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Note: all the characters in the story are atleast 18 years of age.

This story is inspired by a fantasy, the characters of which are the three young adults Sarah, John and Emily.


Now Sarah is the most bubbly and outgoing young lady, and is first cousins with John and Emily. John and Emily are siblings. All three of them are well built in all of their respective “curvy” places. Sarah is naturally dominant and likes to get things her way, always. She is 19 years old and has Dark brown eyes matching with her below shoulder level long hair. She is a 36-30-32, packing a bomb figure and is “easy on the eyes. “

Now John is the same age as Sarah, Having the build of lean muscles. He does calisthenics regularly as a hobby and therefore is seen mostly either in his school yard, or house lawn, along with sometimes at the roof. He is packing six packs, courtesy of his hobby. Sarah and John are very close and are in the same class at school.

Emily is older to both John and Sarah, being the elder sister of John. At the age of 22 years, She is more of a loner and prefers her own company. Possessing Matte black hip-length hair, along with hazel colored eyes, she too packs a whooping figure of 34-32-34. Standing 5’6′, She is an inch Shorter to Sarah (5’7′) and slightly more smaller than John (who is 5’9′). She likes to occasionally mess with John but not very much.

“Hey Johnie!” wait up for me!” Sarah screams as she sees John leaving for home, who is excited to give more time to his hobby as today was their last class before a long summer break. Sarah and John were really close to each other, and used to hang out a lot. They cared for each other.

“Hey!” replied john and they both went home together. “So, what is the big boy going to do to kill time?” asked Sarah. “Well, first, I don’t ‘kill’ time, I enjoy it. And, Second my hobby along with some already planned trips with other friends is more than enough for me to enjoy all summer.”

“Duh, You’re right. Also, I assume you haven’t forgotten about the homework which will take us forever. I cannot handle it alone, and you will help me with it. I’ll be crashing at your place for a couple of days.” said Sarah.

“Haha. Sure thing.” says John softly.


The Holidays started and it was almost the same routine that John followed. Waking up, starting his calisthenics and hanging out in the cold living room, which had the best A.C. in the house and calling friends at times, and returning to his hobby again. Sarah had more or less the same things, she “trying” her homework and doing her best to kill time. Emily still had school for a while.

Days passed and one afternoon, the door bell rang. John’s mom asked him to answer and he complied. He was amazed to see Sarah.

“Hey Dork, guess what? it has been over a week of holidays and I am just so bored at home! And to add fuel to the fire, there’s this homework. 😐 plus, my parents just pushed me to stay with your family for the holidays, so here I am!”

John greeted her with open arms and so did his family.

A couple of days later, at night, Both John and Sarah were about to Hangout with mutual friends just when John’s parents had to leave for an emergency at the relatives and orders the three children to postpone their plans until the next day. Both the youngsters are pissed, but comply.

“Hey, We got to do something! how about we sneak out for just an hour?” asks Sarah.

John denies. His mood being killed due to the sudden cancelation of plans. “ about some indoor games?”

“Sure, that’s a great idea!”

The both of them finally play a ton of indoor games like snake and ladder, chess and find the culprit before deciding to play Truth and Dare. All of this, while reliving childhood memories. Emily is in her room, watching Tv.

“So first is my turn to ask you!” commands John.

“Okay, I choose Dare” Sarah says, excitedly.

“okay then. I dare you to lick your feet”

“That is so nasty and gross” grunts Sarah. but does it anyway. This goes on for a while, Both choosing weird truth and dares and John revealing his multiple crushes he had on so many teachers at school and telling how he likes dominant women, who take charge.

Sarah is both, startled and amazed.

“Now You tell me, who is YOUR number 1 crush?” and “Do I know him?” asks John. Sarah looks at John for a while, and starts to get nervous. Then she tells john how they should look at the clock and sleep now.

“oh, it is 12 already?, guess we definitely should. ” and John leaves for his room.


It is Around 1 a.m. when Sarah wakes up. She is thirsty and needs water. Now, All 3 of the them have their rooms on the first floor while the parents’ room and Kitchen is downstairs. She proceeds to go to the Kitchen, when out of Curiosity, She checks the window bahis şirketleri of John’s room which is always open. She slightly peeks, and is startled beyond words. John has his computer screen on and appears to be furiously rubbing his boxers, and he happens to be sitting with the trousers rolled till his ankles.

Sarah has her hand on her mouth to stop herself from cracking up just when, John keeps his laptop aside and closes it. He then slowly lowers his boxers too, revealing his massive, thick 7 inches cock.

Sarah gasps in amazement, just when John starts stroking it. Slowly and steadily.

Sarah stays there, watching. Her mouth open with surprise. She feels a tingling between her legs. She then starts to instinctively rub her legs together. She is almost entranced at the sight in front of her. One of her hands finds the confines of her silky night clothes, and squeezes her right breast in elation, while her other hand slowly crawls to the inner confines of her white cotton panties. She rubs herself between the legs from the top of her panties, only to realize she has formed a big wet spot.

She is wet. And not just wet, wet enough for her juices to soak her panties completely, almost dripping towards her legs. She moans softly, so as to maintain her secrecy.

John strokes himself for a couple of minutes before groaning, and releases long ropes of cum out of his dick, grunting in pleasure. Seeing this, Sarah is shocked, but also… turned on. Her hands start to rub faster, and slowly find their way inside her panties. Sarah has been lost in the highs of her lust and fails to think straight. She rubs herself at a faster pace, aching for a release, while controlling her mouth, moaning softly. She keeps watching him, while both of them simultaneously listen to their carnal desires. John is done with his business and begins cleaning up and goes to the bathroom while Sarah is standing close to the wall, away from John’s room where she has her eyes closed, and still rubbing herself. She realizes her imagination is not very productive and decides to peak John again, who turns out to have been in bed by now and is fast asleep. Sarah sees this, disappointed. Her elation, subsiding. She wasn’t able to receive her end of the release.

Pissed off, and frustrated, she drinks water and goes to her room and falls asleep, rewinding what she witnessed today.


In the morning, everyone is at the Breakfast table together. After a while Sarah deliberately starts to eat slowly so at the end of the breakfast, only Sarah is left with John. John is a slow eater so he usually finishes last.

When everyone is done, she asks.

“Hey Johnie! I was curious. I heard some weird sounds from your room last night! what was it?”

John grows tense. He knows what she might have heard.

“Was it a girl you sneaked in over? Because your face is red for some reason ;)” Asks Sarah.

“hahahaha Definitely nope. I don’t fool around much and the actual answer to your Question is – I was watching a Horror movie”

saying this, John finishes his breakfast and goes to his room for a shower.


Sarah goes to her own room, unable to let go of the fact that she saw her own cousin without his underpants. She knows John lied and starts to think more and more about last night’s events. This, again stirring thoughts in her head that she shouldn’t have. Forbidden thoughts.

She starts to think about John’s Dick and she has watched porn herself a couple of times, but somehow John’s cock still managed to turn her on more than those videos. Her thoughts start to wander off more and more into the realm of naughty boundaries, just when she realizes that she is moist again. This time though, she comes up with a plan. A plan that will get her what she is secretly now yearning for, to touch that dick. To feel it in her own hands.

She quickly goes to her cupboard and picks her silky, black colored shorts, along with her moist panties that she chooses not to change. she takes off her shirt, and removes her bra. Then, she picks herself a tight t-shirt, which is white in color and upon wearing it, clearly highlights her brown nipples, Which are a slight shade of darker brown. she goes to John’s room. Her sole purpose being to seduce him. To touch his dick and feel it.

She goes to his room, locks the room and sits on his bed, with one of her leg atop her other. Just a minute later, John arrives. He is startled to see her sitting on his bed. He gazes her for a good minute, before telling her awkwardly-

“Um… Hey Sarah, I don’t know what you’re doing here, but your.. nip..nipples are visible”

Hearing this, Sarah blushes, and smiles. She stretches her hand towards him, doing a calling gesture.

John comes towards her and sits with her on the bed. John is however, still in his towel. Sarah starts to caress bahis firmaları his shoulders and hands telling him..

“You know how you asked me, who my crush is?”

“well.. um.. yeah”

“Well, It is you Johnie. “

“It has always been you! the way I connect with you and how you care about me, no other boys I have met so far have done that. You stimulate me, mentally. the fact that we have been so close since forever, and the fact that it doesn’t hurt that you have just the right amount of body to make any woman melt and even, you know, drool ;)”

Saying this, She starts to come closer to John. Her face mere inches from his.

“You know, I saw what you were doing last night”

John froze. Sweating up but keeping his calm. slightly anxious.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t tell on you. However, I was startled when your ‘member’ came out. now you be a good brother and friend and tell me, how big is it?”

John realizes where this is going, a part of him trying his best to resist, but her carnal desires getting the best of him. He starts to get hard, slowly.

“Um… Sarah..I-“

Sarah then sits on her knees coming closer and closer to John, placing her hand atop his towel, between his legs.

“Oh looks like I wouldn’t have to wait long to find out”

“Sarah, I don’t think we should.”

“Oh Shush… I know you want to” She says, in a sensual tone.

Saying this, Sarah places her lips on his, her tongue finding ways to twist and smash with his tongue. Sarah kisses John passionately, as if she has wanted this for her whole life.

John starts to harden more and more until Sarah holds the tuck of his towel and sets it loose. His towel falls on the bed as he too now, sits on his knees, facing Sarah completely. Sarah, now breaks the kiss, and holds John’s semi hard cock in her hands.

“Woah John, how long is it?” she asks, moaning and squealing. John grunts, struggling to tell.

“it’s 7.. inches or somewhere close” says John as his groaning continues.

“Holy Fuck, that’s just crazy” she says as she starts stroking it with both her hands. Her wish now fulfilled, but her desires getting the best of her, she decides to keep pushing. To see where it leads..

John now reaches his full size, as Sarah strokes him faster and faster, even going further as to coating the shaft with a long trail of her saliva. She does this, as one of her hands goes inside her shorts, only to realize how her juices have started flowing in ample amounts, soaking the same white panties for the third time. She is soaked, and horny.

Without thinking, she kisses john everywhere from his neck to his chest and abs to finally reaching his tip. She then plants an innocent kiss on the head of his cock, and starts to hold his dick tight while slowly licking his shaft, up and down. After a while, she backs off. John is confused.

“you already saw my nipples through my t-shirt. Wanna see them for real?” she winks at John and peels her t-shirt slowly off of her, throwing it on the floor. Her 36D ample boobs are protruding in full glory.

John instinctively comes closer and stares, While she squeezes them together and asks John.

“Wanna touch them? I know you want to”

John doesn’t answer and simply comes and grabs the left boob and then the right, smelling in their aroma, which is lustily intoxicating. His cock starts to twitch. Sarah closes her eyes, while she continues to stroke his cock. She then pushes him a little away and goes down, taking as much of his dick she possibly can, managing to gulp down a whooping 5 – 5 1/2 inches before coming back. John is lost in pleasure.

She sucks him off for a solid 5 minutes, simultaneously stroking his cock with one hand, and rubbing herself off inside her panties with the other.

She then gets up off the bed, tucks her thumbs in the waistband of her silky shorts, and slides them down slowly, until she kicks them away. She then takes John’s hand and places it on her dampened, soaked panties. When he touches her, she purrs.

“Look how wet I am for you, Johnie. Last night, I saw you masturbate. And seeing you half naked, touching yourself, it made me wetter than I have been before, wetter than I have been ever in my whole life. “

Listening this, John instinctively comes closer and breathes in Sarah’s scent from top of her panties, placing his nose above them, and smelling her wetness, making his cock twitch even harder. Sarah, then peels her panties off, slowly and picks them up and keeps it on John’s face, who gladly starts to breathe in the intoxicating aroma of his hot cousin’s juices.

Sarah then lies on her back, on the bed, with her legs considerably apart as John sees her shaved pussy. it appears that she shaved a couple of days ago, as her hair looks trimmed.

“Rid me of this wetness, John. only you can do it.” Sarah purrs, as John comes close to her.

She holds his face and kaçak bahis siteleri puts it between her legs, signaling him to suck her juices. John gladly goes down, as Sarah guides him how best to serve her. He starts sucking her juices like a child sucks a lollipop, completely smothering her.

Sarah moans, and starts to push his head into her pussy however much she can. John is guided how the small bulb like part under the pussy hood is her clit, and tells john to suck it and play with it as much as he wants. He does exactly that, while instinctively also slowly pushing one of his fingers in her pussy, while simultaneously sucking and licking on her clit. He does it for a while as Sarah looses herself into ecstasy, moaning louder and louder and bucking her hips up and up towards Johns mouth as she crushes his head between her thighs and starts to quiver and shake, her body sending ripples of pleasure as she cums.

“oh myy God Johnn, Fuck Yess, Keep going” She moans.

Her body starts recovering as she slows down and gasps. “Fuck” both say Simultaneously.

“Take me John, I want you to have me. Make love to me, and show me how it feels to have THAT many inches inside. My pussy, still hungry, is still aching for you to fill me up”

“I don’t feel right about this, Sarah. should we cross that line?..I too want to, but-“

“oh don’t worry, we will go through this together” Says she as she pushes John on his back on the bed and gets off the bed, Keeps both of her legs on either side of his waist and slowly sits on his lap, trapping John’s cock between both of them. She starts to move back and forth, coating his shaft in her juices.

John groans as Sarah rubs the cock repeatedly on her clit, moaning softly.

“oh my yes, that’s it”

She orders John to give attention to her boobs please, as he sees how her brown nipples have hardened and are now erect, demanding some stimulation.

He bends a little forward, and starts squeezing her boobs, first left then right, before pressing them both together and nibbling on the right one while pressing the left one. He moves his tongue in circles, around her areola and sucks and presses the boob hard, before doing the same to the other one.

“Oh Johnn, Yess, Just like that”

it feels Exhilarating. Fuck”

Sarah says this as she moves her hand between their legs, and stands up, spits on John’s cock, strokes it to spread her saliva, and slowly lowers herself onto his long shaft.

“Aah yes! Fucking Godd”

Sarah moans loudly as she successfully takes the first 5 inches, moving herself slowly, up and down, as she adjusts to its size before finally taking the last two inches too.

“Oh God Yes Yes, It feels Good! Fuck”

Sarah continues to moan as John closes his eyes, grunting and groaning in pleasure.

Sarah feels full and John resumes to suck her boobs as Sarah continues to fuck herself with Johns cock, going at her own pace, while also rubbing her clit.

after a good riding of about 15 minutes, Sarah trembles again, her body sending shivers throughout, as she fucks John faster, and cums hard, pushing John’s cock out of her and falling to the bed.

“Oomy Gawd, fuck, Fuck Yes Fuck”

Sarah trembles and quivers in her second mind bending orgasm.

“Damnn Johnie, that’s two orgasms in a single fuck session!”

Sarah and John, both panting, start to laugh.

One more time though, she opens her leg, John taking the cue, and as Sarah lies on her back at the edge of the bed, John places his tip between her legs, at the slit of her still wet pussy.

Sarah wraps her legs around John, pulling him further into her, as he again enters her.

As the first 2 inches slide into her, She gasps and moans.

“Aah Yes”

John goes slow as she again adjusts to his size, until he impales her with all 7 inches.

“Oh Johnie Yess Please”

I feel so Fucking Full. Soo Full. Fuckk me, John, Fuck me hard”

And with this, John pushes with all his might going back and forth, as hard as he can, as both of them grunt and moan in ecstacy.

“I want you to cum for me john, tell me where would you like to cum”

Sarah asks, panting and purring.

“On your boobs” John struggling to respond.

Sarah pushes John away, and takes his cock between her ample breasts, as he sits on his knees. She rubs his cock furiously between her boobs as he groans.

“Ugh Sarah”

With this, John fires spurts of thick cum on Sarah’s boobs, and her face before his cock starts to shrink.

John then lies on the bed, with Sarah lying besides him, as both of them pant and breathe heavily.

“So, Johnie, am I a good cousin?” Sarah asks seductively.

“Well, without a doubt.” He chuckles.

“Will we do it again?” asks Sarah, sensually again.

“Well A, I cannot say no, and B, we have the whole summers to ourselves so..Yess?”

They both kiss deeply again, before cleaning up everything.

………………../To be Continued/…………..

Do let me know the feedback on the story in the comments and also suggestions as to where would you like to take me this one from here.

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