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I apologise for the delay in submitting this latest episode. Work has been very busy. And thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Chris looked around at the group and told us all that it was time for a celebration. She asked what they wanted. There was no spoken answer, but instead everyone looked at me for a moment. Then those who were wearing any clothes took them off, and two identical ladies – the twins, came and asked my permission to hold me.

I gave permission and they gently laid me on my back on the floor. One of them went down on me and had me hard in mere seconds. She then simply climbed on top and bounced up and down just twice. Then she got off and her sister did the same thing. Then one by one the entire group took their turn on me, each stealing just two thrusts.

Then a second time, this time with just one slow thrust each. At the end of this cycle I was about to come, but each time one of them lifted off, the break interrupted the flow of my pleasure.

A third time, again with just one thrust each, but a little slower this time, and then a fourth, even slower. I then noticed that while one was astride me, each of the others was fondling either herself or another lady. One way or another, each of them was receiving attention. By the time the fifth round had started, I was gritting my teeth and grunting irregularly. The ladies were doing the same thing and I wondered if they were really in the same state or whether they were simply joining in the group dynamic.

Somewhere late in that fifth cycle, one of the ladies – I have no idea who, finished me off with just that one thrust, and she clearly came at the same time. And then all the others took one more turn, each spasming with that one final thrust, before I softened and lay drained in every way.

I don’t know how they managed it, but I looked around and saw forty four ladies, all in post orgasmic bliss. No, not quite all – Dominika didn’t have another one. I never learned if that was her way to even up the score, or if she simply couldn’t after her solo performance a little earlier. Either way, everyone seemed satisfied. I certainly was.

We all rested for a little while, and then returned to the bus and drove off. I did ask my Godde – Chris about the hotel account, and she told me it was settled.

Now we were off, all together, for Vladivostok, it was time for me to be useful. I sat with Chris and worked with her for a while, finding out details of all the ladies. We spent about three hours looking at her laptop and making notes. Apart from the doctors she had already told me about, we had two teachers, a dentist, four physiotherapists and two lawyers apart from me. Two agricultural scientists, one with a Ph D, and two vets (one specialising in large animals). Most had some other qualification including many nurses and others with sports science or massage qualifications. My ideas were crystallising.

Our second trip eastwards was calmer – a drive of progress towards a future rather than a flight away from a past. However, even with the wonderful company it was a long, long drive. We stopped two more nights before getting to Vladivostok late on the third day. Someone had arranged to take over a conference facility there, and it was comfortable, though a little sparse.

When we were settled in and had had a meal, Yulia came to see me. She told me that Romanova, the leader of the mutin… the nineteen, wanted to speak to me. I was happy to speak to any of the ladies and told Yulia so. She called out and the powerful lady who had spoken to me the day before came in. Yulia left us alone.

Romanova told me that she wanted to make arrangements for her ladies to spend time with me. There would be other priorities for the group and she understood that, but she asked if her eighteen ladies could start to organise times. I told her that the nineteen ladies could do this – I wasn’t letting her leave herself out unless she was disinterested.

“No, I am very interested, but I am selfishly arranging to be the last one of all of the ladies to spend time with you. She had plans that I would not be allowed to know. I was intrigued, but clearly that was all I was going to find out for the moment. Romanova told me that three of the nineteen wanted to be with me tonight. Was that OK? Yes, that was fine. They could come and see me as soon as they wished.

I made sure that before Romanova left I pulled her to me and gave her a loving kiss. She yielded to my hug for a moment and then roughly pushed me away. “If I’m going to hold off until all the others have had a turn, you’re going to have to ease off on that, otherwise my determination will evaporate and you will be kidnapped for sex again!” She smiled briefly and left.

A short while later there was another knock on my door. I went to the door and opened it to three tall, slim, beautiful ladies. All were wearing brightly coloured miniskirts, white polo-neck tops, patent leather thigh-length boots with six-inch heels, and, I suspected, nothing else. Two I recognised casino oyna as the two who had come to kidnap me the second time. I recognised the third, but could not recall where I had seen her before. She told me she had been with the other two when I had been captured (the second time). She told me that the three of them wanted to make amends for their sins, and that they would do anything I wanted, anything at all.

The Goddess had told them I had forgiven them, as had the others. They had been told to use me for their own selfish sexual satisfaction – to use me as a sex object, but if it would atone for their sins they would be willing to forego the sex. The other two nodded agreement, and all three pulled their polo necks down to show leather collars with rings. They would be happy for me to tie them up, either for sex or for punishment, or both if that would help.

I knew, however, that this wasn’t going to work unless these ladies – all of the Ladies – got what they wanted, whatever that was. And these were very sexy women, dressed perfectly for that role. The old term “sex on legs” came to mind. I told them that what my Goddess had told them was true – there was nothing to forgive. What I personally wanted was for them to get sex if they wanted it, exactly how they wanted it. And I would do whatever was within my power to help them get precisely that. So my wish was that each of them would tell me their fantasy.

They said they wanted to be degraded by being reduced to mere numbers, and that I would use them as masturbation aids, and I would then be so disgusted that I would come on their boots instead of inside any of them. The two I had seen when I had been kidnapped most recently told me they were One and Two, and the other one was of course Three.

I told them this idea was cheating, that they seemed to want to fulfil my fantasies, not theirs, but Three pointed out that last time a lady had been forceful about exactly what she had wanted I had ended up with a broken arm. These three genuinely wanted to be used as sex objects. They would get their kicks from being used. One and Two nodded emphatically and all three lifted their miniskirts and then their tops to show that there was nothing underneath. Well, that wasn’t quite true; there was something underneath, but it wasn’t underwear! I decided that I should go along with this and see if it worked.

I told them to take their polo-neck tops off and lie face up across my bed on top of each other, heads to the wall. I pulled the bed away from the wall to make room for their heads. I told them to chain their collars to each other so they became just a heap of beautiful genitalia I could then use and enjoy at my whim. They did so in numerical order (One at the top and Three at the bottom).

I told them to spread their legs as wide as they could. I was impressed and aroused, but by now not surprised, to see that all three were in a complete splits position. Not a hair was to be seen. What was facing me was a triple-decker array of beautiful, shiny, leather-clad legs, exposing six firm round buttocks and three smooth, gaping opportunities (or maybe six).

I thought perhaps a little nasty talk might fit the image, so I told them, or rather it, that these were just some left over orifices that I was going to have to use because there were no ladies around and because I hadn’t had a woman for far too long. I’d just have to make do with these. I then pulled a chair to sit up against this pile of pleasure and started licking the top one. I then spat into each hand in turn and penetrated the other two with my fingers. I continued for several minutes, occasionally refreshing the supply of saliva for my hands, until there was just one long disgusting strand of slime hanging down from the top one down to the next, then the third and then again down towards the floor. Having said that, it seemed my efforts were superfluous, as these numbered openings appeared to be doing very well to provide their own lubrication.

After a while I undid my pants and slid into the middle one, entering easily and deep. I then pulled out and stood on tiptoe, using the top one for a while before kneeling down and using the bottom one. The physical sensation was just perfect. It was no use, though – this was more of a porn scene than my fantasy. Despite the beauty of these ladies and their demonstrated willingness to do anything I wanted no matter how debauched, this was not right.

I wasn’t enjoying this as I should and I thought (wrongly as I later learned) that they were missing out too. I was aware that I had somehow managed with others to the point where I had created a reputation and a demand, and it was important for these three to have their expectations fulfilled. I thought quickly.

“OK – unhook your collars and up you get.” I called out. Instantly they moved around for a while, working on the mess of collars, then arose from the bed, arrayed in front of me.

I told Two to remove her skirt and top, go out on the balcony and lean over the rail. She left, slot oyna and I told the others to remove their skirts and tops too. They were to wait one minute and then follow me (and Two) onto the balcony. They could then decide amongst themselves, by force if necessary, who got to use me in what order and how. I then quickly stripped and followed Two out onto the balcony.

It seemed Two had added some touches of her own, because when I saw her she was bending over the balcony, as I had told her, but her feet were well apart and she was also masturbating. She was leaning over the low rail so far that her face was at the level of her knees and her hands were jammed in between the rails, fingers busily at work. That this had already had an effect was obvious as a spreading pool of fluid had already formed on the floor between her boots.

I decided to react negatively to her taking the initiative, and told her what a naughty slut she was, grabbing her hands away from between her legs and holding then behind her back. At the same time I slid deep into her. With my free hand I reached around in front to diddle her, with my fingertips touching myself sliding in and out of her. Two then started wriggling around and backing into me.

I hadn’t braced myself for that, and was pushed back towards a low bench behind me. Two bent forward even lower and reached back to grasp my calves. I fell backwards onto the bench, forcing me deeper inside her. This was working for me until…

“My turn!!!” Three grabbed Two’s hair and dragged her off me.

I had been getting into Two to the point where I had forgotten my role, and this was a real shock. I was still off balance against the bench when Three put her arms around my neck and leapt astride me, impaling herself on me in one swift movement. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and she immediately started a rapid and vigorous thrusting movement. She attacked my face with passionate kisses, telling me that she was going to give me such pleasure that I would forget “that other woman”. Indeed, I had already done so, as I lost myself in the massages I was receiving in a variety of zones, including the treatment her lovely breasts were giving my chest.

It was therefore yet another surprise when Three was lifted bodily from me, and One turned and sat hard on me with her back to me, while holding Three away in front of her. It was lucky that One’s aim was good, otherwise she and I might both have been hurt. As it was she scored a bull’s – er – eye, with me blissfully buried inside her. Having captured her target for the present, One released Three to reach behind herself and beneath me, and clawed my buttocks, forcing herself down against me.

I briefly saw a shiny black boot flash across in front of my face as Two inveigled herself between One and me, facing me. One still had the main target, but Two, using the extra height of her heels and my unbalanced status, slowly shuffled forwards. I was gradually pushed down and backwards and would have fallen back if Two had not cradled my head in her hands. Just a little extra shuffling forwards by Two and my face was inundated by her lubricant. I got the hint and started work with my tongue. I presume it was Two’s voice I could hear moaning as she was closest to my ears – the very ears she was now using to gain a little extra leverage.

It was only then that I wondered what Three was now up to and noticed there was a little extra stimulation going on between One’s thighs and mine. It was Three who had crawled underneath us to add to the already indescribable sensation with a little extra tonguing. Suddenly a hand pulled me out of One, sucked hard for a few seconds and then thrust me back in deep. That was all it took and immediately I was emptying what felt like my soul into One in a series of contractions that were almost painful and that seemed to encompass my whole body.

Despite such an all-encompassing catharsis I remained hard a little longer while One lifted up her luscious thighs, spun herself through 180 degrees so she was now facing me and lowered her beautiful face to mine and her perfect breasts onto my chest. I didn’t even notice Two had moved from straddling my face until Two and Three suddenly appeared either side of One, and I was faced now with (and being kissed by) three lovely ladies while six matching breasts massaged my grateful chest.

As I lay there knowing I had been selfish and inconsiderate, and as a lassitude started to creep over my body, I decided they deserved to have their interests at least considered, if not addressed. I asked the three if their efforts had been rewarded.

Three whispered in my ear “We each got what we wanted in the first few seconds when we were stacked one above the other on the bed.” We each continued to get it many times again with what followed. The only thing we wanted after that was to give you what you needed. It was selfish because we want you to be happy with the Brigade, and we want you to desire us in the future. But we’d like you to be happy for your own canlı casino siteleri sake too. You can never realise just how much you mean to every one of us. Shut up and sleep.” I didn’t quite understand, but I shut up and slept.

I awoke in the middle of a hive of activity. I could see from the room that my three companions had been busy and still were. The room was tidy again and a small bedside table looked ready for breakfast except for the food. The ladies had been quiet so that I would not be awoken before I was ready, but now I was awake and ready for the new day.

I had one request to start with. I thought it was disrespectful to call them by numbers, could I please have their names. One told me she was Olena, Two was Tasha and Three was Tamar. Her event was the high jump, Tasha’s the pole vault and Tamar’s the long jump. When they had been preparing for a competition in Adelaide someone had pointed out that their initials spelled OTT, or over the top, which seemed to fit their athletic events. Someone else had noticed the coincidence that the same letters also stood for the English words for the first three numbers and they were known by competitors as One, Two and Three. The numbers had fitted in with their decision to depersonalise themselves for my sake. I told them that I appreciated their contribution to our first time together, but that I wanted to share my life with people, not numbers. I would always remember both their names and their events now though!

I dressed while Tamar bought in some breakfast, and I was hand-fed by all three before we had a group hug to start the day. I asked for more detail about what had worked for them the previous night. Tasha explained that the first scenario had given them some short-term satisfaction, but that all three of them preferred what followed, including this morning’s friendly chat. They would be happy to wait their turns from now on.

They wanted to have every one of the nineteen have some sort of a session with me, and they were happy therefore to have shared their time with me for the present. Next time, however, each of them wanted me to herself, and one by one they each told me they had some imaginative ideas what they might do to me, but I would have to wait to learn specific details.

We basked in the pleasure of our shared enjoyment for a little longer, until Romanova knocked and entered. I noted as she reached out for my hand that she was dressed for outside. She spoke one word “come” and led me out of the room. I might have thought she was displeased if I had not seen her warm smile to the three ladies.

Further discussions

As we went down the corridor she looked at me strangely. After a while she said “how do you do it”. I didn’t know how to answer. I thought for a while and told her “I love every single one of you.’ She looked blank and so I went on. “So whoever it is that I’m with I just do that: I simply love them. It’s no effort – well, there is a physical effort, but it comes completely naturally because of my love for every member of the Brigade. Whichever one (or more) I’m with I just love them. I love you.”

I listened to myself as I ventured what most women (or at least most women from where I had come from) would regards as a meaningless apologia for serial infidelity.

Romanova looked hard at me and replied “I don’t think you have the faintest idea what you mean to us. You seem to think we are fulfilling some selfish disgusting fantasies of yours, but what you have really done is to give us back our lives. You have reunited our Brigade. You have fulfilled us emotionally. It seems you are now giving us back our country: not the one we lost, but an impossibly better one. And you seem to feel that you owe it to us to perform the impossible task of not just fulfilling, but surpassing our sexual fantasies. Except that you seem to be proving that a task that would be beyond anyone else is not impossible for you. Amongst all my other emotions, I am curious to know how long you can keep doing this.”

I thought about that and the only response I could give: “I don’t know how long I can continue doing this either, but I love you all and I enjoy making you happy. I enjoy it more than I can describe. And I look forward to my first time with you”. Romanova continued on her way, shaking her head. Eventually she opened a door and stood aside for me to enter. She closed the door, and I looked up to see Chris and Yulia sitting before us.

Chris directed us towards two armchairs. “Romanova and Yulia can’t see how you are able to continue to be so good for us, but I feel as if I’m slowly starting to understand you. Tell me what you think of this. You have felt like an outsider in what most people think of as normal society, normal Australian society. That is really why you came to Russia. You are old enough, or perhaps I should say mature enough, to have learned to ignore your ego and instead to listen to your own body, your own thoughts and your own feelings, whereas most men, most people, would prefer to do what they think might impress others. That is why you feel so comfortable being so open with all of us, so supportive of us individually and as a group, despite our threats and the reality of our disgusting treatment of you in the early days. How am I doing?”

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