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I wasn’t super overweight, but most of my fat was in my middle. At the time I was in denial about my manboobs. I guess I was just avoiding the whole thing as I quickly became kinda fat. I hadn’t jerked off in what seemed like months. I was kinda uncomfortable with the walls, floor and ceiling being so thin as far as sound was concerned. Having a kinda short penis made me quite shy too.

But one day, I happened to see a naked chick in an apartment across the alley and 1 floor down. She was in her kitchen which only had small, lower window curtains. I could see down through the top half of her window. That overcame my inhibitions and I decided it was time to jack off (maybe with the TV turned up).

I got some lube and crouched by the window so I could see her without being seen. I started to feel an erection brewing. It took me some time to get hard since gaining weight. The nude girl walked by again, and I decided to make this a quick one. I pulled off my shorts and boxers intending to lube up my softee, helping it get hard right away.

I glanced down but didn’t see my cock. I leaned forward a bit to no avail. It was still outta sight. Great, I thought, I’m like that stupid fat joke. My belly wasn’t huge I felt, but it was big enough to make leaning over difficult. I squirted lube in my hand anyway, smiled and reached down. But I still didn’t find my dick. I stopped smiling, being somewhat annoyed, and reached into my pubic hair. I had almost like a fat fold or cleavage, and reaching in I finally touched my cockhead.

This was a deep hole or crevasse! As I was touching my penis head and exploring my newfound man-gina in shock, I noticed my penis retracting deeper. I ran to get a mirror and came back. I had some kind of slit in my crotch. I mean it was also a gaping hole right in the middle. It reminded me of asshole gaping porno, but I could just barely see the pink surface of my dicktip.

I tried to get my limp… or rather retracted dick excited, but couldn’t. It was like I was fingering myself. I tried rubbing in circles around my dickhead, up inside my mangina. I looked out the window again and saw that the girl was now cooking something on her stove. She appeared to be staying put, shifting from one leg to the other, and she had a beautiful curvy ass. I tried harder to get an erection. I couldn’t even rub my balls since they seemed to be gone. I poked around for them, but only had I vague feeling of 2 small, slightly harder spots in my crotch fat.

I started to panic. kocaeli escort Then I had an idea and ran to get one of the dildos I had secretly stolen from my old girlfriend. I came back and contemplated. I started sucking the dildo. It didn’t help even though when I had first “borrowed” it this taboo act had really turned me on. I had stopped after the thrill wore off, and it hadn’t returned apparently.

I knew what I had to do now. I had read about prostate-anal play before, but never tried or even considered it. I looked and saw the girl walking away! Then she came back, phew. I lubed the dildo, leaned back and rubbed it between my legs. At first i accidentally fucked my own mangina! How embarrassing! Up until then I had felt sad, scared, self pity, and disbelief/denial. But this brought a brief, naughty pleasure and an immediate deep blush to my face. Now I started to feel shame, yet I rubbed and poked into my mangina again, on purpose. The dildo stretched me apart and open, then sank down to my dick head. The dildo head nudged my little penis head to the side.

I think my penis grew a tiny bit then, but I wasn’t sure. Also it was just too weird and perverted. Well, speaking of perverted, I decided to do it right then. I just had to make sure I could still get an erection. I wanted to see my penis again, dammit! And I had to jerk off while my hot neighbor had her sexy ass on display. I rubbed the dildo along my crack, then shoved a bit and rubbed around my asshole. It was way thicker than my dick, but I thought it would work better than my finger. Plus I didn’t want a stinky finger, sorry.

My anus resisted the dull pain of the poking invader. Oh man it hurt like hell when the rubber schlong finally ripped my tight hole open and lodged an inch or two up inside my rectum. I started cursing and moaning loudly, but I also sensed my dick swelling a bit. My sphincter was throbbing around the wide, motionless shaft impaling me. I knew I needed to find and rub my prostate to get the full effect. I already felt pretty full though.

I pushed the cock deeper and angled forward, searching from left to right. Then I hit the magic spot. It caused my whole body to tingle and a dull ache in my groin. I rubbed against it, not realizing I was making high pitched squeals. My inny was inflating and throbbing. I looked in the mirror but only saw the head was just almost level with the mangina opening. My dick was there but barely! I was even more embarrassed and ashamed, but I started rubbing kolej escort it like a shy clit. It felt great, but I had to keep fucking my ass, I mean rubbing my g-spot… errr… prostate area to keep it up. I even fingered my mangina, poking into it under my clit head. Then I tried circling around the submerged shaft. That was even better.

I sat up and squatted to see the girl’s bare ass and legs again. What a view! I’d go on a diet later, but for now finger tips were fluttering on my clitty while I struggled to keep the dildo 3 inches up my backdoor. I was in heaven and decided to put the dildo on the floor and carefully ride it while squatting. It popped out, or pooped out, a couple times but I found myself enjoying the re-entry.

Still, I decided to hold onto the window sill and maybe ride it an inch deeper. It was already kinda painful, and I shivered remembering that this dong was 7.5 inches long. I was really into it and pinching my lil weaner head when my hand slipped off the window sill. I gasped and then screamed out as I fell back on my ass, driving the dildo up my chute forcefully! There was intense pain and the beginning of an orgasm.

I tried to get up, but I was too weak to get far. I felt the dildo slowly sliding out, stimulating my prostate as tears rolled down my face. I reached for my nub (my sub nub?), rubbing it as I fell back down again. I was basically ass raping myself by accident, but I guess I loved it as my hiding cock & balls, my asshole and my prostate all throbbed and tingled. As I was reaching the verge I humped the ground and the dildo’s big rubber balls slapped against the bottom of my chubby mangina. I started cumming explosively with cum spraying out around my frantic fingers. I moved my fingers and looked at the mirror propped against the wall. I saw my man clit slightly indented in my soft crotch. Cum shot out and blasted the wall and mirror. I lost control and laid back. The dildo slid out 4 inches and hit the carpet.

At that depth the head was pressing directly against my prostate. Cum shot up and landed on my fat belly and manboobs too. I poked under my clit head to rub the underside of shaft and mangina. It felt good but the result was a faceful of my own cum as this unwittingly aimed the rest of my shots at my head. With my free hand I pumped the big dildo all the way in and out of my ass. I could now easily reinsert it although my orgasm was subsiding. I felt my clit dick shriveling back up inside me, and I sat up konak escort on one hip to look in the mirror again.

I felt spent, no longer horny, but still curious to see the dildo sticking up my ass hole. There it was about 6 inches up there, with the thick shaft peaking out above the big realistic balls. They reminded me how I just had a flat, fat area below my gaping mangina.

When I looked at my amazing new private parts, my shame returned ten times stronger than before. Having basically no dick was only part of the reason. I slowly and painfully pulled the schlong out of my ass. With one leg up in the air, and my ass pointed straight at the mirror, I saw my worst fears realized. The dong popped out with a wet sloppy sound, and then I saw my anus was a pink round circle… I had a dark gaping hole! As I watched bewildered, it constricted from a big hole to a small one. It didn’t close up completely.

I was fascinated and mortified at the same time. I couldn’t help myself. Even though it hurt and stung, I managed to slip the dildo back in. My stretched, ruined sphincter easily accepted its size now. I didn’t have to shove, or force it, but the pain of my torn pink rim is what made it a challenge. I repeatedly fucked and studied my gaping asshole until it stopped shrinking slightly and just stayed a big gaping “O” of shame. I then started fucking my 2 inch deep mangina, but was kinda grossed out by going ass to “pussy” and didn’t get turned on. I peeked out the window again, but the girl was looking out her window wearing a bathrobe and talking on the phone. We made eye contact and my face turned red again.

I sat down in a daze. Then I looked up and it seemed all the windows above my level had people looking and laughing at me! They could see down into my room, they could see everything! They probably saw most of my perverted, degrading show. I was frozen with fear and shame, looking from window to window. I noticed some of them had cameras, others had camcorders or binoculars. Men and women pointing, staring, laughing or looking genuinely puzzled. Some were disgusted and/or frowning. I even saw a group of college girls at one window, hooting, clapping and cheering. They started opening their window to yell obscene comments.

That’s when I came out of my trance, realized I still had a large fake penis in my hand. I swiped at cum covered, tear streaked face and ran. I climbed into bed nude, sobbing my eyes out. As I replayed the events in my mind, I slowly became excited and felt my penis rise halfway to the surface. I looked over at the nightstand where the dildo was standing up, bending slightly to the left. I wondered if the lube was still by the window. I heard the doorbell ring. My ordeal and new, perverted sex life had really just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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