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It was the air, he decided and the eternal fall debate was resolved. At least in his mind. Some claimed the best thing about fall was the changing leaves. Others extolled the virtues of quietness after a summer of out-of-school kids and their vacationing parents. Still others were in love with the comfort of a routine following the busyness of summer.

But as he walked his favourite trail, certainly enjoying all of those things, he knew without doubt that it was something in the air. The warmth of the sun was still noticeable where it broke through the trees. The birds still called and sang. The insects still buzzed and hummed. Flowers bloomed and plants were green but there wasn’t a drop of humidity in the air. He had walked this trail so many times in the summer with nothing on but a pair of shorts, to avoid the indecent exposure arrest, and had been soaked in sweat. Shorts were still okay but he’d added a T-shirt before heading out and despite his brisk pace he felt energized rather than oppressed by heat and humidity.

He had his favourite spot by the lake and a well disguised cut-off from the main trail that led to it. It was his sunning spot. The place where he got the all-over tan that impressed the occasional overnight guest he’d had back in the city. Of course there was always the indecent exposure thing but in all the time he’d been there tanning there had only been one close call. A couple of kids looking for a place to make out or smoke joints. He’d manage to cover himself in time and lock eyes with the male long enough to leave no doubt that there might well be blood if they happened this way again.

Then he was there. The path took a hard right and, as always, he glanced up and down the trail looking for prying eyes before ducking under a couple of branches and skirting a deadfall. On the back side of the deadfall it was clear sailing straight to the lake and the small clearing he called his. The shirt was the first thing off when he broke into the mid-afternoon sun. The shorts weren’t far behind after he’d spread the blanket he had tucked in his pack.

It was the air, without a doubt. He lay exposed to nature as he had so many times that summer but now instead of being instantly soaked he felt the kiss of a cool breeze brush down his chest and over his penis. It swelled ever so slightly remembering other kisses and wishing. The sun was still warm but the only moisture he felt was a trickle of perspiration running from his belly down towards his groin. He spread his legs to allow the breeze to find its way through and felt the trickle move down behind his testicles to that spot between his scrotum and his anus. The Spot. The one that could drive him over the edge every time if it was pinched or squeezed or (especially) licked just right. He resisted the urge to touch the bead of perspiration because he knew it would give him an erection. Then he would have to masturbate. Right now he just wanted to enjoy the warmth of sun on flesh. Later. He would masturbate later.

His mind turned back to the woods and his cabin further around the lake. This would be his last visit this year to his spot. They were calling for rain tomorrow and then a break in the fall warmth and a return to cool, more seasonal temperatures. Tomorrow he would get the cabin ready for winter then head back to the city. He began mentally reviewing the list of tasks he had to complete and his mind softened. He knew he was drifting off but he was enjoying the random images that came into his head in that half dreaming, half waking state before sleep washed over him.

He was dreaming of sex. The new girl in accounting had offered to review his sales with him and had accidently stepped back against the bulge in his pants as he looked over her shoulder. Dreams were wonderful things where an accidental brush of buttocks to penis can lead to exposed breasts with no one even touching an article of clothing. Her breasts were perfect but then of course they were, it was a dream and what isn’t just the way your mind wants it to be in a dream. His pants had disappeared and she was reaching out to touch him when he awoke.

It wasn’t a sudden, startled awakening but one of those muddled, where-am-I types. He’d heard something…he was sure of it but his mind still wanted to feel the accountant’s hands on his swollen penis. As he came out of the fog of sleep he recognized where he was then heard it again. A soft, low moan that did not want to be heard but couldn’t help itself. He opened his eyes slowly and heard it again to his left. Instinctually he knew someone was there and the ragged breathing confirmed it. His heart was racing and he felt the blood drain from his dream-fueled erection and rush to his brain. The fight or flight reaction was strong but he needed to assess the threat so he slowly turned his head in the direction of the sounds. What he saw did not calm his racing heart but as his brain absorbed the scene the urge to attack or run away disappeared completely.

She taboo heat porno was half hidden behind a tree as if she’d been peering from behind it originally but was now using it for support. Her eyes were closed and the strap on one side of her top had slipped down exposing her right breast and swollen nipple. B-cup he thought, playing the mental game he always had when he saw an attractive woman. Her right hand was stuffed inside her top pinching and pulling at the still covered left nipple. Her left hand was hard at work inside her shorts sliding back and forth between her legs. Another soft moan escaped her moist, open lips as her hips thrust forward and she leaned harder against the tree.

The rollercoaster ride in his veins continued with the blood now swooping back downhill, abandoning his brain and refilling his penis. If he’d been standing he would have been suddenly light-headed but lying flat on his back, transfixed by the sight of semi-naked woman masturbating in front of him, all he could do was instinctually reach for his now fully engorged cock. Wide awake now, his mind began to wrap around the dilemma the situation presented. If he moved he was almost certainly going to startle her; he could picture her loping off through the woods like a frightened deer. If he lay still and pretended to sleep she would almost certainly finger herself to a climax then sneak away happy. Either choice involved her leaving and that wasn’t what he wanted. It looked like he had to decide soon. He could see a wet spot forming in her shorts around her now more urgent fingers. She was soaked and he was rock hard, ready to explode himself.

And suddenly the decision was out of his hands. Her eyes opened, locked onto his and she froze. A few seconds felt like an eternity, him with his hand glued to his penis and her with one buried in her vagina and another pinching a nipple, but then it was over and her hands were out of her pants and top and scrambling to pull the strap back over her shoulder to cover her breast as she turned to disappear into the forest.

“Wait,” he said, and she froze again with her back to him.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to…” Her voice trailed off then she started again. “I mean I was out for a walk and you were lying there, moaning and hard and I…” She stopped again.

“I’m the one that should be embarrassed. I fell asleep naked and I was having a rather erotic dream and my junk got hard and I’m sure your breathing and moaning fit right into the dream and I suppose I didn’t hear you coming until you were cumming so…” He stopped to take a breath and realized he was rambling and that he still had his hand wrapped around his penis. He wondered if he should try to cover his erection but decided she’d seen everything by then anyway.

As he got to his feet, he heard her laugh. “You didn’t hear me coming until I was cumming?” she said turning to face him. Now he was standing fully exposed in front of her now covered body and his penis started to droop despite her obviously braless breasts with nipples blatantly pointing at him in an oddly accusatory way. All his brain could come up with was, ‘B-cup, largish but definitely B-cup’. “What?” she said, “You think the site of your naked body was enough to make me cum?”

“You looked like you were well on your way.”

“Maybe I didn’t even see you there. Maybe I just got a little horny while out for a walk and stopped behind this tree to take care of it. It has happened without you around you know.”

My God, he thought, she’s flirting with me. I’m standing here naked in the woods in front of a gorgeous woman and she’s telling me she gets horny and masturbates sometimes when she’s out walking. He quickly discarded the question of whether he was still dreaming and jumped into the game.

“I can understand that,” he said. “It is a very nice tree. It stands proud and tall and distinguishes itself from the other trees.”

“So you say but that remains to be seen. I mean if you’ve seen one tree you’ve seen them all.”

“Obviously you’re not experienced with wood,” he replied. “There are many types of wood and this is an oak, which means it is solid hardwood. If you use it in any sort of project it will stay firm and never disappoint.”

“I will admit that it looks solid.” Her eyes were on his on again, off again erection, which was on again. “But staying firm and never disappointing is quite the claim. You know, there are things besides wood that stay firm and never disappoint.” In one fluid motion she peeled her top off and hung the spaghetti straps from her nipples.

He stared then blurted out something about how wrong he had been and that they were undoubtedly C’s.

There was that laugh again. “I have no idea what you mean about being wrong but if you’re stuttering about the size of my lovely breasts,” she dropped her top to the ground cupping and massaging her boobs, “then you are absolutely teach that bitch porno correct. C-cup and one hundred percent natural and organic. No additives, no fillers.”

He wasn’t aware of moving but he had closed the gap between them, dropped to one knee, grasped her cheeks in his hands and pulled one of her nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around her areola. She grabbed his head and pulled him harder to her chest moaning, “Harder, bite me.” He nibbled, she demanded again. He bit; not hard enough to draw blood but apparently enough to satisfy her. A groan crawled up her throat as she pulled his head back then jammed his mouth onto her other breast. “You like those tits, don’t you?” she growled. He mumbled in the affirmative around a mouthful of nipple. “Then show it,” she said. “Bite them hard. Show my how much you want them.”

He slipped a hand down the front of her shorts and she opened her legs, granting him full access. She was so wet. The back of his hand was wet from her panties and the front slipped easily over her lips and cupped them firmly with his middle finger stroking the flesh between her vagina and her anus. His Spot. Her body clenched, her breath stopped and he could feel a vibration that spiraled outward and upward into his mouth, still firmly clenched on a rock hard nipple. He didn’t know for sure if she was cumming but he could tell he had pushed a button.

After several seconds frozen, she released his head from her breast and turned it up to look into her eyes. The connection was electric and he felt it surging through his eyes and straight down to his throbbing, dripping cock. She let go of his head and stepped back, removing her shorts and panties to expose the triangle between her legs. She was neatly trimmed but not clean shaven and he appreciated that. When he was eating pussy he liked to know that it was a woman he was with…although there was no doubt here. And from the direction she was guiding his head there was no doubt that eating pussy was what she wanted.

He led her to his towel and she lay on her back with no urging required, spreading her legs to offer him a view of her glistening vagina. Her eyes told him what she wanted but he had always enjoyed the journey as much as the destination so straddled her, gently lowering his testicles onto her mound. He let them slide through her moisture, rubbing her clitoris as he bent to kiss her. She pulled his mouth to hers and he tasted her hot breath as their tongues twisted and darted in a frantic dance. Neither closed their eyes. Then he was on to her neck and her ears and she shuddered, rubbing her pubic mound more frantically against the base of his cock.

Their sighs and moans and panting were the only non-physical communication. Her gentle pressure on his shoulders urged him lower. He paused over her breasts, cupping them with his hands and pinching her nipples then lowering his mouth and tonguing first one then the other before squeezing the together and taking both nipples into his mouth at once. His pelvis dropped lower so that his penis could now rub between her labia. His cock was screaming at him to guide it home but he was afraid if he penetrated her now he wouldn’t be able to control himself so he kept it firmly in sausage-in-a-bun position whiled he worked her breasts.

The now more urgent pressure on his shoulders told him it was time to work his mouth a little lower. With his hands still filled with her wonderful breasts he lowered his mouth to her stomach, twirling his tongue in her navel then down over the trimmed silk of her mound. He kissed and tongued his way down either side of the V that led to her pussy and she tried to twist and lift her lips to his. She moaned and writhed under him but he was enjoying the sight of her fully open labia, the smell of her must and the taste of her juice mingled with his pre-cum. He licked her thighs and brushed his nose ever so gently up her lips, breathing deeply. He lifted her and tongued the gap between her anus and her pussy and that was the end of her gentle pressure; she grabbed the back of his head and jammed it into her vagina.

He wasn’t going to fight her any longer so he ran the full width of his tongue up over her labia, twirled the tip under her hood and over her clit then pulled her full sex into his mouth, slipping his tongue deep inside. The sound she let out was a short version of the noise a balloon makes after you’ve blown it up then let it go. He licked her the full length of her slit, sliding his tongue deep then pausing for a few seconds over her clitoris then back to the base and up again like an ice cream cone that was melting fast on a hot day and had to be consumed. She rocked and thrust against him and he knew she was close.

With two fingers of his right hand he pulled back the hood so her clitoris was fully exposed. Two fingers of his right hand slipped inside her and curved up behind the pubic bone massaging that small team skeet porno rough patch in the way that drove so many women over the edge. She grabbed his head again and forced his mouth onto her clit and he knew that he wasn’t coming up for air until she was done. He pulled her nib into his mouth over and over, constantly flicking it with the tip of his tongue. She pulled him tighter and a guttural groan started deep in her chest rising slowly until it burst from her lips in a howl combined with the first name of Christ.

She writhed and rocked but still held his head tight to her pussy. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” she said, then added, “FUCK!” and pushed his head away. He was thankful, not because he wasn’t loving the taste of her juices but because he desperately needed air. He sucked in a breath then bent down and gently kissed and licked her labia, wanting to taste as much of her as he could. He avoided her clit, knowing how sensitive it was likely to be after such an intense orgasm and she gently stroked his head apparently enjoying his light, feathery kisses and tonguing.

“You smell and taste incredible,” he said, looking up between her splayed legs into her eyes.

She stared back into his. “That obviously isn’t the first time you’ve kissed a girl there,” she said, and the laugh was back. “Jesus did you make me cum.”

“You can call me that all you’d like but it’s not my name.” He winked at her then bent down and planted a kiss on her clitoris and she was off again, pulling his head hard against herself. This time it was only a few seconds of sucking and massaging her hood with his lips before she was shaking again and pushing his head back. “I enjoy being male,” he said, looking up at her again. “But if there’s one thing I’m jealous of it’s how many orgasms some ladies can have within minutes.”

She pushed herself up so she was facing him. “Well let’s see how many you can manage.” She leaned in to kiss him and ran her tongue over his lips and chin. “God I love the taste of myself on a man,” she said, then drove her tongue into his mouth, swirling it over his tongue and teeth.

She twisted him around and he lay back on the towel. Her eyes took in his erection now pointing straight up at her. “I was a little embarrassed when you saw me masturbating,” she said, “but you were lying there moaning with your beautiful penis glistening from the juice that was oozing out and there’s something about being in nature that makes me horny to start.”

“Mmm, I know what you mean about nature and horniness. It’s the air,” he said. “Besides, I don’t know many men who would be insulted by a woman being aroused enough to masturbate after checking out their junk.”

She laughed and grabbed him. One hand cupped and squeezed his now aching balls and the other wrapped around his rock hard shaft. She gave it a couple of pumps then bent and ran her tongue around the head, cleaning off the still oozing pre-cum all while looking into his eyes.

“Do that for much longer and you’re going to have a mess on your hands.”

“Don’t get trigger-happy on me, cowboy.” She let go and then it was her turn to straddle him, wrapping her wet labia over his erection and pushing it flat to his stomach. She slid back and forth a few times then stopped, closed her eyes and he felt the shudders run through her body. When she opened her eyes he smiled and shook his head. “Aw, c’mon, give a girl a break. It was just a little one.” It was his turn to laugh and she immediately bent down and jammed her tongue deep in his mouth again.

It was a mirror image of what he had just done to her. She left his mouth and worked over his neck and ears, biting just hard enough to make him shudder. When she found his nipples the biting became more intense. Other women had kissed and licked his nipples but her mouth was insistent, sucking them hard between her teeth then biting down. The pain he felt was different and the harder she worked on his tits (such as they were) the more it felt like he was going to explode and paste her back with cum. She must have noticed because she backed off and looked at him again. “Easy cowboy, we don’t want to waste anything now do we?”

Sensing how close he was she lifted her pussy over his erection and just teased the head slightly with her lips before lowering it well clear of his cock. She grabbed a handful of pubic hair and twisted then cleaned the ooze off of his head again with her tongue. He closed his eyes and felt her hot breath moving down below his shaft to his testicles. His scrotum had pulled so tight it felt like it was squeezing the juice up through his cock. Her lips and tongued danced over his sack and under his balls then up either side of his penis as he groaned and tried to twist his head into her mouth.

Just as he was about to beg her to suck on it she ran her tongue up the underside and pulled the head into her mouth. He gasped and she wrapped her hand around the base and squeezed then began to bob up and down with her tongue making circles around his head. Trigger-happy or not this cowboy was cumming and nothing was going to stop it now. “I’m cumming,” he groaned and tried to push her head free of his cock but she shook her head and worked it faster in her mouth. He held and held and held and…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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