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Housekeeping: As always all characters are over the legal age of consent. Constructive criticism is welcome. As it stands, this may be a one off. I haven’t made up my mind yet.


Leif gently rolls River up in her blanket like a loose burrito. Slowly, he lifts her out of bed and carries her out of her room like a princess in a cartoon fairy tale movie. Down the stairs and across the driveway. He deposits his fragile load into the passenger side of his crew cab truck. He loosens the blanket roll and buckles her in. He is thankful that she braided her hair into two plaits. Before closing her door, he double checks to see if her day pack is in the back seat.

As he walks to the driver’s seat he takes the long way around the back of the truck and trailer. He looks at the trailer hitch, tie down straps, and the lock on the trailer. He slides in his seat, and buckles up. He looks over at his sleeping darling as he turns the ignition. He slowly pulls out of the driveway to avoid the bumping and jostling that normally happens when he hauls a trailer.

Once the sun peeks out over the horizon, River wakes up. She stretches her arms out. She knows that she’s putting her body on display for Leif. She doesn’t care that he can see her barely covered perky breasts. “Hey, big buddy! Good morning,” she yawns. “I hope I wasn’t too much of a problem this morning.” He grunts as he tries to keep his eyes on the road. “Not going to lie. It’s kinda fun knowing that my big buddy can move me around without waking me up.” She grins at him. His focus is on driving.

River scratches her body randomly. “I’m going to dressed,” she tells him. River pops the safety belt and crawls into the back seat of the crew cab. She hopes that Leif is watching her from the rear view mirror. She wiggles her naked ass in the direction that she’s hoping Leif is looking at. She takes her time changing clothes. Out of the basketball shorts and and wife beater shirt. Both of which are supposed to be his property. She has her hairless legs and sex on display to tease him for as long as she can justify being playful.

She climbs back into her seat feeling frustrated that Leif didn’t take a peek at her. Buckles back in. She glares at him for a couple of minutes. Sh unbuckles again in order to arrange her broomstick skirt and tank top around until she’s comfortable. She smiles broadly at him as she buckles herself back in.


She watches him set up the last of the tents in their campsite. She enjoys watching him move around. River knows that he complains about being fat. Yet, here he is setting up tents by himself in half the time described in the instructions. After tossing their gear around for over a half an hour like he works at an airport.

River dances and laughs around the fire pit cooking their lunch. She ducks in and out of the waterproof bags that have the seasoning and random ingredients that she needs to cook. She sings, “One minute for burgers.”

Leif grumbles, “Quit teasing me.”

River dances over to him. She twirls just to have her broom stick skirt twirl and flare out as she spins. Stopping in front of him. “Never. I have needs too you know.”

Growling, he asks, “And what need is that?”

Her laughter sounds like soft tinkling wind chimes to his ears, “I need you to pay attention to me.” She dances away from him. “Look at me!” Her slight arms reach out to the clouds. Her scrawny ass and legs move gracefully over the uneven ground. Leif sees that she has stopped wearing shoes and socks. Her loose clothing spreads out as it catches air. He can clearly she the shadow of her boy shorts under the skirt, through the sun drenched skirt. She throws him a knowing look.

Leif mutters, “You’re such a dirty hippy.”

Ignoring his remark, River smiles broadly. “Lunch is ready, buddy. If I remember, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickle, and hot sauce for you. No ketchup or mustard. Right?” She fixes the burger for him.

As she hands him the paper plate with his food, he questions her, “How and why do you know this?”

She leans into he ear, “Why shouldn’t I remember? Am I not allowed to show you how much I love you?” She leans back to look him in the eyes, “Am I not allowed to love my brother?”


The sun is making it’s way south of the horizon. Leif has the fire going low. There’s not much need for it, other than to have a pet elemental for the evening.

She glances over at him. He’s obviously lost in thought. “Penny for you thoughts, big buddy?”

“I’m still trying to figure out this music festival and your friends. We got here early. Set up the tents for us and all of your friends. Got the food and booze.”

River gets up from her blanket and digs out some beers from a cooler when he mentions alcohol. Walking back she replies, “Ok.” Sounds like you’ve got questions.”

Accepting one of the beers from his sister, he asks, “Where are they? I’m the odd ball here. This ain’t my gig. Yet I’m here before the actual concert.”

Giggling escort izmir as she sits down on her blanket. Inches away from him on his blanket. “Remember the name of the music FESTIVAL? The ‘Free Love and Peace’ festival? They are coming for the music, yes. But mostly the free love part.”

“And the peace?”

She sighs in a good nature, “How does the phrase go? ‘Peace sells, but who’s buying?”

“It’s that part of the whole shtick?”

Sipping on her beer, “There are militant hippies, you know?”

Leif groans. “So this whole ‘free love’ thing. What’s up with that? And why bring me along?”

River’s voice gets wistful. “I enjoy the philosophy that we can be with whoever we wish. You know? As long as there’s consent between two adults, who should care about my sexual partner? I like not having to be emotionally invested in my sexual partner unless I want to be emotionally attached to them.”

She watches him think for a few moments. She adds, “It’s much more liberating than you think. No shame of one night stands, because it’s free love. No cheating until you’ve both made that commitment. It’s just biology. Two people getting their needs met in a wonderful way.”


The moon is full and ascendant. Leif minds the fire occasionally. “So, the free love thing. How. Just like seriously, how? Is it like hitting on people at a bar?”

Picking her cheek off of his shoulder, “For part of it yes. It’s also part Ren Fair. You know? Groups of friends will wander around and chat with other camps.” She looks around for a moment. Several of the other sites are starting to fill in. “We’ll need to make a flag of some sort so that it’ll be easier to find at night.”

“OK. We can talk about that in the morning. But I’m just trying to figure out this whole free love thing you’re talking about.”


“Just because, I’m the third wheel here, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t at least have an idea about the rules. I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“I doubt that’s possible, Leif.” He grunts his disbelief. “Hey, I need to go to the bathroom. Walk with me? I can give you a quick run down while we go.” His grunt changes to agreement as he stands up.

She twines her fingers into his. She has the flashlight in her other hand. She knows that his hand is hovering over his opposite pocket where he has an emergency ‘people opener.’ Her laughter titters as she listens to his ‘wallet leash’ jingle as the links bounce on his hip.

River rattles off her experiences at previous festivals. She tells him the unspoken rules that she’s has learned over the past couple of years.

When they get to the portable latrines, she opens first door and shines the light in.

As she steps in, she hears, “You’re just going into the first one? That’s brave.”

Looking over her shoulder coquettishly, “There’s a way that you can help.”

“Oh? How’s that?” he asks incredulously. His eyes squint at her. The darkness hinders his vision for details.

She hikes her skirt up just enough to slide her shorts off. She pockets them in the back pocket of his jeans. She then bunches her skirt together in the front and offers the fabric to him. “Hold my skirt so that it doesn’t get wet. That’ll let me focus on balancing.” She winks at him in the dark.

“Is that why girls always go to the bathroom together?”

Giggling, “At least with my friends, yes. You can’t get all nasty and still expect to get a cute boy’s attention.”

Leif steps forward to hold her skirt. He can see pale smooth flesh peeking around the gathered fabric at her hips. He can feel a blush coming on as she laughs lightly. He feels her hands wrap around the back of his neck as she hovers her ass over the toilet.

As the sounds of urine hitting the waste below in the latrine’s tank, “Never thought you’d be doing this, did you?” He doesn’t respond. As the stream ends, she mutters, “Don’t let go yet.” She pulls some toilet paper off of the roll to clean herself up.

On their way back to their campsite, Leif gets the courage up to ask, “So, is there anyone in particular that you’re wanting to try to get into bed?”

River lifts her hand, which is still holding his, to scratch her nose. “Well, There’s Jerome. He’s never seemed that interested in me though. And Jack if he can stay sober long enough. And Kirsten if she can keep her mouth shut long enough to kiss her. And maybe May. Unless her boyfriend tags along. He’s extremely jealous of anyone anyone paying attention to her.”

“Anyone that you would be excited about if you got an offer?” Leif is just making small talk at this point. He’s trying to figure out how many people are going to be in the campsite, or how many people that River will try to introduce to him.

“Well, I met Jackie here at the last ‘Free Love Forever’ festival here about six months ago. She’s seems like really good people. She entertained Jerome and Jack at the same time. That’s how I learned about Jack’s problem with sobriety. His tabs kicked in as they were moving into escort izmir a new position and he got more interested in the textures of the blanket.” Leif nods while making mental notes. “There’s also Alexandra. I met her here last year. We’ve kept in contact through the Messenger and SnapChat. I haven’t hung out with her since she was Alex. By the way, please don’t tell her that I told you. Or dead name her.”

“Uh… ok.” Leif feels a bit uncomfortable with the knowledge.

Looking up at him as they walk back up to their fire. “Just remember the unspoken rule ‘If you find out that their genitals aren’t what you expected, don’t freak out. Just politely excuse yourself and get out of the tent.’ You’d be amazed how many problems there are about people just trying to life their best life.” River cuddles up to Leif on his blanket. “Besides, you don’t dead name Char. You should be used to that by now.”

Sighing at the reference to their sister, “Anyone else? I mean, I really don’t want to interrupt you while you’re having fun,” Leif continues.

River repositions herself to lay her head in his lap. He has to bend his head forward to look her in the face. She takes several minutes thinking. Leif enjoys the view of her. Her lithe body which she has been fortunate to get through the genetic lottery has been very easy with low maintenance.

Waiting to answer until his full attention has returned to her eyes, “I can only think of one more person. A specific individual by the name of Leif Erik Mikaelson.” Her eyes dance with the fire’s reflection.

Not catching the hint, he contemplates. “That’s a odd name given the rest of list. It’s much more Nordic than … That’s me!” he shouts at the end.

“Shh, buddy,” she laughs. “It’s after dark. The festival hasn’t started yet. It’s rude to make too much noise other than fun happy noises. If you know what I mean.”

Lowering his voice, “But. You want to have sex with me?”

Shrugging, “I said it didn’t I? And I want to make love to you. Not just have sex or fuck. Remember the whole free love thing? It’s not just physical. It’s also a spiritual connection.”

“But, I thought you said…”

“Just because it could be just a one time thing doesn’t mean that there can’t be a spiritual connection. If you want to, think about it as a reconnecting with our ancestral promiscuity. Humans were sluts way back when. You know? We have Neanderthal genes. And Devonian genes. We had sex with other species. You know?”

River sits up and spins on her butt to face him. “Tell me that you don’t think I’m pretty. I’ll forget that I ever said it.”

“You can’t demand that I lie, River. I mean look at you.” He gestures at her whole body. “You’re beautiful. Really. Actually. You’re fucking gorgeous and sexy as hell.”

“So, you’re worried about what other people would say?” At this point she’s goading him.

“Especially, Mom and Dad, River.”

“They don’t have to know. You know?” His eyes are still popped open wide. He is not responding. “Do you mind if I at least sit in your lap until we go to bed? So I can at least fantasize a bit?” He nods his consent for her to sit in his lap.

Once settled in his lap, which involved her pulling her phone out of her skirt pocket in order to plug it into a power bank. She connects to the festival grounds spotty wifi and pulls open the internet.

The act of reaching into her pocket triggers a memory. A few Christmases ago, he stole all of the skirts that she uses for concerts, festivals, camping, and general activities that involve getting dirty and took them to a seamstress. She thought that she was losing her mind looking for her clothes. The over sized box from him that sat next to the tree was blocking the walking path, so it had to be the first gift opened so that it could be taken out of the room.

Initially, she was angry that she got clean laundry as a gift. He encouraged her to examine the clothing. When she found the first pocket stitched into her skirt, her eyes sprang open. She rummaged through the box finding that they had all been altered to have pockets. River’s eyes watered as she looked at him over the box. River hustled out of the living room to deposit the box in her bedroom.

While River was out of the room and Leif ‘s and River’s father was distracted watching their sibling open his gift, their mother leaned over to tell him, “That was NOT an appropriate gift, Leif.” Her voice had a mysterious heat and venom to it. Barely discernible over the noise of the youngest child’s squeals of joy opening their gift. Sensing his confusion, his mother explained, “Only boyfriends and husbands do something that mundane and meaningful for a woman. She’s going to remember that forever. You broke a major boundary, boy.”

River is still out of the room as mother and son look to the present that he gave to his little brother. A Charizard onesie ‘costume.’ She comments, “Now that is an appropriate gift.” Turning to her youngest child. “What do you say, Char?” The young teen thanked his older brother before asking permission to go change. Sighing the sigh of an exhausted mother trying to do damage control, “Sure, baby. Go get changed.” Charles hugs Leif briefly before bolting out of the room. They see River hanging back at the doorway.

A five foot two inch Charizard sails back into the room a scant minute later. Charles is hollering, “The wings flap when I run! There’s a little motor! The motor comes out for washing!” The family settles down to continue with the gift giving. River takes an opportunity when everyone is watching their mother open her gift to walk over Leif. As she getting ready to kiss Leif for his gift. Their mother’s hand surges out of nowhere to slap her arm to reminder River where she is. River decided to sit in her older brother’s lap instead.

Back to present day, River scrolls through the listing for the bands for the next day. When she got into his lap, she placed his right hand on her left breast. She starts chattering about which bands that she thinks that he’ll enjoy best. Not being from the fan base, she has to think about which bands would be the closest to what he listens to. He struggles to pay attention to what she’s telling him.

But having a juicy titty in his hand? His body is reacting even faster than simply having her pert tight ass in his lap.

Without breaking her commentary, she drops her phone into her lap and yanks her tank top off. She puts his hand back on her fatty and perky mammary. She continues to talk about the planned playlist for the next couple of days. River makes sure to have his hand on her tit.

In between slow panting breathes, he instructs her, “Just tell me where I’m supposed to be tomorrow. I’d rather stay here and watch everything. But I’ll do whatever you want.”

Turning her head to look at him. Her face, and especially her lips, are millimeters from his. “Don’t make promises that you don’t intend to keep, Leif.” Her use of his name is intentional.

“Tell me what you want, River,” he pants as he rests his forehead on hers.

Her phone falls back into the folds of her skirt as she moves quickly to stuff his hand underneath her bra. The full skin contact of his hand on her breast makes her gasp. Her nipple pokes into his palm.

“Quit teasing me. I’m so fucking horny right now,” he pleads.

Whispering to him, “You’re the second most horny person in this campsite right now.”

“You’re the only other…” Leif tries to respond. He is surprised to be shoved over. Seeing her moving to be on top of him. “What do you want to do with me?”

As she slows down the shivering through her body in the cool night air, “What do I want? I want to suck you until you blow in my mouth. I want you to lick me until I squirt. I want to ride you. Especially that. I want to ride you.”

“I haven’t done 69 in so long…” he starts to respond.

In a flash, River yanks her blanket over the both of them as she rearranges her body over him. She has the blanket over them. She pulls her skirt up to give him access to her pussy. River licks his erect dick before easing herself into position.

River feels Leif exploring her body as she engulfs his dick. His sudden hot gasping breath on her genitals as she does this thrills her. It takes several minutes for them to get into a rhythm. River’s hot soft mouth envelops his hard cock. She swirls her tongue around it as she bobs up and down. He’s rewarded with occasional gushes from her twat. His fingers and especially his tongue heighten her hormonal response. The finishing touch to her climax is feeling him blow his load. Against the back of her throat. She feels a little guilty about how much she creams across his face. River desperately hopes that he likes it. Once she’s done shaking form the minor orgasms, she lifts her leg to let him breathe again.

He’s still laying there. She gets worried. She rushes up to his face. River sees his glassy eyed look.

Sighing in frustration, Leif finally looks her in the eyes. “You. Are. Not. Supposed. To. Taste. Good. Especially, not that good.”

“I’m sorry what?”

“Don’t ever offer to let me eat you out again, River. I don’t think I’ll… You have ambrosia is your fucking cunt.”

River’s breath catches. “You don’t really mean that.”

“Yes, I do. I don’t know if I’ll let go next time.”

She gives him a simple command. “Strip.” They both pull their clothes off as the try to keep her blanket over them.

The fire light is too dim to provide any details. The moon light is not helpful either at this point because of the blanket.

River grinds against the bottom of his shaft. “I want to ride you, buddy. I’ve dreamed about this for too long.” The kiss brings him back up to speed. Her tongue intertwined with his is too much. He wants to keep going.

Her hand guides him to where she wants him. River eases her body back. Fully engulfing his rigid dick into her.

He’s thinking about how this is the last place his dick should be, but yet. This is where he wants it to be.

“I want to make love to you, Leif. I don’t want you to fuck me. I don’t want this to be just sex. I want to feel your love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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