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I turned the computer off and rushed upstairs to get ready, I could not believe it I was going to see him for the first time and have an evening together, what was I thinking? Oh, I know what I was thinking?

Dee looks at the clock. Its almost time. Time for the moment she has been waiting for so long. She’s finally going to meet him. She feels her heart trepidate as she finishes getting ready. One last look in the mirror, and she goes out the door and gets into her car. She drives to the restaurant and parks in the restaurant parking lot. She looks at her watch and notices that she is shaking from being so nervous. She watches all the people coming and going waiting for the precise moment to go inside.

One minute to seven….she gets out and goes inside, walks up to the bar, orders a drink, and waits for Vince to arrive. Vince is a guy that she has been talking to every night for months online, especially since she has met Vince. She doesn’t understand why she is so nervous, he knows everything about her and has even seen her picture, and she has also seen his.

Suddenly she feels a hand softly touch her shoulder, she turns and looks to see, and there, standing in front of her, is Vince. He looks so much sexier in person than in his picture. Her stomach so nervous now she doesn’t know how she is going to make it through dinner. He bends down and takes her hand and plants a kiss on her cheek She jumps to her feet and wraps her arms around him, taking him all in. Discreetly feeling how masculine he is and inhaling his wonderful smell of cologne. She doesn’t want to let go…she has been wanting to hold him for so long. She spends several moments just looking at him, soaking in the details of his face, smile, eyes, and forehead. She hardly notices he is doing the same with her. They break apart and decide to go to have dinner.

They order their meal and begin having light conversation. Dee cant take her eyes off of Vince. Her yearning for his touch has grown more now that he is here sitting right next to her. She has been trying to calm her true feelings for Vince for some time now, because of the distance between where each of them live.

She doesn’t know if she can keep her feelings under control and suddenly gets very uneasy. Vince senses her dvd porno uneasiness and asks her if she’s ok. She replies that she was just thinking that they didn’t have a lot of time to spend together before he has to leave, and that she hates to see him go so soon. He nods in response and reaches his hand over and places it on hers. This instantly sends chills down her spine. His touch so soft, his eyes so warm, she feels herself aching for him.

Dessert has been served and the time has come for them to go their separate ways. She knew their visit would eventually have to end, but that didn’t make it any easier for her to let him go. She wanted him to wrap his arms around her and make passionate love to her, but she knew that there were circumstances which made that impossible. His loving arms belonged to someone else, and she was going to try to keep control of her feelings, yet is was killing her inside to just let him walk away without at least telling him how she truly felt.

They walked outside and began heading towards Dee’s car. They stood talking for a few moments, continually staring into each other’s eyes. They started their good-bye’s and when they embraced Dee held on to Vince like she would never let him go. She wrapped her arms around him and then started running her hands up and down his back. Dee feels Vince squeezes her tight, his hot breath on her neck aroused her even more. She can feel herself throbbing..wanting him more than ever.

She gently brushes her tongue along his neck and lightly nibbles on his ear. Vince presses himself against her allowing her to feel his desire for her. Softly she whispers in his ear, “I want you.” Vince kisses her lightly on her neck, she moans softly, “Please don’t go.” Vince lifts his head and places his hands on her face, gives her a warm smile and says, “Are you sure?” Dee nods her head in response and then moves in closer. Their lips meet, their tongues gently exploring each other’s as they continue to hold one another. Finally they decide to get into Dee’s car and go back to her place.

They get to Dee’s house and go inside, barely making it in the door before wrapping themselves around one another, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands, kissing passionately. ensest porno Dee stops and grabs Vince’s hand leading him to her bedroom. When they reach their destination, Dee turns and begins running her hands up and down Vince’s chest, admiring his sexy body. She started to remove his shirt to reveal your chest so warm to the touch. She starts kissing and licking every inch of flesh that has been revealed She was cold standing there in just her underwear, Vince wraps his arms around her and she felt the warmth of his body straight away. Vince eagerly removes Dee’s top and then reaches around and takes off her bra, exposing her very large and beautiful breasts. He cups them in his hands, moving closer, teasing her nipples with his tongue. Dee begins working her way down Vince’s body, licking and kissing him all the way down. She makes her way down to his waist, flicking her tongue just inside his waistband, then moves down and settles herself between his legs, she unbuttons and unzips his jeans with her teeth, she looks up at him and gives him a little grin. Vince throws his head back and moans softly. She pulls off his jeans and then removes his underwear exposing his now very hard cock. She takes his cock in her hand and moves her mouth over top of it, inserting it deep into her throat, wrapping her tongue around it while she works her mouth up and down the shaft of it.She stops and swirls her tongue around, teasing the tip of it with her tongue. She moves her mouth back over his throbbing cock and abruptly lunges it deep into her throat once again, flicking her tongue around and around. She moves down to his balls and takes them into her hot mouth one by one, gently flicking them with her tongue, sucking and licking on them.

Vince sits up and gives her a little smile and says, “Ok, now its my turn.” He lays her down gently and sensually kisses all over her body, working his tongue over her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. His hands wonder down her body, kissing her belly. Dee moans and rubs her hands over his head. He moves down her thighs, brushing them with his tongue, working his way to her inner thighs, erotically teasing her with his tongue, driving her completely insane. Gently he moves his tongue around her clit, working it czech amateurs porno around and up and down. Dee begins bucking her hips to his tongue rhythm. Vince begins picking up the speed of his tongue over her clit and moves his tongue down and inserts it inside her. Dee moans loudly as Vince begins forcefully tongue-fucking her hot, wet pussy. Dee grabs the sides of the bed, screaming in delight as she cums heavily all over Vince’s face.

He ravishes her eagerly licking it clean, enjoying the sweet taste of her juices. She looks up at him and smiles, licking her lips, her body still twitching from the outrageous orgasm, she beckons him to come closer. They begin kissing passionately, tasting one another as if it were the first time. Their tongues entwined and dancing together, his eyes sparkled like never before. She rolls over on top of him and grinds her throbbing pussy over his groin. His cock enters her and her body reacts, her back arches as he run his hands up over her breasts tweaking her nipples, they are so hard and erect, just as his cock is deep inside her, so hard and firm and filling her, with her hands on his chest she starts to move her body slowly, moving up and down, backwards and forwards, the grin on his face a picture to see. Dee leans down and kiss Vince’s lips and as she does that her hair falls all over his face. His eyes close and we kiss and move together in time, together we dance the dance of lovers. Slowly at first, then faster and faster till we are locked together in passion and lust, our bodies are shaking slightly as we reach the point we know has no return, only one way to go and that is onwards, bodies stiffening fists clenching and nails digging in. He sat up and she held on tight her head thrown back as he kisses her throat, our bodies jerking, the feeling was unbelievable she was in heaven and he was with her, we cum and we cum,

Dee rolls over and lays next to him on the bed. Vince puts his arm around her and softly kisses her lips. They lay collapsed on one another still kissing and caressing each other’s bodies, trying to catch their breath.

Dee awakes to the sun peeking from behind a cloud, and as the powerful light burns through her squinted eyes she turns to see him lying beside her, still yet asleep and she smiles and sigh softly. She looks down, see to red lines from his fingers on her chest and legs, her hand prints faintly on his legs, and laugh quietly to herself as she falls back asleep, the most content and happy woman. What will today bring, between her and him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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