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Thanks to Rusty for once again editing my story.

This is the second part of the series, please read the first part to get the context.

Shrek and Fiona were dancing in the meadow while the donkey was looking at them. Suddenly he undid his pants to reveal his large green dick.

I woke up with a start. What a crazy dream! Then all the memories came back. I remembered what had happened between me and Shrek Uncle last night. I looked at myself, and I was wearing the ridiculous “Hello Kitty” pyjamas owned by Neha. I couldn’t remember when I put them on. In fact, I couldn’t remember how I came back inside after his conquest at the yoga mat. Did he pick me up and then dressed me? Or did I come by myself and just didn’t remember? This was Neha’s room, and I was on her bed.

Did it all really happen or was it one crazy dream? What about Neha? Did I dream about her too? I opened my eyes a little and almost screamed in horror.

It was Shrek Uncle standing in front of our bed in his usual topless and Dhoti attire. How did he get in? Was this a dream too? No, it was real. He was staring at Neha like a hungry child looking at a lollipop.

I moved my eyes ever so slightly to look at her. She was snoring with her mouth wide open in the unsexiest way. Uncle wasn’t staring at that. Her nightie had moved up so much that her panties were visible. In our flat before this one, we had to share a room and a bed. Neha moved around so much in her sleep that I had to invest in a pillow between us to avoid getting rolled over.

Shrek’s eyes moved towards me and I immediately closed my eyes. I guess he was having a tough time deciding whom he should fuck first. This was like that scene in ‘Jurassic Park’ where you had to be absolutely still to avoid getting eaten by the T-Rex. I wasn’t sure if I would feel relieved or jealous if he chose Neha over me.

Shrek was having a tough time, especially when he had two young women instead of his fat wife. I wondered how they even had sex when their bellies clashed against each other. Oh, what a traumatizing mental picture! Change something. Think of Huskies, David Beckham…

While I was trying to bleach my mind, Neha woke up and grinned stupidly at Shrek.

Hello Uncle,” she said sheepishly.

‘Oh Neha,’ I thought. ‘Why do you always have to be so anticlimactic? Couldn’t you have just played along?’

That was the answer he was waiting for, and the overweight T-Rex jumped at her, almost causing the bed to break.

He kept pulling her nightie further up, almost bunching it up near her face. Just like most women, Neha didn’t wear a bra at night thereby exposing her breasts to Shrek. He started sucking them while his hand went inside her panties.

“Ssshhh… Madiha is here,” Neha whispered.

“Don’t worry, she is asleep.” he replied.

“What if she wakes up?” she asked.

“Then be quiet so that she doesn’t.”

“Aannhh…” Neha was about to say something else but ended up moaning. It looked like Shrek had touched a sensitive part of her. She closed her mouth with her hand while he kept sucking her boobs and rubbing her crotch.

It then occurred to me that Neha didn’t tell me of her dalliance with Uncle, and she had slipped off before he took me on the terrace. She still believed that I knew nothing of it, and because I knew what could happen, being the smart one out of the two – which wasn’t that tough as she was dumb as a rock, she didn’t want me to know what she did despite my warnings.

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept watching how Neha was desperately trying to control herself while Uncle was rubbing her like a scratch card. I admired that she had some respect for me, which I don’t she would have had if she knew what I did last night.

Shrek then removed her panties and widened her legs. He pulled out his dhoti to show his thunder thighs and his thong sized underwear. Neha gasped at the tent forming in it and so did it silently. This was even more fun than watching at the terrace, especially with Neha afraid of getting caught. I was getting wet but I couldn’t touch myself without Uncle realizing that I was awake.

Speaking of the devil, Shrek suddenly turned and looked at me and I gave my Oscar-worthy performance of sleeping during a thunderstorm. Satisfied, he moved back to Neha. He took out his hand and then started rubbing his tent over her crotch. Now that his hands were free, he moved one towards me. He pulled down my pyjamas and then I realized that I wasn’t wearing panties.

He tried to remove the buttons of my pyjama top but they were too tough to remove with one hand, especially while sucking Neha’s boobs. So he pulled them hard enough and the buttons went flying revealing my breasts and midriff to him.

Now he was sucking Neha’s boobs while pressing mine at the same time. I understood that he wanted a threesome with us. It’s funny how things turned out – where this creature was getting it from two young hot women. But I was desperately hoping that bahis firmaları he would rub my clit instead as I was getting hornier.

Just like he read my mind, his hands moved down and started rubbing my clit. Now it was my turn to close my hands over my mouth to avoid spooking Neha. Uncle had known all along that I wasn’t actually sleeping.

He pulled down his award-winning underwear and started rubbing Neha now with the real thing. Then he slowly inserted himself inside her. Neha was so lost that she forgot to close her mouth and was moaning openly. Now Shrek was humping her while fingering me at the same time. I too was moaning under my covered mouth. With my other free hand, I was pinching my breast.

I wanted some action and something in me. Just like before, he once again read my mind. He pulled his dick from Neha and swiftly moved considering his frame and inserted it in my pussy. I gave a huge scream at this sudden assault.

It happened so fast that Neha didn’t realize what had happened. Already she was irritated at Uncle pulling out in the middle of her fucking, and then she noticed me getting pounded by the same cock. She sat up and looked at us.

“What the f**k?” she screamed, as her mind was reeling trying to process all the information at once. She looked at me with shock and disgust. I wasn’t sure if it was because I tried to be holier than thou before, or because I stole her human vibrator in the middle of the act.

Shrek looked at her and smiled. “Its okay,” he said, and then he threw away the pillow which was like the India – Pakistan border between us. He pulled her closer and started sucking her boobs. Neha looked at me again with a bit of anger and I smiled sheepishly.

Uncle made her lie down next to me and started fingering her while he was pounding me. We were both moaning at different pitches. This continued for around five minutes and then Neha shouted. “My turn, my turn”.

So Shrek pulled out from me and slid inside her. Now I was dealing with his digits. This went on for a while and Shrek was thinking about changing holes, but Neha pleaded. “No no no… I’m about to cum!”

Uncle then increased his speed and totally forgot about fingering me. Neha gave a huge shriek and had her orgasm. He waited for a while and soon shifted to me. He was doing his thing under full force as he didn’t need to care about Neha.

I was building up when he gave a huge grunt and came all inside me. I was furious! She got the orgasm while I had to deal with his sticky mess.

I just went to the bathroom to clean off his cum, and since a lot of it had dripped to my thighs, I had a tough time to clean it up. When I came back, I saw Uncle lying on his back with Neha giving a 69 to him. I couldn’t believe it! This attention whore was making me fight for this ogre.

Shrek realized that I had come back, and he immediately stopped eating. He said. “Don’t worry, Neha was just getting things ready for you.”

Neha immediately sat up with her pussy on his mouth. His dick was still semi-erect. I immediately understood what he was planning but I didn’t want to suck where Neha’s mouth was just now. So I started giving him a handjob. Meanwhile, Neha started moaning as Uncle was doing his work with his tongue.

Once his dick became erect, I sat on it and allowed it to slowly go inside me. I was now looking Neha in her eyes while both of us were nude. I slowly started rocking myself. Neha too had started moving so that her pussy rubbed his face.

Suddenly Shrek stopped sucking her and said, “Why don’t you girls make out?”

I was shocked, and said “What do you think we are? Lesbians?

“What? You never experimented?”

“No!!! Stop watching porn!” and then I turned towards Neha, who had a naughty look on her face. I looked warily at her.

“What’s the big deal?” she said and pulled my face to give me a big mouth to mouth kiss.

I was totally shocked. I never thought that I would ever kiss a girl in her mouth. She was literally sucking my lips and I started responding. I remembered Katy Perry’s song “I kissed a girl and I liked it’. It wasn’t that different from the times I had kissed boys in my school and college, but I wasn’t feeling that lightning surge in my body. It tasted so different too, but then I realized where her mouth was just before that.

Neha then moved her hands and was playing with my breasts. She then pulled my other hand and kept it on her breasts to tell me to play with her. I guess Uncle would be cursing that he couldn’t see this as all he could see was Neha’s nether regions. I was also afraid that Neha would want to continue after he left. Already I’ve woken up many times with her arms and legs on me until I bought a pillow.

We stopped kissing but kept playing while jumping on Uncle. Neha was approaching orgasm as her face became redder. With a loud moan, she announced the arrival and allowed Shrek to drink it fully. Then he rolled over and lay down in bed. I wished I could have orgasms as quickly kaçak iddaa as her.

Now he was fully concentrating on me. He played with my breasts and then pulled me closer and kissed me in the mouth while he also kept moving his hips. The tension that had built up released and I had my orgasm. I too was spent over after an intensive workout and I too rolled over and lay down right next to her. Shrek wasn’t happy that we both left him hanging.

While we both were catching our breath he moved right next to us while stroking his dick.

“Nooo!” I yelled. But he just laughed and launched a load. It fell on my face as I instinctively closed my eyes and then I could feel the stream move towards Neha, who winced. I then felt another smaller load hit my breasts and belly. Now that he too was spent, he just stumbled next to Neha and we all were looking at the ceiling fan.

We rested for a while and then he said. “Brush your teeth, I’ll bring breakfast.” Then he whispered something in Neha’s ear and she blushed. We both went to the bathroom and began brushing our teeth.

“What did he say?” I asked her.

“He said I’ll join you in the bath,” replied Neha and giggled.

A few minutes later, Uncle arrived and then opened the shower. We got wet and then he took the soap in his hands and started applying it all over us. Then he stretched his hands with soap to signal us to apply to him. Neha took it and I sighed as he had double the surface area than both of us combined. He noticed my lack of enthusiasm and pulled me towards him and I reluctantly joined in.

Once we were all lathered up, we went under the shower and took a bath together. He was using this as an excuse to touch us everywhere and making us do the same.

He made us kneel down and brought his cock next to us. Neha enthusiastically took it in her mouth and blew it for around ten seconds and then gave it to me. I took it half-heartedly in my mouth for around two seconds and gave it back. I looked up to see him but could only see his huge belly. We kept alternating for some time.

“Why doesn’t one of you suck my balls at the same time?” he asked.

I grabbed this opportunity and immediately put my mouth over his dick. Neha gave a sigh and put her mouth on his hairy balls and tried to roll her tongue. He was moaning in a comical way.

Then he lifted Neha up and made her put both her hands on the wall and bend over until her ass was pointing in the air. He stood behind her and started humping her. I was watching them while the shower water falling on them. He kept doing that for a while and they both came to me.

He made me put one hand on the wall and then lifted one of my legs off the floor. Then he tried to insert himself by standing perpendicular to me. I wish he had given this pose to the yoga freak Neha as I was trying hard to balance myself. He kept thrusting in me until he came inside me. I was furious, this was the third time he had come inside me and not inside Neha. Already I wanted to take the morning-after pill for yesterday night’s rendezvous and now he was filling me enough to nullify any tablet in the market.

We cleaned ourselves with enough water to make Fiona Aunty warn us of eviction. I hoped the ogre had our back at that time. We started drying ourselves when there was a knock on the door. Neha and I froze wondering who it could have been on a Saturday morning. We looked at Shrek and he smiled and said it would be the pizza guy.

“Pizza!” yelled Neha like a child. She has the most perfect slim body but she would eat a horse literally, while I have to contend with salad a few days a week to maintain my figure. Uncle gave her two 500 rupees notes and told her to get the exact change. She was searching for the nightie but uncle stopped her.

“Go in towel. It’s not every day these poor guys can see a sexy girl wrapped in towel,” he egged her. Neha looked at me, and I shrugged as if it was her decision. She went to the door.

I was so immersed in drying my hair and that I didn’t notice the ogre had silently left too. Then I suddenly heard Neha scream and then she rushed into the bedroom with one hand covering her breasts and the other her crotch. I started laughing.

“That bastard pulled off my towel!” she shouted.

“Pizza guy?” I asked though I knew who it would be.

“No! That ugly bastard!” she screamed in anger, “I am going to kill him!!!”

Shrek entered the bedroom guffawing as he himself couldn’t control the humour of the situation. Neha jumped on him and started beating him. I decided it’s best to help my friend at least this time and joined in. He realized that we had double-teamed, so he pulled my towel away. I too pulled his in retaliation. We were wrestling naked in bed and it was still tough for both of us to pin him down. He decided to play dirty by trying to put his hands on our nether regions.

Neha brought the fight to an end by grabbing him by the balls. The glee in his face vanished and turned into a sick painful expression.

“Please…” kaçak bahis he begged.

“Then why the hell did you pull my towel in front of the delivery guy?” she screamed and dug her fingernails even tighter. I could see his face turn red and his eyes welled up in tears.

“Sorry!!!” he whimpered and I was amazed how Neha, the submissive one, suddenly turned the tables on him. How the mighty have fallen and the meek have taken over the earth. I knew I had to diffuse the situation before it turned ugly and at the end of the day, he was the landlord and could come up with some excuse to evict us and we couldn’t even reveal what he did to us.

“Relax,” I said, wrapping my towel back around me, “Let’s talk it over later or else the pizza will get cold.”

Luckily, the word pizza mellowed down Neha and she released the grip on his balls. The ogre was finally able to relax. He had ordered 2 large pizzas. Usually, we used to share one medium pizza but today we were so damn hungry that we were gobbling it like UNICEF poster kids. The fatso in the meantime gave us a clue about how he got his large frame as he was eating an entire pizza by himself. I decided to provoke Neha by sitting on his lap and feeding his pizza to him and sucking his thumb. Neha gave me an “Et Tu Brute” look.

I asked him how he was able to perform so well, and he frankly answered that he got certain pills from his friend. He took two of them against the regular dosage of one, and he is, in fact, seeing us in a bluish tinge. It was good that he wasn’t lying about his potency.

Food has the ability to calm the nerves and Neha has always been a pizza connoisseur. Her anger towards Uncle had subsided to a reasonable level. Uncle had meanwhile pulled away my towel and was playing with my breasts while eating. He took out an “Extra Time” condom which he had kept in the table drawer and made me put it on his penis.

Once we were done, he instructed Neha to lie down on her back at the edge of the bed and he asked me to hug her so that our crotch areas touch each other. Then he was standing next to the bed and then inserted his cock right in the gap so that it rubs both of our clits at the same time, creating a symphony of moans.

After a while, he then put his cock in Neha’s pussy and started fingering mine. Then he removed and inserted his cock into my pussy and then started fingering her. He kept alternating with the period of one minute for each of us. He put 2 fingers in my pussy and tried to insert his thumb in my asshole.

“I’ll murder you if you even think of it.” I hissed.

Neha looked at me with confusion. Shrek then rolled us over so that I was now at the bottom and Neha was at the top. Then he inserted his cock inside my pussy and then he started humping me. Neha’s eyes suddenly became wide in surprise. I guessed he must have fingered her asshole too.

“Oh no, not there…” she muttered but didn’t say anything after that.

This time Uncle didn’t alternate. He kept humping me madly and his hand was either in Neha’s vagina or asshole or both. Neha didn’t seem to mind it. Uncle soon shifted gears, making me moan like there was no tomorrow as this position allowed his hips to move freely and thrust even better. In the end, I reached my orgasm.

While I was taking a breath, my eyes fell on Shrek. He had an evil grin as he was trying to convey something telepathically. I understood it immediately and held Neha tightly. He removed his penis from me and then inserted into Neha.

Neha screamed like she was getting stabbed “Not in my asshole!”

I started kissing her to muffle her sound, and all that came was “mmmfffhhhh.” He kept inserting deeper and she tried to thrash her hands and legs but I was holding her tightly. Uncle was happy for my efforts as it might be the first time he was doing anal. We were holding Neha down like an animal as Uncle kept pounding her asshole.

Neha slowly became more submissive, so I released one hand and brought it down to her clit and started massaging her. Her moans were visceral in nature than her normal one as she wasn’t expecting this double attack. I appreciated Uncle’s brilliance in using a condom.

Neha became redder and her eyes went to the back of her head making me close my eyes in fear. She finally entered a guttural shriek and came to her orgasm. Uncle immediately pulled out from her and inserted into my vagina.

He kept humping until he too finally came. I was amazed at how effective his “Extra Time” condom was and I was happy that this time he didn’t flood my pussy.

He went tottering like a drunk to the bathroom and flushed the condom. He then fell like a tree on the bed and then Neha and I snuggled on both sides of him and used his moobs as soft pillows and dozed off.

I slept like a log and wasn’t sure how many hours or days went past. Then I felt like I was waking up to an earthquake. I opened my eyes and saw Neha on top of Uncle riding him in reverse cowgirl. He was rubbing my clit with his other hand.

“Oh no, not again…” I sighed and joined in.

The Story was supposed to be a one shot and I wrote the second part after the responses. This story is available for adoption .

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