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I arrived as she was putting Chris to bed, with the essential bed time story, of course. Her oldest was now, away at school.

I said goodnight to Chris and let them finish with the story. I left the room thinking Robin was a good mom, but fuck she was hot. It could have been the MILF-thing…I’d certainly classify her as a young MILF. But, I’m simple so more likely, it was because she was wearing a shirt without a bra. When she went bra-less in a t-shirt, you could see the outline of her nipples and large rounded tits. I always loved her body; she was tall and slender, with firm breasts, just the right size to overwhelm your hand…perfect for sucking. The tight bounce of the perky breasts, coupled with a lean, athletic build…she’s what wet dreams are made of. She came out and quietly closed the bedroom door. “I think she’s out.”

She stopped to notice me staring, “What’s up?”

Stroking my hand through that gorgeous, curly hair, I gave her a beer and kissed her. Some of it brushed past my face and I inhaled to breath in the scent. I said. “I was just admiring you…and thinking how comfortable we are with each other…this works. It really does work.”

She looked at me and said. “That’s sweet…you’re right. We do work, as a couple.”

“…and I really can’t resist these,” I lifted her shirt to peek at those hot tits.

She gave me a long, lustful stare. “I know what you want.”

“Same thing I always want…you.”

She reached down, cupped her breasts and pushed them up and together, displaying those pert dark nipples and wide areolae. “They’re yours, babe.”

We kissed passionately, our hands groping each other’s bodies. I pressed into her, tangled my fingers in her hair and began trailing kisses down her neck. The sexual tension had us both attacking each other.

“We really need to go…he might hear us.” We always tried to avoid awkward moments, where the kids find us in bed together…or in this case, fucking in the living room. So, we had to be creative or send them to her mother’s house. I was glad when Lynn reached an age that she understood things…Chris just wasn’t there quite yet.

She checked to see that her son had fallen asleep and we snuck outside. We were headed for the garage, the scene of some amazing sex, over the years. This time, she couldn’t wait and turned to wrap her arms around my waist. Our lips met with a ferocious kiss and our tongues joyously probed deeper and deeper. It turned into a long passionate make-out session under the stars. I groped her breasts under the t-shirt and she raised her arms so I could slip it off. The night sky was bright enough to reveal the beauty of her breasts, topped with those erect nipples.

Once inside the garage, she looked back at the house to see if the bedroom was still dark…all was good, so we locked the garage door behind us. In the garage, we embraced in another deep kiss. We broke away for a moment and frantically undressed each other; I tore off my shirt and she pulled my jeans off.

She stepped out of her shorts and jumped up to sit on the back of the car. There she was, that gorgeous body, completely naked and sitting on the trunk. I thought to myself, nailing Robin on the hood was certainly in the cards, tonight; this wasn’t the first time for this particular scenario. We had fucked in the car, on the car and up against the car. We hadn’t fucked under the car…yet. She pulled me closer to where our lips could meet; clearly ready for some serious action, she reached between us and grabbed for my cock. It was hard, hot and pulsing in her hand. I love it when a woman knows what she wants; it’s one of the things, about Robin, I found attractive. She positioned herself on the edge of the trunk and guided it to where I was poking at her puffy labia. I gently thrust my hips forward, to pop the first several inches into that warm, velvet. She gasped, as she felt its thickness slide into her and wrapped her legs around my waist. She held half of me inside and half of me in her hand…the sensation of feeling it hot and pulsing against her tightness, was an amazing feeling.

I gradually pushed it in, stroking my cock into her slowly. With each thrust, I’d pull out halfway then drive it a little deeper. I pushed her onto her back and grabbed her breasts as my cock penetrated her deeper and deeper. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, causing her to groan loudly. “Fuck…yer nipples are fucking hot!”

“That’s it, babe…take it deeper…that’s my girl.”

I pushed into her, till I hit bottom. Completely impaled and filled with all I had, she brazzers porno rocked her body forward to meet my thrusts. The heavy groans of hard sex, soon filled the garage, as we humped on top of her car…it was amazing. She moved her hand down to rub circles over her clit.

“Babe, fuck me…fuck me…I like to sink it deep in you…” Her body shook with each impact of my body, slamming against hers…I pounded her hard with deep, probing strokes.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…love it when you go deep…it’s big…it fills me. Mmmm, you know what to do…feels so fucking good.” Already, I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping harder, as orgasm began to overtake her. I pushed her knees further apart and thrust into her with more force. Her moans broke into breathless words, “Yes…yessss…fuck me! I need you…fuck me!”

I felt her body stiffen and she clenched even tighter around me…we both shook with the big convulsions she experienced, during climax. “Ohhh fuck…is good…fuck me…fuckkkkkk!”

As she finished, she relaxed the grip on my cock and I slipped out. “Rob, that was great! Honey, it felt so good.” Looking a little worried, she said, “I’m sorry… but I need to check on him, but don’t move…we aren’t done here.”

“Oh, I know.”

When she hopped off the car, there was a little puddle of girl juice running down over the trunk. I couldn’t resist and sampled it with my finger, as I watched her gorgeous little ass dart across the patio. She snuck up to the bedroom window to check on things.

As she came running back, I noticed an old couch in the corner of the garage. Where the hell did this come from…her basement? Anyway, I knew it would work nicely for round two…it would be perfect.

“Robbie, it looks good…we have all night…I’m yours!”

I was all over that, “Sounds good! Let’s get more comfortable.” This time, I directed her to my recent find and she pushed me back on the couch and crawled between my legs.

“Now, I’m glad the garbage truck didn’t pick it up.” She smiled at me, “Handsome, just sit back and let me do you…it’s your turn now,” she leaned forward driving me into her throat. She bobbed over my cock, fucking her throat with as much as she could handle.

“Fuck that feels good…keep it up. That’s my girl.”

It felt so good…controlling my desire was no longer possible…I had to have more. So, I grabbed the back of her head, my fingers buried in her thick hair. Taking control, I held her head in place, while I pumped into her throat. She loved it…her moans intensified and traveled through the flesh that filled her. “Get me all wet…that’s it…get it wet…get it ready for that tight pussy…you want it in your pussy don’t you?”

I fucked her till I was right at the edge. I knew she wanted more, when she looked up at me and pulled my cock from her mouth. As she pulled off, she declared, “I wanna be on top…on top of you and this”…and she thumped it against my belly.

She moaned, “Mmmm…cowgirl,” as she straddled me, aligning herself over what she wanted. I saturated the tip, when I teased and rubbed it through her lips. They were puffy, wet and begging for more; I poked and rubbed her clit, before she finally straightened her back and lowered herself, to sink it deep inside. “Yesss…oh fuck, yesss!”

She was so fucking wet, I slid right into her, till I felt it push up against her cervix. She groaned, even bigger, as she impaled herself, “Ahhh, Rob, that’s it…that’s what I like…yer big & you stretch me.”

The satiating sense of pleasure Robin got from riding a big, hard cock was apparent in her face. She started to ride hard, rocking back and forth and groaning each time she descended. Not to be outdone, I matched her thrusts and bucked my hips up to meet her. With each and every thrust, she made sure that it was going as deep as possible, grinding her body down over mine. She dropped a hand between her legs and frantically stroked her clit; I could even feel her diddling with my cock.

I’m all about the scene of my little cowgirl, working me hard. “Fuck, I love to watch those titties shake.” I cupped her breasts in my hands and gently squeezed them. She moved her hands to cover mine and pressed them against her tits, encouraging a tighter grip. I felt them shake and jiggle in my hands. I slid my palms over her hard nipples and softly pinched at them. She let out a deep moan, “Ohhhh Rob, you can keep doing that.”

She knew what I wanted and leaned forward, so that her breasts were hovering above my face. I raised up to take one castingcouch-x porno in my mouth, as she continued to ride hard.

She soon came again with a loud cry of pleasure; she arched her back and gasped, “Oh my god! Rob…Rob…here it comes…!” Soaking my shaft with more girl juice, I pumped into her harder than before, yielding longer, more intense moans. She fell forward gasping and whimpering, as waves of orgasm ripped through her; I just kept fucking her with long, powerful strokes. I felt her relax and almost melt over my body.

In need of release, I kept up the strong rhythm. I needed to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my dick…I needed to cum, bad. I pulled her body close, tightly wrapping my arms around her; I felt her tits press tight against my chest. Even though she’d cum twice, she wanted to keep that cock inside, too; she wanted the fucking to continue and spread her legs wide over me. She stretched to kiss my neck and moan loudly, “Mmmm Rob, it feels good…so fucking good…fuck me…my pussy wants it. You need it…don’t you?”

Hearing her say that, restraint was no longer possible…I felt it coming. I grabbed that gorgeous ass, gripping it with both hands, and slammed myself deep into her. I shuddered, as it started, “Fuck, I’m cumming, babe…cumming in you.”

“Give it to me…fill me…I wanna feel that cum in me.”

Pumping slowly now, my body jerked to release the last of it. The sex, between us, felt so incredible, neither of us wanted it to stop. My balls were empty, but I continued to slowly stroke into her sex-filled pussy. My cum was warm and leaked out around my dick. We held each other and talked into the night, our warm bodies pressed into one another. Finally, she fell asleep and I carried her into the house. She woke as I laid her onto the bed, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, Honey, go back to sleep.”

“Love you.”

“Love you, too.” I gently kissed her forehead and pulled the blanket up to tuck her in.


The next morning, her brother Billy came over to pick up Chris; Grandma was taking him shopping and maybe a movie. He had just finished getting ready and was headed out to the car…Bill glanced in to the living room to see me on the couch. “I see somebody got some last night.”

She slugged him in the arm and replied, “Billy, you’re such jackass!” “At least, I don’t rely on my right hand.”

Not letting up, Bill just cackled and continued the quest to irritate his sister, “Sis…shit you should be nicer after getting laid. Maybe you need it more often.”

She directed her glance at me, as I came through the door, “I’m working on it. It’s time for you to leave…jackass.”

He laughed, “Rob, she’s harsh…can you work on her?”

Once everyone was gone, we cooked breakfast together and enjoyed it on the patio. We decided we would go check out a movie, too, but we had to get moving.

I ducked into the bathroom for a quick shower, but a familiar figure appeared through the glass. Opening the door and slipping into the shower, “Honey, I need some more of you this morning.”

I felt the warmth run down over my body as stuck my head under the water to rinse off the soap. She kneeled on the shower floor and looked up at me, enamored with my body. She reached up to slide her hands over my chest and down over my abs. Her hands studied every part of my body, gently squeezing and probing with her fingers. I felt her hands caress and squeeze my ass, testing its firmness. She worked her way down to my cock, taking it in her hands and admiring its shape, its length and girth. I was starting to show some hardness, but it still hung low with a long, shallow arch downward.

“Mmmm…I really love the head…it’s full, round and deep pink almost maroon.” Water trickled down over me and gathered to form a stream from the tip, like I was peeing. She leaned forward to drink and take tip into her mouth; she rolled her tongue all over its fullness. When I moved from the shower a bit, her tongue found precum, beading at the tip. She relished the taste and the strands of seed that formed between her mouth and the swollen head.

“Mmmm, I like this…you’re all clean for me…I like it when you’re a little sweaty, too…it’s salty and smells like you.” I teased her a little, by thumping it up against her cheeks before she popped it back into her mouth.

As the pulsing blood increased its girth & length, I could feel it growing within the warmth of her mouth. It didn’t take long before it clips4sale porno stiffened to poke at the roof of her mouth. She pulled off to stroke and study it, closer. Now, completely erect, it stood straight and thick and tall, emerging from my lean, wet body. It glistened with a layer of her saliva and my precum, a signature of her efforts. There was something intensely erotic about having Robin (or anyone) admire and study it. Gradually, she worked most of it into her mouth. She pulled off a little, just enough to clear her throat and started bobbing…sucking it and sliding her tongue over its rigid length.

I groaned “Fuck, Robin…keep that up!”

She started sucking me harder and my groans could be heard over the shower. She lapped up my arousal, the savory juice that dribbled from the tip. Again, I dug my fingers into her hair; it was damp from the spray of the shower. She really didn’t give a damn…she was after one thing…a nice load. She always loved it in her mouth…she loved to swirl it around and really taste it. She’d even scoop out a creampie and lick her fingers, just like eating frosting from a bowl…it was really hot to watch.

I told her, “You’re gonna make me cum…already.” Her mouth full of cock, she nodded her head in acknowledgment. I was hard as a rock, my body stiffened and my balls felt heavy…I knew I was close and she was intent on making it happen…it was intoxicating to my thoughts. She bobbed faster, desperately working for a load…she wanted that wonderful satisfying taste of cum that she loved.

My needs apparent, my body stiffened and I softly pumped into her, “Suck me…gonna cum” I pumped, as she sucked and bobbed wildly…together, we fucked her mouth. She moaned and gagged when I grabbed her head to push myself deeper; I loved to feel her mouth and throat straining to take it. My hands gripped her tighter and I felt my cock swelling towards a release. My whole body shuddered as it let loose and grunted out warm seed, into her mouth.

It wasn’t a huge load like the night before, but she held on till I was completely done…she wanted every drop. She swallowed everything and looked up at me, radiating with a warmth and satisfaction, knowing she had satiated both our needs…for the moment. Pleasuring me always brought Robin a sense of satisfaction…and I felt the same…we both loved to make each other happy.

We had the house to ourselves and I knew we were nowhere near finished. Still hard as a rock, I pulled her up, and held her up against the wall. Within those beautiful green eyes, I still saw that lust we shared…we both wanted more. Our wet bodies pressed against each other and I pinned her hands above her head. I could feel my erection against her belly. We shared a long, hard kiss and I jammed my tongue into her. I remember I could taste sex, my remnant cum coated her mouth. I pressed myself between her legs, pushing them apart and rubbing against that wet, hungry pussy. I poked at her with my dick and rubbed it through her slit. I buried it in one big thrust and she let out an incredible moan, as I filled her completely. I taunted her desires by slowly withdrawing, leaving just the head inside, before slamming it back into her. Over and over, I repeated this scenario, and her moans grew louder and louder. I watched as she concentrated on the pleasure of a cock filling her, she moaned endlessly and her eyes were squinted shut. Her titties bounced, each time I returned my cock for more of her pleasures.

Eventually, I released my grip on her wrists to grab hold of her ass; it added more force to the relentless pounding, we both needed. She wrapped her arms around me to pull me closer, and to feel more of that cock inside. Her body tensing, I could feel her readying herself for a climax. We both moaned, as we approached orgasm, together.

“Rob…fuck, I’m almost there,” she groaned.

I knew what she needed and began to thrust even harder and faster. I pushed myself toward another orgasm, because I wanted to cum with her…there’s no better sensation than an orgasm, shared. I watched her eyes roll upward and through her choppy breathing, she groaned, “Yessss…fuck meeeee!”

“Yessss, cumming…yessss…yessss.” Robin still shuddering through orgasm, I gripped her tighter and began to thrust wildly into her until I exploded my warmth deep into her…

I kissed her and pulled myself from her relaxed and satisfied, body. She immediately reached between her legs and snagged a finger-full of our sex. She flashed a big smile and cleaned it, by dragging her tongue up the length of her finger. I remember her saying, “Mmmm…love a good breakfast,” and following it with that cute little laugh that never got old.

I hugged her and kissed her forehead. I grinned and replied, “Babe, you finish your shower and maybe you’ll get a second and a third breakfast, after the movie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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