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Dr. Dana McGuire stood in front of her students, lecturing on the differences in cultures to her Freshman Sociology class. As she walked slowly back and forth in front of the podium, she couldn’t help but notice that Jerry Reynold’s sat with his chin on his fist, staring at her 5’4″, 295 pound body, as if he were in a trance.

After 50 minutes, Dr. McGuire finished her lecture and all of the class made a hasty retreat except for Jerry, who seemed to linger.

“Mr. Reynolds, may I speak to you for a minute?”

Dana waited for the remainder of the class to head out the door, then watched Jerry as he shyly approached her desk.

“You wanted to speak to me Dr. McGuire?”

“Yes Mr. Reynolds I did. I happened to notice that while all your classmates are all busy taking notes, you seem to be staring off into space; or more specifically, staring a hole right through me. Are you perhaps bored, or maybe you are disgusted with my being quite overweight.”

“Oh No Dr. McGuire! You’re class is quite interesting, and I um…apologize for staring Ma’am, but you’re so beautiful I can’t help but stare. I’m very sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

Dana was a bit dumbfounded. Although she had always been told she had a beautiful face, she had constantly been badgered by her mother to lose weight. It wasn’t often that a 29 year old full bodied Professor could turn an 18 year old student into a stammering love sick puppy.

“Well I’m very flattered Mr. Reynolds, but I suggest you pay a little more attention to the course content and less to undressing me with that constant stare.”

Jerry looked at his shoes and whispered, “Yes ma’am.”

Dana hated the crushed look on his face and had to try something to mend his broken spirit.

“I’ve finished my classes for the day and was just about to head out for some dinner. If you don’t have any plans, would you like to join me?”

Shocked, Jerry broke into a huge grin, and said, casino şirketleri “Oh yes Ma’am.”

“Great. The Four Seasons is within walking distance and has good food. Is that okay with you?”

“That’s fine Dr. McGuire.”

Dana could feel the adoration oozing out from Jerry as they walked to the restaurant, and found it a little unsettling, but it felt good at the same time. She had to admit that Jerry was a cute little guy, and against her better judgment, inwardly wondered what it would be like to take him to bed with her.

They made it to the restaurant and Jerry actually began to relax and carry on a very intelligent conversation, mixed with a delightful sense of humor. He was head and shoulders above the boring dates which Dana had recently suffered through, and she began to feel some sexual stirrings as the evening wore on.

A war was going on in her head about the improprieties of a professor dating her student, and she knew that it was wrong, but she allowed the subject to steer toward sexuality in the American culture.

“So you think anything between two consensual adults should be permissible Mr Reynolds? What about…say, between a teacher and a student?”

Jerry choked on the water he was drinking and coughed, unable to catch his breath as his face turned a bright crimson. Dana slapped him on his back, and he was finally able to recover.

“Thank you Dr. McGuire. Guess it went down the wrong way. Umm… I’ve thought a little bit about sex, and yeah, I guess if the two people are of legal age…umm..even if one is a teacher and one a student, well, I guess sex would be ok.

“Well Mr. Reynolds, I assume you are 18 and legal, so if I tried to seduce you, what would you say to a discreet affair?”

“Oh my God!”

Dana watched as Jerry started to hyperventilate and rushed to his side.

“Put your head between your legs and breathe deeply, in and out.”

After several deep breaths, Jerry casino firmaları was able to rise and sit back in his chair.

“I’m sorry I’m making such a fool of myself Dr. McGuire. You are just such an incredible, smart, beautiful woman, and the thought of us making love beats my wildest fantasies…but……”

“But what Hon?”

“But…um…I’m a virgin.”

Dana wasn’t totally surprised, but tried to comfort him by placing her hand on his.

“We can take it slow Jerry. No pressure on either one of us, but I have to get your word that we will keep it just between the two of us.”

“Oh yes Ma’am. I’d never do anything to put your job in jeopardy.”

“Well, with that being settled, shall we go to my condo?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry I’m so nervous.”

Dana paid the bill with her Amex card and they made the trek across campus to her spacious condo. Once inside, she closed the door and looked at her young pupil who was lost in how to proceed. Tossing her keys on the table, she slowly moved toward him.

“Why don’t we start with a hug? I know I’m large, but place your arms around me as best you can.”

Jerry slowly snaked his arms around her and gasped at the feel of her large body pressed into his.

“You doing OK?”

“Yes Ma’am. You just feel so good.”

“Would you like to try a kiss?”

“Um…yes…but I’m nervous. I’ve never done it before.”

Dana slowly moved her lips to Jerry’s and kissed him tenderly. When she drew back, he was all smiles.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Okay, when we kiss again, let’s try joining our tongues together.”

The two lovers once again joined lips and Jerry tentatively inserted his tongue into Dana’s warm mouth. When she started to suck on it, he moaned, feeling his legs go week.

They continued to kiss as Dana placed Jerry’s hands on her breast and invited him to undress her, as she was busy removing his shirt güvenilir casino and pants. Before long, they were both totally naked, and neither one wanted the deep probing kiss to end.

Dana finally broke the kiss, smiling at her young charge, took his hand and led him to the bathroom.

Jerry looked at the beautiful folds of her skin, her large swinging breasts, and her magnificently huge buttocks as she bent to turn on the shower. His penis was rock hard, never dreaming that such a beautiful woman would allow him to hold and caress her.

Both entered the shower, and took turns soaping up their hands. One of Dana’s hands went immediately to cup Jerry’s balls and cock, as the other hand gently explored the crack of his ass.

Jerry’s slippery hands first traveled to Danas breasts, then he sought to touch the thick patch of pubic hair between her legs. He never dreamed it could be this good.

“I’m going to put you inside me lover. Just take it nice a slow.”

“Oh my God. I don’t know if I can last.”

“It’s okay baby. Just relax.”

Dana took his manhood in her hand and slowly inserted half of him in her warm moist opening. She leaned back against the tiled wall and put a hand on each of his hips as she moved him slowly into her the rest of the way.

“Ohhhh Doc. You feel sooooo good!”

“So do you Baby. Now just move in and out of me, nice a slow…..Oh yeah…that’s right….faster lover.”

Lost in the feeling, Jerry thrust harder and faster as he once again took her lips in his. He had never known anything as intense as he plunged into her tight warm hole. Over and over their bodies slammed together in need until they both cried out in ecstasy and clung to each other to keep from passing out.

Their ragged breathing returned to normal, but not before they devoured each others’ mouths, savoring each sensual moment.

Dana shut off the water and they dried each other, between kisses and caresses. Jerry dressed, lost in the incredible feeling of love he had just experienced, and went back to his dorm room, knowing that his remaining four years of college would be exceptional with the woman he had always dreamt about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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