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“Ugh!” Jade let herself into her small one-bedroomed flat and groaned aloud. Dumping her keys and handbag on the table just inside the front door, she aggressively kicked off the black shiny heels which made the balls of her feet feel like they were on fire. Her height decreased by several inches — bringing her down to her petite five feet and one inch — she continued to storm through the flat, shedding layers as she did so. The black leather jacket went first, the zips jangling as it fell in a heap on the bare wood of the hallway floor. As she padded through to the bedroom, she wrestled with the zip of her skintight black dress, getting increasingly frustrated as it refused to budge. It was at an awkward angle under her arm and required a lot of contorting before she could get enough leverage to release the metal teeth. With a sigh of relief, she wriggled unceremoniously out of the dress’s confines and let it drop in the doorway of her bedroom. God, that feels better, she thought, stepping out of the pool of material and leaving it on the floor.

She’d had a horrible evening. What had been intended as a fun night out with her girlfriends had turned into Jade sitting alone and nursing a bottle of wine, while the other three disappeared off with various sleazy guys. The memory of Chelsea practically mounting some city banker type, both of them totally oblivious to Jade’s presence, made her shudder and pull a face. That had been the last straw; she’d grabbed her jacket and left as quickly as she could, not pausing to say goodbye to any of her friends. They were all far too busy to care about her, clearly.

Jade flopped down onto her double bed, staring up at the peeling paint of the ceiling. And if anything, she thought bitterly. The night was intended so that I could get some action. It was true. After a particularly vile break-up with her boyfriend of nearly three years — now merely known as ‘The Cheating Bastard’ — Jade was the one of her friends who really needed a fun night. She finally thought she was getting over him and she’d been ready to get back onto the playing field…only to spend the evening watching all her girls getting the action she so sorely needed. It wasn’t fair.

She rolled over onto her side and bahis firmaları caught sight of herself in her full-length mirror. There’s nothing wrong with me…is there? she thought mournfully, pulling herself to her bare feet and standing in front of the mirror, inspecting herself. Her dark brown, almost black, hair fell over her slim pale shoulders and she tossed her mane of curls back. She liked her hair. Her face was heart-shaped and her cheeks a little flushed from all the wine she’d consumed, wide green eyes framed by thick lashes looking out at her. She scanned lower, contented thus far with what she’d seen. Her skin was milky pale and smooth as cream. She ran a tentative finger over her collarbone, raising a shiver of little goosebumps as she did so. Her hand moved lower, cupping her right breast and then the left. They weren’t overly large but well-proportioned and sporting some rather impressive cleavage thanks to her red padded bra. She reached behind herself, unhooking the clasps and letting the bra fall to her feet. She cupped her breasts again, feeling a little thrill as her cold fingers brushed against her rapidly hardening pink nipples.

One hand remained at her right breast, gently teasing her nipple into a state of outright arousal and eliciting a little purr from deep in her throat. The other hand slid everso slowly over her flat white stomach, seeking out more exciting territory. Stopping just short of the waistband of her underwear, Jade shifted her position and turned to examine her backside. In the red lace underwear, the cheeks appeared pert and round — she had Pilates to thank for that — and it was just asking to be spanked. Moving her hand to massage her other breast, she gave her behind a gentle caress, a little squeeze and then a good hard smack. The slight pinkening of the skin and the little thrill with rushed through her, increasing the heat she was feeling between her legs, made her let out a little whimper. She bit down hard on her plump lower lip and turned so she was facing the mirror again. Without her realising, the hand playing with her breast was getting a little rougher and she had to chew on her lip to stop herself crying out again. There would be plenty of time for that.

Her hand kaçak iddaa rested briefly on her stomach before creeping further south, toying with the elastic of the red lace panties. A little shiver of excitement passed through her body and she was dying to just get on with it, but she restrained herself. She was going to enjoy every second of this. She owed it to herself. So instead of tearing her underwear off, she stroked her fingers lazily across the smooth skin between her slightly visible hip bones, teasing herself until she couldn’t take it any more and just had to slide out of her panties. She let out a sigh of contentment…but it wasn’t time yet. She fixed her gaze on her own face in the mirror, staring hard into her own eyes — now darkened with lust for herself — and she teased her soft inner thighs with her fingernails. The goosebumps sprung up again, this time all over her body, and she caught her lower lip between her teeth. The look in her eyes was getting desperate as she grazed her nails up her thigh again, stopping just short of where she really wanted to feel her hand. A third time and she was literally panting, unable to hold back any more.

Her head fell back, eyes closing in pleasure, as she let her fingers brush gently against the burning slick skin of her outer folds. She shuddered and pressed her lips together hard, willing herself to do it one more time. She caressed herself again, a little less gently this time, and let out a little whimper. Her heart was pounding, her cheeks were flushed and she couldn’t take any more. She finally allowed herself to give in and slid a finger deeper into the folds of flesh, pressing against her aching and desperate clit. This caused her to give a deep throaty moan as she — at long last — began to rub small neat circles against the hard little nub.

She worked slowly, savouring every movement, and the hand at her breast began to squeeze a little harder, tugging on her rock-hard nipple and eliciting another moan, louder than the first. Little waves of pleasure began to radiate up her body from the ever-growing heat between her legs, and she found herself unable to stand any longer. She collapsed back onto the bed, her hands still making their deliberate movements and kaçak bahis she spread her legs a little wider. Eyes squeezed closed and mouth hanging open, the occasional little gasp or sigh becoming more frequent, the fingers on her clit sped up. Her slim hips began to buck and she found herself neglecting her aching nipples to apply the full attention of both hands between her legs. She let out a deep sensuous moan as she slid two fingers inside herself, feeling the warmth and the wetness take her in. Moving these fingers in time with the speedy circles on her clit was pushing her further and further towards the edge. Her moans were becoming louder and she had stopped bothering to try and suppress them. Her neighbours couldn’t exactly complain about this being a regular problem, so she was going to be as loud as the hell she liked.

She suddenly found her mind wandering to her friends. What would they be doing now? The way Chelsea had been grinding her hips against that guy, Jade wouldn’t be surprised if they’d just done it and fucked right there in the bar’s sticky leather booth. She could just imagine Chelsea slipping her underwear to one side, pulling his throbbing hard cock discreetly out of his smart suit trousers and sliding it roughly inside herself. The thought made her back arch and she let out a long groan. What she wouldn’t give for that; to be fucked good and hard, even if it was in a public place. The fantasy spurred her on, her fingers moving faster and harder inside her. She added a third and crooked them slightly, allowing pressure on her G-spot which made her yelp in pleasure. She imagined her fingers were the long thick cock of a guy — any guy — and her movements became even rougher.

God, she was close. She was so close and she needed this so much. She almost didn’t want it to be over, but at the same time the sweet need for release was building and burning inside her. Her clit was electric, every touch could be the one that pushed her over the edge. Her legs spread instinctively wider and her back arched again and finally she was there. Her orgasm exploded inside her, sending reverberations of pleasure shuddering through her whole body. She came, long and loud, tossing her head from side to side as she shook with ecstasy. After what seemed like a blissful eternity, she let out an exhausted and satisfied sigh. She was covered in a fine sheen of post-orgasmic sweat and she felt lighter than air. She’d been waiting a long time for that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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