myself melt away. The buzzing massaged my nub. My fat nipple drank it in. My pussy clenched, the pleasure surging through me.

My juices flowed. I grew hotter and hotter. I squirmed on the bed, my heart pumping heat through my veins. This wonderful passion swept through me. My thighs pressed tighter, taking the pressure off my aching clit.

Then the buzzing left my nipple. I whimpered in disappointment.

The massager pressed against my left nub. I gasped at the burst of pleasure, the return of aching rapture.

My body trembled. Hands clenched. My naughty pussy drank in the electricity zapping from my nipple. The wand massager arced bliss through my body. It sent the pleasure surging through me. It was incredible. I moaned and gasped, squirming on the bed.

“There you are, pretty lady,” purred Juana, her hand massaging my inner thighs close to my pussy. Tantalizingly close. “I know what you need.”

“This…” My mind rippled. This was verging on prostitution. On illegality. I didn’t request this. But… but… Consenting adults… Like an escort service. I paid for a massage. What came after… “I…”

“Shh,” she said and then she pulled the massager from my nipple.

It all happened so fast. The buzzing delight plunged between my thighs and pressed against the aching folds of my pussy. Her head snapped down and hot lips engulfed my left nipple, replacing the humming delight with wet, sucking pleasure.

I bucked on the bed, gasping at the burst of rapture exploding through me.

I came.


My pussy convulsed as the wand massager rubbed up and down my hot flesh. My thighs relaxed, parting. Pleasure rushed through my body and melted my mind. This incredible surge of bliss that had me writhing and moaning. Juana sucked on my nipple. Her lips sealed on it, adding another burst of delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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