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Stud’s Naughty Sisters

July 19th, 2027 — Catherine Nicholson

I stood there shocked as Cruzita Martínez, one of the prosecutors on the Elliston case, was stripping naked before me. That she wanted to watch my brother and I fuck. Panic pumped through my veins. Cold and oily.

Was this a trap?

My brother and I, while testifying for the prosecution, all but admitted we were into incest by supporting the Ellistons. By telling the jury we didn’t think consensual incest between brothers and sisters was wrong. They had to know that we did it. Cruzita seemed to.

The Hispanic woman. Slipped off her blouse, revealing her round breasts trapped in a lacy, gray bra. Black trimmed around it. She reached behind her, this naughty smile on her face as she undid her bra and then dropped it to the floor.

“Come on,” she cooed, her hips undulating from side to side, skirt rustling, “you need to get naked. I want to watch you pound your sister, Isaac. Mmm, that will be so hot.” Her bra came off. Her tits appeared. Round and still firm with her age. She was a mature woman, forty and in great shape. She dropped her bra. “Don’t be shy, officers. Incest is so hot.”

She unzipped her skirt while the panic was turning into something else. She was getting naked. This couldn’t be a trap, and yet…

Her skirt dropped down her thighs.

“We’re not into incest,” my brother said.

“Liar,” cooed Cruzita. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and then shoved them down her body. It rolled off her rump and then down her thighs. Her bush came into view. She worked the cloth down her lush, golden-brown thighs. She straightened up, fixing us with such a sultry grin. “I know all about you and your sister. Elisabet Reenburg told me while her daughter ate out my cunt and my daughter ate out hers.”

“What?” my brother groaned as the naked prosecutor leaned against her bookshelf covered in those expensive law tomes. She thrust her hand between her thighs and rubbed at her hot flesh.

“I fuck my daughter all the time,” she moaned. “It’s amazing. Incest is the best. Now show me. Let me see you two fuck. I know you love it. I can tell. It was so hot hearing you say those words in the courtroom. You came so close to admitting it on the stand. You’re both so brave. Yes, yes, you’re helping to get Clint off.”

“What the fuck is going on?” I gasped. Get Clint off. “You’re the fucking prosecutor!”

“Mmm, I am,” she moaned, her fingers playing with her cunt. “Now let me see you two fuck you naughty, naughty cops.”

“Shit,” my brother growled. Then he was tearing off the tie he wore as part of our dress blues. His fingers were attacking the buttons. “You wanted me to pound you, Cat.”

I shivered. I did. My burning lusts were coming back. They had been suppressed by my fear, but that was dwindling. The molten cream soaked my panties. Then my hands were attacking my uniform. I ripped off my tie and untucked my blouse. It rattled with the one medal I had. I pushed the buttons through the eyelets one after the other and then ripped open my blouse.

Cruzita smiled, her fingers rubbing through her bush. She groped her breast with her other hand, staring at us with lidded lust. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, my round breasts popped out, swaying with perky grace.

“That tattoo,” groaned Cruzita. “Ooh, I love it.”

I glanced down at the Chinese dragon I had tattooed in a circle around my heart. It climbed up the slope of my left tit. Then I glanced at my brother. He had a matching one in the same spot on his chiseled pecs.

“Matching tats,” panted the depraved, Latina prosecutor. “Those aren’t new. You’ve had those before you got into fucking.”

“Yeah,” I groaned. “Do you want our life history or watch my brother pound my cunt?”

“Pound your cunt!”

“Yes,” growled my brother. He smacked my rump. “Get those pants off. I’m going to ram my cock to the hilt in you.”

I grinned at him and attacked the zipper. I pulled it down with a steely rasp. I shuddered as I wiggled my hips, working my slacks off my ass. They fell down my legs to bunch around my ankles. I seized my panties next and peeled them off my rump and down my thighs. My breasts bounced and heaved as I wiggled to do it.

“Oh, my, that’s a nice cock,” groaned Cruzita. “I’ve come to prefer pussy, but a nice dick is something to be enjoyed. Especially your brothers, right?”

I bent over her desk, pressing my tits into the rubbery writing blotter. “Yes! I love my brother’s cock ramming into me. He fucks me hard. He gives me the absolutely best fucking in the world. He pounds me until I explode.”

“I want to see that,” groaned Cruzita, her fingers rubbing up and down her cunt. “Oh, yes, yes, I want to see that so badly. Pound your sister. Make her explode, Officer.”

I wiggled my rump. “You heard her, bro. Fuck me! I need it. Do you see how wet I am? I wanted to scream out to the courtroom how much I love my brother. How much I love his cock in me. I hiltonbet yeni giriş need that cock!”

“Then you’re going to get it,” he said. His cock rubbed into my shaved pussy. He slid it up and down my folds, caressing me. Teasing me. The pleasure rippled through my body. I groaned at the touch on my flesh. He nudged my clit. The pleasure burst from my bud.

He pushed his dick’s tip against my pussy lips. I groaned as he pressed harder and harder against my folds. He wasn’t ramming into me. No, he was making me savor his shaft. I gasped, rubbing my tits into the desk as he entered me slowly. I felt every inch of him sliding into me. He reached deeper and deeper. I groaned, the friction rippling over me.

Cruzita let out a throaty moan. Her breasts jiggled out of the corner of my eye. She frigged her cunt with hunger. She licked her lips as she played with her twat. She groaned when my brother bottomed out in me.

“You love him being in you,” she hissed.

“Of course I do!” I gasped, my cunt squeezing around him. “We were meant to be together. His cock feels amazing in my cunt. Oh, yes, yes, fuck me!”

My brother drew back and then he rammed back into my cunt. He buried hard into my snatch. That wonderful bliss surged through my body. His balls smacked into my clit. Pleasure burst through me. I groaned as he planted his hands on either side of me and now hammered me.

He gave me the fuck I craved. Needed.

That wild thrust. He didn’t hold back his passion. He gave it to me without restraint. He buried into me again and again. He plowed into me with such hard passion. His strokes were incredible to experience. I whimpered. Moaned. I savored it. I squeezed my eyes shut and embraced every second of his dick ramming in my cunt.

It was incredible to experience. I enjoyed my brother’s dick ramming into my juicy cunt. He stirred me up. He sent the pleasure rippling through my body. I groaned, squeezing in my cunt. I undulated my hips, stirring his cock around in me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my body trembling. The pleasure surged through me. The ecstasy flowed through my body. I groaned, the bliss building and building in me. Such amazing rapture brewed in my cunt. I would cum so hard. “Oh, that’s the best. Fuck me, bro!”

“God, Cat!” he growled. “She’s fingering her pussy. She’s getting off watching our incest.”

“I am!” Cruzita moaned. “Mother of God, that’s hot. Just fuck her., Ram that big dick into her cunt. Just cum in her. Flood her with all that spunk.”

“Yes!” I gasped, squeezing my cunt down on his dick. The pleasure surged through my body. I whimpered, my hips stirring from side to side. I loved it. I savored every second of it. This heat swept through my body. “Shit!”

“That’s right!” he growled, plunging hard and fast into my cunt. He plowed into me with such force. He rammed into my cunt with those powerful strokes. He fucked me hard and fast. “Damn, Cat!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped.

My orgasm built and built with every hard stroke of my brother’s cock into my pussy. He rammed that big dick into me. He buried that hard cock into my pussy. He slammed it with such power into me. The pleasure hit that huge peak. It was an amazing experience.

My eyes flicked to Cruzita. She had three fingers thrusting into her cunt. Her hand groped her tits. She squeezed and kneaded those boobs. She massaged her big tits, this look of lust in her eyes. She slid her fingers up and pinched her nipple. She twisted it and groaned. Her face scrunched up. Her whimpers burst from her lips.

“Cum in her!” she moaned. “Cum in your sister. I want to see that. Mmm, flood her!”

“Flood me!” I groaned, his balls smacking into my clit. Incestuous sparks burst from my bud and showered through my cunt.

It felt incredible. The heat washed through my body. I groaned, my cunt squeezing down on his cock as the pleasure built and built my orgasm. His balls smacked into my clit over and over again. That wonderful, staccato rhythm of bliss. I whimpered, feeling the delight driving me towards that moment of ecstatic release.

He grunted and groaned, crotch spanking my rump. I squeezed down on him at the pull back. The pleasure flared. The friction blazed hot. He moaned my name. I gave my brother pleasure. I satiated his cock.

He buried into me.

I came.

“Cum in me!” I howled, my pussy going wild around his cock. My flesh spasmed, a wild and passionate release that swept through my body. I shuddered on the table. I rubbed my tits into it. The bliss shot through my body. It was incredible.

The heat washed through my body. I groaned. The waves of bliss swept hot through my body and drowned my mind. My cunt convulsed around his plunging dick. This amazing delight swirled over my thoughts.

He grunted as he plowed into my climaxing twat. I whimpered, bucking through the rapture, rubbing my nipples into the writing blotter. My cunt convulsed and spasmed around that big dick. I drank in the pleasure hiltonbet giriş of this. The euphoria of that amazing cock plundering me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, god, bro, cum in me.”

“Cum in her!” the prosecutor whimpered, her voice throaty with her own orgasmic bliss. She sounded like she was in heaven.

I knew she was.

“Fuck, Cat!” he growled and buried into me. “I love you.”

Hot cum jetted into my pussy. My brother’s seed.

“I love you, too!” I gasped, my cunt going wild. I milked him. I worked out his cum. My pussy drank it in. It was incredible. This rippling heat washed through my body. I pressed my face into the blotter and howled out my bliss.

My pussy milked my brother’s cock. It sucked out every last bit of his cum. His cock pumped it into my twat. That wonderful, incestuous jizz filled me. My climax hit that outstanding peak. I hovered there as my brother basted my cunt.

Isaac panted over me. His cum filled me. I squeezed my pussy around his cock and mewled my delight. We had thrown our support with the Ellistons. It was the right thing to do. There was nothing wrong with what they did. Nothing at all.

Incest was amazing.

* * *

Delilah Midgley

My hand shook as my phone showed, “Call Connecting…”

Would it go through? Had my son changed his number since I threw him out of the house two years ago in shame and panic. I understood now. I didn’t have to be ashamed of my desires. I could be a good mother and love my son. It was all so clear to me sitting on the jury for Clint Elliston and his family’s trial.

The phone rang.

“Oh, god,” I whimpered as the phone trilled once.


Three times.


Would he answer?

Five times.

What if he was busy?

Six times.

What if he didn’t want to talk to his mother?

Seven times.

Why would he want to talk to his mother after wha–

“Hello,” a flat voice answered. Deep. A man. My son.

“Ian,” I croaked, my heart pounding. I had it on speaker, the phone cradled in both hands. “It’s, um, Mom.”

“I know.” He didn’t sound at all happy to hear from me. “What do you want.”

“I just…” This was so difficult. I wanted this happy reunion, but all my fantasies had been full of my bubbly seduction and his eager desire for me. Not his apathy. Not my terror. “I wanted to apologize. For what I did. It wasn’t you. It was all me. I was… I was having issues and took them out on you.”


“And I’m sorry. I want you to come over. Have dinner. I want to work things out. I love you, Ian.”

He let out a heavy sigh. “I’m busy.”

“Just pick the evening,” I told him. “I’ll be free. Please, Ian. I’m so sorry. I’m going to make it up to you. I’m going to be the mother I wanted to be.”

“A few days, I guess.” He didn’t sound enthusiastic. “Okay? I have work. Bills to pay.”

“Please, I just want to r–“

“I have to get going… Mom. A few days. All right. I’ll come over. I just… I have to go.”

Before I could say goodbye, the line went dead.

The tears hit me immediately. I sank down on my couch, feeling them pour down my cheeks. If I hadn’t said those words to him two years ago, but instead revealed my passion, my desire for him, what would have happened? Would he have let me keep sucking his cock? Would he have eaten my pussy? Throw me down on the bed and ravaged me with his youthful passion?

Then I wouldn’t have wasted all this time. It was so precious. What if I’d destroyed any chance of love between us? What if dinner in a few days would only lead to more pain and suffering from my son. I trembled, the tears spilling hot down my cheeks.

I wasn’t a horrible mother for wanting to suck my son’s cock, but for how I treated him out of shame and anger. Did I deserve my second chance? Was I fooling myself that I was at all worthy of reconnecting with Ian?

* * *

Clinton “Clint” Elliston III — July 21st, 2027

The next two days of the trial were given over to technical stuff by the prosecution. Testifying about the objects found in my house. How all the children born in the family were incestuous, proved by blood tests, save my daughter Daisy, whom I had with Stefani, and my daughter Reina, whom I had with Mrs. Hiragawa. The experts had to go over all the science, making sure there could be no doubts about our guilt.

Experts in the harm of incest were brought on to talk about developmental impairment and sexual paraphernalia, painting it all in a bad light. Through that portion, Jonette Walsh nodded her head in approval while a few others on the jury like an Asian woman named Ahn Ngo paid attention. Elisabet did what she could to score points, but there wasn’t much to refute.

It wasn’t like my family and I were denying that we were into incest.

Overall, the jury seemed to be on our side save Jonette Walsh. She sat there like the immovable wall that everything would crash in to. She sat there with the moxie and grit hiltonbet güvenilirmi to endure the rest, to hold out against them out of pure spite. It had to do with her children. Pam suspected the woman caught her son and daughter in bed and wasn’t at all happy about it.

That she might even blame my championing of incest as the reason for her children’s shared passion.

It worried me. This plan wouldn’t work if we had a hung jury. It would mean starting up in a few months and doing this all over again, selecting another jury. We might get a worse one. A better one. Months more of worry. Of this pressure crushing down on my back.

What if I had really destroyed our family?

Facing trial and winning a jury over seemed like something easy. Attainable. It had just been theory before. Something that we prepared for but did I ever truly believe we would be here? That the good times would never end?

I thought it would go on and on without anything bad happening. That we were breaking the rules and getting away with it. After all, we’d done it for a decade. Why wouldn’t that keep going? It was a logical fallacy.


“The prosecution rests, your honor,” Ed Thomas said, the lead prosecutor heading back from the lectern to the desk to sit down.

“We’ll recess until tomorrow, 9 AM,” Judge Coburn said. He had announced his retirement once this trial was over. Every time his eyes met mine, they blazed with anger. I had set him up. Seduced him into incest via Layla and her mother, got him addicted to that slutty and submissive daughter of his, and then used that to make sure he ran the trial the way I needed it.

I wounded his pride. Another thing I hadn’t counted on.

“The defense will begin their case,” the judge said and then dismissed the court.

Immediately, Ed stood up and headed over to our table, motioning to Elisabet. The pair started talking. I studied them, trying to read their body language. They both had serious looks on their faces. Elisabet then nodded and glanced at me. She made a motion with her hand.

I moved to her, pulling away from my women. I joined Elisabet as we walked down the aisle. “Plea bargain offer?”

She nodded.

My stomach roiled. I felt the weight of my impending decision, my family’s fate, pressing down on me as we slipped out of the courtroom into the packed hallway. The media were there, crying out their questions. I just smiled, nodded, and kept walking to a small conference room we could use. I closed the door against them, blocking out the cacophony.

“This scrutiny is terrible,” she said, shaking her head. “They’re digging into my husband.”

“And?” I asked. “Does he have anything that will blow up in our faces.”

“Just that he’s a cuckold to our son,” Elisabet said and then smiled, a look of delight flashing across her face.

“Plea bargain?” I asked. “You can go home and fuck your son later.”

“Right.” She glanced at him. “Five years probation for your women and five years in jail for you with another five years probation upon your release.”

My stomach slithered around in my guts. “Okay.”

“You could be out in two and a half years with good behavior. Minimum security prison. The deal expires when we start our case tomorrow morning.”

“I see,” I said. I could get all my women out of going to prison. Five years probation was nothing. None of them were criminals. And what were a few years in jail? Make this all go away. Then I didn’t have to risk everything on Jonette Walsh digging her feet so deep that nothing could move her. “What do you think?”

“That we’re getting a hung jury and a mistrial,” she said. “I don’t see how we can get Jonette to budge. But they’re worried, too. Ed wants to bury you, but the rest of the jury, especially Bennett and Midgley, are on our side. He’s not getting the conviction he wants. At least if you get jail, it’ll let him beat his chest and claim victory. Save face.”

“And it expires if we start our defense?”

“Right now, it’s a tie.” She sighed. “Who knows what it will be after our defense. It could go our way. His. Nothing is ever certain in a trial.”

I nodded. A jury wasn’t a robot we could predict. It was twelve people. Irrational, emotional, annoyed humans who had had their lives disrupted so they could find the truth about my family. It was always the weakest part of the plan.

And the most important. If I could convince twelve people to find us innocent, what a message that would send about incestuous rights.

“Yeah, I know,” I groaned, rubbing my hand through my hair. “It’s just different when it’s your ass on the line.”

“I know.” She embraced me. “You’re a good man, but… I don’t think we’re getting Walsh. My advice, take the deal. You can recover. Things can still change. They might work out better.”

“Be the good martyr sent to prison?”

“Yeah.” She broke the hug. “You have until tomorrow morning. Sleep on it.”

I snorted. “Like that’s happening.”

“I know.”

My women were waiting for me outside the conference room, Pam and Melody in the lead. My blonde sister-wife stared at me and her face tightened. She was a lawyer, too. She knew what this was about. Pam stared at me with such concern. The other women had worry on their faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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