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Janine has be the most prolific woman I have done for since I first took on the call boy service for frustrated working women.

She always has a surprise up her sleeve, or more relatively, up her skirt and I am one happy guy to reap the benefits of that.

To supply a service is one thing, but to enjoy and get paid for it is quite another.

Anyway I am there, visiting her pad in Los Angeles. She had finished work as a top executive for a fashion designers and I am standing there, in the bedroom, just as she wants me.

She has fed and wined me well and jokes that now she wants her serving – and I have grown to know what she means by that.

Well, she pays well for it and it is not only a service included in my wide repertoire but also a pleasure.

She already has the handcuffs to hand and she is so precise the way she shackles me to the bedstead, arranging me on the edge of the mattress like I am one of those fashion dummies in shop windows.

Well if that what Janine wants, that is what she gets. She is one of my favourite clients, in her mid forties but still looking a million dollars.

Her perfume, everything arouses me and it is easy to perform how she wants me.

“I don’t have time unfortunately for an involved commitment these days, Pete so you do me a great service. Thank you.”

“But you are still a very attractive woman, lots of guys would love to be committed to you” I said.

“I know but they want a lot more than I have the time to give. For now the sex does me a treat which comes beautifully in size and quality with you baby”

I smiled and felt her warmth as she sized up to me. Then I feel the delicate touch of her lips brush mine and already I begin to grow.

“Down Boy!” she says. “I have something more for our play time today.”

She starts to blindfold me.

“And what are you up to today?” I ask. Loving the way she surprises me.

“You just do as you’re told and be a good boy for me” she said in her astute authorized manner and I was all hers, how she wants me and everything.

She had me comfortable placed with my wrist tied sideways to the lower bed raid, sitting facing her with several cushions placed beneath my rear to give me the height she likes me.

I sense that she is kneeling before me and although I can’t see her, I imagine her in those delightfully sexy black silk stockings and delicious underwear which would be a treat for any guy.

I sense her need for me as I hear her amorous sighs and then I feel the touch of her fingers linger along my inner thigh.

“Now come on baby, you know how I want you.”

I wriggle and lift a little so she can drag down my jeans. Then she feels me so wonderfully and the way only a woman could do.

“Off with the boxers now” she demands and soon she has her way, pushing my knees apart.

“Wider, open wider baby. You look immaculate.”

It is something very special being there, the way I knew that a woman like Janine was enjoying me. And now, being blindfolded brought a new experience, imagining casino şirketleri her expressions as I felt she was taking in what I had to offer.

She proceeded to rub me up, under my balls and I felt myself growing immediately, Just the touch did that and I was soon there, full and bountiful for her enjoyment.

“Where would I be without my happy toy boy” she whispered in her posh accent. “You are truly scrumptious in every way and I adore you.”

She continued to rub me up and I felt her fingers tinkering with me.

“Now the penis ring” she said and I felt her putting it on.

“I especially want you to last for me this evening baby. I have something very special planned. She tightened it around the girth and with a cock full mast I anticipated her next move.

But today was going to be delayed action because she said she had to pay a visit to the bathroom.

“Now you just be good while I am gone and keep that hold for me Huh”?

“I can’t be going far” I laughed.

“Won’t be long” and she was gone, Leaving me sat there waiting to be of service, still taking in her perfume that seemed to wallow around me.

I loved being all for her, and when she’d had her fill of me that pending fuck was beautiful, no matter which position she chose on a particular visit, but I suppose all in all, I really liked her doggy style because then I knew she would want me anally too, and that was always a bonus. She was always so tight there and alluring and loved it so much.

“But just occasionally” she told me. “For that is a special treat when I am in the mood for it” and I respected her for that. To regularly have her ass would become too standard so the occasional treat was just fine. She was beautiful rounded and it was always good to penetrate there, she’d treat herself to a good seeing too with the quinny vibrator, as she called it and it was sensational to fuck her that way,. It was something very special and by the time we had done she had all parts well fucked, because after all that, she’d want to finish me off orally with all the garnishing, which, once the penal ring was released, was abundant.

She was quite a long-time in the bathroom. I thought I heard her talking to someone but guessed it must have been her mobile phone..

“Back now, sorry to keep you waiting. But see you still look daunting and beautiful.”

I felt her warm breath and knew she was near, I felt the brush of her nipples against mine and so wanted to bunch them, but my hands were tied literally but she knew what was thinking;

“Later, baby when I am happy to release you, and that won’t be until you have satisfactorily pleased me, now where were we?”

“I don’t know because you had to go to the bathroom, Janine “

“Well, all the more to arouse you up, baby, but I can see that is not necessary at the moment, but you can imagine even if you can’t see Huh?”

“I bet you look good enough to eat.”

“Later, it will be your turn later, I need some nourishment first -what is it they say about the food casino firmaları of love? Don’t believe a word of it, the food of love is the meat and two fruits right here and now, and you know what I mean.” She said feeling me up again, her fingertips tantalizing the sensitive flesh between my balls and cock..

I am sure I heard a giggle when she said that. And it wasn’t Janine.

“Who was that?” I asked

“Who was what?” she replied.

“I heard a giggle”

“It must have been in your mind, Pete. Now shut up and concentrate. Let’s get down to the crux of the matter.

I felt her grasp my knees and part them, then the feel of her nudging between on her knees. It was different. I had become accustomed to how Janine likes to do things with me. Not as though I was complaining, it was just different that’s all but equally as nice. I guessed it was another one of her variations to the theme, as she always put it; “Like musical composers like to vary a theme, so do I.”

That’s what it was; she was trying something new, the way she touched, the way she felt. It was like she was using me as an exhibit, her caresses and touched the method in which she stretched me there, bunching me beneath and I could feel the cold air as she revealed my glans.

“It always looks so beautiful when first revealed” she whispered. “That little p-hole in the middle is always a delight to touch and taste. I shall suck it now, the way you like.”

It was wonderful.

“Just relax baby and enjoy ,it is so gorgeous and wanting, and I am wanting to give it my all”

“Mmm Janine, That feel so good.”

“Shush! She ordered, let’s concentrate huh” and I instantly felt her warm mouth enveloping me there, then the draw if her mouth as she sucked me. It was all so nice.

But then I heard that ominous sound again. Like someone else was there.

I felt a movement like Janine was changing her position, but then she was back again saying she needed some cushions to rest her knees upon, I assumed she might as well make herself comfortable so that she could enjoy me to the full.

Then the feeling and touching resumed. Like she was taking a short rest from the oral stuff. That was normal. I enjoyed her exploits, her little deviations in touch and feel.

But this time it was different and I knew it wasn’t Janine. The smell was different for one thing. I guess she could have changed her perfume when she went to the bathroom, but this wasn’t hers, no way.

I decided to keep quiet, something was going on, but whatever, I was still enjoying and the woman now sucking me was too.

That suck, the touching and the balling -all different. And by God was she hungry for it. She was going absolutely berserk and at last when she cried out, which sounded like she had reached an orgasm, I just knew it wasn’t Janine.

I heard heavy breathing then heard someone say she was sorry, but she could not stop herself.

“I think Pete knows by now, don’t you Pete?” Janine said removing my blindfold.

“Well you know how I like güvenilir casino to introduce new things into our brief meetings, just so they won’t get stale.

This is Isabel by the way. We have talked about you a lot and she wanted your number, but I said before she does that, she’d better sample the goods first, if you don’t mind me putting it that way?”

Isabel was okay. About the same age as Janine she had a smooth lean figure and I knew then I wouldn’t mind going the whole hog with her, I could easily make her cum again but with a good stiff hard inside her..

“I have to submit, you are one special girl” I said to Janine and she said she was so delighted I wasn’t offended.

“So that is why you went to the bathroom, Janine, to fetch Isabel.”

“Nice one Huh?” She grinned.

“Very nice I returned.

“Shed been watching for a while just to get into the mood”, Janine confessed.

I looked at Isabel and saw her blushes. What next I wondered?

Janine released me from my bonds. Both she and Isabel had, had their fun now it was my turn. Well, it was going to be a wonderful threesome I knew that as they both joined me on the bed, one each side.

It was heaven on earth taking the feel of Isabel as well as Janine. I sucked them one after the other and they returned the gesture, sometimes one and then two, licking and sucking me everywhere.

And being smothered by each was a real sensation to be remembered, the sizzling warmth of wet horny quinny smothering my face as the other sucked my cock ardently was beyond words can describe.

These women really went to town, I felt they were both so frustrated for it and there was I enjoying pleasuring them.

When they took turns to fuck me, one quinny fucking my face and the other, my very keen erection I was itching to cum. I was bursting in fact as both women took turns riding me.

Janine could see the signs. She showed Isabel how to release the ring so I was free to cum and there they were in full suck again, like they wanted to eat me. Isabel stroked it with perfection, making it jerk upwards as she licked my p-hole ardently.

“All the way Isabel, would you like that, he is nearly there?” I heard Janine say as I felt the burst of the bubble. But she was there, Her mouth full of my oozing cream, and she utterly enjoyed it.

“Leave some for me, Isabel” Janine cried and then she took her dose of well primed hot fresh cream.

And I could still taste the flavour of both, rolling the residue in my mouth.

Afterwards when eventually we were all spent, I thought just how good it was with two women. Isabel had an ass on her to die for, with that tempting gap in the middle of her crotch which I teases was my parking space awaiting parking inside.

I wanted so much to park inside her ass as much as her quinny. I heard Janine talking about that to Isabel asking is she had ever had it behind.

She said she hadn’t but would like to try. But next time because she was utterly spent now an it was so very wonderful with me.

She thanked me too saying she’d like to book me for someone to one fun also.]

“The pleasure will be mine” I returned

“You are happy then Isabel, you wanted some fun and I said that Pete was the guy to give it?

“Wonderful Janine and thank you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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